System Name: MTS FleetNet
Location: Provincewide, MB
County: Statewide
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone Omnilink
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System IDs: Sysid: 4032 Connect Tone: ?
Sysid: 6B34 Connect Tone: ?
Sysid: 6F25 Connect Tone: ?
Last Updated: November 29, 2021, 7:37 pm CST   [Updated 43 Talkgroup Categories]
System Notes

MTS FleetNet is an APCO-16 system which supports both analog and digital clear/secure encryption.

This system has 137 linked sites in 3 zones province wide with 6 conventional. It is the largest system of it's type in the world.


Southern Zone  1    =  sysid 4032

Central Zone  2    =  sysid 6F25

Northern Zone  3    =  sysid 6B34


Sites listed as 1xx in any system are sites with site number not known. Their site name/ID also is followed by two stars (**).


Sites with one star (*) behind their site name/ID are sites not showing in TAFL.


Simplex channels licensesd to the MTS FleetNet system include:






Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Sysid Site Name County Freqs
4032 003 (3) Carberry Westman 854.8125c855.0625c855.3125855.5625855.8125856.0125 
4032 004 (4) High Bluff Central Plains 856.0625c856.3125c856.5625856.8125857.0625860.0125860.2625
4032 005 (5) Steinbach Eastman 858.0625c858.3125c858.5625858.8125859.0625860.0125860.2625
4032 006 (6) Morris Pembina Valley 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625855.6125859.1625860.1625860.4125
4032 007 (7) Winkler Pembina Valley 855.8625c856.1625c858.1125858.3625858.6125858.8625 
4032 009 (9) Beausejour Eastman 860.0625c860.3125c860.5625860.8125861.0625  
4032 010 (A) Boissevain Westman 860.0625c860.3125c860.5625860.8125861.0625  
4032 013 (D) WPS North Winnipeg 866.0375c866.1125c866.1875866.2625866.3375866.4125866.4875
4032 014 (E) WPS Trizec Winnipeg 866.1375c866.0625c866.2875866.2125866.4375866.3625866.5875
4032 015 (F) WPS South Winnipeg 866.0875c866.1625c866.2375866.3125866.3875866.4625866.5375
4032 016 (10) Pilot Mound Pembina Valley 854.9625c855.2125c855.4625855.7125855.9625  
4032 017 (11) Piney Eastman 856.1125c856.3625c856.6125856.8625   
4032 018 (12) Holland Pembina Valley 860.1125c860.3625c860.6125860.8625861.3625  
4032 022 (16) Virden Westman 854.8125c855.0625c855.3125855.5625855.8125856.0125 
4032 023 (17) Woodside Central Plains 860.2125c860.4625c860.7125860.9625861.2125  
4032 025 (19) Darlingford Pembina Valley 856.1125c856.3625c856.6125856.8125857.0625  
4032 026 (1A) Souris Westman 860.2125c860.4625c860.7125860.9625861.2125  
4032 027 (1B) Teulon Interlake 858.0625c858.3125c858.5625858.8125859.0625860.0125 
4032 028 (1C) Hadashville Eastman 858.1125c858.3625c858.6125858.8625   
4032 029 (1D) Melita Westman 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125856.9625   
4032 030 (1E) Selkirk Interlake 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125856.9625857.2125854.9625855.2125
4032 032 (20) Ridgeville Pembina Valley 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125856.9625   
4032 033 (21) Carman Pembina Valley 860.0625c860.3125c860.5625860.9625861.2125  
4032 034 (22) Griswold Westman 858.0625c858.3125c858.5625858.8125   
4032 037 (25) Falcon Lake Eastman 858.1625c858.4125c858.6625858.9125859.1625  
4032 038 (26) Pelican Lake Pembina Valley 858.2125c858.4625c858.7125858.9625859.2125  
4032 039 (27) Reston Westman 858.1625c858.4125c858.6625858.9125   
4032 040 (28) Altona Pembina Valley 854.9125c855.1625c855.4125855.6625855.9125  
4032 041 (29) Wawanesa Westman 856.0625c856.3125c856.5625860.8125   
4032 043 (2B) Winnipeg Airport Winnipeg 858.1125c858.3625c858.6125858.8625859.1125  
4032 044 (2C) Brandon South Westman 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625855.6125855.8625856.2125856.4625
4032 047 (2F) Captive Test Site* Winnipeg 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125    
4032 048 (30) Lyleton Westman 860.1125c860.3625c860.6125860.8625   
4032 049 (31) Winnipeg Trizec Winnipeg 854.8125855.0625855.3125855.5625855.8125856.1125c856.3625c
4032 050 (32) Turtle Mountain Westman 856.1625c856.4125c856.6625856.9125   
4032 051 (33) Vita Eastman 856.0625c856.3125c856.5625856.8125   
4032 052 (34) Middlebro Eastman 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125856.9625   
4032 053 (35) MacGregor Central Plains 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625856.6125857.1125858.1125 
4032 054 (36) Elie Central Plains 854.9125c855.1625c855.4125855.6625855.9125856.0125 
4032 055 (37) Haywood Central Plains 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125856.9625857.2125  
4032 056 (38) Rivers Westman 860.0625c860.3125c860.5625860.8125861.0625  
4032 057 (39) Stonewall Interlake 858.0125c858.2625c858.5125858.7625859.0125  
4032 058 (3A) Portage la Prairie Central Plains 854.9625c855.2125c855.4625855.7125855.9625860.7625861.0125
4032 059 (3B) Woodridge Eastman 854.7625c855.0125c855.2625855.5125   
4032 060 (3C) Long Plain Central Plains 860.1125c860.3625c860.6125    
6B34 002 (2) Thompson Northern 854.8625c856.1125c856.3625856.6125856.8625857.1125 
