Montgomery County, MD (P16)

System Name: Montgomery County, MD (P16)
Location: Various, MD
County: Montgomery
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System ID: Sysid: 743E Connect Tone: 116.13
Last Updated: March 10, 2021, 11:01 am CST   [Updated General Trunked System Information]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Simulcast 851.3375851.650852.8875853.1625853.3875853.6125853.6875c853.8625c


Fire/Rescue - Operations
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3136c40DMCFR 7 Marine 17 Marine 1Interop
3152c50DEMCFR 7 Marine 27 Marine 2Interop
3344d10DMCFR 7A Disp7A Dispatch (patched with 154.16 MHz)Fire Dispatch
3376d30DMCFR 7B Ops7B Operations (normally patched with 153.95 MHz)Fire-Tac
3408d50DMCFR 7C In107C Incident 10Fire-Tac
3440d70DMCFR 7D In117D Incident 11Fire-Tac
3472d90DMCFR 7E In127E Incident 12Fire-Tac
3504db0DMCFR 7F An107F Announcement 10Fire-Tac
3536dd0DMCFR 7G In207G Incident 20Fire-Tac
3568df0DMCFR 7H In217H Incident 21Fire-Tac
3600e10DMCFR 7I In227I Incident 22Fire-Tac
3632e30DMCFR 7J An207J Announcement 20Fire-Tac
3664e50DMCFR 71C I3071C Incident 30Fire-Tac
3696e70DMCFR 71D I3171D Incident 31Fire-Tac
3728e90DMCFR 71E I3271E Incident 32Fire-Tac
3760eb0DMCFR 71F A3071F Announcement 30Fire-Tac
3792ed0DMCFR 71G I4071G Incident 40Fire-Tac
3824ef0DMCFR 71H I4171H Incident 41Fire-Tac
3856f10DMCFR 71I I4271I Incident 42Fire-Tac
3888f30DMCFR 71J A4071J Announcement 40Fire-Tac
3920f50DMCFR 72F I5072F Incident 50Fire-Tac
3952f70DMCFR 72G I5172G Incident 51Fire-Tac
3984f90DMCFR 72H I5272H Incident 52Fire-Tac
4016fb0DMCFR 72I A5072I Announcement 50Fire-Tac
4048fd0DMCFR 72J I6072J Incident 60Fire-Tac
4080ff0DMCFR 72K I6172K Incident 61Fire-Tac
41121010DMCFR 72L I6272L Incident 62Fire-Tac
41441030DMCFR 72M A6072M Announcement 60Fire-Tac
41761050DMCFR 72C Cal72C EMRC Call PatchHospital
42081070DMCFR 72D Cn172D EMRC Consult 1Hospital
42401090DMCFR 72E Cn272E EMRC Consult 2Hospital
179684630DMCFR 72Q HRN72Q Hospital Radio NetworkHospital
1809646b0DMCFR 7K7K AlternateFire-Tac
1812846d0DEMCFR 7L7L Local Alternate SecureFire-Tac
1816046f0DMCFR 71K71K AlternateFire-Tac
181924710DEMCFR 71L71L Local Alternate SecureFire-Tac
182564750DEMCFR 7M7M Metro Alternate SecureFire-Tac
182884770DEMCFR 71M71M Metro Alternate SecureFire-Tac
327848010DFire/CERTAltFire/CERT Alternate (used during Inauguration 2009)Fire-Tac
Fire/Rescue - Special Operations
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
183204790DEMCFR 73C73C Special Ops 10Fire-Tac
1835247b0DEMCFR 73D73D Special Ops 11Fire-Tac
1841647f0DEMCFR 73F73F Special Ops 20Fire-Tac
184484810DEMCFR 73G73G Special Ops 21Fire-Tac
184804830DEMCFR 73H73H Special Ops 22Fire-Tac
185124850DEMCFR 73I73I Special Ops AdministrationFire-Tac
Fire/Rescue - Administration
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
481612d0DEMCFR 76A Stf76A Senior StaffFire-Talk
3312cf0DMCFR 76B OA 76B Operations AdministrationFire-Talk
484812f0DEMCFR 76C IA76C Internal AffairsFire-Talk
49761370DEMCFR 76D FEI76D Fire and Explosives InvestigationsFire-Talk
50081390DMCFR 76E CE 76E Code EnforcementFire-Talk
54561550DMCFR 76F CMF76F Central Maintenance FacilityFire-Talk
54881570DMCFR 76G TA176G Public Safety Training Academy 1Fire-Talk
