GA Department of Public Safety (Georgia)

Last Updated: August 13, 2022, 2:01 pm

Georgia State Patrol utilizes regional communication centers for dispatching; individual posts are still referenced in some areas of the state.

Georgia State Patrol utilizes Georgia DNR frequencies in some areas.

Georgia State Patrol operates on county and regional trunked systems as noted.

Posts not specifically listed operate on other GSP repeaters in the same troop area.


Georgia State Patrol (GSP)

GSP Statewide
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.905KA5323 BM CSQ GSP Backup Statewide Back-Up FMN Law Talk
154.680KA5323 M CSQ GSP Car-Car Statewide Car-to-Car FMN Law Talk
765.4375 M 156.7 PL GSP EXT 1A Mobile Extender 700 MHz 1A FMN Law Talk
765.4375 M 293 NAC GSP EXT 1D Mobile Extender 700 MHz 1D P25 Law Talk
773.0375 M 156.7 PL GSP EXT 2A Mobile Extender 700 MHz 2A FMN Law Talk
773.0375 M 293 NAC GSP EXT 2D Mobile Extender 700 MHz 2D P25 Law Talk
773.59375 M 156.7 PL GSP EXT 3A Mobile Extender 700 MHz 3A FMN Law Talk
773.59375 M 293 NAC GSP EXT 3D Mobile Extender 700 MHz 3D P25 Law Talk
151.115WNWF535 BM GSP Governors TF Governor's Task Force FMN Law Tac
154.785WNWF535 BM GSP Governors TF Governor's Task Force FMN Law Tac
453.4875 M CSQ GSP EXT UHF1 Mobile Extender UHF 1 FMN Law Talk
458.4875 M CSQ GSP EXT UHF2 Mobile Extender UHF 2 FMN Law Talk
GSP Troop A

Troop A covers Northwest Georgia

Communication Center is located in Cartersville.

Post 03 Cartersville: Bartow and Polk Counties

Post 05 Dalton: Catoosa and Whitfield Counties

Post 28 Jasper: Cherokee and Pickens Counties

Post 29 Paulding: Haralson and Paulding Counties

Post 38 Rome: Chattooga and Floyd Counties

Post 41 LaFayette: Dade and Walker Counties

Post 43 Calhoun: Gordon and Murray Counties

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.1975KIB587 RM GPS Cartersville GSP Post 03 Cartersville P25 Law Dispatch
155.5425KIB602 RM 6A0 NAC GSP Dalton GSP Post 05 Dalton P25 Law Dispatch
155.0625KBP645 RM 620 NAC GSP Japser GSP Post 28 Jasper P25 Law Dispatch
154.6875KIB603 RM 690 NAC GSP Pauldng GSP Post 29 Paulding P25 Law Dispatch
154.7325KBP644 RM 645 NAC GSP Rome GSP Post 38 Rome P25 Law Dispatch
155.4525KBI836 RM 695 NAC GSP LaFayette GSP Post 41 LaFayette P25 Law Dispatch
155.4675KBI836 RM 630 NAC GSP Trenton GSP Post 41 Trenton P25 Law Dispatch
GSP Troop B

Troop B covers Northeast Georgia

Communication Center is located in Gainesville.

