San Diego County - Imperial County Regional Communications System (RCS)

Site: Imperial County

Unique DB ID: 3238
County: Imperial

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 33.0552 Longitude: -115.3693 Range: 55 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
254246350AICEMSCMDEMS CommandEMS-Talk
254566370AICEMSTACEMS TacticalEMS-Tac
254886390AICCALLCounty CallInterop
2552063b0AICTAC1County Tac 1Interop
2555263d0AICTAC2County Tac 2Interop
2558463f0AICTAC3County Tac 3Interop
256166410AICTAC4County Tac 4Interop
256486430AIICS1County Incident Command 1Interop
256806450AIICS2County Incident Command 2Interop
257126470AIICS3County Incident Command 3Interop
257446490AIICS3County Incident Command 4Interop
2577664b0AIICS5County Incident Command 5Interop
2580864d0AIICS6County Incident Command 6Interop
2584064f0AICEMER1County Emergency Tac 1Interop
258726510AICEMER2County Emergency Tac 2Interop
259046530AICEMER3County Emergency Tac 3Interop
259366550AICEMER4County Emergency Tac 4Interop
259686570AIICS7County Incident Command 7Interop
2683268d0AIFMCMD1Imperial County Fire Mutual Aid - Command 1Interop
273126ab0AAMV1Aero Medical Services 1EMS Dispatch
273446ad0AAMV2Aero Medical Services 2EMS Dispatch
41648a2b0DIMPTAC1County Tac 1Public Works
41664a2c0DIMPTAC2County Tac 2Public Works
41680a2d0DIMPINVCounty InvestigationsPublic Works
41696a2e0DIMPSPECCounty Special EnforcementPublic Works
41712a2f0DIMPCMDCommandPublic Works
41728a300DIMPADMNAdministrationPublic Works
41920a3c0DIMPLAWCCLaw Comm Center to Comm CenterInterop
41936a3d0DIMPFIRECCFire Comm Center to Comm CenterInterop
42320a550DICOPSCMPublic Service CommandPublic Works
42992a7f0DICOPROCMProbation CommandLaw Tac
43008a800DICOPRODISPProbation DispatchLaw Dispatch
43024a810DICOPROJUV1Probation Juvenile 1Law Tac
43040a820DICOPROJUV2Probation Juvenile 2Law Tac
43056a830DICOPROADU1Probation Adult 1Law Tac
43072a840DICOPROADU2Probation Adult 2Law Tac
45184b080DIDACMD1District Attorney Command 1Law Talk
45200b090DIDATAC1District Attorney Tac 1Law Tac
45216b0a0DIDATAC2District Attorney Tac 2Law Tac
45232b0b0DIDACMD2District Attorney Command 2Law Talk
45248b0c0DIDATAC3District Attorney Tac 3Law Tac
45264b0d0DIDATAC4District Attorney Tac 4Law Tac