55201590DMCFR 76H TA276H Public Safety Training Academy 2Fire-Talk
555215b0DMCFR 76I TA376I Public Safety Training Academy 3Fire-Talk
558415d0DMCFR 76J TA476J Public Safety Training Academy 4Fire-Talk
57761690DMCFR 76K LF176K Local Fire Rescue Departments 1Fire-Talk
580816b0DMCFR 76L LF176L Local Fire Rescue Departments 2Fire-Talk
3248cb0DEMCFR 76M Adm76M AdministrationFire-Talk
3072c00DMCFR 78C B178C/7B1C Battalion 1 Admin/TrainingFire-Talk
3088c10DMCFR 78D B278D/7B2C Battalion 2 Admin/TrainingFire-Talk
3104c20DMCFR 78E B378E/7B3C Battalion 3 Admin/TrainingFire-Talk
584016d0DMCFR 78F B478F/7B4C Battalion 4 Admin/TrainingFire-Talk
587216f0DMCFR 78G B578G/7B5C Battalion 5 Admin/TrainingFire-Talk
19527a0DMCFR 7B1D7B1D Fire Station 1Fire-Talk
19847c0DMCFR 7B1E7B1E Fire Station 2Fire-Talk
2336920DMCFR 7B1F7B1F Fire Station 12Fire-Talk
2432980DMCFR 7B1G7B1G Fire Station 15Fire-Talk
24649a0DMCFR 7B1H7B1H Fire Station 16Fire-Talk
2560a00DMCFR 7B1I7B1I Fire Station 19Fire-Talk
2720aa0DMCFR 7B1J7B1J Fire Station 24Fire-Talk
3056bf0DMCFR 7B1K7B1K Fire Station 54Fire-Talk
191844af0DMCFR 7B1O7B1O Battalion 1 AnnouncementFire-Talk
2144860DMCFR 7B2D7B2D Fire Station 6Fire-Talk
2176880DMCFR 7B2E7B2E Fire Station 7Fire-Talk
22728e0DMCFR 7B2F7B2F Fire Station 10Fire-Talk
2304900DMCFR 7B2G7B2G Fire Station 11Fire-Talk
2592a20DMCFR 7B2H7B2H Fire Station 20Fire-Talk
2784ae0DMCFR 7B2I7B2I Fire Station 26Fire-Talk
2896b50DMCFR 7B2J7B2J Fire Station 30Fire-Talk
2768ad0DMCFR 7B2K7B2K Fire Station 41Fire-Talk
2992bb0DMCFR 7B2L7B2L Fire Station 50Fire-Talk
3008bc0DMCFR 7B2M7B2M Fire Station 51Fire-Talk
3024bd0DMCFR 7B2N7B2N Fire Station 52Fire-Talk
190244a50DMCFR 7B2O7B2O Battalion 2 AnnouncementFire-Talk
2048800DMCFR 7B3D7B3D Fire Station 3Fire-Talk
22088a0DMCFR 7B3E7B3E Fire Station 8Fire-Talk
2688a80DMCFR 7B3F7B3F Fire Station 23Fire-Talk
2816b00DMCFR 7B3G7B3G Public Service Training Academy/Fire Station 27Fire-Talk
19717b3DMCFR 7B3H7B3H Fire Station 28Fire-Talk
2912b60DMCFR 7B3I7B3I Fire Station 31Fire-Talk
2928b70DMCFR 7B3J7B3J Fire Station 32Fire-Talk
2944b80DMCFR 7B3K7B3K Fire Station 33Fire-Talk
3040be0DMCFR 7B3L7B3L Fire Station 53Fire-Talk
190404a60DMCFR 7B3O7B3O Battalion 3 AnnouncementFire-Talk
2080820DMCFR 7B4D7B4D Fire Station 4Fire-Talk
2112840DMCFR 7B4E7B4E Fire Station 5Fire-Talk
25289e0DMCFR 7B4F7B4F Fire Station 18Fire-Talk
2624a40DMCFR 7B4G7B4G Fire Station 21Fire-Talk
2752ac0DMCFR 7B4H7B4H Fire Station 25Fire-Talk
2832b10DMCFR 7B4I7B4I Fire Station 40Fire-Talk
2976ba0DMCFR 7B4J7B4J Fire Station 42Fire-Talk
190564a70DMCFR 7B4O7B4O Battalion 4 AnnouncementFire-Talk
22408c0DMCFR 7B5D7B5D Fire Station 9Fire-Talk
2368940DMCFR 7B5E7B5E Fire Station 13Fire-Talk
2400960DMCFR 7B5F7B5F Fire Station 14Fire-Talk
24969c0DMCFR 7B5G7B5G Fire Station 17Fire-Talk
2656a60DMCFR 7B5H7B5H Fire Station 22Fire-Talk
2880b40DMCFR 7B5I7B5I Fire Station 29Fire-Talk
2960b90DMCFR 7B5J7B5J Fire Station 34Fire-Talk
2864b30DMCFR 7B5K7B5K Fire Station 35Fire-Talk
190724a80DMCFR 7B5O7B5O Battalion 5 AnnouncementFire-Talk
2448990DMCFR Trng AcadPublic Safety Training AcademyFire-Talk
24809b0DMCFR Train 2480TrainingFire-Talk
Fire/Rescue - Hospitals
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
