Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) EDACS

System Name: Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) EDACS
Location: Various, TX
County: 35 Counties
System Type: EDACS Networked Standard
System Voice: Analog
Last Updated: March 9, 2018, 10:25 am CST   [Updated General Trunked System Information]
System Notes

The LCRA System is a wide area 900 MHz system that is in use by the LCRA for communications, as well as shared with numerous public safety agencies in South Central Texas. The system shares a number of frequency sets and site numbers, so differentiation is made by prefixing "0", "1", or "2" to the site number.

Site numbers beginning with "0", "1" or "2" are confirmed EDACS site numbers. LCRA reuses site numbers across their system and EDACS only allows site numbers up to 31.  Sites are prefixed as follows; "0" are primarily central Texas, "1" are overlapped from "0" or further South and West, "2" are South and East towards Houston.  Site numbers prefixed with "9" are unconfirmed site numbers.  We need your help using Trunker to determine the proper site numbers and LCNs for all other sites.

Actual site names are listed in parenthesis (S_MARCOS)

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
003 (3) Austin/Dobie (AUSTIN_2) Travis 01 935.725c02 937.950c03 938.200c04 938.925c05 935.50006 935.45007 935.750
   08 936.187509 937.212510 938.987511 937.887512 936.90013 936.462514 937.400
   15 939.950      
004 (4) Cedar Valley (CEDR_VLY) Hays 01 936.250c02 N/A 03 N/A 04 938.50005 939.887506 935.475 
006 (6) Watson (BURNET_N) Burnet 01 936.97502 938.000c03 939.00004 939.450   
008 (8) Lago Vista (CEDR_PRK) Travis 01 935.250c02 936.675c03 937.700c04 938.70005 939.70006 935.137507 936.9625
   08 937.987509 937.687510 939.437511 935.22512 935.40013 937.45014 938.1875
010 (A) Elgin (ELGIN) Bastrop 01 935.650c02 936.175c03 937.225c04 938.25005 939.25006 N/A 07 936.2125
   08 937.962509 938.212510 939.4875    
011 (B) Bastrop (BASTROP) Bastrop 01 936.425c02 937.3875c03 937.900c04 938.45005 939.675c06 936.2375 
014 (E) Creedmoor (CREDMOOR) Travis 01 936.4875c02 937.925c03 938.425c04 938.725c05 939.72506 936.925c07 936.6625c
   08 935.912509 939.90010 939.92511 937.50012 938.4375  
015 (F) Lake Austin (AUSTIN_1) Travis 01 935.2125c02 935.675c03 936.200c04 937.20005 938.22506 935.175c07 936.725
   08 937.75009 938.67510 939.75011 935.237512 936.97513 937.462514 938.4125
017 (11) Council Creek (CNCL_CRK) Burnet 01 935.700c02 936.700c03 937.25004 937.72505 939.937506 936.95007 937.4625
   08 937.887509 938.17510 939.425    
019 (13) Blanco North (BLANCO_N) Blanco 01 936.750c02 937.17503 937.675c04 938.137505 938.75006 935.20007 936.1875
   08 937.237509 938.237510 939.4875    
020 (14) Georgetown (GORG_TWN) Williamson 01 935.4875c02 935.95003 937.000c04 938.962505 939.912506 936.22507 937.1375
   08 937.912509 938.487510 939.400    
021 (15) Lometa (LOMETA) Lampasas 01 935.3875c02 935.97503 937.950c04 938.50005 939.8875  
