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US > Tennessee > Multiple Counties > Middle Tennessee Regional Trunked Radio System

Middle Tennessee Regional Trunked Radio System

System Name:Middle Tennessee Regional Trunked Radio System
Location:Multiple, TN
County:5 counties
System Type:Project 25 Phase II
System Voice:APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
Last Updated:April 7, 2021, 3:33 pm ((1) Talkgroups Updated (Nashville Fire/EMS Zone C))

Important Note

Some talkgroups on this system are using Project 25 Phase II TDMA modulation which can ONLY be monitored using a P25 Phase II compatible scanner.

Please visit the RR Wiki Project 25 page for additional information.

System ID List

System ID   WACN  
44B   BEE00  

Latest News Update Posted on 2021-04-07 15:19:40

Metro Nashville Fire Department in progress of converting remaining radios and channels to encrypted. Clear zones/channels will be deprecated once full conversion is completed and older channels are no longer in use.

Misc System Information

This new Project 25 digital simulcast network, will replace the old legacy trunked system used by many public safety agencies in and around the Nashville Metro area.

5/4/2018 Phase II data verified by DSD+

All Williamson County Public Safety Talkgroups are full time encrypted.

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

RFSS SiteNameCounty Freqs      
3 (3) 003 (3) Davidson County SimulcastDavidson 851.550 852.075 853.050 853.3125 853.6125 854.0125 854.5875
        856.2125 856.2625 856.4875a 856.7125a 856.9875 857.0375c 857.2625
        857.4875a 857.7125 857.7625 857.9875 858.2125 858.2625 858.4625
        858.4875 858.7125 858.9375 858.9875 859.2625 859.4875 859.7125
        859.9375 859.9875          
3 (3) 011 (B) Mount JulietWilson 851.1375c 851.3875a 852.550a 853.125a 853.550    
3 (3) 016 (10) GoodlettsvilleDavidson 851.4375 851.7375c 852.4625a 853.4875a 853.925a    
3 (3) 020 (14) Williamson County SimulcastWilliamson 769.11875 769.36875 770.06875 771.10625 771.48125 771.83125 772.13125
        772.38125 772.58125 772.78125 773.13125a 773.88125a 774.63125a 774.90625c

System Talkgroups
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Davidson County Office of Emergency Management Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1943 797 D 01 OEMP Office of Emergency Management Primary  Emergency Ops 
1959 7a7 D 02 ESU-TOC1 Emergency Situation Unit Tactical 1  Emergency Ops 
1947 79b D 03 ESU-TOC2 Emergency Situation Unit Tactical 2  Emergency Ops 
1949 79d D 04 ESC-NWS Emergency Situation Command/NWS  Emergency Ops 
1963 7ab D 05 USAR Urban Search & Rescue  Emergency Ops 
1945 799 D 06 MAYOR Office of Emergency Management Mayor Office  Emergency Ops 

Davidson County Emergency Communication Center Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2911 b5f DE ECC PRI Emergency Communications Center Primary  Emergency Ops 
2915 b63 DE ECCT1 Emergency Communications Center Training 1  Emergency Ops 
2917 b65 DE ECCT2 Emergency Communications Center Training 2  Emergency Ops 
10175 27bf DE ECC1 Emergency Communications Center Ops 1  Emergency Ops 
10176 27c0 DE ECC2 Emergency Communications Center Ops 2  Emergency Ops 
10177 27c1 DE ECC3 Emergency Communications Center Ops 3  Emergency Ops 
10178 27c2 DE ECC4 Emergency Communications Center Ops 4  Emergency Ops 
10179 27c3 De ECC5 Emergency Communications Center Ops 5  Emergency Ops 
10180 27c4 De ECC6 Emergency Communications Center Ops 6  Emergency Ops 
10181 27c5 De ECC7 Emergency Communications Center Ops 7  Emergency Ops 
10182 27c6 De ECC8 Emergency Communications Center Ops 8  Emergency Ops 

Davidson County System Unified Command Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3001 bb9 D A1 UNI 1 Unified Command 1  Interop 
3003 bbb D A2 UNI 2 Unified Command 2  Interop 
3005 bbd D A3 UNI 3 Unified Command 3  Interop 
3007 bbf D A4 UNI 4 Unified Command 4  Interop 
3009 bc1 D A5 UNI 5 Unified Command 5  Interop 
3011 bc3 D A6 JOPS 6 Joint Operations 6  Interop 
3013 bc5 D A7 JOPS 7 Joint Operations 7  Interop 
3015 bc7 D A8 JOPS 8 Joint Operations 8  Interop 
3017 bc9 D A9 JOPS 9 Joint Operations 9  Interop 
3019 bcb D A10 OEM HAIL Hailing for OEM  Interop 
10011 271b DE A11 SEC 11 Secure Operations 11  Interop 
10012 271c DE A12 SEC 12 Secure Operations 12  Interop 
10013 271d DE A13 SEC 13 Secure Operations 13  Interop 
10014 271e DE A14 SEC 14 Secure Operations 14  Interop 
10015 271f DE A15 SEC 15 Secure Operations 15  Interop 
10016 2720 DE A16 SEC 16 Secure Operations 16  Interop 

Davidson County System Unified Command Reserve Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3029 bd5 D PSRES01 Unified Command Reserve Pool 1  Interop 
3031 bd7 D PSRES02 Unified Command Reserve Pool 2  Interop 
3033 bd9 D PSRES03 Unified Command Reserve Pool 3  Interop 
3035 bdb D PSRES04 Unified Command Reserve Pool 4  Interop 
3037 bdd D PSRES05 Unified Command Reserve Pool 5  Interop 
3039 bdf D PSRES06 Unified Command Reserve Pool 6  Interop 
3041 be1 D PSRES07 Unified Command Reserve Pool 7  Interop 
3043 be3 D PSRES08 Unified Command Reserve Pool 8  Interop 
3045 be5 D PSRES09 Unified Command Reserve Pool 9  Interop 
3047 be7 D PSRES10 Unified Command Reserve Pool 10  Interop 
3049 be9 D PSRES11 Unified Command Reserve Pool 11  Interop 
3051 beb D PSRES12 Unified Command Reserve Pool 12  Interop 
3053 bed D PSRES13 Unified Command Reserve Pool 13  Interop 
3055 bef D PSRES14 Unified Command Reserve Pool 14  Interop 
3057 bf1 D PSRES15 Unified Command Reserve Pool 15  Interop 
3059 bf3 D PSRES16 Unified Command Reserve Pool 16  Interop 