6B34 003 (3) Leftrook Lake Northern 860.0625c860.3125c860.5625860.8125   
6B34 004 (4) Wabowden Northern 858.0625c858.3125c858.5625858.8125   
6B34 005 (5) Tyrell Northern 856.0625c856.3125c856.5625856.8125   
6B34 006 (6) Whiskey Jack Northern 856.1125c856.3625c856.6125856.8625   
6B34 007 (7) Norway House Northern 858.1625c858.4125c858.6625858.9125859.1625  
6B34 008 (8) William River Northern 858.2125c858.4625c858.7125858.9625   
6B34 009 (9) Buffalo Lake Northern 854.8125c855.0625c855.3125    
6B34 010 (A) Grand Rapids Northern 860.2125c860.4625c860.7125860.8625   
6B34 011 (B) Long Point Northern 856.0625c856.3125c856.5625    
6B34 012 (C) Easterville Northern 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625    
6B34 016 (10) Moose Lake Northern 854.9125c855.1625c855.4125    
6B34 017 (11) Little Frog Creek Northern 858.1625c858.4125c858.6625858.9125   
6B34 018 (12) Wanless Northern 860.0625c860.3125c860.5625860.8125   
6B34 019 (13) Cormorant Northern 856.1125c856.3625c856.6125    
6B34 020 (14) Cranberry Portage Northern 860.2125c860.4625c860.7125860.9625861.2125  
6B34 021 (15) Reed Lake Northern 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625855.6125   
6B34 022 (16) Sherridon Northern 860.0625c860.3125c860.5625    
6B34 023 (17) Odei River Northern 854.8125c855.0625c855.3125    
6B34 024 (18) Kelsey Northern 856.0625c856.3125c856.5625856.8125   
6B34 025 (19) McCusker Lake Northern 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625855.6125   
6B34 026 (1A) Wivenhoe Northern 854.9625c855.2125c855.4625855.7125   
6B34 027 (1B) Notigi Lake Northern 854.9625c855.2125c855.4625855.7125   
6B34 028 (1C) Suwannee River Northern 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625    
6B34 029 (1D) Leaf Rapids Northern 858.0625c858.3125c858.5625    
6B34 030 (1E) Hughes Lake* Northern 854.8125c855.0625c855.3125    
6B34 032 (20) Lynn Lake Northern 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625    
6B34 033 (21) Churchill Northern 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625855.6125   
6B34 034 (22) Upper Paint Lake Northern 858.1625c858.4125c858.6625858.9125   
6B34 035 (23) Flin Flon Northern 856.0625c856.3125c856.5625856.8125   
6B34 036 (24) Gillam Northern 858.1625c858.4125c858.6625    
6B34 037 (25) Snow Lake Northern 854.8125c855.0625c855.3125855.5625   
6B34 038 (26) Amery Northern 858.0625c858.3125c858.5625    
6B34 047 (2F) Captive Test Site* Winnipeg 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125    
6B34 061 (3D) Overflowing River Northern 858.2125c858.4625c858.7125    
6B34 062 (3E) Westray Northern 860.2125c860.3625c860.6125    
6B34 063 (3F) The Pas Northern 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625855.6125855.8625858.1125 
6B34 101 (65) Poplar River** Northern 857.1125      
6B34 102 (66) God's Lake Narrows** Northern 855.9625c856.0625c856.3125856.5625   
6B34 103 (67) Black Sturgeon Lake** Northern 854.8125c855.0625c855.3125    
6B34 104 (68) Brochet Northern 857.0625      
6B34 105 (69) Shamattawa** Northern 857.1125      
6B34 106 (6A) Oxford House** Northern 859.0625      
6B34 107 (6B) Pukatawagan** Northern 857.1125      
6B34 108 (6C) Lac Brochet** Northern 859.0625      
6B34 109 (6D) South Indian Lake** Northern 857.0625      
6B34 110 (6E) Waassagomach** Northern 855.8125      
6F25 003 (3) Miniota Westman 860.1125c860.3625c860.6125860.8625   
6F25 004 (4) St Lazare Westman 856.1625c856.4125c856.6625856.9125   
6F25 005 (5) Rossman Lake Parkland 858.0625c858.3125c858.5625858.8125   
6F25 006 (6) Waterhen Parkland 856.1125c856.3625c856.6125856.8625857.1125  
6F25 007 (7) Magnet Parkland 858.0625c858.3125c858.5625    
6F25 008 (8) San Clara Parkland 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625    
6F25 009 (9) Jessica Lake Eastman 858.0625c858.3125c858.5625    
6F25 010 (A) Fisher Branch Interlake 856.0625c856.3125c856.5625856.8125857.0625  
6F25 011 (B) Beaver Creek Northern 858.0625c858.3125c858.5625858.8125   
6F25 012 (C) Ste Amelie Parkland 856.0625c856.3125c856.5625856.8125   
6F25 013 (D) Minnedosa Westman 858.1625c858.4125c858.6625858.9125859.1625  
6F25 014 (E) Moon Lake Parkland 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625855.6125855.8625  
6F25 015 (F) Onanole Parkland 856.1125c856.3625c856.6125856.8625857.1125  
6F25 017 (11) Gimli Interlake 856.1625c856.4125c856.6625856.9125857.1625  
6F25 018 (12) Polonia Westman 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125856.9625857.2125  
6F25 019 (13) Roblin Westman 854.8125c855.0625c855.3125856.9625   
6F25 020 (14) Russell Parkland 855.5625c858.0625c858.3125858.5625   
6F25 021 (15) Strathclair Westman 856.0625c856.3125c856.5625856.8125857.0625  
6F25 022 (16) Amaranth Parkland 860.1125c860.3625c860.6125860.8625861.1125  
6F25 023 (17) Lac du Bonnet Eastman 856.1125c856.3625c856.6125856.8625   
6F25 024 (18) Baldy Mountain Eastman 856.0625c856.3125c856.5625856.8125857.0625  
6F25 025 (19) Nopiming Eastman 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125    