Post 06 Gainesville: Banks, Hall and White Counties

Post 07 Toccoa: Habersham, Hart, Rabun, and Stephens Counties

Post 27 Blue Ridge: Fannin, Gilmer, Towns, and Union Counties

Post 32 Athens: Barrow, Clarke, Jackson, Madison and Oconee Counties

Post 37 Cumming: Dawson, Forsyth, and Lumpkin Counties

Post 52 Hartwell: Hart, Franklin, and Elbert Counties

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.4525KIB436 RM 145 NAC GSP Gaines GSP Post 06 Gainesville P25 Law Dispatch
159.4125KIB600 RM 1A0 NAC GSP Toccoa A GSP Post 07 Toccoa (Curahee Mtn Rptr) (+Post 52 also uses) P25 Law Dispatch
154.9125WQUE796 RM 640 NAC GSP Hiawase GSP Post 27 Hiawassee P25 Law Dispatch
155.5125KIB588 RM 641 NAC GSP Mrgantn GSP Post 27 Morganton P25 Law Dispatch
155.535KIB568 RM 120 NAC GSP Athens GSP Post 32 Athens P25 Law Dispatch
155.4375KFG428 RM 650 NAC GSP Amicala GSP Post 37 Amicalola P25 Law Dispatch
154.920KFG428 RM 1B5 NAC GSP Cummming GSP Post 37 Cumming P25 Law Dispatch
155.4675WQTQ874 RM 125 NAC GSP Hartwell GSP Post 52 Hartwell (Elberton Rptr) P25 Law Dispatch
GSP Troop C

Troop C covers Metro Atlanta

Communication Center is located in Atlanta.

Post 09 Marietta: Cobb and Fulton Counties North of I-285

Post 47 Forest Park: Clayton, DeKalb and Fulton Counties Outside of I-285

Post 48 Atlanta: Clayton, DeKalb and Fulton Counties Inside of I-285

Post 49 Motorcycle Unit: Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb and Fulton Counties Interstate Patrol

Post 50 Georgia State Capitol and Governor Security

Post 51 Gwinnett: Gwinnett County

Cobb Regional Radio System
Project 25 Phase II
Post 09 works off of the Cobb County P25 System
DeKalb County Public Safety P25
Project 25 Phase I
GSP has "back-up" talkgroups on the DeKalb County P25 System. No routine operations are regularly conducted here.
Atlanta Public Safety P25
Project 25 Phase II
Post 48, 49 and 50 work off of the Atlanta P25 System
Gwinnett County
Project 25 Phase II
Post 51 works off of the Gwinnett County P25 System
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.910WYV423 RM 192.8 PL GSP C Rptr GSP Backup VHF Repeater FMN Law Dispatch
156.225WPKP804 BM 192.8 PL GSP MCCD ATL GSP Motor Carrier Compliance Division Back-Up FMN Law Dispatch
155.460KNGG959 BM GSP Governor GSP Governors Security FMN Law Dispatch
GSP Troop D

Troop D covers West Central Georgia

Communication Center is located in Newnan.

Post 01 Griffin: Butts, Henry and Spalding Counties

Post 02 LaGrange: Harris and Troup Counties

Post 04 Villa Rica: Carroll and Douglas Counties

Post 24 Newnan: Coweta, Fayette and Heard Counties

Post 26 Thomaston: Crawford, Pike, Taylor and Upson Counties

Post 34 Manchester: Meriwether, Muscogee and Talbot Counties

Post 44 Forsyth: Bibb, Lamar and Monroe Counties

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.1675KIB591 RM 485 NAC GSP Griffin GSP Post 01 Griffin P25 Law Dispatch
154.7025KIB589 RM 625 NAC GSP LaGrnge GSP Post 02 LaGrange P25 Law Dispatch
154.2425WRPC925 RM GSP West Point GSP Post 02 West Point P25 Law Dispatch
155.0775KIB590 RM 605 NAC GSP Vll Rica GSP Post 04 Villa Rica P25 Law Dispatch
155.6175WREM203 RM 670 NAC GSP Franklin GSP Post 24 Franklin P25 Law Dispatch
154.7025KIB608 RM 625 NAC GSP Newnan GSP Post 24 Newnan P25 Law Dispatch
154.3925KIB606 RM 4B5 NAC GSP Thmstn GSP Post 26 Thomaston P25 Law Dispatch
154.8825KIG575 RM 455 NAC GSP Manchstr GSP Post 34 Manchester P25 Law Dispatch
154.920KRP683 RM 460 NAC GSP Forsyth GSP Post 44 Forsyth P25 Law Dispatch
155.5575KIB609 RM 3A0 NAC GSP Mcon Bib GSP Post 44 Macon-Bibb P25 Law Dispatch
GSP Troop E

Troop E covers Central Georgia

Communication Center is located in Grovetown.

