Mobiletech Communications (NXDN)

System Name: Mobiletech Communications (NXDN)
Location: Various, NY PA
County: 31 Counties
System Type: NXDN NEXEDGE 4800
System Voice: NXDN Digital
System ID: HEX: d DEC: 13
Last Updated: March 8, 2024, 13:15 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 003 (Manlius) to 3 (Manlius)]
System Notes

This is a DFA (Direct Frequency Access) system, and therefore CH ID (aka LCN) are not required. Uniden scanners that are capable of trunk tracking NEXEDGE systems will obtain the traffic channel information from the control channel.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
002 (2) Alfred Allegany, NY 152.975c153.245c153.665c   
003 (3) Manlius Onondaga, NY 152.2775c152.9675c152.9825c   
005 (5) Baldwinsville Onondaga, NY 151.910c151.655c    
006 (6) Tonawanda Erie, NY 153.335c     
007 (7) Philadelphia Jefferson, NY 152.945c     
008 (8) Corning Steuben, NY 150.9425c153.230c    
009 (9) Rutland Jefferson, NY 150.860c151.670154.505   
010 (A) Potsdam St. Lawrence, NY 153.485c152.330c    
011 (B) Gouverneur St. Lawrence, NY 153.1175c153.395c    
012 (C) Tully Onondaga, NY 150.920c153.125c153.545c153.620c  
013 (D) Canton St. Lawrence, NY 150.905152.345c    
015 (F) Ava Oneida, NY 151.520151.715151.985c   
016 (10) Ogdensburg St. Lawrence, NY 151.4975c     
017 (11) Turin Lewis, NY 153.365c     
019 (13) Lowville Lewis, NY 151.730c151.910c    
020 (14) Malone Franklin, NY 150.950c     
021 (15) Ithaca Tompkins, NY 152.9375c153.1025c153.6575c   
022 (16) Massena St. Lawrence, NY 152.990c     
023 (17) Boonville Oneida, NY 152.420153.635c154.490   
025 (19) Fulton Oswego, NY 150.845c151.865153.5825c   
026 (1A) Fairport Monroe, NY 150.965c151.580c153.4625153.5525c152.9525152.960
027 (1B) Adams Jefferson, NY 152.375c     
028 (1C) Lockport Niagara, NY 153.605c     
030 (1E) Savannah Wayne, NY 150.875c151.895c152.3225c153.3725c  
031 (1F) Attica Wyoming, NY 152.3075c152.3225c152.8775c153.4925c  
032 (20) South Bristol Ontario, NY 152.270c152.375c152.465153.1025c153.260c 
034 (22) Niles Cayuga, NY 150.950c152.3975c152.4425c152.4575c  
035 (23) Seneca Ontario, NY 151.790151.970c153.215c   
036 (24) Ilion Herkimer, NY 151.850c151.910c    
037 (25) Canisteo-Greenwood HS Steuben, NY 152.870c152.9225    
039 (27) Alma Allegany, NY 153.680c     
040 (28) Hopewell Ontario, NY 150.950c152.405c153.680c   
041 (29) Penn Yan Yates, NY 150.9575c151.9625c152.9675c   
042 (2A) Dansville Steuben, NY 150.8675c152.285c152.375c   
043 (2B) Horseheads Chemung, NY 150.980c151.790152.405153.320c154.505 
044 (2C) Whitesboro Oneida, NY 150.8825c152.465c    
048 (30) Pulaski Oswego, NY 150.8675c151.550151.790c   
050 (32) Sandy Creek (UHF) Oswego, NY 461.43125c     
051 (33) Sandy Creek Oswego, NY 152.3525c     
052 (34) Harrisville Lewis, NY 152.930c     
054 (36) Troupsburg Steuben, NY 150.8525c     
055 (37) Savona Steuben, NY 152.435c152.885c153.2075c152.390c153.365153.545
056 (38) Oswego Oswego, NY 150.935c152.3825c153.2075c   
057 (39) Canisteo Steuben, NY 150.950c154.490c    
058 (3A) Hornell Steuben, NY 153.380c     