6F25 026 (1A) Whitemouth Eastman 856.0625c856.3125c856.5625856.8125   
6F25 027 (1B) St Laurent Interlake 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625855.6125   
6F25 028 (1C) Belair Eastman 858.1625c858.4125c858.6625858.9125   
6F25 029 (1D) Minitonas Parkland 858.0625c858.3125c858.5625858.8125859.0625  
6F25 033 (21) Bissett Eastman 860.0625c860.3125c860.5625860.8125   
6F25 034 (22) Manigotogan Eastman 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125    
6F25 035 (23) Riverton Interlake 858.1125c858.3625c858.6125858.8625   
6F25 036 (24) Dauphin Parkland 858.2125c858.4625c858.7125859.2125860.1625860.1625 
6F25 038 (26) Gypsumville Interlake 854.8125c855.0625c855.3125855.5625855.8125  
6F25 039 (27) Tan Creek Parkland 856.0625c856.3125c856.5625    
6F25 040 (28) Devil's Lake Parkland 858.0625c858.3125c858.5625    
6F25 041 (29) Jackhead Interlake 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125856.9625857.2125  
6F25 042 (2A) Foxwarren Parkland 860.2125c860.4625c860.7125860.9625861.2125  
6F25 045 (2D) Meleb Interlake 856.1125c856.3625c856.6125856.8625   
6F25 046 (2E) Cowan Parkland 860.0625c860.3125c860.5625860.8125   
6F25 047 (2F) Captive Test Site* Winnipeg 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125    
6F25 056 (38) Benito Parkland 858.1625c858.4125c858.6625858.9125   
6F25 057 (39) Rice Creek Eastman 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125856.9625   
6F25 058 (3A) Eriksdale Interlake 860.0625c860.3125c860.5625860.8125   
6F25 059 (3B) Ashern Interlake 856.2125c856.4625c856.7125856.9625   
6F25 060 (3C) Steeprock Interlake 858.1625c858.4125c858.6625    
6F25 099 (63) Neepawa Westman 858.0625c858.3125c858.5625858.8125859.0625  
6F25 102 (66) Bevens River** Eastman 859.0625      
6F25 103 (67) Pauingassi** Eastman 857.1125      
6F25 104 (68) Camperville** Parkland 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625    
6F25 105 (69) Barrows** Parkland 854.8625c855.1125c855.3625    
6F25 106 (6A) Wellman Lake** Parkland 858.1125c858.3625c858.6125858.8625859.1125  


Winnipeg Airport Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
95202530AWPS AirportWPS Airport DetailLaw Dispatch
96162590AEmergencyEmergencyEmergency Ops
968025d0AGround OpsGround OperationsBusiness
971225f0AERS/FireERS/FireFire Dispatch
97762630ACan CustomsCanada CustomsFederal
993626d0ATrades 1Trade Workers 1Business
996826f0ATrades 2Trade Workers 2Business
100002710ABldg MtceBuilding MaintenanceBusiness
100322730AField MtceField MaintenanceBusiness
100642750AField ElectField ElectricianBusiness
RCMP Zone 1 (West)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
62768f530DEZ1-W-011W1 DauphinLaw Dispatch
62736f510DEZ1-W-021W2 AmaranthLaw Dispatch
62704f4f0DEZ1-W-031W3 Ste RoseLaw Dispatch
62192f2f0DEZ1-W-041W4 BloodveinLaw Dispatch
62640f4b0DEZ1-W-051W5 Neepawa/GladstoneLaw Dispatch
62608f490DEZ1-W-061W6 MinnedosaLaw Dispatch
62576f470DEZ1-W-071W7 Swan RiverLaw Dispatch
62544f450DEZ1-W-081W8 Roblin/RussellLaw Dispatch
62512f430DEZ1-W-091W9 FIS/Radio ShopLaw Talk
62480f410DEZ1-W-101W10 WinnipegosisLaw Dispatch
62416f3d0DEZ1-W-111W11 S/DivLaw Tac
62000f230DEZ1-W-121W12 SpareLaw Talk
62032f250DEZ1-W-131W13 SpareLaw Talk
62384f3b0DEZ1-W-141W14 SpareLaw Talk
62352f390DEZ1-W-151W15 SpareLaw Talk
RCMP Zone 10 (Admin)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
63408f7b0DECOMMAND-110A C1 Command 1Law Talk
63376f790DECOMMAND-210A C2 Command 2Law Talk
65104fe50DECOMMAND-310A C3 Command 3Law Talk
65136fe70DECOMMAND-410A C4 Command 4Law Talk
64752fcf0DEZ10-ADM-0110A1 Admin 1Law Talk
64720fcd0DEZ10-ADM-0210A2 Admin 2Law Talk
64688fcb0DEZ10-ADM-0310A3 Admin 3 Radio ShopLaw Talk
64656fc90DEZ10-ADM-0410A4 Admin 4Law Talk
64624fc70DEZ10-ADM-0510A5 Admin 5Law Talk
64592fc50DEZ10-ADM-0610A6 Admin 6Law Talk
64560fc30DEZ10-ADM-0710A7 Admin 7Law Talk
64528fc10DEZ10-ADM-0810A8 Admin 8Law Talk
64496fbf0DEZ10-ADM-0910A9 Admin 9Law Talk
64464fbd0DEZ10-ADM-1010A10 Admin 10Law Talk
64272fb10DEZ10-ADM-1110A11 Admin 11Law Talk
64400fb90DEZ10-ADM-1210A12 Admin 12Law Talk
64368fb70DEZ10-ADM-1310A13 Admin 13Law Talk
64336fb50DEZ10-ADM-1410A14 Admin 14Law Talk
64304fb30DEZ10-ADM-1510A15 Admin 15Law Talk
RCMP Zone 2 (West)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65488ffd0DEZ2-W-012W1 VirdenLaw Dispatch
62128f2b0DEZ2-W-022W2 Little Grand RapidsLaw Dispatch
65424ff90DEZ2-W-032W3 BrandonLaw Dispatch
65392ff70DEZ2-W-042W4 KillarneyLaw Dispatch
65360ff50DEZ2-W-052W5 CarmanLaw Dispatch
65328ff30DEZ2-W-062W6 Morden/AltonaLaw Dispatch
65296ff10DEZ2-W-072W7 Morris/EmersonLaw Dispatch
65168fe90DEZ2-W-082W8 GIS/PDSLaw Tac
65232fed0DEZ2-W-092W9 Portage la PrairieLaw Dispatch
65200feb0DEZ2-W-102W10 Portage Highway PatrolLaw Talk
65040fe10DEZ2-W-112W11 SpareLaw Talk
62064f270DEZ2-W-122W12 SpareLaw Talk
62320f370DEZ2-W-132W13 SpareLaw Talk
RCMP Zone 3 (East)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
62288f350DEZ3-E-013E1 Fisher BranchLaw Dispatch
62256f330DEZ3-E-023E2 East Interlakes (Gimli/Teulon)Law Dispatch
62224f310DEZ3-E-033E3 Lac du BonnetLaw Dispatch
62672f4d0DEZ3-E-043E4 Lundar/AshernLaw Dispatch