Davidson County/Metro Nashville System Wide Mutual Aid Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
10017 2721 D SYSMA01 System Wide Mutual Aid 01  Interop 
10018 2722 D SYSMA02 System Wide Mutual Aid 02  Interop 
10019 2723 D SYSMA03 System Wide Mutual Aid 03  Interop 
10020 2724 D SYSMA04 System Wide Mutual Aid 04  Interop 
10021 2725 D SYSMA05 System Wide Mutual Aid 05  Interop 
10022 2726 D SYSMA06 System Wide Mutual Aid 06  Interop 
10023 2727 D SYSMA07 System Wide Mutual Aid 07  Interop 
10024 2728 D SYSMA08 System Wide Mutual Aid 08  Interop 
10025 2729 D SYSMA09 System Wide Mutual Aid 09  Interop 
10026 272a D SYSMA10 System Wide Mutual Aid 10  Interop 
10027 272b D SYSMA11 System Wide Mutual Aid 11  Interop 
10028 272c D SYSMA12 System Wide Mutual Aid 12  Interop 
10029 272d D SYSMA13 System Wide Mutual Aid 13  Interop 
10030 272e D SYSMA14 System Wide Mutual Aid 14  Interop 
10031 272f D SYSMA15 System Wide Mutual Aid 15  Interop 
10032 2730 D SYSMA16 System Wide Mutual Aid 16  Interop 

Davidson County/Metro Nashville Special Event Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
10049 2741 D SPEV D01 Special Event 01 Nissan Stadium Admin  Multi-Tac 
10050 2742 D SPEV D02 Special Event 02 Nissan Stadium Traffic  Multi-Tac 
10051 2743 D SPEV D03 Special Event 03 Nissan Stadium Security  Multi-Tac 
10052 2744 D SPEV D04 Special Event 04 Nissan Stadium Special Ops  Multi-Tac 
10053 2745 D SPEV D05 Special Event 05 Vanderbilt University  Multi-Tac 
10054 2746 D SPEV D06 Special Event 06 TN State University  Multi-Tac 
10055 2747 D SPEV D07 Special Event 07 Bridgestone Arena  Multi-Tac 
10056 2748 D SPEV D08 Special Event 08 First Horizon Park  Multi-Tac 
10057 2749 D SPEV D09 Special Event 09 Ascend Ampitheater  Multi-Tac 
10058 274a D SPEV D10 Special Event 10 New MLS Stadium  Multi-Tac 
10059 274b D SPEV D11 Special Event 11  Multi-Tac 
10060 274c D SPEV D12 Special Event 12  Multi-Tac 
10061 274d D SPEV D13 Special Event 13  Multi-Tac 
10062 274e D SPEV D14 Special Event 14  Multi-Tac 
10063 274f D SPEV D15 Special Event 15  Multi-Tac 

Nashville Fire/EMS Zone B Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1251 4e3 D F B1DISP NFD Main Dispatch B1  Fire Dispatch 
1253 4e5 D F B2SOC NFD Special Operations B2  Fire-Tac 
1255 4e7 D F B3ADM NFD Administration B3  Fire-Tac 
10352 2870 DE F B3ADM NFD Fire Admin Secure B3  Fire-Tac 
1313 521 D F B4SOC NFD Special Operations B4  Fire-Tac 
1315 523 D F B5MED NFD EMS Operations B5  Fire-Tac 
10354 2872 DE F B5ADM NFD EMS Admin Secure B5  Fire-Tac 
1259 4eb D F B6TOC NFD Tactical Operations B6  Fire-Tac 
1261 4ed D F B7TOC NFD Tactical Operations B7  Fire-Tac 
1263 4ef D F B8TOC NFD Tactical Operations B8  Fire-Tac 
1265 4f1 D F B9TOC NFD Tactical Operations B9  Fire-Tac 
1267 4f3 D F B10TOC NFD Tactical Operations B10  Fire-Tac 
1269 4f5 D F B11TOC NFD Tactical Operations B11  Fire-Tac 
1271 4f7 D F B12TOC NFD Tactical Operations B12  Fire-Tac 
1273 4f9 D F B13TOC NFD Tactical Operations B13  Fire-Tac 
1275 4fb D F B14TOC NFD Tactical Operations B14  Fire-Tac 
1277 4fd D F B15TOC NFD Tactical Operations B15  Fire-Tac 
1279 4ff D F B16VLF NFD Tactical Operations B16 Vandy Lifeflight  EMS Dispatch 

Nashville Fire/EMS Zone B (Encrypted) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
10350 286e DE NFD B1 Disp Main Dispatch B1  Fire Dispatch 
10351 286f DE NFD B2 SOC Special Operations B2  Fire-Tac 
10353 2871 DE NFD B4 SOC Special Operations B4  Fire-Tac 
10355 2873 DE NFD B6 TOC Tactical Operations B6  Fire-Tac 
10356 2874 DE NFD B7 TOC Tactical Operations B7  Fire-Tac 
10357 2875 DE NFD B8 TOC Tactical Operations B8  Fire-Tac 
10358 2876 DE NFD B9 TOC Tactical Operations B9  Fire-Tac 
10359 2877 DE NFD B10 TOC Tactical Operations B10  Fire-Tac 
10360 2878 DE NFD B11 TOC Tactical Operations B11  Fire-Tac 
10361 2879 DE NFD B12 TOC Tactical Operations B12  Fire-Tac 
10362 287a DE NFD B13 TOC Tactical Operations B13  Fire-Tac 
10363 287b DE NFD B14 TOC Tactical Operations B14  Fire-Tac 
10364 287c DE NFD B15 TOC Tactical Operations B15  Fire-Tac 