059 (3B) Hannibal Oswego, NY 150.905c     
060 (3C) Avon Livingston, NY 150.905c150.935c    
061 (3D) Avoca Steuben, NY 152.990c153.080c153.2225c   
062 (3E) Medina Orleans, NY 153.620c     
063 (3F) Prattsburg Steuben, NY 151.5275c151.910c    
064 (40) Olean Cattaraugus, NY 152.870c     
065 (41) Addison Steuben, NY 152.300c     
067 (43) Arkwright Chautauqua, NY 150.920c153.500c    
068 (44) Williamson Wayne, NY 150.860c150.845150.9725c   
069 (45) Barton Tioga, NY 150.830c     
071 (47) Wellsville Allegany, NY 153.230c     
072 (48) Centerville Allegany, NY 152.300c153.185c    
073 (49) Newark Wayne, NY 150.830c150.890c150.905c153.335c  
074 (4A) Brockport Monroe, NY 150.8975c153.0425c153.560c   
075 (4B) Honeoye Falls Monroe, NY 150.890c153.3875c153.4775c   
076 (4C) Andover Allegany, NY 154.505c     
077 (4D) Penfield Monroe, NY 151.850c153.230c153.425c152.390152.9075 
079 (4F) Greece Monroe, NY 150.980c151.730c153.0275c151.5575151.910 
090 (5A) Henrietta Monroe, NY 150.8525c153.455c153.545153.215153.485153.650
092 (5C) Napoli Cattaraugus, NY 151.520c     
099 (63) Scio Allegany, NY 150.860c     
100 (64) Philadelphia (UHF) Jefferson, NY 464.39375c     
107 (6B) Troy Bradford, PA 460.950c     
108 (6C) Columbia Crossroads Bradford, PA 151.7225c     
109 (6D) Armenia Mtn Bradford, PA 152.975c     
110 (6E) Interlaken Seneca, NY 150.815c     
111 (6F) Ovid (UHF) Seneca, NY 460.900c     
112 (70) Interlaken (UHF) Seneca, NY 451.2125c     
115 (73) Potsdam (Casella Waste) St. Lawrence, NY 152.315c     
116 (74) Remsen Oneida, NY 151.6025c151.7375c152.3675c   
117 (75) Webster Wayne, NY 152.300c152.330    
119 (77) Leroy Genesee, NY 150.9725c     
120 (78) Russel St. Lawrence, NY 151.970c     
121 (79) Naples Ontario, NY 153.4925c     
124 (7C) Belfast School Allegany, NY 153.3275c     
125 (7D) Dr. Nathan Cohen Elementary (UHF) Chemung, NY 461.73125462.04375463.90625c   
134 (86) Elmira (UHF) Chemung, NY 451.225c451.500    
198 (C6) Watkins Glen Schuyler, NY 151.550c151.595    


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
92DAuto RepoAuto Repo ServiceBusiness
151DCasella WasteCasella Waste ManagementBusiness
7DVanSlyke TruckngVanSlyke TruckingBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
185DHermon HwyTown of Hermon Highway DeptPublic Works
186DLindley HwyTown of Lindley Highway DeptPublic Works
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
159DAddison CSDAddison Central School DistrictSchools
160DAddison CSDAddison Central School DistrictSchools
66DAdirondack CSDAdirondack CSDSchools
75DAPWCSD BusAltmar-Parish-Williamstown CSD BusesSchools
89DAndover CSD BusAndover CSD BusesSchools
179DArkport CSD BusArkport CSD BusesSchools
69DAvoca CSD AdminAvoca CSD AdminSchools
33DAvoca CSD BusAvoca CSD BusesSchools
73DBath CSD BusBath CSD BusesSchools
74DBath CSD 2Bath CSD Ch 2Schools
212DBelfast CSDBelfast CSD BusesSchools
30DBirnie BusBirnie Transportation Service (Corning)Schools
153DC-S CSDCampbell-Savona CSDSchools
181DCanaseraga BusesCanaseraga CSD BusesSchools
119DC-GCSD BusCanisteo-Greenwood CSD BusesSchools
48DCenVally CSD BusCentral Valley CSD BusesSchools