62160f2d0DEZ3-E-053E5 Powerview/Grand MaraisLaw Dispatch
65264fef0DEZ3-E-063E6 HeadingleyLaw Dispatch
65008fdf0DEZ3-E-073E7 Oakbank/Ste Pierre/BeausejourLaw Dispatch
64976fdd0DEZ3-E-083E8 SelkirkLaw Dispatch
64944fdb0DEZ3-E-093E9 Greater Winnipeg Traffic ServicesLaw Dispatch
64912fd90DEZ3-E-103E10 SteinbachLaw Dispatch
64880fd70DEZ3-E-113E11 Falcon LakeLaw Dispatch
64848fd50DEZ3-E-123E12 NCO/PDSLaw Tac
62096f290DEZ3-E-133E13 Grand RapidsLaw Dispatch
61968f210DEZ3-E-143E14 East St PaulLaw Dispatch
64432fbb0DEZ3-E-153E15 SpareLaw Talk
65072fe30DEZ3-E-163E16 SpareLaw Talk
RCMP Zone 4 (North)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
61936f1f0DEZ4-N-014N1 The PasLaw Dispatch
61904f1d0DEZ4-N-024N2 Flin FlonLaw Dispatch
61872f1b0DEZ4-N-034N3 Snow LakeLaw Dispatch
61840f190DEZ4-N-044N4 Norway HouseLaw Dispatch
61808f170DEZ4-N-054N5 ThompsonLaw Dispatch
61776f150DEZ4-N-064N6 Thompson GISLaw Talk
61744f130DEZ4-N-074N7 PukatawaganLaw Dispatch
61712f110DEZ4-N-084N8 Leaf RapidsLaw Dispatch
61680f0f0DEZ4-N-094N9 Lynn LakeLaw Dispatch
61648f0d0DEZ4-N-104N10 ChurchillLaw Dispatch
61616f0b0DEZ4-N-114N11 GillamLaw Dispatch
61584f090DEZ4-N-124N12 God's LakeLaw Dispatch
61552f070DEZ4-N-134N13 Oxford HouseLaw Dispatch
65456ffb0DEZ4-N-144N14 MelitaLaw Dispatch
62448f3f0DEZ4-N-154N15 RossburnLaw Dispatch
61520f050DEZ4-N-164N16 ShamattawaLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
64240faf0DEZ5-CAP-015CAP1 TrafficLaw Talk
64208fad0DEZ5-CAP-025CAP2 Auto TheftLaw Tac
64176fab0DEZ5-CAP-035CAP3 ERTLaw Tac
64144fa90DEZ5-CAP-045CAP4 FIS/IDENTLaw Tac
64112fa70DEZ5-CAP-055CAP5 GISLaw Tac
64080fa50DEZ5-CAP-065CAP6 CCAPSLaw Talk
64048fa30DEZ5-CAP-075CAP7 Commercial CrimeLaw Tac
64016fa10DEZ5-CAP-085CAP8 C&ELaw Dispatch
63984f9f0DEZ5-CAP-095CAP9 IPOCLaw Talk
63952f9d0DEZ5-CAP-105CAP10 SpareLaw Talk
63920f9b0DEZ5-CAP-115CAP11 SpareLaw Talk
63888f990DEZ5-CAP-125CAP12 SpareLaw Talk
63856f970DEZ5-CAP-135CAP13 SpareLaw Talk
63824f950DEZ5-CAP-145CAP14 SpareLaw Talk
63792f930DEZ5-CAP-155CAP15 SpareLaw Talk
63760f910DEZ5-CAP-165CAP16 SpareLaw Talk
RCMP Zone 6 (Federal)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
63728f8f0DEZ6-FED-016FED1 CIS/CISMLaw Tac
63696f8d0DEZ6-FED-026FED2 DCASLaw Tac
63664f8b0DEZ6-FED-036FED3 OICLaw Tac
63632f890DEZ6-FED-046FED4 NSISLaw Tac
63600f870DEZ6-FED-056FED5 Sec Eng (Special I)Law Tac
63568f850DEZ6-FED-066FED6 DrugsLaw Tac
63536f830DEZ6-FED-076FED7 I&PLaw Tac
63504f810DEZ6-FED-086FED8 Special OLaw Tac
63472f7f0DEZ6-FED-096FED9 SpareLaw Talk
63440f7d0DEZ6-FED-106FED10 SpareLaw Talk
61488f030DEZ6-FED-116FED11 SpareLaw Tac
61456f010DEZ6-FED-126FED12 SpareLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
63344f770DEZ7-TAC-017 Tac 1Law Tac
63312f750DEZ7-TAC-027 Tac 2Law Tac
63280f730DEZ7-TAC-037 Tac 3Law Tac
63248f710DEZ7-TAC-047 Tac 4Law Tac
63216f6f0DEZ7-TAC-057 Tac 5Law Tac
63184f6d0DEZ7-TAC-067 Tac 6Law Tac
63152f6b0DEZ7-TAC-077 Tac 7Law Tac
63120f690DEZ7-TAC-087 Tac 8Law Tac
63088f670DEZ7-TAC-097 Tac 9Law Tac
63056f650DEZ7-TAC-107 Tac 10Law Tac
63024f630DEZ7-TAC-117 Tac 11Law Tac
62992f610DEZ7-TAC-127 Tac 12Law Tac
62960f5f0DEZ7-TAC-137 Tac 13Law Tac
62928f5d0DEZ7-TAC-147 Tac 14Law Tac
62896f5b0DEZ7-TAC-157 Tac 15Law Tac
62864f590DEZ7-TAC-167 Tac 16Law Tac
Canada Border Services Agency
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7522f0ACBSA 1ACBSA - Immigration 1AFederal
768300ACBSA 1BCBSA - Immigration 1BFederal
7202d0ACBSA 1CCBSA - Immigration 1CFederal
656290ACBSA 1DCBSA - Immigration 1DFederal
3888f30ACBSACBSA Federal
553615a0ACBSA 4CBSA Ch 4Federal
51600c990ACBSA JRIAJames Richardson International AirportFederal
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2352930ACFB Wpg 1ACFB Winnipeg - MP 1AMilitary
3248cb0ACFB Wpg 1BCFB Winnipeg - MP 1BMilitary
Emergency Measures Organization
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
47952bb50AMBwide EMO MB-Wide Emergency MeasuresEmergency Ops
1403236d0AEMO OPS 1EMO - OPS 1Emergency Ops
201124e90AEMO OPS 2EMO - OPS 2Emergency Ops
152803bb0AEMO InterdepEMO - InterdepartmentalInterop
1401636c0AEMO BusinessEMO - BusinessEmergency Ops
47664ba30ADauphin EMODauphin Emergency MeasuresEmergency Ops
47536b9b0AThompsonEMOThompson Emergency MeasuresEmergency Ops
151843b50AEMO OPS EMO - OPS Interop
152003b60AEMO OPS EMO - OPSInterop
152163b70AEMO OPSEMO - OPSInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
151683b40A1st RespCallFirst Responder Call In - EastmanInterop
282086e30AOntario I/OProvince of Ontario InteroperationalInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
139363670ASHER RURALSheriffs RuralLaw Dispatch
1104450ASHERIFFSSherrifsLaw Dispatch
2704a90ASHERIFFSSheriffsLaw Dispatch
51856ca90DThe PasThe Pas - JusticeCorrections
2550463a0AThe Pas CorrThe Pas - CorrectionsCorrections
51888cab0DThe Pas CorrThe Pas - CorrectionsCorrections
51840ca80DThompson JCity of Thompson - JusticeCorrections
Manitoba Emergency Medical Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
199844e10ASTARS LifeflSTARS - LifeflightEMS Dispatch
295047340AAeromedPerimeter Aeromed Air AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