Nashville Fire/EMS Zone C Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1289 509 DE F C6TOC NFD Tactical Operations C6  Deprecated 
1291 50b DE F C7TOC NFD Tactical Operations C7  Deprecated 
1293 50d DE F C8TOC NFD Tactical Operations C8  Deprecated 
1295 50f DE F C9TOC NFD Tactical Operations C9  Deprecated 
1297 511 DE F C10TOC NFD Tactical Operations C10  Deprecated 
1299 513 DE F C11TOC NFD Tactical Operations C11  Deprecated 
1301 515 DE F C12TOC NFD Tactical Operations C12  Deprecated 
1303 517 DE F C13TOC NFD Tactical Operations C13  Deprecated 
1305 519 DE F C14TOC NFD Tactical Operations C14  Deprecated 
1307 51b DE F C15TOC NFD Tactical Operations C15  Deprecated 
1309 51d DE F C16TOC NFD Tactical Operations C16  Deprecated 
1441 5a1 DE F C2TOC NFD Tactical Operations C2  Deprecated 
1443 5a3 DE F C3TOC NFD Tactical Operations C3  Deprecated 
1445 5a5 DE F C4TOC NFD Tactical Operations C4  Deprecated 
1447 5a7 DE F C5TOC NFD Tactical Operations C5  Deprecated 
10365 287d D NFD C2 NFD Tactical Operations C2  Fire-Tac 
10366 287e D NFD C3 NFD Tactical Operations C3  Fire-Tac 
10367 287f D NFD C4 NFD Tactical Operations C4  Fire-Tac 
10368 2880 D NFD C5 NFD Tactical Operations C5  Fire-Tac 
10369 2881 D NFD C6 NFD Tactical Operations C6  Fire-Tac 
10370 2882 D NFD C7 NFD Tactical Operations C7  Fire-Tac 
10371 2883 D NFD C8 NFD Tactical Operations C8  Fire-Tac 
10372 2884 D NFD C9 NFD Tactical Operations C9  Fire-Tac 
10373 2885 D NFD C10 NFD Tactical Operations C10  Fire-Tac 
10374 2886 D NFD C11 NFD Tactical Operations C11  Fire-Tac 
10375 2887 D NFD C12 NFD Tactical Operations C12  Fire-Tac 
10376 2888 D NFD C13 NFD Tactical Operations C13  Fire-Tac 
10377 2889 D NFD C14 NFD Tactical Operations C14  Fire-Tac 
10378 288a D NFD C15 NFD Tactical Operations C15  Fire-Tac 
10701 29cd DE NFD C2 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C2  Fire-Tac 
10702 29ce DE NFD C3 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C3  Fire-Tac 
10703 29cf DE NFD C4 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C4  Fire-Tac 
10704 29d0 DE NFD C5 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C5  Fire-Tac 
10705 29d1 DE NFD C6 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C6  Fire-Tac 
10706 29d2 DE NFD C7 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C7  Fire-Tac 
10707 29d3 DE NFD C8 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C8  Fire-Tac 
10708 29d4 DE NFD C9 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C9  Fire-Tac 
10709 29d5 DE NFD C10 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C10  Fire-Tac 
10710 29d6 DE NFD C11 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C11  Fire-Tac 
10711 29d7 DE NFD C12 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C12  Fire-Tac 
10712 29d8 DE NFD C13 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C13  Fire-Tac 
10713 29d9 DE NFD C14 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C14  Fire-Tac 
10714 29da DE NFD C15 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C15  Fire-Tac 
10715 29db DE NFD C16 ENC NFD Tactical Operations C16  Fire-Tac 

Nashville Fire/EMS Zone D Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1343 53f DE F D2DIR NFD Unit-to-Unit D2  Fire-Tac 
1345 541 DE F D3ADM NFD Administration D3  Fire-Tac 
1413 585 DE F D4PIO NFD Public Information Officer D4  Fire-Tac 
1415 587 DE F D5ADM NFD Administration D5  Fire-Tac 
1355 54b DE F D6TA1 NFD Training 1 D6  Fire-Tac 
1357 54d DE F D7TA2 NFD Training 2 D7  Fire-Tac 
1421 58d DE F D8TA3 NFD Training 3 D8  Fire-Tac 
1359 54f DE F D9FMO-1 NFD Fire Marshall 1 D9  Fire-Tac 
1361 551 DE F D10FM0-2 NFD Fire Marshall 2 D10  Fire-Tac 
1411 583 DE F D11FM0-3 NFD Fire Safety D11  Fire-Tac 
1347 543 DE F D12FMO-4 NFD Fire Arson D12  Fire-Tac 
1417 589 DE F D13ADM NFD Administration D13  Fire-Tac 
1391 56f DE F D14REB NFD Fire Buff Rehab D14  Fire-Tac 

Nashville Fire/EMS Zone E Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1363 553 DE E1 BAPT NFD Baptist Hospital  Hospital 
1365 555 DE E2 VANDY NFD Vandy Hospital  Hospital 
1367 557 DE E3 VPED NFD Vandy Pediatric Hospital  Hospital 
1369 559 DE E4 MEDCT NFD Medical Control  Hospital 
1371 55b DE E5 GENER NFD General Hospital  Hospital 
1373 55d DE E6 STTOM NFD St Thomas Hospital  Hospital 
1375 55f DE E7 CMD NFD Centennial Medical Center  Hospital 
1377 561 DE E8 SUMMT NFD Summit Hospital  Hospital 
1379 563 DE E9 SKYLN NFD Sky Line Hospital  Hospital 
1381 565 DE E10 SHIL NFD Southern Hills Hospital  Hospital 
1385 569 DE E11 VA NFD Veterans Administration Hospital  Hospital 
1387 56b DE E12 HOS1 NFD Hospital to Hospital 1  Hospital 
1389 56d DE E13 HOS2 NFD Hospital to Hospital 2  Hospital 
10406 28a6 DE E14 CCH NFD Centennial Childrens Hospital  Hospital 

Davidson County Board of Health Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2321 911 D ME 1 Medical Examiners Office  Law Tac 
2501 9c5 D HEA 1MAC Animal Control Services  Law Tac 
2503 9c7 D HEA 2 BT Bio Terrorism Operations  Emergency Ops 
2505 9c9 D HEA 3EMT Executive Management  Emergency Ops 
2507 9cb D HEA 4LOG Logistics  Emergency Ops 
2509 9cd D HEA 5OPS Operations  Emergency Ops 
2511 9cf D HEA6ICBT ICBT Management  Emergency Ops 

