Manchester/Boston North Regional Airport (MHT) (Rockingham County)

Last Updated: January 8, 2017, 5:35 am
The town of Londonderry Police now provides Police to the airport in the terminal and the roads around the airport under a contract on Ch-3. Reliable Security does security under contract in the Terminal and curb side on Ch-1. CFR operates on Ch-1 also.


Manchester Airport (MHT)

FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
152.375WPWW231 RM 411 DPL GRANITE3 Law Enforcement Office (GRANITE3) FMN Law Dispatch
119.550 BM CSQ ATIS ATIS AM Aircraft
121.300 BM CSQ Tower Tower AM Aircraft
121.900 BM CSQ Ground Ground AM Aircraft
122.950 BM CSQ Unicom Unicom AM Aircraft
124.900 BM CSQ Bos App/Dep Boston Approach and Departure AM Aircraft
151.730WPWW231 RM 606 DPL MHT 12 Unknown Use FMN Business
152.315 RM 023 DPL ParkingGarag National Garages FMN Business
152.420WPWW231 RM 026 DPL GRANITE4 Airfield Primary (GRANITE 4) MHT OPS FMN Aircraft
153.740KNAO324 RM 351 DPL GRANITE1 Security, CFR, General Operations (GRANITE1) FMN Security
154.540 BM 151.4 PL MHT Plow Plow Trucks / Tow Trucks FMN Public Works
158.340WPWW231 RM 293 NAC MHTEF2 Airport Response 2 (P-25 Digital) P25 Multi-Dispatch
158.340WPWW231 BM 331 DPL MHTEF02 Aircraft Response 02 FMN Multi-Dispatch
158.730KNAO324 RM 293 NAC MHTEF1 Airport Response 1 (P-25 Digital) P25 Multi-Dispatch
158.730KNAO324 BM 624 DPL MHTEF01 Airport Response 01 (GRANITE2) FMN Multi-Dispatch
159.720WPWW23 RM 293 NAC MHTEF3 Airport Response 3 (P-25 Digital) P25 Multi-Dispatch
159.720WPWW231 BM 664 DPL MHTEF03 Airport Response 03 FMN Military
FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
172.600 BM 136.5 PL KMHT FAA Federal Aviation Administration FM Federal
172.150 BM KMHT TSA TSA FM Federal
172.900 RM 1A8 NAC KMHT TSA TSA P25 Federal