Manitoba Provincial Departments
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
19847c0AMPICManitoba Public Insurance Corp.Public Works
138243600DMB LotteriesManitoba Lotteries CorporationBusiness
195844c80DMB GamingManitoba Gaming Control CommissionPublic Works
228485940ANature ConsvManitoba Nature ConservationPublic Works
228965970AMB FamServManitoba Family Services Public Works
281926e20AMB Hydro-IntManitoba Hydro InterUtilities
285446f80AMB DOTManitoba Infrastructure and TransportationLaw Talk
294407300AMB HousingManitoba Housing Public Works
Manitoba Department of Fisheries
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1451238b0AFresh WaterFresh Water FisheriesFederal
2628866b0AFreshWater2 Fresh Water Fisheries 2Federal
Manitoba Department of Natural Resources
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48016bb90AMB Wide DNRMB-Wide DNRLaw Talk
48112bbf0ABrandon DNRBrandon DNRLaw Talk
47728ba70ADauphin DNRDauphin DNRLaw Talk
47600b9f0AThompson DNRThompson DNRLaw Talk
1840047e0ADNRDepartment of Natural ResourcesLaw Talk
Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1280500AWinklerWinklerLaw Dispatch
115682d30ASte AnneSte AnneLaw Dispatch
151523b30AAltonaAltonaLaw Dispatch
159203e30AGrand BeachGrand BeachLaw Dispatch
278086ca0ARM of SPSRM of Springfield Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
220965650AAntler RiverAntler River Home DispatchFire Dispatch
225765830AAntler RiverAntler River Home TacticalFire-Tac
3472d90AAntler RiverAntler River/Oak Lake/Turtle Mtn E-911 Call inEmergency Ops
195524c60AArson SquadArson SquadFire-Tac
195684c70AArson SquadArson SquadFire-Tac
2720aa0AB-B VFDBeausejour_Brokenhead Volunteer Fire DeptFire Dispatch
2192055a0ABoyne River Boyne River Home DispatchFire Dispatch
224005780ABoyne River Boyne River Home TacticalFire-Tac
117602df0ACarmanCarmanFire Dispatch
192004b00ACentral AreaCentral Area FireFire Dispatch
192164b10ACentral AreaCentral Area FireFire Dispatch
192324b20ACentral AreaCentral Area FireFire Dispatch
67681a70AClandeboyeClandeboyeFire Dispatch
3360d20ADom CityDominion City FireFire Dispatch
59041710AE911 DispE911 Dispatch to Beausejour/Brokenhead VFDFire Dispatch
1664680AEast St PaulEast St PaulFire Dispatch
158883e10AEast St PaulEast St PaulFire Dispatch
220485620AEastman HomeEastman Home DispatchFire Dispatch
225285800AEastman HomeEastman Home TacticalFire-Tac
111842bb0AElm CreekElm CreekFire Dispatch
220645630AGrand ValleyGrand Valley Home DispatchFire Dispatch
225445810AGrand ValleyGrand Valley Home TacticalFire-Tac
608017c0AHeadingleyHeadingleyFire Dispatch
187684950AHeadingleyHeadingleyFire Dispatch
633618c0AInwoodInwoodFire Dispatch
3520dc0AKleefeldKleefeldFire Dispatch
220165600ALake WinnipeLake Winnipegosis Home DispatchFire Dispatch
2249657e0ALake WinnipeLake Winnipegosis Home TacticalFire-Tac
108322a50AMacDonaldMacDonaldFire Dispatch
116002d50AMorrisMorrisFire Dispatch
2217656a0ANeepawa AreaNeepawa Area Home DispatchFire Dispatch
226565880ANeepawa AreaNeepawa Area Home TacticalFire-Tac
528014a0ANivervilleNivervilleFire Dispatch
2193655b0ANorth East HNorth East Home DispatchFire Dispatch
224165790ANorth East HNorth East Home TacticalFire-Tac
2200055f0ANorth InterlNorth Interlake Home DispatchFire Dispatch
2248057d0ANorth InterlNorth Interlake Home TacticalFire-Tac
221605690AOak Lake HomOak Lake Home DispatchFire Dispatch
632018b0AFire CommOffice of Fire CommissionersFire-Talk
2196855d0APembina TriaPembina Triangle Home DispatchFire Dispatch
2244857b0APembina TriaPembina Triangle Home TacticalFire-Tac
2195255c0APembina VallPembina Valley Home DispatchFire Dispatch
2243257a0APembina VallPembina Valley Home TacticalFire-Tac
82882060ARM Piney FDPineyFire Dispatch
56801630APortage la PPortage la PrairieFire Dispatch
223845770AProvincial CProvincial CommonInterop
2526462b0ARM ReynoldsReynolds FireFire Dispatch
221285670ARiding MountRiding Mountain Home DispatchFire Dispatch
226085850ARiding MountRiding Mountain Home TacticalFire-Tac
1536600ARitchotRitchotFire Dispatch
544220ARoseau RvrRoseau RiverFire Dispatch
560230ARoseau RvrRoseau RiverFire Dispatch
576240ARoseau RvrRoseau RiverFire Dispatch
116642d90ARosenortRosenortFire Dispatch
865621d0ARosserRosserFire Dispatch
160003e80ARural FDRural FDFire Dispatch
221445680ASouth CentraSouth Central Home DispatchFire Dispatch
226245860ASouth CentraSouth Central Home TacticalFire-Tac
69281b10AS Interlake E911South Interlake E-911 Call inEmergency Ops
220805640AS Interlake DispSouth Interlake Home DispatchFire Dispatch
225605820AS Interlake TACSouth Interlake Home TacticalFire-Tac
117282dd0ASperlingSperlingFire Dispatch
76481de0ASpringfieldSpringfieldFire Dispatch
74401d10ASt AndrewsSt AndrewsFire Dispatch
74721d30ASt AndrewsSt AndrewsFire Dispatch
52161460ASt FrancoisSt FrancoisFire Dispatch
87682240ASt MaloSt MaloFire Dispatch
88002260ASt PierreSt PierreFire Dispatch
67041a30ASte AnneSte AnneFire Dispatch
109762ae0ASte RoseSte RoseFederal
57761690ASteinbach FiSteinbach FireFire Dispatch