427210b0DeMCFR 79A HCH79A Holy Cross HospitalHospital
430410d0DeMCFR 79B MSM79B MedStar MontgomeryHospital
433610f0DeMCFR 79C WR79C Walter Reed National Military Medical CenterHospital
43681110DeMCFR 79D SGA79D Shady Grove Adventist HospitalHospital
44001130DeMCFR 79E Sub79E Suburban HospitalHospital
44321150DeMCFR 79F WAH79F Washington Adventist HospitalHospital
52001450DeMCFR 79G Hsp79G Hospital CommonHospital
3280cd0DeMCFR 79H H-A79H Hospital AnnouncementHospital
180004650DeMCFR 79K Sib79K Sibley Memorial HospitalHospital
43521100DeMCFR 79L HCG79L Holy Cross Germantown HospitalHospital
Fairfax County Fire/Rescue
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
132003390DFFX 41L GF1Ch. 41L Great Falls 1Fire-Tac
1323233b0DFFX 41M GF2Ch. 41M Great Falls 2Fire-Tac
Incident Management Team
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
44641170DEMC IMT 1 CmdIMT 1 CommandInterop
44961190DEMC IMT 2 OpsIMT 2 OperationsInterop
452811b0DEMC IMT 3 LogIMT 3 LogisticsInterop
456011d0DEMC IMT 4IMT 4Interop
459211f0DEMC IMT 5IMT 5Interop
46241210DEMC IMT 6IMT 6Interop
46561230DEMC IMT 7IMT 7Interop
46881250DEMC IMT 8IMT 8Interop
47201270DEMC IMT 9IMT 9Interop
47521290DEMC IMT 10IMT 10Interop
478412b0DEMC IMT 11IMT 11Interop
504013b0DEMC IMT 12IMT 12Interop
Law Enforcement - County Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
147363990DMCPD A1 Dis1A1 District 1 Dispatch (Rockville, Sectors A/B/C; also channels A10 and 73A)Law Dispatch
1483239f0DMCPD A2 Dis2A2 District 2 Dispatch (Bethesda, Sectors D/E; also channels E2 and 73B)Law Dispatch
149283a50DMCPD A3 Dis3A3 District 3 Dispatch (Silver Spring, Sectors G/H/I; also channels E3 and 73C)Law Dispatch
150243ab0DMCPD A4 Dis4A4 District 4 Dispatch (Wheaton, Sectors J/K/L; also channels E4 and 73D)Law Dispatch
151203b10DMCPD A5 Dis5A5 District 5 Dispatch (Germantown, Sectors M/N; also channels E5 and 73E)Law Dispatch
152163b70DMCPD A6 Dis6A6 District 6 Dispatch (Montgomery Village, Sectors P/R/S/V; also channels E6 and 73F)Law Dispatch
131363350DMCPD A7 TacAA7 Tactical A (also channels E7 and F8)Law Tac
326567f90DMCPD A8 DeskA8 DeskLaw Tac
143523810DEMCPD A15A15Law Tac
1480039d0DMCPD B1 Ops1B1 District 1 OperationsLaw Tac
148963a30DMCPD B2 Ops2B2 District 2 OperationsLaw Tac
149923a90DMCPD B3 Ops3B3 District 3 OperationsLaw Tac
150883af0DMCPD B4 Ops4B4 District 4 OperationsLaw Tac
151843b50DMCPD B5 Ops5B5 District 5 OperationsLaw Tac
152803bb0DMCPD B6 Ops6B6 District 6 OperationsLaw Tac
131683370DMCPD B7 TacBB7 Tactical B (also channels E8 and F9)Law Tac
1476839b0DEMCPD C1 SAT1C1 District 1 Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
148643a10DEMCPD C2 SAT2C2 District 2 Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
149603a70DEMCPD C3 SAT3C3 District 3 Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
150563ad0DEMCPD C4 SAT4C4 District 4 Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
151523b30DEMCPD C5 SAT5C5 District 5 Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
152483b90DEMCPD C6 SAT6C6 District 6 Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
1326433d0DMCPD C7 TacCC7 Tactical C (also channel F10)Law Tac
141923770DMCPD C8 CATC8 Centralized Auto Theft TeamLaw Tac
138723630DMCPD C9 WrntC9 Fugitive/Warrant UnitLaw Tac