Nashville Police Zone 1 (Encrypted) Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
10204 27dc DE * P104CNTD E Central Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
10212 27e4 DE * P112PCMD E Command 2 Dispatch  Law Tac 
10213 27e5 DE * P113PCMD E Command 3 Dispatch  Law Tac 
10214 27e6 DE * P114PCMD E Command 4 Dispatch  Law Tac 
10215 27e7 DE * P115PCMD E Command 5 Dispatch  Law Tac 
10210 27e2 DE * P110CWID E Countywide Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
10202 27da DE * P102ESTD E East Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
10205 27dd DE * P105HRMD E Hermitage Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
10207 27df DE * P107MADD E Madison Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
10208 27e0 DE NPD Midtown H E Midtown Hills Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
10206 27de DE * P106NRTD E North Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
10211 27e3 DE * P108RW E NPD Records/Warrants  Law Dispatch 
10209 27e1 DE * P109MHD E Records Warrants  Law Tac 
10203 27db DE * P103STHD E South Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
10201 27d9 DE * P101WSTD E West Dispatch  Law Dispatch 

Nashville Police Zone 1 Talkgroups

Police precinct primary dispatch is on the encrypted zone 1 talkgroups.

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
625 271 D NPD CntywideDisp Countywide Dispatch  Law Dispatch 

Nashville Police Zone 2 Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
659 293 DE P201WSTA NPD West Administrative  Law Tac 
667 29b DE P202ESTA NPD East Administrative  Law Tac 
669 29d DE P203STHA NPD South Administrative  Law Tac 
671 29f DE P204CNTA NPD Central Administrative  Law Tac 
673 2a1 DE P205HRMA NPD Hermitage Administrative  Law Tac 
661 295 DE P206NRTA NPD North Administrative  Law Tac 
665 299 DE P207MADA NPD Madison Sector Administrative  Law Tac 
675 2a3 DE P208ALA1 NPD Common Administrative  Law Tac 
663 297 DE P209ALA2 NPD All Sector Administrative  Law Tac 
657 291 DE P210CWIA NPD Countywide Administrative  Law Tac 
677 2a5 DE P211TAC1 NPD Tactical Pool 1  Law Tac 
679 2a7 DE P212TAC2 NPD Tactical Pool 2  Law Tac 
681 2a9 DE P213TAC3 NPD Tactical Pool 3  Law Tac 
683 2ab DE P214TAC4 NPD Tactical Pool 4  Law Tac 
685 2ad DE P215TAC5 NPD Tactical Pool 5  Law Tac 
687 2af DE P216TAC6 NPD Tactical Pool 6  Law Tac 

Nashville Police Zone 3 Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
739 2e3 DE P302BOMB NPD Bomb Squad  Law Tac 
697 2b9 DE P304YTHS NPD YouthSchool Services  Law Tac 
763 2fb DE P305SCHL NPD School Services  Law Tac 
737 2e1 DE P306AVK9 NPD K9 Officers  Law Tac 
689 2b1 DE P307SRV1 NPD Investigative Services 1  Law Tac 
691 2b3 DE P308SRV2 NPD Investigative Services 2  Law Tac 
693 2b5 DE P309SRV3 NPD Investigative Services 3  Law Tac 
695 2b7 DE P310SRV4 NPD Investigative Services 4  Law Tac 

Nashville Police Zone 4 Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
733 2dd DE P401TRN1 NPD Training 1  Law Tac 
757 2f5 DE P402TRN2 NPD Training 2  Law Tac 
767 2ff DE P403TRN3 NPD Training 3  Law Tac 
769 301 DE P404TRN4 NPD Training 4  Law Tac 
745 2e9 DE P405TRN5 NPD Training 5  Law Tac 
715 2cb DE P406FACS NPD Facilities Security  Law Tac 
747 2eb DE P407FLET NPD Fleet Maintenance  Law Tac 
749 2ed DE P408VIMP NPD Vehicle Impound  Law Tac 
751 2ef DE P409 R4 NPD Reserve 4  Law Tac 
753 2f1 DE P410 R5 NPD Reserve 5  Law Tac 
755 2f3 DE P411 R6 NPD Reserve 6  Law Tac 
765 2fd DE P412 R7 NPD Reserve 7  Law Tac 
711 2c7 DE P413 R8 NPD Reserve 8  Law Tac 
643 283 DE P414 R9 NPD Reserve 9  Law Tac 
771 303 DE P415R10 NPD Reserve 10  Law Tac 
775 307 DE P416R11 NPD Reserve 11  Law Tac 

Nashville Police Zone 5 Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
707 2c3 DE P502SIDP NPD Intelligence Primary  Law Tac 
743 2e7 DE P503SIDA NPD Intelligence Alternate  Law Tac 
699 2bb DE P504VIC1 NPD Vice Operations 1  Law Tac 
701 2bd DE P505VIC2 NPD Vice Operations 2  Law Tac 
703 2bf DE P506VIC3 NPD Vice Operations 3  Law Tac 
705 2c1 DE P507VIC4 NPD Vice Operations 4  Law Tac 
709 2c5 DE P508VIC5 NPD Vice Operations 5  Law Tac 
777 309 DE P509TF20 NPD Task Force 20  Law Tac 
779 30b DE P511WCSU NPD West Crime Suppression Unit  Law Tac 
781 30d DE P512ECSU NPD East Crime Suppression Unit  Law Tac 
783 30f DE P513SCSU NPD South Crime Suppression Unit  Law Tac 
785 311 DE P514CCSU NPD Central Crime Suppression Unit  Law Tac 
787 313 DE P515HCSU NPD Hermitage Crime Suppression Unit  Law Tac 
789 315 DE P516NCSU NPD North Crime Suppression Unit  Law Tac 
791 317 DE P MAD-CSU NPD Madison Crime Suppression Unit  Law Tac 
793 319 DE P MID-CSU NPD Midtown Hills Crime Suppression Unit  Law Tac 