221125660ASwan River VSwan River Valley Home DispatchFire Dispatch
225925840ASwan River VSwan River Valley Home TacticalFire-Tac
59681750ASwan River VSwan River Valley/Riding Mtn/Winnipegosis E-911 Call inEmergency Ops
123203020ATG 12320TG 12320 - Fire Station 1Fire Dispatch
101282790AThe PasThe Pas FireFire Dispatch
220325610ATurtle MountTurtle Mountain Home DispatchFire Dispatch
2251257f0ATurtle MountTurtle Mountain Home TacticalFire-Tac
100802760AVita FireVita FireFire Dispatch
69601b30AWest CentralWest Central E-911 Call inEmergency Ops
2198455e0AWest CentralWest Central Home DispatchFire Dispatch
2246457c0AWest CentralWest Central Home TacticalFire-Tac
68641ad0AWest St PaulWest St PaulFire Dispatch
102402800ARMWhitemouthWhitemouth FireFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202084ef0A1A AssinibAssiniboineEMS Dispatch
200804e70A1A BurntwoodBurntwood RegionEMS Dispatch
200324e40A1A CentralCentral RegionEMS Dispatch
103362860A1A EmersonEmersonEMS Dispatch
102722820A1A GimliGimliEMS Dispatch
49441350A1A GlenboroGlenboroEMS Dispatch
202564f20A1A InterlakeInterlake RegionEMS Dispatch
22728e0A1A NE MB RgnNE Man RegionEMS Dispatch
204004fb0A1A NormanNorman RegionEMS Dispatch
203524f80A1A ParklandParkland RegionEMS Dispatch
201604ec0A1A SE MB RgnSE Manitoba RegionEMS Dispatch
4080ff0A1A SE RgnSE RegionalEMS Dispatch
1072029e0A1A SpringfldSpringfieldEMS Dispatch
580816b0A1A SteinbachSteinbachEMS Dispatch
606417b0A1A VirdenVirdenEMS Dispatch
102562810A1A WinklerWinklerEMS Dispatch
202244f00A1B AssinibAssiniboineEMS Dispatch
204484fe0A1B BurntwoodBurntwood RegionEMS Dispatch
200484e50A1B Central Central RegionEMS Dispatch
202724f30A1B InterlakeInterlake RegionEMS Dispatch
203204f60A1B NE MB RgnNE Man RegionEMS Dispatch
204164fc0A1B NormanNorman RegionEMS Dispatch
203684f90A1B ParklandParkland RegionEMS Dispatch
200004e20A1B S WestmanSouth Westman RHAEMS Dispatch
201764ed0A1B SE MB RgnSE Manitoba RegionEMS Dispatch
59521740A1B SteinbachSteinbachEMS Dispatch
202404f10A1C AssinibAssiniboineEMS Dispatch
124163080A1C Brandon HBrandon HospitalsHospital
204644ff0A1C BurntwoodBurntwood RegionEMS Dispatch
200644e60A1C CentralCentral RegionEMS Dispatch
202884f40A1C InterlakeInterlake RegionEMS Dispatch
203364f70A1C NE MB RgnNE Man RegionEMS Dispatch
204324fd0A1C NormanRgnNorman RegionEMS Dispatch
203844fa0A1C ParklandParkland RegionEMS Dispatch
200164e30A1C S WestmanSouth Westman RHAEMS Dispatch
201924ee0A1C SE MB RgnSE Manitoba RegionEMS Dispatch
194084bd0A1D Prov EMSProvincial EMSEMS-Talk
638418f0A1E Central Central RegionEMS Dispatch
103042840AAltonaAltonaEMS Dispatch
52641490ABoissevainBoissevainEMS Dispatch
556815c0ACarberryCarberryEMS Dispatch
505613c0ACartierCartierEMS Dispatch
1168490ACritiCare 1Criti-Care Ambulance 1Emergency Ops
17446d0ACritiCare 2Criti-Care Ambulance 2Emergency Ops
208165150ACritiCare 3Criti-Care Ambulance 3Emergency Ops
119842ed0AHamiotaHamiotaEMS Dispatch
1864048d0AMB HEALTHMB Health - BusinessBusiness
107522a00APine FallsPine FallsEMS Dispatch
62881890ARestonRestonEMS Dispatch
68001a90ASelkirkSelkirkEMS Dispatch
51681430AStonewallStonewallEMS Dispatch
48801310ASwan RiverSwan RiverEMS Dispatch
108482a60ATreherneTreherneEMS Dispatch
92962450AWawanesaWawanesaEMS Dispatch
Rural Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
198404d80APrairie SprtPrairie SpiritPublic Works
2094451d0APrairie SprtPrairie Spirit 2Public Works
241125e30APS By-lawPrairie Spirit By-lawPublic Works
269446940ARM AlexanderRM - AlexanderPublic Works
208485170ARM ClanwillmRM - ClanwilliamPublic Works
237285cb0ARM FranklinRM - FranklinPublic Works
110242b10ARM - ParkRM - ParkPublic Works
197764d40ARM St.ClemRM - St. ClementsPublic Works
3792ed0ARM - StuartRM - StuartPublic Works
264006720ASeal RiverSeal RiverPublic Works
146083910ARivertonTown of RivertonPublic Works
279526d30ASheridanTown of SheridanPublic Works
384180ASinclairTown of SinclairPublic Works
150403ac0ASnow MaintenTown of Snow Lake - MaintenancePublic Works
185604880AWinkler CofCWinkler - Chamber of CommercePublic Works
First Nations Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48080bbd0ABDNFNPBrandon FNPLaw Dispatch
51136c7c0DDakota-OjibwDakota-Ojibway PoliceLaw Dispatch
51152c7d0DDakota-OjibwDakota-Ojibway PoliceLaw Dispatch
51168c7e0DDakota-OjibwDakota-Ojibway PoliceLaw Dispatch
47696ba50ADPNFNPDauphin FNPLaw Dispatch
47984bb70AMANFNPMB-Wide FNPLaw Dispatch
1404836e0AN-H POLICENorway House Cree Nation PoliceLaw Dispatch
193604ba0AOCN POLICEOCN PoliceLaw Talk
640280ARoseau RvrRoseau River ReserveLaw Talk
848350ARoseau RvrRoseau River ReserveLaw Talk
25129d0ASplit Lk PDSplit Lake - PoliceLaw Dispatch
47568b9d0ATPNFNPThompson FNPLaw Dispatch
First Nations Administrative
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
251526240ABrokenheadFNBrokenhead Town OHNPublic Works
136003520AFishRvr FishFisher River FishPublic Works
238565d30AKeewatin TCKeewatin Tribal CouncilPublic Works
284806f40AMisipawistikMisipawistik First NationPublic Works
254726380ANelsonHse 1Nelson House FN 1Public Works
254886390ANelson Hse 2Nelson House FN 2Public Works