140963710DMCPD D1 ISBD1 Investigative Services Bureau OperationsLaw Tac
141283730DMCPD D2CIDAdD2 Criminal Investigations Division AdministrationLaw Talk
141603750DMCPD D3CIDOpD3 Criminal Investigations Division OperationsLaw Tac
155043c90DMCPD D4 AnimD4 Animal Services DivisionLaw Tac
1377635d0DMCPD D5 TrA1D5 Training Academy 1Law Talk
1380835f0DMCPD D6 TrA2D6 Training Academy 2Law Talk
138403610DMCPD D7 TrA3D7 Training Academy 3Law Talk
139043650DMCPD D8MgAdmD8 Management Administration? (used by Alcohol Enforcement Unit)Law Talk
139363670DMCPD D9MgSupD9 Management Supervisors?Law Talk
1400036b0DMCPD D10 TchD10 Technology DivisionLaw Talk
139683690DMCPD D11 ECCD11 Emergency Communications CenterLaw Talk
134563490DMCPD E9SODAdE9 Special Operations Division AdministrationLaw Talk
1348834b0DMCPD E10SOD1E10 Special Operations Division 1Law Tac
1352034d0DEMCPD E11SOD2E11 Special Operations Division 2Law Tac
321127d70DMCPD G1PINC1G1 District 1 Major IncidentLaw Tac
321447d90DMCPD G2PINC2G2 District 2 Major IncidentLaw Tac
321767db0DMCPD G3PINC3G3 District 3 Major IncidentLaw Tac
322087dd0DMCPD G4PINC4G4 District 4 Major IncidentLaw Tac
1428837d0DEMCPD 14288PoliceLaw Tac
146083910DMCPD Int AffOffice of Internal AffairsLaw Tac
155683cd0DMCPD 15568Police TrainingLaw Talk
157283d70DMCPD Trng 15728TrainingLaw Talk
159523e50DMCPD 15952Police TrainingLaw Talk
160483eb0DMCPD 16048Police TrainingLaw Talk
189924a30DAnimalSheltrAnimal ShelterPublic Works
Law Enforcement - Municipal Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1710442d0DA11 CCVP1A11 Chevy Chase Village Police 1Law Dispatch
1713642f0DB11 CCVP2B11 Chevy Chase Village Police 2Law Tac
177124530DC11 CCVTAC1C11 Chevy Chase Village Police Tactical 1Law Tac
164644050DA13 GPDTLA13 Gaithersburg Police Dispatch (also channel W2)Law Dispatch
164964070DEB13 GPDTCB13 Gaithersburg Police Tactical 1 (also channel W3)Law Tac
164324030DEC13 GPDCMC13 Gaithersburg Police Command? (also channels W1 and 73I)Law Tac
165284090DW4 GPDTC2W4 Gaithersburg Police Tactical 2Law Tac
1662440f0DB10 RCPD1B10 Rockville Police 1 (also channel 73H)Law Dispatch
166564110DC10 RCPD2C10 Rockville Police 2Law Tac
162403f70DA12 TP 1A12 Takoma Park Police 1 (also channels W7 and 73G)Law Dispatch
162723f90DB12 TP 2B12 Takoma Park Police 2 (also channel W8)Law Tac
163363fd0DW9 TPTC1W9 Takoma Park Police Tactical 1Law Tac
164004010DW10 TPTC2W10 Takoma Park Police Tactical 2Law Tac
Law Enforcement - M-NCPPC Park Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
304130DEPark PD SecurePark Police SecureLaw Tac
153123bd0DM-NCPPC DeerDeer SharpshootersLaw Tac
169764250DB16 PrkPDB16 DispatchLaw Dispatch
170084270DPrkPD TacTacticalLaw Tac
170404290DMC P9 PrkCrdP9 Parks CoordinationInterop
1707242b0DMC P8 TalkaroundP8 TalkaroundLaw Tac
Law Enforcement - Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1790445f0DH2 WSSC PoliceH2 WSSC PoliceLaw Dispatch
Law Enforcement - State Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
324647ed0DA9 MSPR1A9 Maryland State Police Rockville 1 (Barrack N, patched with 39.32 MHz; also channel 73J)Law Dispatch
324967ef0DB9 MSPR2B9 Maryland State Police Rockville 2Law Tac
Law Enforcement - Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