Nashville Police Zone 6 Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
723 2d3 DE P602SRT1 NPD SWAT Negotiation 1  Law Tac 
725 2d5 DE P603SRT2 NPD SWAT Negotiation 2  Law Tac 
741 2e5 DE P604SWT3 NPD SWAT Negotiation 3  Law Tac 
717 2cd DE P605SWT4 NPD SWAT Operations 4  Law Tac 
719 2cf DE P606SWT5 NPD SWAT Operations 5  Law Tac 
721 2d1 DE P607SWT6 NPD SWAT Operations 6  Law Tac 
731 2db DE P608SWT7 NPD SWAT Operations 7  Law Tac 
735 2df DE P609SWT8 NPD SWAT Operations 8  Law Tac 
727 2d7 DE P610NEG1 NPD Negotiators 1  Law Tac 
729 2d9 DE P611NEG2 NPD Negotiators 2  Law Tac 

Nashville Police Zone 7 Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
759 2f7 DE P701OPA1 NPD Office of Accountability 1  Law Tac 
761 2f9 DE P702OPA2 NPD Office of Accountability 2  Law Tac 

Davidson County Sheriff Office Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1875 753 D SO 1DISP Sheriff Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
1877 755 D SO 2WAR Sheriff Warrants  Law Tac 
1879 757 D SO 3TRAN Sheriff Transportation  Law Tac 
1881 759 D SO 4INV Sheriff Investigation  Law Tac 
1883 75b D SO 5SOR1 Sheriff Special Operations Response Team 1  Law Tac 
1885 75d D SO 6SOR2 Sheriff Special Operations Response Team 2  Law Tac 
1887 75f D SO 7 ADM Sheriff Administrative  Law Tac 
1889 761 D SO 8SCS Sheriff Community Service  Law Tac 
1897 769 D SO 9CJC Sheriff Facility CJC  Law Tac 
1899 76b D SO 10HDC Sheriff Facility HDC  Law Tac 
1901 76d D SO11CDCM Sheriff Facility CDCM  Law Tac 
10469 28e5 D SO11CDCM Sheriff Facility CDCM  Law Tac 
1903 76f D SO12CDCF Sheriff Facility CDCF  Law Tac 
1905 771 D SO 13ORC Sheriff Facility ORC  Law Tac 
1907 773 D SO14CRTS Sheriff Facility Courthouse Security  Law Tac 
1909 775 D SO15TRAIN Sheriff Training  Law Tac 

Davidson County Metro Park Rangers Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2107 83b DE PRPL 1 Park Rangers Operations 1  Law Tac 
2109 83d DE PRPL 2 Park Rangers Operations 2  Law Tac 
2111 83f DE PRPL 3 Park Rangers Operations 3  Law Tac 

Davidson County Juvenile Courts Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2305 901 D JUV 1 Juvenile Court Operations 1  Law Tac 
2307 903 D JUV 2 Juvenile Court Operations 2  Law Tac 
2309 905 D JUV 3 Juvenile Court Operations 3  Law Tac 

State and Federal Law Enforcement Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2165 875 D USM01 US Marshal Service  Law Tac 
2329 919 D TWRA Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency  Law Tac 

Metro Nashville Airport Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3067 bfb D OFFSITE 1 Airport Authority Ops 1 (offsite)  Emergency Ops 
3069 bfd D OFFSITE 2 Airport Authority Ops 2 (offsite)  Emergency Ops 

Nashville Electric Zone B Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3 003 D NB1OHC Central Emergency Line Dispatch  Utilities 
5 005 D NB2OHC1 Central Field 1 Storm Dispatch 1  Utilities 
7 007 D NB3OHC2 Central Field 1 Storm Dispatch 2  Utilities 
9 009 D NB4OHC3 Central Field 1 Storm Dispatch 3  Utilities 
11 00b D NB5OHC4 Central Field 1 Storm Dispatch 4  Utilities 
13 00d D NB6OW West Dispatch  Utilities 
15 00f D NB7OH1 West Field 1  Utilities 
17 011 D NB8OH2 West Field 2  Utilities 
19 013 D NB9OH3 West Field 3  Utilities 
21 015 D NB10OD Donelson Dispatch  Utilities 
23 017 D NB11OD1 Donelson Field 1  Utilities 
25 019 D NB12OD2 Donelson Field 2  Utilities 
27 01b D NB13OD3 Donelson Field 3  Utilities 
29 01d D NB14LD3 Load Dispatch 3  Utilities 
31 01f D NB15LD2 Load Dispatch 2  Utilities 
33 021 D NB16LD1 Load Dispatch 1  Utilities 
10149 27a5 D LOAD DISP 1 Load Dispatch 1 (P25)  Utilities 

Nashville Electric Zone C Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
35 023 D NC1US U S Dispatch  Utilities 
37 025 D NC2US1 U S Field 1  Utilities 
39 027 D NC3US2 U S Field 2  Utilities 
41 029 D NC4US3 U S Field 3  Utilities 
43 02b D NC5TST1 Test Field 1  Utilities 
45 02d D NC6TST2 Test Field 2  Utilities 
47 02f D NC7MTR Meter Dispatch  Utilities 
49 031 D NC8MTR1 Meter Field 2  Utilities 
51 033 D NC9RE Meter Reconnect Dispatch  Utilities 
53 035 D NC10RE1 Meter Reconnect Field 1  Utilities 
55 037 D NC11EG1 Engineering 1  Utilities 
57 039 D NC12EG2 Engineering 2  Utilities 
99 063 D NC13SFT Safety Operations  Utilities 
61 03d D NC14GS General Services  Utilities 
63 03f D NC15FLT Fleet Maintenance  Utilities 
65 041 D NC16SEC Facilities Security  Utilities 

Nashville Electric Zone D Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
67 043 D ND1TEL Telecommunications 1  Utilities 
59 03b D ND2SPR Security Private  Utilities 
139 08b D ND3TEL2 Telecommunications 2  Utilities 
137 089 D ND4LF Lost Radio Location  Utilities 
101 065 D ND5911 Mutual Aid To E911 Center  Utilities 

Nashville Electric Zone E Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
69 045 D NES3 NES Spare 3  Utilities 
71 047 D NES4 NES Spare 4  Utilities 
73 049 D NES5 NES Spare 5  Utilities 
75 04b D NES6 NES Spare 6  Utilities 
77 04d D NES7 NES Spare 7  Utilities 
79 04f D NES8 NES Spare 8  Utilities 
81 051 D NES9 NES Spare 9  Utilities 
83 053 D NES10 NES Spare 10  Utilities 
85 055 D NES11 NES Spare 11  Utilities 
87 057 D NES12 NES Spare 12  Utilities 
89 059 D NES13 NES Spare 13  Utilities 
91 05b D NES14 NES Spare 14  Utilities 
93 05d D NES15 NES Spare 15  Utilities 
95 05f D NES16 NES Spare 16  Utilities 
97 061 D NES17 NES Spare 17  Utilities 