Post 08 Madison: Greene, Jasper, Morgan and Putnam Counties

Post 17 Washington: Lincoln, Oglethorpe, Taliaferro and Wilkes Counties

Post 25 Grovetown: Columbia, Glascock, McDuffie, Richmond and Warren Counties

Post 33 Milledgeville: Baldwin, Hancock, Jones and Washington Counties

Post 46 Monroe: Morgan, Newton, Rockdale and Walton Counties

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.1375WQVR380 RM 135 NAC GSP Madison GSP Post 08 Madison P25 Law Dispatch
155.1375WQVR380 RM 135 NAC GSP Washngtn 1 GSP Post 17 Washington 1 P25 Law Dispatch
155.6625WROB934 RM GSP Washingtn 2 GSP Post 17 Washington 2 P25 Law Dispatch
158.850WROS433 RM 380 NAC GSP Augusta GSP Post 25 Augusta P25 Law Dispatch
155.4375KIB607 RM 320 NAC GSP Grvtwn GSP Post 25 Grovetown P25 Law Dispatch
154.9425KIB607 RM 2A5 NAC GSP Thmsn A GSP Post 25 Thomson A P25 Law Dispatch
155.5875KIB607 RM 370 NAC GSP Thmsn B GSP Post 25 Thomson B P25 Law Dispatch
155.4525KIF866 RM 300 NAC GSP Milledge GSP Post 33 Milledgeville P25 Law Dispatch
155.1975KIF866 RM 3B0 NAC GSP Tennille GSP Post 33 Tennille P25 Law Dispatch
154.9125WXP675 RM 1B5 NAC GSP Monroe GSP Post 46 Monroe P25 Law Dispatch
GSP Troop F

Troop F covers Central East Georgia

Communication Center is located in Statesboro.

Post 16 Helena: Dodge, Jeff Davis, Montgomery, Telfair and Wheeler Counties

Post 18 Reidsville: Appling, Tattnall and Toombs Counties

Post 19 Swainsboro: Emanuel, Jefferson, Johnson and Treutlen Counties

Post 20 Dublin: Bleckley, Laurens, Twiggs and Wilkinson Counties

Post 21 Sylvania: Burke, Jenkins and Screven Counties

Post 45 Statesboro: Bulloch, Candler and Evans Counties

Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network (SEGARRN)
Project 25 Phase II
Post 45 works off of the Bulloch County System
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.8825WQTW336 RM 880 NAC GSP Helena GSP Post 16 Helena P25 Law Dispatch
155.010WROT365 RM 855 NAC GSP Hazelhurst GSP Post 16 Hazelhurst P25 Law Dispatch
155.4525KIB673 RM 875 NAC GSP Reidsvl GSP Post 18 Reidsville P25 Law Dispatch
159.420KIB610 RM 325 NAC GSP Swainsbr GSP Post 19 Swainsboro P25 Law Dispatch
155.4675KIB609 RM 365 NAC GSP Dublin GSP Post 20 Dublin P25 Law Dispatch
151.0775WQUB205 RM 385 NAC GSP Sylvania GSP Post 21 Sylvania P25 Law Dispatch
GSP Troop G

Troop G covers Southwest Georgia

Communication Center is located in Americus.

