Bell FleetNet Ontario Provincial Government Zone 3

System Name: Bell FleetNet Ontario Provincial Government Zone 3
Location: Northeast Zone, ON
County: 6 Counties
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System ID: Sysid: 8230 Connect Tone: 138.46
Last Updated: April 22, 2023, 9:00 am CDT   [Added Talkgroup to: Interagency/Common/Mutual Aid (9568 Greater Sudbury Police Service Patch)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
002 (2) Mattawa Nipissing District 142.710c142.950c141.195142.185142.380142.905 
003 (3) Eldee Nipissing District 142.800c142.350c     
004 (4) North Bay Nipissing District 141.525141.690142.035c142.320c142.740142.980142.920
005 (5) Powassan Nipissing District 141.360142.245c142.635142.845143.145c143.445 
006 (6) Port Loring Nipissing District 141.930142.065142.275142.500c142.965c143.325 
007 (7) Marten River Timiskaming District 142.050142.260c142.545143.010c   
008 (8) Verner Nipissing District 142.110c142.290142.470142.530c142.680143.085143.145
009 (9) Alban Sudbury District 141.420c142.080142.170142.485142.665c142.995 
010 (A) Markstay Sudbury District 141.375142.215142.605c142.725c142.935143.520 
011 (B) Sudbury Sudbury District 141.690142.035142.320c142.515c142.740142.980143.310
012 (C) Killarney Sudbury District 141.630142.350c142.635c142.695143.070  
013 (D) Cartier Sudbury District 142.650c143.100c141.720142.200142.425  
014 (E) McKerrow Algoma District 141.300141.705142.095c142.455142.680c142.905 
015 (F) West Bay Manitoulin District 142.140c142.335142.395142.590c142.890  
016 (10) Silver Water Manitoulin District 141.525141.930142.065142.275142.500c142.965c 
017 (11) Elliot Lake Algoma District 141.420142.050142.140142.260c142.830142.875c143.055
018 (12) Wharncliffe Algoma District 141.435142.320c142.515c142.740142.980143.310 
019 (13) Searchmont Algoma District 141.360142.245c142.455142.605142.845143.265c 
020 (14) Sault Ste Marie Algoma District 141.195141.390142.125142.380142.905c142.800c 
021 (15) Temagami Nipissing District 142.140c142.335142.395142.590c142.890  
022 (16) Cobalt Timiskaming District 141.420142.035142.230c142.305142.665c142.875 
023 (17) Charlton Nipissing District 141.375141.675142.410c142.665c142.815  
024 (18) King Kirkland Timiskaming District 141.405141.630142.350c142.695143.070142.860c 
025 (19) Ramore Timiskaming District 142.080142.275142.500142.830c143.325142.965c 
026 (1A) Ghost Tower Cochrane District 141.420c142.035c142.980142.740142.320  
027 (1B) Nellie Lake (Iroquios Falls) Cochrane District 142.140c142.245142.395142.890143.055142.590c 
028 (1C) Abitibi Lake Timiskaming District 142.650c142.425142.245142.200142.845c  
029 (1D) Gowganda Timiskaming District 141.195142.185142.380142.710142.950c  
030 (1E) Timmins Cochrane District 141.930142.095c142.305142.530142.680c142.905 
031 (1F) Cochrane Cochrane District 141.375142.215142.935142.440c142.725c  
032 (20) Departure Lake Cochrane District 142.710c142.950c142.125142.380143.415  
033 (21) Fraserdale Cochrane District 142.500c      
034 (22) Kapuskasing Cochrane District 141.360142.245c142.455142.605c142.845  
035 (23) Opasatika Cochrane District 142.350c143.070142.080142.695   
036 (24) Hallebourg Cochrane District 141.300142.095c142.125142.350c142.530142.905 
037 (25) Balfour Lake Algoma District 142.125142.380142.710142.950c143.415  
038 (26) Fraser River Cochrane District 141.360142.455142.605c142.845   
039 (27) Watershed Sudbury District 141.675142.170142.410c142.620c143.010  
040 (28) Gogama Algoma District 142.245c142.455142.605c142.845143.265  
041 (29) Opishing Algoma District 142.035142.320c142.515c142.590142.740142.980 
042 (2A) Foleyet Sudbury District 142.050142.230c142.545c142.875142.995  