Davidson County Codes Enforcement Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3701 e75 D COD 1DA Dispatch and Administration  Public Works 
3703 e77 D COD 2BU Building Inspections  Public Works 
3705 e79 D COD 3EL Electrical Inspections  Public Works 
3707 e7b D COD 4ME Mechanical Inspections  Public Works 
3709 e7d D COD 5PL Plumbing Inspections  Public Works 
3711 e7f D COD 6HZ Housing Inspections  Public Works 

Davidson County General Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2075 81b D GS 1GSA Administration  Public Works 
2097 831 D GS 2GSS1D Court House Security  Security 
2081 821 D GS 3RS1 Radio Shop 1  Public Works 
2083 823 D GS 4RS2 Radio Shop 2  Public Works 
2089 829 D GS 5BOSS1 BOSS Operations 1  Public Works 
2087 827 D GS 6BOSS2 BOSS Operations 2  Public Works 
2093 82d D GS 7HAZM Hazmat Operations  Emergency Ops 
4091 ffb D GS 8WWS Weather Warning Sirens  Emergency Ops 
4093 ffd D GS WWS P25 Weather Warning Sirens (P25 system)  Emergency Ops 
2079 81f D GS 9FMP Fleet Motor Pool  Public Works 
2099 833 D GS 10 RV Riverview  Public Works 
2101 835 D GS 11 SEC Security TOD  Security 
2103 837 D GS SEC HLTH Security Public Health Center  Schools 
10080 2760 D GS WWS NEW Weather Warning Sirens (New)  Emergency Ops 

Davidson County Public Works Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3073 c01 D PW 1PWAD Administration  Public Works 
3075 c03 D PW 2 OPS Operations  Public Works 
3077 c05 D PW 3TOPS Traffic Operations  Public Works 
3079 c07 D PW 4COM1 Command 1  Public Works 
3081 c09 D PW 5COM2 Command 2  Public Works 

Davidson County Water Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3653 e45 D A1 ADM Administrative 1  Utilities 
3617 e21 D A2 SER System Services  Utilities 
3619 e23 D A3 OPS Operations  Utilities 
3621 e25 D A4 4CS Customer Service  Utilities 
3623 e27 D A5 WENG Engineering  Utilities 
3625 e29 D A6 W FM Fleet Maintenance  Utilities 
3627 e2b D B1 WSTRS Stores  Utilities 
3629 e2d D B2 WPRMT Permits  Utilities 
3631 e2f D B3 W CSO Storm Sewer Overflow Response  Utilities 
3633 e31 D B4 W MR Meter Reading  Utilities 
3635 e33 D B5 OMOH OmohundroWaste Water Treatment Plant  Utilities 
3637 e35 D B6 CWWTP Central Waste Water Treatment Plant  Utilities 
3639 e37 D B7 KRH KR Harrington Waste Water Treatment Plant  Utilities 
3641 e39 D B8DCWWTP Dry Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant  Utilities 
3643 e3b D B9WCWWTP White Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant  Utilities 
3645 e3d D B10 W SM Sewer Maintenance  Utilities 
3647 e3f D B11 W WM Water Maintenance  Utilities 
3649 e41 D B12WTOOF Service Turn Ons Offs  Utilities 
3651 e43 D B13WINSP Inspection  Utilities 

Davidson County Transit Authority Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2401 961 D MTA1 BUS Dispatch  Transportation 
2403 963 D MTA2 AC Access Ride  Transportation 
2405 965 D MTA3 MAT Maintenance  Transportation 
2407 967 D MTA4 ADM Administration  Transportation 
2409 969 D MTA5 SAF Safety  Transportation 
2411 96b D MTA6 SUP1 Supervisor 1  Transportation 
2413 96d D MTA7 SUP2 Supervisor 2  Transportation 
2415 96f D EMRV Emergency Revert  Transportation 

Davidson County Board of Education Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2131 853 D SCH1SS School Security  Schools 
2115 843 D SCH2ADM School Administration  Schools 
2117 845 D SCH3ST Safety Training  Schools 
2119 847 D SCH4RE1 Regular Education Buses 1  Schools 
2121 849 D SCH5RE2 Regular Education Buses 2  Schools 
2123 84b D SCH6SE Special Education Buses  Schools 
2125 84d D SCH7FT Field Trips  Schools 
2127 84f D SCH8TMS Transportation Maintance Shop  Schools 
2129 851 D SCH9TA Transportation Administration  Schools 
2133 855 D SCH10PS Operations  Schools 
2135 857 D SCH11MA Maintenance  Schools 
2137 859 D SCH12CL1 Antioch, Glencliff Clusters  Schools 
2139 85b D SCH13CL2 Hillsboro, Hillwood Clusters  Schools 
2141 85d D SCH14CL3 Hunters, Lance, Maplewood Clusters  Schools 
2143 85f D SCH15CL4 McGavock, Overton Clusters  Schools 
2145 861 D SCH16CL5 Pearl, Cohn, Stratford, Whites Creek Clusters  Schools 

Davidson County Miscellaneous Agencies Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2161 871 D METRO DA 1 District Attorney Office  Law Tac 
2241 8c1 D METRO TV 1 Traffic Violations Bureau  Law Tac 
2327 917 D METRO ABC 1 Alcohol Beverage Control Board  Law Tac 
2331 91b D METRO TWRC 1 Taxi and Wrecker Regulatory Control Board  Law Tac 

Davidson County - Belle Meade Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2151 867 D BELMED D Belle Meade PD Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
2153 869 D BELMED A Belle Meade PD Administration  Law Tac 

Davidson County - Berry Hill Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2171 87b D BERHL D Berry Hill PD Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
2173 87d D BERHL A Berry Hill PD Administration  Law Tac 