022 (16) Wimberley (WIMBERLY) Hays 01 936.175c02 939.3875c03 937.2375c04 938.2125c05 938.9125c  
023 (17) Blanco South (BLANCO_S) Blanco 01 935.4375c02 935.900c03 936.387504 937.487505 938.47506 936.42507 937.3875
   08 937.650      
024 (18) San Saba (SAN_SABA) San Saba 01 935.400c02 935.925c03 937.9875    
030 (1E) Gonzales (GONZALES) Gonzales 01 935.4375c02 935.900c03 936.3875    
031 (1F) Smithville (SMTHVILE) Bastrop 01 935.700c02 936.700c03 937.25004 937.725   
102 (66) Mason (MASON) Mason 01 935.162502 937.4125c03 935.462504 935.187505 937.975  
103 (67) Kendall County (KNDL_CO) Kendall 02 936.212503 936.47504 938.475    
109 (6D) Fredericksburg (FRED_BRG) Gillespie 01 935.150c02 935.500c03 935.9125c04 937.187505 938.150  
116 (74) Doss (DOSS) Gillespie 01 936.450c02 937.1375c03 937.45004 938.000   
122 (7A) Llano (LLANO) Llano 01 935.65002 936.175c03 937.22504 938.250c05 939.25006 935.137507 935.750
   08 937.65009 936.92510 939.1375    
124 (7C) Luckenbach (LUKNBACH) Kendall 01 936.42502 937.387503 937.90004 938.45005 939.675  
125 (7D) Kerrville (KERRVILE) Kerr 01 935.4125c02 936.000c03 939.00004 939.45005 939.9625  
126 (7E) Boerne (BOERNE) Kendall 01 935.487502 935.95003 937.00005 939.912506 936.962509 938.90010 939.4125
201 (C9) New Tatian (NEW_TATN) Wharton 01 935.4375c02 935.900c03 936.387504 937.487505 938.47506 936.42507 937.3875
   08 937.650      
202 (CA) Hallettsville (HALETSVL) Lavaca 01 935.2125c02 935.67503 936.200    
203 (CB) Peters (SEALY) Austin 01 935.3875c02 935.975c03 937.950c04 938.50005 939.8875  
204 (CC) Brenham (BRENHAM) Washington 01 935.4625c02 935.92503 937.975c04 939.150   
205 (CD) Bay City (BAY_CITY) Matagorda 01 935.4875c02 935.95003 937.00004 938.962505 939.912506 936.962507 938.900
   08 939.4125      
206 (CE) Concrete (CONRETE) DeWitt 01 935.400c02 935.9625c03 937.950    
207 (CF) Washington (WASHINGT) Washington 01 935.4125c02 936.000c03 937.000c04 939.450   
209 (D1) Lexington (LEXNGTON) Lee 01 935.4375c02 935.900c03 936.387504 N/A 05 N/A   
210 (D2) Goliad Goliad 01 935.95002 936.225c03 936.45004 936.90005 936.925  
213 (D5) Columbus (COLUMBUS) Colorado 01 939.725c02 938.725c03 938.42504 937.925c05 936.4875  
216 (D8) Field Store (FLD_STOR) Waller 01 936.200c02 936.9125c03 938.1625c    
218 (DA) Flatonia (FLATONIA) Fayette 01 935.250c02 936.675c03 937.70004 938.700   
220 (DC) Schulenburg (SCH_BURG) Fayette 01 938.8875c02 938.487503 938.150c04 937.4625   
221 (DD) Caldwell (CALDWELL) Burleson 01 935.475c02 936.150c03 937.15004 938.750   
223 (DF) Giddings (GIDDINGS) Lee 01 935.637502 936.650c03 936.750c04 938.7375   
902 (386) Brady (BRADY) McCulloch 01 935.487502 935.687503 937.15004 937.487505 938.9625  
906 (38A) Junction (JUNCTION) Kimble 01 935.137502 935.20003 935.25004 935.387505 935.437506 935.75007 935.975
   08 936.487509 936.50010 937.72511 937.75012 937.887513 937.95014 938.9125
   15 938.9375      
940 (3AC) Deanville Burleson 01 935.437502 935.900c03 936.387504 937.487505 938.475  


DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
34602-112ALCRA Talk 2Red Cross OperationsEmergency Ops
35402-122ALCRA Talk 3Red Cross OperationsEmergency Ops
37902-153ALCRA Talk 4Hill Country CommonInterop
81006-052ACOA_TC_1Austin/Travis 1Interop
81106-053ACOA_TC_2Austin/Travis 2Interop
81206-054ACOA_TC_3Austin/Travis 3Interop
81306-055ACOA_TC_4Austin/Travis 4Interop
129310-015ACAR_CARPolice - Car-to-Car (systemwide)Law Talk
129410-016APUB_COM1Public COMM-1Multi-Talk
129510-017APUB_COM2Public COMM-2Multi-Talk
131710-045AFIRE_CM1Shared Fire Comm 1Fire-Tac
131810-046AFIRE_CM2Shared Fire Comm 2Fire-Tac
131910-047AFIRE_CM3Shared Fire Comm 3Fire-Tac
BlueBonnet Electric
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
29602-050ABB_LOCKTBlueBonnet Electric CO-OP Lockhart power crewsUtilities
29702-051ABB_GIDNGBlueBonnet Electric CO-OP Giddings power crewsUtilities
29802-052ABB_BASTPBlueBonnet Electric CO-OP Bastrop power crewsUtilities
29902-053ABB_BRNHMBlueBonnet Electric CO-OP Brenham power crewsUtilities
30002-054ABB_SYSOPBlueBonnet Electric CO-OP System Operator (Giddings)Utilities
38202-156ABB_RDRCKBluebonnet Electric CO-OP Red Rock SubUtilities
Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA)
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25702-001ALCRA_CCCNTRLCRA Customer Care Center (radio problems)Utilities
25802-002ALCRA_SOCCLCRA Systems Operation Control CenterUtilities
26002-004ALCRA_CM1LCRA Comm 1Multi-Talk
26102-005ALCRA_CM2LCRA Comm 2Multi-Talk
26202-006ALCRA_CM3LCRA Comm 3Multi-Talk
26302-007ALCRA_CM4LCRA Comm 4Multi-Talk
26402-010ALCRA_CM5LCRA Comm 5Multi-Talk
26502-011AGID_OPSLCRA Giddings OperationsUtilities
27502-023AFERG_OPSLCRA Fredericksburg OpsUtilities
27702-025AFPP 1-2LCRA Fayette Power PlantUtilities
27902-027ALCRA PowerLCRA Power PlantUtilities
28502-035ALCRA PwrPlntLCRA Power PlantPublic Works
30502-061ALCRA ConstLCRA ConstructionUtilities
30602-062ALCRA TC24LCRA TC24 ??Utilities
31002-066ALCRA ControlLCRA Control CenterUtilities
31302-071ARANGER_2LCRA Ranger 2Law Tac
31402-072ARANGER_1LCRA Ranger 1Law Tac
31502-073ADISPTH_1LCRA RangersLaw Dispatch
31602-074ADISPTH_2LCRA SecuritySecurity
32102-081ALCRA_ECOMLCRA East ComMulti-Talk
32202-082ALCRA_WCOMLCRA West CommMulti-Talk
32302-083ALCRA_CCOMLCRA Central ComMulti-Talk
32402-084ALCRA TelemarLCRA TelemarketingUtilities
32602-086ALCRA Radio TLCRA Radio TestingUtilities
32902-091ALCRA_ROCCLCRA River Operations Control CenterUtilities
33202-094AHOCC_OPSLCRA Hydro Operations Control ("HOC Ops")Emergency Ops
34702-113ALCRA Line ECLCRA Line Crews (El Campo area0Utilities
35702-125ALCRA_EOCLCRA Emergency Operations CenterEmergency Ops
36102-131ALCRA Dam AleLCRA Dam Alert SystemEmergency Ops
38002-154AEM_NET_1LCRA Emergency Ops Center Network 1Emergency Ops
38102-155AEM_NET_2LCRA Emergency Ops Center Network 2Emergency Ops
39103-007ALCRA_SEC1LCRA Security 1 (Event Tac)Security
39203-010ALCRA_SEC2LCRA Security 2 (Event Tac)Security
39303-011ARNG_OPSLCRA RangersLaw Tac
61704-131ASmithv SecurLCRA Smithville SecuritySecurity
67305-041ALCRA BellvilLCRA Bellville Power CrewsUtilities
67405-042ALCRA ColumbuLCRA Columbus Power CrewsUtilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
36202-132A969 FD969 Fire DepartmentFire-Tac
93707-051AELG OPS1Elgin VFD Operations 1Fire-Tac
130110-025AELG_EMS1Elgin VFD First Responders EMS1EMS-Tac
130210-026AELG_EMS2Elgin VFD First Responders EMS2EMS-Tac
130310-027AELG_EMS3Elgin VFD First Responders EMS3EMS-Tac
130510-031ABASTP_SOBastrop County SOLaw Dispatch
130610-032AMED_NETElgin VFD First Responders patch to Bastrop Co. MedNet (WPBF421)EMS Dispatch
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
129710-021ACol Val TranColorado Valley TransitTransportation
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
39403-012AFCSO_2Fayette County Sheriff Com 2Law Tac
41603-040AST MARKS MCSt. Marks Medical CenterHospital
43003-056ALEE_SOLee County SheriffLaw Dispatch
43103-057ACOL_SOColorado County SheriffLaw Dispatch
58604-092AFCSO_DSP1Fayette County Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
58704-093AFCSO_DSP2Fayette County Sheriff 2Law Dispatch
58904-095ALGRNGE_PDLagrange PDLaw Dispatch
59004-096AFCSO_1Fayette County Sheriff Com 1Law Tac
85706-111AFCFIRDSPFayette Co FireFire Dispatch
137710-121AFC_EMS_1Fayette Co EMS CH 1 DispatchEMS Dispatch
137810-122AFC_EMS_2Fayette Co EMS CH 2 TacEMS-Tac
137910-123AFC_EMS_3Fayette Co EMS CH 3EMS-Tac
138110-125AFC_COM_1Fayette County COMM-1Multi-Talk
138210-126AFC_COM_2Fayette County COMM-2Multi-Talk