043 (2B) Sultan Sudbury District 141.495142.140c142.395142.590c142.890  
044 (2C) Flame Lake Sudbury District 142.080142.350c142.635c142.695143.070  
045 (2D) Aubrey Falls Algoma District 142.185142.440c142.470142.725c142.935  
046 (2E) Chapleau Sudbury District 141.930142.065142.275142.500c142.965c  
047 (2F) Missanabie Algoma District 142.215142.440c142.725c142.935   
048 (30) Jackpine Algoma District 141.720142.200142.650c142.860143.100c  
049 (31) Dubreuiville Algoma District 141.705142.140c142.395142.890   
050 (32) Hornepayne Algoma District 141.930142.065142.275142.965c   
051 (33) White River Algoma District 142.185142.230c142.485142.995   
052 (34) Wawa Algoma District 141.195141.390142.320c142.740142.980  
053 (35) Baldhead Algoma District 142.260c142.545142.920143.145   
054 (36) Montreal River Algoma District 142.410c141.300142.095142.530142.905  
055 (37) Kesagami Timiskaming District 142.620c142.410c     
056 (38) North Bay North (Merrick) Nipissing District 142.650c143.100c141.720142.200142.515142.860 
057 (39) Batchawana Algoma District 141.525142.110142.335142.620c   
058 (3A) Smokey Falls Cochrane District 141.375c      


Interagency/Common/Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
80001f40D3 PC ENFProvincial Common - EnforcementInterop
95682560D3 PC GSPSGreater Sudbury Police Service PatchInterop
95842570D3 PC NBPSNorth Bay Police Service PatchInterop
327688000A3 PC SAFETYProvincial Common - Public SafetyInterop
328168030A3 PC POLICEProvincial Common - PoliceInterop
OPP Combined (Regular Ops)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
85282150D3OPS20North Bay 4I - 3OPS20Law Dispatch
85442160D3OPS21Kirkland Lake 4G Temiskaming 4E - 3OPS21Law Dispatch
85602170D3OPS22Cochrane 4D, Kapuskasing 4F, South Porcupine 4L - 3OPS22Law Dispatch
85762180D3OPS23Sudbury 4N, Noelville 4M - 3OPS23Law Dispatch
85922190D3OPS24East Algoma 4B, Manitoulin 4H - 3OPS24Law Dispatch
860821a0D3OPS25Sault Ste Marie 4K, Superior East 4O - 3OPS25Law Dispatch
OPP Detachment (Detachment Special Events)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
82242020D3OPS01East Algoma 4B - 3OPS01Law Dispatch
82402030D3OPS02Cochrane 4D - 3OPS02Law Dispatch
82562040D3OPS03Kapuskasing 4F - 3OPS03Law Dispatch
82722050D3OPS04Kirkland Lake 4G - 3OPS04Law Dispatch
82882060D3OPS05Manitoulin 4H - 3OPS05Law Dispatch
83042070D3OPS06Noelville 4M - 3OPS06Law Dispatch
83202080D3OPS07North Bay 4I -3OPS07Law Dispatch
83362090D3OPS08Sault Ste Marie 4K - 3OPS08Law Dispatch
835220a0D3OPS09South Porcupine 4L - 3OPS09Law Dispatch
836820b0D3OPS10Sudbury 4N - 3OPS10Law Dispatch
838420c0D3OPS11Temiskaming 4E - 3OPS11Law Dispatch
840020d0D3OPS12Superior East 4O - 3OPS12Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
937624a0D3TAC01Tactical 1 - 3TAC01Law Tac
939224b0D3TAC02Tactical 2 - 3TAC02Law Tac
940824c0D3TAC03Tactical 3 - 3TAC03Law Tac
942424d0D3TAC04Tactical 4 - 3TAC04Law Tac
944024e0D3TAC05Tactical 5 - 3TAC05Law Tac
945624f0D3TAC06Tactical 6 - 3TAC06Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
81922000D3 HWY01Highway Traffic Units - 3HWY01Law Talk
82082010D3 HWY02Highway Traffic Units - 3HWY02Law Talk
88482290D3 NORTH BAYNorth Bay Wide Area -3NORTHBAYLaw Talk
886422a0D3 TIMMINSTimmins Wide Area - 3TIMMINSLaw Talk
888022b0D3 SAULTSTE MARIESault Ste Marie Wide Area - 3SSMLaw Talk
889622c0D3 HORNPAYNEHornepayne Wide Area - 3HORNEPAYNELaw Talk
95362540A3 RED NERemote Emergency Dispatch - 3RED NELaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90882380D3 INV 1Investigative Services 1Law Talk
91042390D3 INV 2Investigative Services 2Law Talk
912023a0D3 INV 3Investigative Services 3Law Talk
913623b0D3 CRIMECrime Unit CommonLaw Talk
915223c0D3 INTEL 1Intelligence Services 1Law Talk