Davidson County - Goodlettsville Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3301 ce5 D GDLVL PD 1 Goodlettsville Police - Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
3303 ce7 D GDLVL PD 2 Goodlettsville Police - Secondary  Law Tac 
3311 cef D GDLVL PD 11 Goodlettsville Police - 3311  Law Tac 
3319 cf7 D GDLVL FD 1 Goodlettsville Fire - Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 

Vanderbilt University Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3201 c81 D VLF Ops 1 LifeFlight Operations 1  EMS-Tac 
3203 c83 D VLF Ops 2 LifeFlight Operations 2  EMS-Tac 
3205 c85 D VLF Ground LifeFlight Ground Transport - Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
3207 c87 D VUPD Disp 1 Police Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
3209 c89 D VUPD Tac 1 Police Tactical 1  Law Dispatch 
3211 c8b D VUPD Tac 2 Police Tactical 2  Law Tac 
3213 c8d D VU Event 1 Special Event 1  Law Tac 
3215 c8f D VU Event 2 Special Event 2  Law Tac 
3217 c91 D VUPD Ops 6 Police Operations 6  Law Talk 
3219 c93 D VUPD Ops 7 Police Operations 7  Law Talk 
3221 c95 D VUPD Ops 8 Police Operations 8  Law Talk 
3223 c97 D VUPD Ops 9 Police Operations 9  Law Talk 
3225 c99 D VUPD Ops 10 Police Operations 10  Law Talk 

Rutherford County - Smyrna Airport Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1967 7af D SMYAPT TAC Airport Tactical  Emergency Ops 
1969 7b1 DE SMYAPT OPS Airport Operations  Emergency Ops 

Williamson County - Emergency Services Zone 1 Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20100 4e84 D WCESTAC1 Tactical 1 (Franklin Fire)  Multi-Tac 
20101 4e85 D WCESTAC2 Tactical 2 (Franklin Fire)  Multi-Tac 
20102 4e86 D WCESTAC3 Tactical 3 (Franklin Fire)  Multi-Tac 
20103 4e87 D WCESTAC4 Tactical 4 (Franklin Fire)  Multi-Tac 
20104 4e88 DE WCESTAC5 Tactical 5 (Franklin Fire)  Multi-Tac 
20105 4e89 DE WCESTAC6 Tactical 6 (Brentwood Fire)  Multi-Tac 
20106 4e8a DE WCESTAC7 Tactical 7 (Brentwood Fire)  Multi-Tac 
20107 4e8b DE WCESTAC8 Tactical 8 (Brentwood Fire)  Multi-Tac 
20108 4e8c DE WCESTAC9 Tactical 9 (County FD/EMS)  Multi-Tac 
20109 4e8d DE WCESTAC10 Tactical 10 (County FD/EMS)  Multi-Tac 
20110 4e8e DE WCESTAC11 Tactical 11 (County FD/EMS)  Multi-Tac 
20111 4e8f DE WCESTAC12 Tactical 12 (County FD/EMS)  Multi-Tac 
20112 4e90 DE WCESTAC13 Tactical 13  Multi-Tac 
20113 4e91 DE WCESTAC14 Tactical 14  Multi-Tac 
20114 4e92 DE WCESTAC15 Tactical 15  Multi-Tac 
20115 4e93 DE WCESTAC16 Tactical 16  Multi-Tac 

Williamson County - Emergency Services Zone 2 Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20116 4e94 DE WCESTAC17 Tactical 17 (Spring Hill Fire)  Multi-Tac 
20117 4e95 DE WCESTAC18 Tactical 18 (Spring Hill Fire)  Multi-Tac 
20118 4e96 DE WCESTAC19 Tactical 19 (Spring Hill Fire)  Multi-Tac 
20119 4e97 DE WCESTAC20 Tactical 20 (Spring Hill Fire)  Multi-Tac 
20120 4e98 DE WCESTAC21 Tactical 21 (WOPS 1)  Interop 
20121 4e99 DE WCESTAC22 Tactical 22 (WOPS 1)  Interop 
20122 4e9a DE WCESTAC23 Tactical 23 (WOPS 1)  Interop 
20123 4e9b DE WCESTAC24 Tactical 24 (WOPS 1)  Interop 
20124 4e9c DE WCESTAC25 Tactical 25 (WOPS 5)  Interop 
20125 4e9d DE WCESTAC26 Tactical 26 (WOPS 6)  Interop 
20126 4e9e DE WCESTAC27 Tactical 27 (WOPS 7)  Interop 
20127 4e9f DE WCESTAC28 Tactical 28  Multi-Tac 
20128 4ea0 DE WCESTAC29 Tactical 29  Multi-Tac 
20129 4ea1 DE WCESTAC30 Tactical 30  Multi-Tac 
20130 4ea2 DE WCESTAC31 Tactical 31  Multi-Tac 
20131 4ea3 DE WCESTAC32 Tactical 32  Multi-Tac 

Williamson County - Fire Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20080 4e70 DE WCFD DISP Williamson County FD Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
20532 5034 DE WCFD ALERT Williamson County FD Station Alerting  Fire Dispatch 

Williamson County - EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20190 4ede DE WCEMS DISP Williamson County EMS Dispatch  EMS Dispatch 
20533 5035 DE WCEMS ALERT Williamson County EMS Station Alerting  EMS Dispatch 

Williamson County - Sheriff Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20230 4f06 DE WCSO-DISP Williamson County Sheriff Dispatch  Law Dispatch 

Williamson County - Brentwood Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20040 4e48 DE BWPD-DISP1 Brentwood Police - Primary  Law Dispatch 
20041 4e49 DE BWPD-TAC-2 Brentwood Police - Tactical 2  Law Tac 
20046 4e4e DE BWFD-DISP Brentwood Fire - Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
20531 5033 DE BWFD-TONES Brentwood Fire - Station Alerting  Fire Dispatch 

Williamson County - Fairview Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20390 4fa6 DE FVFD-DISPATCH Fairview FD Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
20392 4fa8 DE FVPD-DISPATCH Fairview PD Dispatch  Law Dispatch 