Effective 03-13-2015 Gillespie County Law Enforcement (S.O. & Fredericksburg PD) are completely on LCRA P25 700 mhz system.  The rebroadcast to / from the older EDACS was turned off on Friday March 13 2015. 

DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
37602-150AFred Road CrFredericksburg Road CrewsPublic Works
37802-152AFred ElectrcFredericksburg ElectricalUtilities

 All Hays County public safety has moved to the LCRA Open Sky System.  Their talkgroups will remain here for reference in case of backup use.

DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
36802-140ACTMCPtRptCTMC-Central Texas Medical Center - Amb to HospitalHospital
46703-103AStnHaysPtRptSeton Hays (Kyle) Hospital Patient ReportsHospital
72905-111AHays Co Com1Hays Co. Com 1Multi-Talk
73005-112AHays Co Com2Hays Co. Com 2Multi-Talk
73105-113AHays Co Com3Hays Co. Com 3Multi-Talk
73205-114AHays Co Com4Hays Co. Com 4Multi-Talk
73305-115AHays Co Com5Hays Co. Com 5 (called HC_MAC)Multi-Talk
74305-127AKyle EOCKyle EOCEmergency Ops
142111-015AHays Co EOCHays Co. EOCEmergency Ops
Hays County - Education
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
70505-081AHaysCISD HSHays CISD - Lehman High SchoolSchools
70605-082AHAYS CISDHays CISDSchools
70705-083AHays ISD HHSHays CISD - Hays HSSchools
70805-084AHays ISD 708Hays CISD SchoolsSchools
70905-085AHays ISD 709Hays CISD SchoolsSchools
71105-087AHays ISDHays CISDSchools
71305-091AHISD BUS 713Hays CISD BusesSchools
71405-092AHISD BUS 714Hays CISD BusesSchools
71505-093AHISD BUS 716Hays CISD BusesSchools
71605-094AHays CISDHays CISDSchools
71705-095AHays CISDHays CISDSchools
72105-101AHAYS_IS1Hays CISD 1, Security and Stadium OpsSchools
72205-102AHAYS_IS2Hays CISD 2Schools
72305-103AHays CISDHays CISD - Jack C Hays High SchoolSchools
72505-105AHAYS CISDHays CISDSchools
104108-021AWimberleyISDWimberley ISD - BusesSchools
Hays County - San Marcos

 All San Marcos public safety has moved to LCRA Open Sky System.  Their talkgroups will remain here for reference in case of backup use.

DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
73205-114ASM MACSan Marcos Mutual Aid Channel (used with Airlife)Multi-Tac
132410-054ASM_PARDALSan Marcos Parks and Recreation AllPublic Works
132510-055ASM_PARD1San Marcos Parks 1Public Works
132610-056ASM_PARD2San Marcos Parks 2Public Works
132710-057ASM_RNGRSan Marcos RangersLaw Tac
132910-061ASM_COM1San Marcos Com 1Multi-Talk
133010-062ASM_COM2San Marcos Com 2Multi-Talk
133110-063ASM_EOCSan Marcos EOCEmergency Ops
133310-065ASM_WATERSan Marcos Water DeptPublic Works
133410-066ASM_STREETSan Marcos Street DeptPublic Works
133610-070ASMEUSan Marcos Electric UtilityUtilities
133710-071ASMEU_1San Marcos Electric Utilities 1Utilities
133810-072ASMEU_2San Marcos Utilities (Connections)Utilities
133910-073ASMEU_3San Marcos UtilitiesUtilities
134110-075ASM_HEALTHSan Marcos Animal ControlPublic Works
134210-076ASM_ENGNERSan Marcos City EngineersPublic Works
134310-077ASM_INSPECTSan Marcos Utilities/InspectorsUtilities
73405-116ASM EVENTSSan Marcos EventsMulti-Tac
Hays County - San Marcos - Texas State University - San Marcos
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
35302-121ATXStU?TXStU? San MarcosMulti-Talk
37002-142ATXStU PDTXStU PoliceLaw Tac
60904-121ATxSU ParkingTexas State University Parking ServicesSecurity
61004-122ATXStU EventTXStU Special EventsSecurity
61104-123ATxSU EscortsTexas State University "Bobcat Bobbies" (Student Escorts; patch to 155.4150 MHz)Law Tac
61204-124ATxSU PD CommTexas State University Police CommLaw Tac
61304-125ATXStU EOCTXStU Emergency Ops CenterEmergency Ops
61504-127ATxSU PD DispTexas State University Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
84106-091ATxSU Events1Texas State University Special Events 1Security
84206-092ATxSU Events2Texas State University Special Events 2Security
140110-151ATxSU OpsTexas State University OperationsMulti-Talk
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
38503-001AKerrvilleKerrville Area?Multi-Tac
38603-002AKerrville ArKerrville Area Patch? CH-3Multi-Tac
Pedernales Electric
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
93607-050APEC SM PolesSan Marcos, polesUtilities
94507-061APEC JCJohnson City DispatchUtilities
94907-065APEC -BertramBertram DispatchUtilities
95407-072APEC CedarPrkCedar ParkUtilities
95807-076APEC MrblFallMarble FallsUtilities
96307-083APEC Oak HillOak Hill Office (8-4-8 Call Center)Utilities
96707-087APEC CLCanyon LakeUtilities
97207-094APEC 712 CtrKyle Dispatch (7-1-2 Call Center)Utilities
98107-105APEC LbrtyhilLibery Hill DispatchUtilities
98307-107APEC LHLiberty Hill CollectionsUtilities
101207-144APEC KyleKyle Dispatch (5-1-0 Call Center)Utilities
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
156912-041ALagoVistaPD1Lago Vista PoliceLaw Dispatch
157012-042ALagoVistaPD2Lago Vista Police 2Law Dispatch
Travis County - Austin - Transit
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44103-071ACM_R_UPIPatch to UP Austin Sub Dispatcher(160.740)Transportation
52104-011ACM 04-011CARTS - Capitol Area Rapid Transit SystemTransportation
52204-012ACM 04-012CARTS - Capitol Area Rapid Transit SystemTransportation
52304-013ACM 04-013CARTS - Capitol Area Rapid Transit SystemTransportation
52404-014ACM 04-014CARTS - Capitol Area Rapid Transit SystemTransportation
64905-011ACM 05-011Capitol Metro Fixed Route 1Transportation