916823d0D3 INTEL 2Intelligence Services 2Law Talk
918423e0D3 VIP 1VIP Services 1Law Talk
920023f0D3 VIP 2VIP Services 2Law Talk
92162400D3 VIP 3VIP Services 3Law Talk
92322410D3 TSB 2Technical Service Bureau 2Law Talk
92482420D3 TSB 1Technical Service Bureau 1Law Talk
92642430D3 TSB 3Technical Service Bureau 3Law Talk
92802440D3 DRUG 1Drug Enforcement Bureau 1Law Talk
92962450D3 DRUG 2Drug Enforcement Bureau 2Law Talk
93122460D3 ORG CRIME 1Organized Crime Bureau 1Law Talk
93282470D3 ORG CRIME 2Organized Crime Bureau 2Law Talk
93442480D3 SPECIAL 1Special Services 1Law Talk
93602490D3 SPECIAL 2Special Services 2Law Talk
Criminal Intelligence Services of Ontario
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17126b0DCISO 3 SURV 13 SURV 1Law Talk
17286c0DCISO 3 SURV 23 SURV 2Law Talk
17446d0DCISO 3 SURV 33 SURV 3Law Talk
1792700DCISO 3 SUDBURYSudburyLaw Talk
1808710DCISO 3 NORTH BAYNorth BayLaw Talk
1824720DCISO 3 TIMMINSTimminsLaw Talk
1840730DCISO 3 SPARE 13 SPARE 1Law Talk
1856740DCISO 3 SPARE 23 SPARE 2Law Talk
1872750DCISO 3 SAULT SMSault Ste MarieLaw Talk
1888760DCISO 3 ELLIOT LKElliot LakeLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3760eb0D3 MTO ADMIN NEEnforcement Administration NortheastLaw Dispatch
3776ec0D3 MTO NB OPSNorth Bay OperationsLaw Dispatch
3792ed0D3 MTO NB TACNorth Bay TacticalLaw Dispatch
3808ee0D3 MTO TIM OPSTimmins OperationsLaw Dispatch
3824ef0D3 MTO TIM TACTimmins TacticalLaw Dispatch
3840f00D3 MTO SUD OPSSudbury OperationsLaw Dispatch
3856f10D3MTO SUD TACSudbury TacticalLaw Dispatch
3872f20D3 MTO SPARESpareLaw Dispatch
3888f30D3 MTO SSM OPSSault Ste. Marie OperationsLaw Dispatch
3904f40D3 MTO SSM TACSault Ste. Marie TacticalLaw Dispatch

Talk Group Tactical 4 is the main channel used for dispatch by Conservation Officers signing on and off and doing regular checks. Known by MNR Enforcement as the Provincial Communications Unit.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2768ad0D3 NR OPS 1Operations 1Law Dispatch
2784ae0D3 NR OPS 2Operations 2Law Dispatch
2800af0D3 NR OPS 3Operations 3Law Dispatch
2816b00D3 NR TAC 1Tactical 1Law Tac
2832b10D3 NR TAC 2Tactical 2Law Tac
2848b20D3 NR TAC 3Tactical 3Law Tac
2864b30D3 NR PCU NETactical 4 - Provincial Communications Unit NE RegionLaw Dispatch
2960b90D3 NR CHAPLEAU Chapleau Wide AreaLaw Talk
3008bc0D3 NR KIRKLAND LKKirkland Lake Wide AreaLaw Talk
3040be0D3 NR NORTHBAYNorth Bay Law Talk
3056bf0D3 NR SSMSault Ste. Marie Wide AreaLaw Talk
3072c00D3 NR EMERGENCYEmergency DispatchLaw Talk
3088c10D3 NR SUDBURYSudburyLaw Talk
3104c20D3 NR TIMMINSTimmins Wide AreaLaw Talk
3120c30D3 NR WAWA Wawa Wide AreaLaw Talk
Ministry of Finance
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
169764250DEMOF Inv/InspInvestigations and InspectionsLaw Tac
Corrections Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
396009ab0AOPP LinkNorth Bay OPP LinkInterop
396169ac0AN Bay JailNorth Bay JailCorrections
396329ad0ACecil FacerCecil Facer Youth CentreCorrections
396489ae0ASudbury JailSudbury JailCorrections
396649af0AMonteithMonteith jailCorrections
396809b00AAT and RC Algoma Treatment and Remand CentreCorrections
396969b10ANipissing DCNipissing Detention CentreCorrections
397289b30ASpare 1Spare 1Corrections
397449b40ASpare 2Spare 2Corrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
328008020AZONE 3 COMMONZone 3 CommonInterop
3497688a0AZONE 3 COMMONZone 3 CommonInterop
3500888c0AREGION 5 COMMONRegion 5 CommonInterop
377769390AMOH REDRemote Emergency DispatchInterop
MOH North Bay CACC
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3504088e0ANorth Bay SSouthEMS Dispatch
3505688f0ANorth Bay CCentralEMS Dispatch
350728900ANorth Bay NNorthEMS Dispatch
350888910ANorth Bay SpSpareEMS Dispatch