Post 10 Americus: Marion, Schley, Sumter, Terrell and Webster Counties

Post 12 Thomasville: Colquitt, Grady, Mitchell and Thomas Counties

Post 14 Colquitt: Decatur, Early, Miller and Seminole Counties

Post 39 Cuthbert: Calhoun, Chattahoochee, Clay, Quitman, Randolph and Stewart Counties

Post 40 Albany: Baker, Daughtry, Lee and Worth Counties

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.4375KIB592 RM 495 NAC GSP Americus GSP Post 10 Americus P25 Law Dispatch
154.9425KIB605 RM 2A5 NAC GSP Mitchll GSP Post 12 Mitchell P25 Law Dispatch
155.6325KIB605 RM 2A6 NAC GSP Thmsvl GSP Post 12 Thomasville P25 Law Dispatch
155.4675KIB593 RM 295 NAC GSP Bainbrg GSP Post 14 Bainbridge P25 Law Dispatch
154.2275KIB593 RM 255 NAC GSP Blakely GSP Post 14 Blakely P25 Law Dispatch
154.9425KGL537 RM 290 NAC GSP Cusseta GSP Post 39 Cusseta P25 Law Dispatch
155.100KGL537 RM 291 NAC GSP Cuthbrt GSP Post 39 Cuthbert P25 Law Dispatch
155.4525KIB672 RM 250 NAC GSP Albany GSP Post 40 Albany P25 Law Dispatch
155.1375KIB593 RM 210 NAC GSP Newton GSP Post 40 Newton P25 Law Dispatch
GSP Troop H

Troop H covers South Central Georgia

Communication Center is located in Tifton.

Post 13 Tifton: Berrien, Cook and Tift Counties

Post 15 Perry: Houston, Macon, Peach and Pulaski Counties

Post 30 Cordele: Crisp, Dooly, Turner and Wilcox Counties

Post 31 Valdosta: Brooks, Echols, Lanier and Lowndes Counties

Post 36 Douglas: Atkinson, Ben Hill, Coffee and Irwin Counties

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
154.9125KIB594 RM 2B0 NAC GSP Tifton GSP Post 13 Tifton P25 Law Dispatch
155.460KIB598 RM 430 NAC GSP Perry GSP Post 15 Perry P25 Law Dispatch
151.085KIB604 RM 240 NAC GSP Cordele GSP Post 30 Cordele P25 Law Dispatch
155.4375KIA242 RM 270 NAC GSP Valdosta GSP Post 31 Valdosta P25 Law Dispatch
154.7025WQUR832 RM 715 NAC GSP Douglas GSP Post 36 Douglas P25 Law Dispatch
GSP Troop I

Troop I covers Southeast Georgia

Communication Center is located in Brunswick.

Post 11 Hinesville: Liberty, Long and McIntosh Counties

Post 22 Waycross: Bacon, Brantley, Charlton, Clinch, Pierce and Ware Counties

Post 23 Brunswick: Camden, Glynn and Wayne Counties

Post 35 Jekyll Island: Jekyll Island in Glynn County

Post 42 Rincon: Bryan, Chatham and Effingham Counties

Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network (SEGARRN)
Project 25 Phase II
Posts 11, 23 and 42 work off of the SEGARRN P25 System
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
155.0475KIB596 RM 535 NAC GSP Hinesville GSP Post 11 Hinesville P25 Law Dispatch
154.4075KIB595 RM 810 NAC GSP Alma GSP Post 22 Alma P25 Law Dispatch
155.0625WNGA668 RM 620 NAC GSP Fargo GSP Post 22 Fargo P25 Law Dispatch
155.6625WROK437 RM GSP Nahunta GSP Post 22 Nahunta P25 Law Dispatch
151.310KIB595 RM 891 NAC GSP St George GSP Post 22 St George P25 Law Dispatch
151.1675KIB595 RM 890 NAC GSP Waycross GSP Post 22 Waycross P25 Law Dispatch
155.1975KIB611 RM 530 NAC GSP Brunswick GSP Post 23 Brunswick P25 Law Dispatch
154.115WQI348 BM GSP Jekyll Is GSP Post 35 Jekyll Island FM Law Dispatch
155.0325WQCG327 RM 525 NAC GSP Rincon GSP Post 42 Rincon P25 Law Dispatch