65005-012ACM 05-012Capitol Metro Fixed Route 2Transportation
65105-013ACM 05-013Capitol Metro Fixed Route 3Transportation
65205-014ACM 05-014Capitol Metro Fleet MaintenanceTransportation
65305-015ACM 05-015Capitol Metro MaintenanceTransportation
65705-021ACM 05-021Capitol Metro Special Transit (Austin1)Transportation
65805-022ACM 05-022Capitol Metro MaintenanceTransportation
66505-031ACM_R_RAILCapitol Metro Emergency UseTransportation
66605-032ACM_R_YARDCapitol Metro Austin Western Freight SwitchingTransportation
66705-033ACM_R_CMLCapitol Metro light rail passengerTransportation
66805-034ACM_R_SUPCapitol Metro Austin Western Freight Switching / SupervisorsTransportation
66905-035ACM_R_MWCCapitol Metro Maintenance of Way & A W switchingTransportation
67005-036ACM_R_FMLCapitol Metro Light Rail DispatcherTransportation
88106-141ACM_ITS_1Capital Metro Information TechnologyTransportation
138510-131ACM 10-131Capitol MetroTransportation
139010-136ACM SecurityCapitol Metro SecuritySecurity
139310-141ACM_COM1Capitol Metro Com 1Transportation
139410-142ACM_COM2Capitol Metro Com 2Transportation
139510-143ACM_COM3Capitol Metro Com 3Transportation
145311-055ACM UT FXCapitol Metro UT Fixed RouteTransportation
145711-061ACM 11-061Capital MetroTransportation
145811-062ACM 11-062Capital Metro TransportationTransportation
201115-113ACM 15-153Capitol MetroTransportation
202015-124ACM 15-124Capitol MetroTransportation
Travis County - Education
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
86606-122AEan ISD 866Eanes ISD BussesSchools
86706-123AEan ISD 867Eanes ISD BussesSchools
87406-132AEan ISD 874Eanes ISD BussesSchools
Williamson County - Education
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
104908-031AHutto ISDHutto ISD BusesSchools
141311-005ARRISD_ERound Rock ISD Buses East DispSchools
141411-006ARRISD BusRound Rock ISD BusesSchools
Texas Department of Transportation
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90207-006ATxDOT 902Austin/WilCoPublic Works
90307-007ATxDOT 903Unconfirmed locationPublic Works
90707-013ATxDOT BurnetBurnet County CrewsPublic Works
90807-014ATxDOT FrederFredericksburg Public Works
91007-016ATxDOT MasonMason CountyPublic Works
92707-037ATxDOT 927Unknown location (Base 343510)Public Works
93307-045ATxDOT Au/WilAustin/WilCoPublic Works
130910-035ATXDOT Aus 1Austin Road Crews Ch. 1Public Works
131010-036ATXDOT Aus 2Austin Road Crews Ch. 2Public Works
131110-037ATXDOT CrtsyAustin Courtesy PatrolPublic Works
134510-081ATXDOT WilCoWilliamson County Road CrewsPublic Works
134910-085ATXDOT HaysHays County Road CrewsPublic Works
135310-091ATXDOT TollwaRoad Crews (Tollways)Public Works
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
132110-051ASTARFLGTStarflight Air AmbulanceEMS Dispatch
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
34502-111ALCRA Talk 1LCRA Loan Out Radios (used by races, organizations, etc.)Business
35602-124ALCRA LoanLCRA Loan Out (Sights and Sounds- San Marcos)Business
139710-145ATPW_DSPTexas Parks and WildlifeLaw Dispatch
DEC AFS Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
203315-141ALCRA Patch Various PatchesMulti-Tac
203415-142ALCRA Patch Various PatchesMulti-Tac
203515-143ALCRA Patch Various PatchesMulti-Tac
204215-152ALCRA Patch Various PatchesMulti-Tac
204615-156ALCRA Patch Various PatchesMulti-Tac