San Diego County - Imperial County Regional Communications System (RCS)

Site: San Diego County Fire Authority

Unique DB ID: 3215
County: San Diego

The San Diego County Fire Authority (CFA) contracts with CAL FIRE Monte Vista ECC to dispatch county fire agencies using talkgroups in RCS Fire Zone 10 and 11.

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 33.0330 Longitude: -116.8000 Range: 50 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
624270ACFA 11A TRVLTravel 11A (Countywide)Fire-Tac
656290ACFA 11BTac 11BFire-Tac
6882b0ACFA 11CCommand 11C - Battalion 2/6Fire-Tac
7202d0ACFA 11DTac 11D - Battalion 2/6Fire-Tac
7522f0ACFA 11ETac 11EFire-Tac
784310ACFA 11FCommand 11F - Battalion 3/4Fire-Tac
15205f0ACFA 11GTac 11G - Battalion 3/4Fire-Tac
1552610ACFA 11HTac 11HFire-Tac
1584630ACFA 11ICommand 11I - IncidentFire-Tac
1680690ACFA 11JTac 11J - IncidentFire-Tac
17126b0ACFA 11KTac 11KFire-Tac
17446d0ACFA 11LCommand 11L - IncidentFire-Tac
17766f0ACFA 11MTac 11M - IncidentFire-Tac
2128850ACFA 11NTraining/Misc 11NFire-Tac
22888f0ACFA 10KTac 10KFire-Tac
2320910ACFA 10LCommand 10L - IncidentFire-Tac
4048fd0AFDLEFire Prevention OfficersLaw Tac
4080ff0ACFA 10B ADMNAdministration 10BFire-Tac
41121010ACFA 10GTac 10G - Battalion 5/8Fire-Tac
41441030ACFA 10ETac 10EFire-Tac
41761050ACFA 10HTac 10HFire-Tac
42081070ACFA 10JTac 10J - IncidentFire-Tac
42401090ACFA 10ICommand 10I - IncidentFire-Tac
54241530ACFA 10MTac 10M - IncidentFire-Tac
54561550ACFA 10NTraining/Misc 10NFire-Tac
103202850ACFA 10CCommand 10C - Battalion 1/7Fire-Talk
103522870ACFA 10FCommand 10F - Battalion 5/8Fire-Talk
103842890ACFA 10A DISPDispatch 10AFire Dispatch
1041628b0ACFA 10DTac 10D - Battalion 1/7Fire-Tac
218405550ACFA 10/11P EEmergency 10P/11P (Emergency Button)Fire-Tac