351048920ANB TAC 1Tactical 1EMS-Tac
351208930ANB TAC 2Tactical 2EMS-Tac
351368940ANB TAC 3Tactical 3EMS-Tac
351528950ANB TAC 4Tactical 4EMS-Tac
MOH Sault Ste Marie CACC
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
354088a50ASSM CitySault Ste Marie CityEMS Dispatch
354888aa0ASSM CACCDispatchEMS Dispatch
354248a60AAlgoma NAlgoma NorthEMS Dispatch
354408a70AAlgoma EAlgoma EastEMS Dispatch
354568a80ASSM TAC 1Tactical 1EMS-Tac
354728a90ASSM TAC 2Tactical 2EMS-Tac
355368ad0ASSM TAC 3Tactical 3EMS-Tac
355048ab0ASSM TAC 4Tactical 4EMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
351688960ASudbury CACCCACCEMS Dispatch
351848970ASudbury MOHMOHEMS Dispatch
352008980ASudbury DispDistrict DispatchEMS Dispatch
352168990ASudburyRuralRural ChannelEMS Dispatch
3523289a0ASudbury TAC1Tac 1EMS-Tac
3524889b0ASudbury TAC2Tac 2EMS-Tac
3526489c0ASudbury TAC3Tac 3EMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3529689e0ATimmins CityTimmins CityEMS Dispatch
3531289f0ATimmins CACCTimmins CACCEMS Dispatch
353288a00ATimmin RuralTimmins RuralEMS Dispatch
353448a10ATimminsTAC 1Tactical 1EMS-Tac
353608a20ATimminsTAC 2Tactical 2EMS-Tac
353768a30ATimminsTAC 3Tactical 3EMS-Tac
MOH Hospital Patch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
361928d60AEnglhrt HospEnglehart & District Hospital Hospital
362088d70AMattawa HospMattawa HospitalHospital
362248d80AKirkland HosKirkland and District HospitalHospital
362408d90ANorth Bay HpNorth Bay HospitalHospital
362568da0ATmscmg HspTemiscaming HospitalHospital
362728db0AW NipissingHWest Nipissing Hospital Hospital
363528e00AHealthSciNorHealth Science North - SudburyHospital
363848e20AStJoes SudSt Joseph's Hospital -SudburyHospital
364488e60AAnsonGeneralAnson General Hospital - Iroquois Falls Hospital
364648e70ASensenbrnnrSensenbrenner Hospital - KapuskasingHospital
365128ea0ATimmins HspTimmins and District HospitalHospital
365608ed0AChapleau HspChapleau HospitalHospital
366088f00ASSM HspSault Area HospitalHospital
366568f30AStJoes El LkSt Joseph Hospital - Elliot LakeHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3804894a0A3 MTO COMMONZone 3 MTO CommonPublic Works
382089540A3 MTO NORTH BAYNorth Bay Comm CentrePublic Works
3832095b0A3 MTO COBALTCobaltPublic Works
3835295d0A3 MTO 38352MaintenancePublic Works
385129670A3 NORTH BAYNorth BayPublic Works
3864096f0A3 MATTAWAMattawaPublic Works
386729710A3 POWASSANPowassanPublic Works
3910498c0A3 MTO 39104MaintenancePublic Works
MTO Maintenance - Cochrane Region
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
381609510A3 MTO 38160MaintenancePublic Works
381929530A3 MTO COCHRANECochrane RegionPublic Works
382889590A3 MTO ELLIOT LKElliot LakePublic Works
3833695c0A3 MTO HEARSTHearstPublic Works
3838495f0A3 MTO 38384MaintenancePublic Works
388009790A3 MTO TIMMINSTimmins Public Works
MTO Maintenance - Sault Region
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
381769520A 3 MTO CHAPLEAUChapleau Public Works
382569570A3 MTO SSM DISPSault Ste Marie - Dispatch Public Works
382729580A3 MTO BLINDRIVERBlind RiverPublic Works
3830495a0A3 MTO GOULAISGoulais Public Works
387849780A3 MTO THESSALONThessalonPublic Works
3888097e0A3 MTO WAWAWawa Public Works
3889697f0AMTO SAULT REGIONSault RegionPublic Works
MTO Maintenance - Sudbury Region
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
382409560A3 MTO 38240MaintenancePublic Works
3836895e0A3 MTO 38368MaintenancePublic Works
384009600A3 MTO 38400MaintenancePublic Works
385289680A3 MTO 38528MaintenancePublic Works
3884897c0A3 MTO 38848MaintenancePublic Works
3886497d0A3 MTO 38864MaintenancePublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16010D3 BMR DIGITAL 1Digital 1Business
144090A3 BMR ANALOG 1Analog 1Business