Williamson County - Franklin Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20000 4e20 DE FPD-DISP Franklin PD Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
20001 4e21 DE FPD-TAC-2 Franklin PD TAC 2  Law Tac 
20010 4e2a DE FPD-TAC-1 Franklin PD TAC 1  Law Tac 
20014 4e2e D CSM-SECURITY Franklin - Cool Springs Mall Security  Security 
20015 4e2f D FFD-DISP Franklin FD Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
20016 4e30 DE FFD-TAC-1 Franklin FD Training Tactical  Fire-Tac 
20017 4e31 D FFD-PREVENT Franklin FD Fire Prevention  Fire-Talk 
20028 4e3c D FPW-C-WASTE Franklin DPW Commercial Waste  Public Works 
20029 4e3d D FPW-R-WASTE Franklin DPW Residential Waste  Public Works 
20030 4e3e D FPW-FLEET Franklin DPW Fleet  Public Works 
20031 4e3f D FPW-TRAFFIC Franklin DPW Traffic  Public Works 
20033 4e41 D F911-Event-1 Franklin Special Event 1  Multi-Tac 
20034 4e42 D F911-Event-2 Franklin Special Event 2  Multi-Tac 
20035 4e43 D F911-Event-3 Franklin Special Event 3  Multi-Tac 
20036 4e44 D F911-Event-4 Franklin Special Event 4  Multi-Tac 
20037 4e45 D F911-Event-5 Franklin Special Event 5  Multi-Tac 
20038 4e46 D FKTMA1 Franklin Transit 1 (Transit On Demand)  Transportation 
20039 4e47 D FKTMA2 Franklin Transit 2 (Fixed Routes)  Transportation 
20530 5032 D FFD-ALERT Franklin FD Station Alerting  Fire Dispatch 
20541 503d D FFD-ATG Franklin FD Announcement  Fire Dispatch 

Williamson County - Nolensville Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20409 4fb9 DE NPD-DISP Nolensville PD Dispatch  Law Dispatch 

Williamson and Maury Counties - Spring Hill Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20421 4fc5 DE SHFD-DISP Spring Hill FD Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
20424 4fc8 DE SHPD-DISP Spring Hill PD Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
20534 5036 DE SHFD-ALERT Spring Hill FD Station Alerting  Fire Dispatch 

Williamson County Special Events Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
20331 4f6b D WCSE1 Williamson County Special Event 1  Multi-Tac 
20332 4f6c D WCSE2 Williamson County Special Event 2  Multi-Tac 
20333 4f6d D WCSE3 Williamson County Special Event 3  Multi-Tac 
20334 4f6e D WCSE4 Williamson County Special Event 4  Multi-Tac 
20335 4f6f D WCSE5 Williamson County Special Event 5  Multi-Tac 
20336 4f70 D WCSE6 Williamson County Special Event 6  Multi-Tac 
20337 4f71 D WCSE7 Williamson County Special Event 7  Multi-Tac 
20338 4f72 D WCSE8 Williamson County Special Event 8  Multi-Tac 
20339 4f73 D WCSE9 Williamson County Special Event 9  Multi-Tac 
20548 5044 D WCSE-ATG Williamson County Special Event Announcement  Multi-Dispatch 

Wilson County - Mount Juliet Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
2549 9f5 D MJFD-DISP Fire Dispatch  Fire Dispatch 
2551 9f7 D MJFD-ADMIN Fire Admin  Fire-Talk 
2553 9f9 DE MJFD-EMS OP1 EMS Operations 1  EMS-Tac 
2555 9fb DE MJFD-OPS1 Fire Operations 1  Fire-Tac 
2557 9fd DE MJFD-OPS2 Fire Operations 2  Fire-Tac 
2559 9ff DE MJFD-OPS3 Fire Operations 3  Fire-Tac 
2561 a01 DE MJFD-OPS4 Fire Operations 4  Fire-Tac 
2563 a03 DE MJFD-OPS5 Fire Operations 5  Fire-Tac 
2565 a05 DE MJFD-OPS6 Fire Operations 6  Fire-Tac 
2515 9d3 DE MJPD-DISP1 Police Primary  Law Dispatch 
2517 9d5 DE MJPD-DISP2 Police Secondary  Law Dispatch 
2519 9d7 DE MJPD-OPS 1 Police Operations 1  Law Tac 
2521 9d9 DE MJPD-OPS 2 Police Operations 2  Law Tac 
2523 9db DE MJPD-TLK1 Police Talkaround 1  Law Talk 
2525 9dd DE MJPD-TLK2 Police Talkaround 2  Law Talk 
2527 9df D MJPD-JNC Police Junction  Interop 
2529 9e1 DE MJPD-CMND Police Command  Law Tac 
2531 9e3 DE MJPD-NEG Police Negotiations  Law Tac 
2533 9e5 DE MJPD-CSU 1 Police Crime Suppression Unit 1  Law Tac 
2535 9e7 DE MJPD-CSU 2 Police Crime Suppression Unit 2  Law Tac 
2537 9e9 DE MJPD-CID OPS Police Criminal Investigative Division  Law Tac 
2539 9eb DE MJPD-SRT 1 Police - Strategic Response Team 1  Law Tac 
2541 9ed DE MJPD-SRT 2 Police - Strategic Response Team 2  Law Tac 
2543 9ef D MJPD-EVENT1 Police - Events 1  Law Tac 
2545 9f1 D MJPD-EVENT2 Police - Events 2  Law Tac 
2547 9f3 D MJPD-AC Police - Animal Control  Law Tac 
2567 a07 DE MJ-ADMIN 1 City Administration 1  Public Works 
2569 a09 DE MJ CITY OPS1 City Operations 1  Public Works 
2571 a0b D MJ-DPW 1 Public Works 1  Public Works 
2573 a0d D MJ-DPW 2 Public Works 2  Public Works 
2575 a0f D MJPW-BLDGS City Buildings Department  Public Works 
2577 a11 D MJ-PARKS 1 Parks Department - Operations 1   Public Works 
2579 a13 D MJ-PARKS 2 Parks Department - Operations 2  Public Works 
2581 a15 D MJ-ITS OPS City Information Technology Services  Public Works 
41033 a049 DE MJPD DISP1 Police Dispatch 1  Law Dispatch 
41034 a04a DE MJPD DISP2 Police Dispatch 2  Law Dispatch 

Radio Technicians Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1425 591 D NFDLF Nashville FD Lost Radio Location  Other 
773 305 D NPDLF Nashville PD Lost Radio Location  Other 

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