210085210ANelsonHse FNelson House FN FishPublic Works
231845a90ANisi Cree 1Nisischawayasihk Cree Nation - Nelson House 1Public Works
205605050ANisi Cree 2Nisischawayasihk Cree Nation 2 - Nelson HousePublic Works
20167e0ANisi Cree 3Nisischawayasihk Cree Nation 3 - Nelson HousePublic Works
2888070d0AMANFF EOCManitoba Association of Native Firefighters - EOCEmergency Ops
2140853a0ANorwayHse CNNorway House Cree NationPublic Works
288007080ASAP Health Sapotaweyak Cree Nation - HealthPublic Works
280646da0ASAPHealth2Sapotaweyak Cree Nation - Health 2Public Works
2123252f0ASioux FN EduSioux Valley FN - EducationSchools
2680068b0AS Ind LkFishSouth Indian Lake - FisheriesPublic Works
2681668c0AS IndLk TrapSouth Indian Lake - TrappingPublic Works
154083c30AS Lake AmbSplit Lake - AmbulanceEMS-Talk
239685da0ASp Lake ConsSplit Lake - ConservationPublic Works
116482d80ASp Lake OffSplit Lake - OfficePublic Works
2584064f0AWar Lake FNWar Lake FNPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
160483eb0DEWPS 1A 1,2,61A Districts 1, 2, 6 Law Dispatch
160803ed0DEWPS 1B 3,4,51B Districts 3, 4, 5 General DispatchLaw Dispatch
161123ef0DEWPS 1C1C Alternate Dispatch / Dispatch OverflowLaw Dispatch
161443f10DEWPS 1D CPIC1D CPIC / Infocell PortableLaw Talk
161763f30DEWPS 1E TAC1E Emergency Channel (Tactical)Law Tac
162083f50DEWPS 1F TAC1F Emergency Channel (Tactical)Law Tac
162403f70DEWPS 1G TAC1G Tactical Law Tac
162723f90DEWPS 1H TAC1H Tactical Law Tac
163043fb0DEWPS 1I TAC1I TacticalLaw Tac
163363fd0DEWPS 1J TAC1J TacticalLaw Tac
163683ff0DEWPS 1K TAC1K Tactical (Airport)Law Tac
164004010DEWPS 1L M/A1L WPS RCMP1 Mutual-AidInterop
47920bb30DEWPS 1M M/A1M RCMP WPS Mutual-AidInterop
163523fe0DEWPS 1P1PLaw Talk
164164020DEWPS 2B Park2B Park Police (Assiniboine, Kildonan, St. Vital, etc)Law Dispatch
164324030DEWPS 2C Train2C TrainingLaw Talk
164484040DEWPS 2D Train2D TrainingLaw Talk
164644050DEWPS 2E Traf2E Traffic DivisionLaw Talk
164804060DEWPS 2F Traf2F Traffic DivisionLaw Talk
164964070DEWPS 2G TAC2G Tactical / Surveillance / OperationsLaw Tac
165124080DEWPS 2H TAC2H Tactical / Surveillance / OperationsLaw Tac
165284090DEWPS 2I TAC2I Tactical / Surveillance / OperationsLaw Tac
1654440a0DEWPS 2J TAC2J Tactical / Surveillance / OperationsLaw Tac
1656040b0DEWPS 2K TAC2K Tactical / Surveillance / OperationsLaw Tac
1657640c0DEWPS 2L TAC2L Tactical / Surveillance / OperationsLaw Tac
1662440f0DEWPS 3B3B WPSLaw Talk
166404100DEWPS 3C3C WPSLaw Talk
166564110DEWPS 3D3D WPSLaw Talk
166724120DEWPS 3E3E WPSLaw Talk
166884130DEWPS 3F3F WPSLaw Talk
167044140DEWPS 3G3G WPSLaw Talk
167204150DEWPS 3H3H WPSLaw Talk
167364160DEWPS 3I3I WPSLaw Talk
167524170DEWPS 3J3J WPSLaw Talk
167684180DEWPS 3K3K WPSLaw Talk
167844190DEWPS 3L3L WPSLaw Talk
1680041a0DEWPS 3M3M WPSLaw Talk
1681641b0DEWPS 3N3N WPSLaw Talk
1683241c0DEWPS 3O3O WPSLaw Talk
1684841d0DEWPS 3P3P Evidence ControlLaw Tac
52816ce50DE4B OPS4B OpsLaw Talk
52832ce60DE4C OPS4C OpsLaw Talk
52848ce70DE4D OPS4D OpsLaw Talk
52864ce80DE4E ST CRIME4E Street CrimeLaw Talk
52880ce90DE4F HOLDUP4F HoldupLaw Talk
52896cea0DE4G AUTO SQD4G Auto SquadLaw Talk
52912ceb0DE4H DRUGS4H Drug OpsLaw Talk
52928cec0DE4I DRUGS4I Drug OpsLaw Talk
52944ced0DE4J DRUGS4J Drug OpsLaw Talk
52960cee0DE4K DRUGS4K Drug OpsLaw Talk
52976cef0DE4L VICE4L Vice OpsLaw Talk
52992cf00DE4M VICE4M Vice OpsLaw Talk
53008cf10DE4N VICE4N Vice OpsLaw Talk
53024cf20DE4O OPS4O OpsLaw Talk
53040cf30DE4P OPS4P OpsLaw Talk
53296d030DE5B WPS RCMP15B WPS RCMP1Interop
53328d050DE5C WPS RCMP25C WPS RCMP2Interop
53056cf40DE5F OPS5F OpsLaw Talk
53072cf50DE5G OPS5G OpsLaw Talk
53088cf60DE5H OPS5H OpsLaw Talk
53104cf70DE5I GANG/OCC5I Gang Ops / OCCLaw Talk
53120cf80DE5J OPS5J OpsLaw Talk
53136cf90DE5K OPS5K OpsLaw Talk
53152cfa0DE5L OPS5L OpsLaw Talk
53184cfc0DE5M OPS5M OpsLaw Talk
53200cfd0DE5N OPS5N OpsLaw Talk
53216cfe0DE5O OPS5O OpsLaw Talk
53232cff0DE5P OPS5P OpsLaw Talk
51904cac0DERemand 1Remand Centre 1 Corrections
868821f0DERemand 2Remand Centre 2Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
64816fd30DRCMPWPS2RCMP/WPS 2Interop
64784fd10DRCMPWPS3RCMP/WPS 3Interop
Winnipeg City Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
92802440ACity WpgCity of WinnipegPublic Works
51504c930DWRHA SecurWinnipeg Regional Health Authority - SecuritySecurity
51472c910DWRHA CrisisWinnipeg Regional Health Authority - Mobile CrisisEmergency Ops
123043010AWRHA HspWinnipeg Regional Health Authority - HospitalHospital
123843060AWRHA TACWinnipeg Region Health Authority - TACEmergency Ops
158403de0AParksCity of Winnipeg - ParksPublic Works
Environment Canada
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
73281ca0AEnviro CdaEnvironment CanadaFederal
Brandon City Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52000cb20DEBrandon PS 1Police Service 1Law Dispatch
52016cb30DEBrandon PS 2Police Service 2Law Talk
52032cb40DEBrandon PS 3Police Service 3Law Talk
48144bc10DEBPS RCMPPolice Service/ RCMP InteropInterop
114242ca0ABFDESFire & Emergency ServicesMulti-Dispatch
1920c0A1A B EMSEMS 1AEMS Dispatch
77601e50A1B B EMS EMS 1BEMS-Talk
