Montgomery County, MD (P16)

Site: Law Enforcement - County Police

Unique DB ID: 6869
County: Montgomery

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.1410 Longitude: -77.2080 Range: 17.5 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
131363350DMCPD A7 TacAA7 Tactical A (also channels E7 and F8)Law Tac
131683370DMCPD B7 TacBB7 Tactical B (also channels E8 and F9)Law Tac
1326433d0DMCPD C7 TacCC7 Tactical C (also channel F10)Law Tac
134563490DMCPD E9SODAdE9 Special Operations Division AdministrationLaw Talk
1348834b0DMCPD E10SOD1E10 Special Operations Division 1Law Tac
1352034d0DEMCPD E11SOD2E11 Special Operations Division 2Law Tac
1377635d0DMCPD D5 TrA1D5 Training Academy 1Law Talk
1380835f0DMCPD D6 TrA2D6 Training Academy 2Law Talk
138403610DMCPD D7 TrA3D7 Training Academy 3Law Talk
138723630DMCPD C9 WrntC9 Fugitive/Warrant UnitLaw Tac
139043650DMCPD D8MgAdmD8 Management Administration? (used by Alcohol Enforcement Unit)Law Talk
139363670DMCPD D9MgSupD9 Management Supervisors?Law Talk
139683690DMCPD D11 ECCD11 Emergency Communications CenterLaw Talk
1400036b0DMCPD D10 TchD10 Technology DivisionLaw Talk
140963710DMCPD D1 ISBD1 Investigative Services Bureau OperationsLaw Tac
141283730DMCPD D2CIDAdD2 Criminal Investigations Division AdministrationLaw Talk
141603750DMCPD D3CIDOpD3 Criminal Investigations Division OperationsLaw Tac
141923770DMCPD C8 CATC8 Centralized Auto Theft TeamLaw Tac
1428837d0DEMCPD 14288PoliceLaw Tac
143523810DEMCPD A15A15Law Tac
146083910DMCPD Int AffOffice of Internal AffairsLaw Tac
147363990DMCPD A1 Dis1A1 District 1 Dispatch (Rockville, Sectors A/B/C; also channels A10 and 73A)Law Dispatch
1476839b0DEMCPD C1 SAT1C1 District 1 Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
1480039d0DMCPD B1 Ops1B1 District 1 OperationsLaw Tac
1483239f0DMCPD A2 Dis2A2 District 2 Dispatch (Bethesda, Sectors D/E; also channels E2 and 73B)Law Dispatch
148643a10DEMCPD C2 SAT2C2 District 2 Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
148963a30DMCPD B2 Ops2B2 District 2 OperationsLaw Tac
149283a50DMCPD A3 Dis3A3 District 3 Dispatch (Silver Spring, Sectors G/H/I; also channels E3 and 73C)Law Dispatch
149603a70DEMCPD C3 SAT3C3 District 3 Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
149923a90DMCPD B3 Ops3B3 District 3 OperationsLaw Tac
150243ab0DMCPD A4 Dis4A4 District 4 Dispatch (Wheaton, Sectors J/K/L; also channels E4 and 73D)Law Dispatch
150563ad0DEMCPD C4 SAT4C4 District 4 Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
150883af0DMCPD B4 Ops4B4 District 4 OperationsLaw Tac
151203b10DMCPD A5 Dis5A5 District 5 Dispatch (Germantown, Sectors M/N; also channels E5 and 73E)Law Dispatch
151523b30DEMCPD C5 SAT5C5 District 5 Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
151843b50DMCPD B5 Ops5B5 District 5 OperationsLaw Tac
152163b70DMCPD A6 Dis6A6 District 6 Dispatch (Montgomery Village, Sectors P/R/S/V; also channels E6 and 73F)Law Dispatch
152483b90DEMCPD C6 SAT6C6 District 6 Special Assignment TeamLaw Tac
152803bb0DMCPD B6 Ops6B6 District 6 OperationsLaw Tac
155043c90DMCPD D4 AnimD4 Animal Services DivisionLaw Tac
155683cd0DMCPD 15568Police TrainingLaw Talk
157283d70DMCPD Trng 15728TrainingLaw Talk
159523e50DMCPD 15952Police TrainingLaw Talk
160483eb0DMCPD 16048Police TrainingLaw Talk
189924a30DAnimalSheltrAnimal ShelterPublic Works
321127d70DMCPD G1PINC1G1 District 1 Major IncidentLaw Tac
321447d90DMCPD G2PINC2G2 District 2 Major IncidentLaw Tac
321767db0DMCPD G3PINC3G3 District 3 Major IncidentLaw Tac
322087dd0DMCPD G4PINC4G4 District 4 Major IncidentLaw Tac
326567f90DMCPD A8 DeskA8 DeskLaw Tac