170DClyde-Savan BusClyde-Savannah CSD BusesSchools
25DCorning BusCorning School Bus (contractor)Schools
28DCorning BusCorning School Bus (contractor)Schools
23DC-PPSD BusCorning-Painted Post School BusesSchools
15DDansvilleCSD BusDansville CSD BusesSchools
221DE Irondq CSD BusEast Irondequoit CSD BusesSchools
222DE Irondq CSD 2East Irondequoit CSD Ch 2Schools
18DElmira CSD BusElmira City School District BusesSchools
19DElmira CSD EmerElmira City School District Buses EmergencySchools
211DEH-CSD AdminElmira Heights AdminSchools
210DEH-CSD BusesElmira Heights Central School DistrictSchools
116DGenesee Vly Bus Genesee Valley CSD BusesSchools
12DGreeceCSD GarageGreece CSD Bus GarageSchools
11DGreece CSD BusGreece CSD BusesSchools
194DHammondsport CSDHammondsport CSD BusesSchools
43DHannibal CSD AdmHannibal CSD AdminSchools
35DHannibal CSD BusHannibal CSD BusesSchools
41DHannibal CSD SvcHannibal CSD ServicesSchools
102DHarrisville BusHarrisville CSD BusesSchools
127DEIRCSD AntwerpIndian River CSD Antwerp Primary SchoolSchools
129DEIRCSD CalciumIndian River CSD Calcium Primary SchoolSchools
131DEIRCSD EvansMillsIndian River CSD Evans Mills Primary SchoolSchools
124DEIRCSD IntrmdiateIndian River CSD Intermediate SchoolSchools
133DEIRCSD TheresaIndian River CSD Theresa Primary SchoolSchools
26DLeland HarrisLeland Harris School Bus, Inc (Corning)Schools
183DELeRoy CSD BusLeRoy CSD BusesSchools
71DLivonia CSDLivonia CSDSchools
72DLivonia CSD BusLivonia CSD BusesSchools
59DMedina CSD BusMedina CSD BusesSchools
187DNaples CSDNaples Central School District SchoolsSchools
188DNaples CSD 2Naples Central School District Ch 2Schools
9DOswegoCitySD BusOswego City SD BusesSchools
228DEPal-Mac CSDPalmyra-Macedon CSDSchools
8DPittsfrd CSD BusPittsford School BusesSchools
192DPrattsburg CSDPrattsburg CSDSchools
152DRemsen CSD BusRemsen Central School District BusesSchools
50DSandy Creek BusSandy Creek CSD BusesSchools
91DSchool AdminSchool AdminSchools
122DESchool BusesSchool Buses - Watertown AreaSchools
115DS Seneca CSD AdmSouth Seneca CSD AdminSchools
13DS Seneca CSD BusSouth Seneca CSD BusesSchools
14DSSCSD InterlakenSouth Seneca CSD Interlaken AdminSchools
44DTroupsburg CSDTroupsburg CSDSchools
100DETroy, PA SchoolsTroy, PA SchoolsSchools
22DWaterloo CSD AdmWaterloo CSD AdminSchools
21DWaterloo CSD BusWaterloo CSD BusesSchools
173DWatkins Glen BusWatkins Glen BusesSchools
157DWayne CSDWayne Central School DistrictSchools
156DWayne CSD BusWayne Central School District - BusesSchools
175DWellsvle CSD BusWellsville CSD BusesSchools
62DWilliamsnCSD AdmWilliamson CSD AdminSchools
61DWilliamsnCSD BusWilliamson CSD BusesSchools
177DWilliamsn Maint1Williamson CSD Maintenance 1Schools
184DWilliamsn Maint2Williamson CSD Maintenance 2Schools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
32DFulton TaxiFulton TaxiTransportation
99DStLaw Pub TrnsptSt. Lawrence Public TransportationTransportation
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1DSystem TechsSystem TechsBusiness
2DTest TalkgroupTest TalkgroupBusiness
3DDemo TalkgroupDemo TalkgroupBusiness