48048bbb0ABrandon EMOBrandon Emergency Measures OfficeEmergency Ops
112802c10ACivilServiceCivil ServicePublic Works
112962c20ACentrlGarageCentral GaragePublic Works
113122c30ABldg MaintBuilding Maintenance Public Works
113762c70AEngineerEngineerPublic Works
913623b0AParks TechParks Technical ServicesPublic Works
113602c60AParkSecurityPark SecuritySecurity
113282c40ASanitationSanitationPublic Works
112002bc0AWater Water Treatment PlantPublic Works
112482bf0AStreet/RoadsStreet and RoadsPublic Works
112642c00ASewerSewer and WaterPublic Works
113922c80ABdn T-88City of Brandon - T-88Transportation
114082c90ABdn T-66City of Brandon - T-66Transportation
71361be0AHighwayHighway Dept.Public Works
Churchill Town Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2072050f0AChurchill AAirportBusiness
263686700AChurchill MMarineBusiness
2577664b0AChurchill TTown ServicesPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
243365f10ASelkirk HBCity of Selkirk - Health BranchPublic Works
271686a20ASelkirk Ice City of Selkirk - Ice ControlPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
119362ea0ALaBroq FDFire DepartmentFire Dispatch
70561b90ATown of LBTown ServicesPublic Works
Highway Departments
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
142083780AARBORG-HWYArborgPublic Works
2048800AASHRN-HWYAshernPublic Works
157763da0ABSJR-HWYBeausejourPublic Works
70881bb0ABIRTLE-HWYBirtlePublic Works
71681c00ABOIS-HWYBoissevainPublic Works
1862448c0ABRIDGES-HWYBridgesPublic Works
141763760ACARMN-HWYCarmanPublic Works
157923db0ADPN-HWYDauphinPublic Works
2816b00AHWYSDepartment of HighwaysPublic Works
428810c0AHWYSDepartment of HighwaysPublic Works
79521f10AHWYSDepartment of HighwaysPublic Works
1452838c0AHWY MTCEHighways MaintenancePublic Works
1424037a0AHWY SHOPSHighways ShopsPublic Works
150723ae0AHWY TRAF ENGHighways Traffic EngineeringPublic Works
157603d90ALdB-HWYLac du BonnetPublic Works
44481160AMINN-HWYMinnedosaPublic Works
2144860AMR 1MR 1Public Works
2176880AMR 2MR 2Public Works
142243790APORT-HWYPortage la PrairiePublic Works
196804ce0APWPWPublic Works
146723950ASLKRK-HWYSelkirkPublic Works
146403930ASTN-E-HWYSteinbach EastPublic Works
146563940ASTN-W-HWYSteinbach WestPublic Works
141923770ASTONE-HWYStonewallPublic Works
2112840ASW RVR-HWYSwan RiverPublic Works
1859248a0APAS-HWYThe PasPublic Works
196484cc0ATMP-EC-HWYThompson ECPublic Works
1860848b0ATMP-N-HWYThompson NorthPublic Works
1865648e0ATMP-S-HWYThompson SouthPublic Works
150883af0ATRANSCOTranscoPublic Works
71521bf0AVIRDN-HWYVirdenPublic Works
1454438d0A1D Winnipeg Winnipeg RegionPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
254406360AParks DispParks - DispatchFederal
1904770AParksGenerl Parks - GeneralFederal
1840730AParks WardenParks - WardenLaw Tac
91042390AParksCountryParks - CountryFederal
1872750AParks AgencyParks - AgencyFederal
113442c50AParks RecParks - RecFederal
17766f0AParks - TSMParks - TSMFederal
244805fa0AIntrmountainIntermountainPublic Works
47632ba10ADauphinDauphin ParksFederal
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
208005140ACN PoliceCN Rail PoliceLaw Talk
51200c800ACN PoliceCN Rail PoliceLaw Talk
190724a80ACP PoliceCP Rail PoliceLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
77281e30ABoeing SecurBoeing Canada - SecuritySecurity
205285030AChase InvChase InvestigationsSecurity
196324cb0AImpact 1A Wpg Impact Security - 1A Winnipeg GuardSecurity
193124b70AImpact 1B PW MbImpact Security - 1B Province wide MobileSecurity
51201400AImpact 1C LP/InvImpact Security - 1C Low Power/InvestigativeSecurity
193284b80AImpact 1D CRCImpact Security - 1D CRC MainSecurity
189604a10AImpact 1E ERT1Impact Security - 1E CRC Emergency Response Team 1 Security
192804b50AImpact 1F ERT2Impact Security - 1F CRC ERT 2Security
17126b0AImpact 1G ThomImpact Security - 1G Thompson GuardSecurity
800320AImpact 2A Ev TacImpact Security - 2A Event TacticalSecurity
12484e0AImpact 2B Ev TacImpact Security - 2B Event TacticalSecurity
1824720AImpact 3A IGFImpact Security - 3A IGF TrafficSecurity
1856740AImpact 3B P/RImpact Security - 3B Park/RideSecurity
1888760AImpact 3C TrafOFImpact Security - 3C Traffic OverflowSecurity
2800af0AImpact 4A OPSImpact Security - 4A OPSSecurity
3024bd0AImpact 4B OPSImpact Security - 4B OPS Security
60001770AImpact EmergencyImpact Security - Emergency ChannelSecurity
273606ae0AInitialInitial SecuritySecurity
159683e60AIntegInteg SecuritySecurity
72321c40AOBO SecurityOBO SecuritySecurity
136643560AVision 1Vision Security CH 1Security
9763d0AVision 2Vision Security CH 2Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48176bc30ACentra GasCentra GasUtilities
50320c490ACentra Brnd1Centra Gas - Brandon 1 Utilities
50256c450ACentra CG1Centra Gas - Citygate 1 Utilities
50352c4b0ACENTR DPNCentra Gas - DauphinUtilities
48128bc00ACentra EastrCentra Gas - Eastern Utilities
48160bc20ACentra EmcyCentra Gas - EmergencyUtilities
50416c4f0ACntraLiaisonCentra Gas - LiaisonUtilities
50288c470ACentra PortCentra Gas - Portage la PrairieUtilities
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