Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township

System Name: Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township
Location: Lawrence, IN
County: Marion
System Type: DMR Motorola Capacity Plus Multi Site (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
Last Updated: October 19, 2023, 13:51 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 004 (Amy Beverland Elementary School) to 4 (Amy Beverland Elementary School)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) 52ndSt Water Tower 00 462.15000 462.35001 461.42502 461.637503 461.825
002 (2) Belzer Middle School 00 461.45000 461.72500 461.937500 462.22500 463.4875
003 (3) Lawrence North High School 00 461.37500 462.42500 463.562500 464.362501 461.125
004 (4) Amy Beverland Elementary School 00 462.35000 463.762502 462.47503 464.4625 
005 (5) Winding Ridge Elementary 00 461.22500 461.30000 461.887500 462.25000 464.100


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3TESchool Ops 3OperationsSchools
7TESchool Ops 7OperationsSchools
9TESchool Ops 9OperationsSchools
10TESchool Ops 10OperationsSchools
11TESchool Ops 11OperationsSchools
12TESchool Ops 12OperationsSchools
15TESchool Ops 15OperationsSchools
17TESchool Ops 17OperationsSchools
18TESchool Ops 18OperationsSchools
19TESchool Ops 19OperationsSchools
20TESchool Ops 20OperationsSchools
21TESchool Ops 21OperationsSchools
22TESchool Ops 22OperationsSchools
23TESchool Ops 23OperationsSchools
25TESchool Ops 25OperationsSchools
26TESchool Ops 26OperationsSchools
27TESchool Ops 27OperationsSchools
29TESchool Ops 29OperationsSchools
31TESchool Ops 31OperationsSchools
32TESchool Ops 32OperationsSchools
33TESchool Ops 33OperationsSchools
34TESchool Ops 34OperationsSchools
35TESchool Ops 35OperationsSchools
36TESchool Ops 36OperationsSchools
37TESchool Ops 37OperationsSchools
39TESchool Ops 39OperationsSchools
41TESchool Ops 41OperationsSchools
42TESchool Ops 42OperationsSchools
43TESchool Ops 43OperationsSchools
44TESchool Ops 44OperationsSchools
45TESchool Ops 45OperationsSchools
47TESchool Ops 47OperationsSchools
48TESchool Ops 48OperationsSchools
51TESchool Ops 51OperationsSchools