San Diego County - Imperial County Regional Communications System (RCS)

Talkgroup Categories Report
Category Name County Lat Lon Range
Ambulance Services 33.065-116.05592.5
BrawleyImperial 32.97839-115.542832.5
CalexicoImperial 32.68592-115.494182.5
California Conservation Corps 33.065-116.05592.5
San Diego County Fire AuthoritySan Diego 33.033-116.850
California Highway Patrol 33.065-116.05592.5
California State University San MarcosSan Diego 33.12915-117.159592
CalipatriaImperial 33.1256-115.514151.5
Caltrans 33.065-116.05592.5
CarlsbadSan Diego 33.16486-117.333983
Chula VistaSan Diego 32.64005-117.08423
CoronadoSan Diego 32.63827-117.209255.5
Del MarSan Diego 32.95949-117.265312
Dept of Animal Services 000
Metropolitan Medical Strike Team (MMST)San Diego 33.065-116.05592.5
El CajonSan Diego 32.79477-116.962533
El CentroImperial 32.78555-115.556432.5
EncinitasSan Diego 33.04611-117.291875
EscondidoSan Diego 33.11921-117.086425
Freeway Service Patrol 33.065-116.05592.5
Grossmont Union School DistrictSan Diego 33.033-116.850
Grossmont/Cuyamaca College PoliceSan Diego 32.81607-117.006141
Fire Central Zone (Heartland FCA Dispatch)San Diego 33.033-116.850
HoltvilleImperial 32.81398-115.379132
Imperial BeachSan Diego 32.57872-117.119692
Imperial CountyImperial 33.05519-115.3692955
Imperial County Air Mutual AidImperial 33.05519-115.3692955
Imperial County FireImperial 33.05519-115.3692955
Imperial County Sheriffs OfficeImperial 33.05519-115.3692955
La MesaSan Diego 32.76783-117.023083
Lemon GroveSan Diego 32.73445-117.032952
MiraCosta Community CollegeSan Diego 33.19-117.3021
National CitySan Diego 32.6709-117.102812
NilandImperial 33.23826-115.513721
Fire North Zone (Northcom Dispatch)San Diego 33.033-116.850
OceansideSan Diego 33.21086-117.349213
Olivenhain Municipal Water DistrictSan Diego 33.033-116.850
Palomar Community CollegeSan Diego 33.15-117.1821
Port of San DiegoSan Diego 32.71165-117.181675
Poway Unified School DistrictSan Diego 33.033-116.850
PowaySan Diego 32.97023-117.032093
Rancho Santa Fe SecuritySan Diego 33.01112-117.207013
Salton CityImperial 33.3076-115.959784
San Diego Beaches InteropSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County Air Mutual AidSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County CoronerSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County Sheriff's Dept - DetentionSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County District AttorneySan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County EMSSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County General ServicesSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County Incident CommandSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County Law InteroperabilitySan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County Mutual AidSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County ProbationsSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County Sheriff's DepartmentSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County Telecom DeptSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego CountywideSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)San Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego Humane SocietySan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS)San Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego Fire MiscellaneousSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego ParaTransitSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego State UniversitySan Diego 32.774-117.0741
San MarcosSan Diego 33.14337-117.166143
Santee Elementary School DistrictSan Diego 33.033-116.850
SanteeSan Diego 32.83937-116.989862
San Diego County Water - Padre DamSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County Health ServicesSan Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County Transit AuthoritySan Diego 33.033-116.850
Solana BeachSan Diego 32.99305-117.254622
State Parole Board 33.065-116.05592.5
System 33.065-116.05592.5
UCSD Medical Center NorthSan Diego 33.033-116.850
UCSD Medical Center SouthSan Diego 33.033-116.850
University of San Diego (USD)San Diego 32.771-117.1911
Vista Unified School DistrictSan Diego 33.033-116.850
VistaSan Diego 33.20004-117.242543
WestmorlandImperial 33.03783-115.621931
North County Transit District (NCTD)San Diego 33.033-116.850
Southwestern Community CollegeSan Diego 32.654-117.0525
Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay NationSan Diego 32.782-116.83315
Imperial (City)Imperial 32.84039-115.57323
Barona Indian ReservationSan Diego 32.955-116.84413
MiscellaneousSan Diego 33.033-116.850
University of California, San Diego (UCSD)San Diego 33.033-116.850
San Diego County Hospital CoordinationSan Diego 33.033-116.850
Fire Escondido ZoneSan Diego 33.033-116.850
Fire Metro Zone (SDFD Dispatch)San Diego 33.033-116.850
San Pasqual Band of Mission IndiansSan Diego 33.214-116.9791