154403c50DZ11 PG10Z11 Prince George's County Police Channel 10 PatchLaw Talk
154723c70DZ12 PG8Z12 Prince George's County Police Channel 8 PatchLaw Talk
323047e30DZ13 PGCRDZ13 Prince George's County Police CRD?Law Talk
323367e50DPDIntop32336Regional Police Interoperability (used for presidential motorcade)Law Talk
325287f10DX1 DCTYWX1 Washington DC Metropolitan Police Citywide PatchLaw Talk
325607f30DX2 NIHXPX2 National Institutes of Health Police PatchLaw Talk
325927f50DX3 WMATAX3 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Police PatchLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
158883e10DS1 SHFUGS1 Fugitive/Warrant UnitLaw Tac
158243dd0DS2 SHDVS2 Domestic Violence UnitLaw Tac
157923db0DS3 CIVILS3 Civil Process ServiceLaw Tac
157603d90DS4 SHCSUS4 Child Support UnitLaw Tac
160163e90DS9 JCSS9 Judicial Center SecurityLaw Tac
156003cf0DS10 CIRCTS10 Circuit CourtLaw Tac
156643d30DS11 RDCS11 Rockville District CourtLaw Tac
156323d10DS12 SSDCS12 Silver Spring District CourtLaw Tac
155363cb0DS16 SHAPBS16 AnnouncementLaw Tac
Correction and Rehabilitation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1252830f0DMCCF1PrimaryMontgomery County Correctional Facility 1 Primary (Clarksburg; also channels S6/E13)Corrections
125603110DMCCF 2 PerimMontgomery County Correctional Facility 2 PerimeterCorrections
125923130DMCCF MaintMontgomery County Correctional Facility MaintenanceCorrections
1272031b0DMCDC 1Montgomery County Detention Center 1 (Seven Locks Road; also channels S5/E12)Corrections
1275231d0DMCDC 2?Montgomery County Detention CenterCorrections
1278431f0DPre-Rel CntrPre-Release CenterCorrections
Public Safety Shared
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17446d0DMC J1 SpEvt1J1 Special Events 1Interop
17766f0DMC J2 SpEvt2J2 Special Events 2Interop
1808710DMC J3 SpEvt3J3 Special Events 3Interop
161763f30DMC J4 SpEvt4J4 Special Events 4Interop
156963d50DMC J5 SpEvt5J5 Special Events 5Interop
172004330DMC J6 SpEvt6J6 Special Events 6Interop
322407df0DMC J7 SE AnnJ7 Special Events AnnouncementInterop
1616650DEMC J8 PS1J8 Public Safety Coordination 1Interop
1648670DEMC J9 PS2J9 Public Safety Coordination 2Interop
1680690DEMC J10 PS3J10 Public Safety Coordination 3Interop
154083c30DEMC J11 PS4J11 Public Safety Coordination 4Interop
2416970DEMC J12 PSAncJ12 Public Safety AnnouncementInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
61601810DMC L1 LGEM1L1 Emergency 1Interop
61921830DMC L2 LGEM2L2 Emergency 2Interop
62241850DMC L3 LGEM3L3 Emergency 3Interop
162083f50DMC L4 LGEM4L4 Emergency 4Interop
158563df0DMC L5 LGEM5L5 Emergency 5Interop
322727e10DMC L6 LGEM-AL6 Emergency AnnouncementInterop
609617d0DMC L7 LGCRD1L7 Coordination 1 (Police Abandoned Car Unit)Interop
612817f0DMC L8 LGCRD2L8 Coordination 2Interop
161123ef0DMC L9 LGCRD3L9 Coordination 3Interop
161443f10DMC L10 LGCD4L10 Coordination 4Interop
25129d0DMC L11 LGC-AL11 Coordination AnnouncementInterop
163683ff0DEMC L12 LGE-SL12 Emergency SecureInterop
62561870DMC L16 911L16 911Interop
169444230DWstfldWhtnNBldgWestfield Wheaton North Building - SecuritySecurity
48352bce0DMC Animal SheltrAnimal Shelter - Adoption CenterPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1656040b0DW5 GAIT1W5 Gaithersburg Local Government 1Public Works
1659240d0DW6 GAIT2W6 Gaithersburg Local Government 2Public Works
167524170DW13 RCLG3W13 Rockville Local Government 3Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17126b0DMoCollegSecMontgomery College Security (all campuses interoperablility)Security
167844190DMCPSSecurityPublic Schools SecuritySecurity
National Institute of Standards and Technology
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
51361410DNIST 5136Fire?Federal
52641490DNISTAnnounceNA AnnouncementFederal
52321470DNIST EmrgncyNE EmergencyEmergency Ops
510413f0DNIST FireNF FireFire Dispatch
507213d0DNIST PoliceNP PoliceLaw Dispatch
Maryland Transportation Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
166884130DMdTA ICC PDIntercounty Connector - PoliceLaw Dispatch
167204150DMdTA ICCMnt16720Intercounty Connector - Maintenance/Snow PlowsPublic Works
326887fb0DMdTA ICCMnt32688Intercounty Connector - Maintenance/Snow PlowsPublic Works
Public Works and Transportation - Traffic and Transit
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67361a50DMC RideOnAdmRide On AdministrationTransportation
68961af0DMCRideOnSupvRide On SupervisorsTransportation
69921b50DMC CHARTCoordinated Highways Action Response Team (CHART)Public Works
70561b90DMC TMC 1Traffic Management Center 1Public Works
70881bb0DMC TMC 2Traffic Management Center 2Public Works
71201bd0DMCPW SignShpSign ShopPublic Works
72801c70DMCPW PkgMntParking Maintenance (Bethesda and Silver Spring)Public Works
Public Works and Transportation - Highway Maintenance
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
78241e90DMCPWGbrgEPriGaithersburg East PrimaryPublic Works
78561eb0DMCPW Gburg EGaithersburg EastPublic Works
78881ed0DMCPW Flagger7888FlaggersPublic Works
79201ef0DMCPW Gburg WGaithersburg WestPublic Works
79521f10DMCPW 7952UnidPublic Works
80161f50DMCPW ColesvlColesvillePublic Works
80481f70DMCPW 8048UnidPublic Works
81121fb0DMCPWBethesdaBethesda ("Seven Locks")Public Works
81441fd0DMCPW 8144UnidPublic Works
82082010DMCPW SilvSprSilver SpringPublic Works
82402030DMCPW Ops AOps APublic Works
82722050DMCPW Rds T/ARoads Talkaround - Bethesda areaPublic Works
83362090DMCPW 8336Snow PlowsPublic Works
840020d0DMCPW Flagger8400FlaggersPublic Works
Public Works and Transportation - Facility Security and Maint.
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
68001a90DFSMMaint6800MaintenancePublic Works
968025d0DFSM Maint 1Maintenance 1Public Works
105762950DFSM Maint 2Maintenance 2 Customer ServicePublic Works
67681a70DFSM Maint 6Maintenance 6Public Works
106082970DFSM SecuritySecuritySecurity
Technology Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1787245d0DH1 HDSK1H1 Computer Help Desk 1 (also channel 76N)Public Works
1761644d0DH3 RADIOH3 Radio Communications - Radio Shop (also channel 76P)Public Works
1784045b0DRadio 17840Radio CommunicationsPublic Works
176804510DRadio Test 1Radio Communications - Test 1Public Works
1764844f0DMC RadTest2Radio Communications - Test 2Public Works
177444550DTelephoneSvcTelephone ServicesPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
49424c110AMCFRAlt49424Fire Station Alerting (MOSCAD)Data
49456c130AMCFRAlt49456Fire Station Alerting (MOSCAD)Data