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US > Maryland > Montgomery (County) > Montgomery County, MD (P16)

Montgomery County, MD (P16)

This system is deprecated, and may no longer be in use or is superseded by another system.

System Name:Montgomery County, MD (P16)
Location:Various, MD
System Type:Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice:Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
Last Updated:March 10, 2021, 11:01 am (Updated General Trunked System Information)

Important Rebanded Note

One or more sites for this trunking system have gone through the 800 MHz rebanding process. Your scanner may be incompatible, require a firmware update or require special programming to track these sites. Please visit the RR Wiki Rebanding page for additional information.

System ID List

System ID   Connect Tone  
HEX: 743E   116.13

System Frequencies
Red (c) are primary control channels | Blue (a) are alternate control channels | Site Map(s): FCC Callsigns RR Locations

001 (1) Simulcast851.3375 851.650 852.8875 853.1625 853.3875 853.6125 853.6875a 853.8625c
    853.8875a 853.9375a            

System Talkgroups
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Fire/Rescue - Operations Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
3136 0c4 D MCFR 7 Marine 1 7 Marine 1  Interop 
3152 0c5 DE MCFR 7 Marine 2 7 Marine 2  Interop 
3344 0d1 D MCFR 7A Disp 7A Dispatch (patched with 154.16 MHz)  Fire Dispatch 
3376 0d3 D MCFR 7B Ops 7B Operations (normally patched with 153.95 MHz)  Fire-Tac 
3408 0d5 D MCFR 7C In10 7C Incident 10  Fire-Tac 
3440 0d7 D MCFR 7D In11 7D Incident 11  Fire-Tac 
3472 0d9 D MCFR 7E In12 7E Incident 12  Fire-Tac 
3504 0db D MCFR 7F An10 7F Announcement 10  Fire-Tac 
3536 0dd D MCFR 7G In20 7G Incident 20  Fire-Tac 
3568 0df D MCFR 7H In21 7H Incident 21  Fire-Tac 
3600 0e1 D MCFR 7I In22 7I Incident 22  Fire-Tac 
3632 0e3 D MCFR 7J An20 7J Announcement 20  Fire-Tac 
3664 0e5 D MCFR 71C I30 71C Incident 30  Fire-Tac 
3696 0e7 D MCFR 71D I31 71D Incident 31  Fire-Tac 
3728 0e9 D MCFR 71E I32 71E Incident 32  Fire-Tac 
3760 0eb D MCFR 71F A30 71F Announcement 30  Fire-Tac 
3792 0ed D MCFR 71G I40 71G Incident 40  Fire-Tac 
3824 0ef D MCFR 71H I41 71H Incident 41  Fire-Tac 
3856 0f1 D MCFR 71I I42 71I Incident 42  Fire-Tac 
3888 0f3 D MCFR 71J A40 71J Announcement 40  Fire-Tac 
3920 0f5 D MCFR 72F I50 72F Incident 50  Fire-Tac 
3952 0f7 D MCFR 72G I51 72G Incident 51  Fire-Tac 
3984 0f9 D MCFR 72H I52 72H Incident 52  Fire-Tac 
4016 0fb D MCFR 72I A50 72I Announcement 50  Fire-Tac 
4048 0fd D MCFR 72J I60 72J Incident 60  Fire-Tac 
4080 0ff D MCFR 72K I61 72K Incident 61  Fire-Tac 
4112 101 D MCFR 72L I62 72L Incident 62  Fire-Tac 
4144 103 D MCFR 72M A60 72M Announcement 60  Fire-Tac 
4176 105 D MCFR 72C Cal 72C EMRC Call Patch  Hospital 
4208 107 D MCFR 72D Cn1 72D EMRC Consult 1  Hospital 
4240 109 D MCFR 72E Cn2 72E EMRC Consult 2  Hospital 
17968 463 D MCFR 72Q HRN 72Q Hospital Radio Network  Hospital 
18096 46b D MCFR 7K 7K Alternate  Fire-Tac 
18128 46d DE MCFR 7L 7L Local Alternate Secure  Fire-Tac 
18160 46f D MCFR 71K 71K Alternate  Fire-Tac 
18192 471 DE MCFR 71L 71L Local Alternate Secure  Fire-Tac 
18256 475 DE MCFR 7M 7M Metro Alternate Secure  Fire-Tac 
18288 477 DE MCFR 71M 71M Metro Alternate Secure  Fire-Tac 
32784 801 D Fire/CERTAlt Fire/CERT Alternate (used during Inauguration 2009)  Fire-Tac 

Fire/Rescue - Special Operations Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
18320 479 DE MCFR 73C 73C Special Ops 10  Fire-Tac 
18352 47b DE MCFR 73D 73D Special Ops 11  Fire-Tac 
18416 47f DE MCFR 73F 73F Special Ops 20  Fire-Tac 
18448 481 DE MCFR 73G 73G Special Ops 21  Fire-Tac 
18480 483 DE MCFR 73H 73H Special Ops 22  Fire-Tac 
18512 485 DE MCFR 73I 73I Special Ops Administration  Fire-Tac 

Fire/Rescue - Administration Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4816 12d DE MCFR 76A Stf 76A Senior Staff  Fire-Talk 
3312 0cf D MCFR 76B OA 76B Operations Administration  Fire-Talk 
4848 12f DE MCFR 76C IA 76C Internal Affairs  Fire-Talk 
4976 137 DE MCFR 76D FEI 76D Fire and Explosives Investigations  Fire-Talk 
5008 139 D MCFR 76E CE 76E Code Enforcement  Fire-Talk 
5456 155 D MCFR 76F CMF 76F Central Maintenance Facility  Fire-Talk 
5488 157 D MCFR 76G TA1 76G Public Safety Training Academy 1  Fire-Talk 
5520 159 D MCFR 76H TA2 76H Public Safety Training Academy 2  Fire-Talk 
5552 15b D MCFR 76I TA3 76I Public Safety Training Academy 3  Fire-Talk 
5584 15d D MCFR 76J TA4 76J Public Safety Training Academy 4  Fire-Talk 
5776 169 D MCFR 76K LF1 76K Local Fire Rescue Departments 1  Fire-Talk 
5808 16b D MCFR 76L LF1 76L Local Fire Rescue Departments 2  Fire-Talk 
3248 0cb DE MCFR 76M Adm 76M Administration  Fire-Talk 
3072 0c0 D MCFR 78C B1 78C/7B1C Battalion 1 Admin/Training  Fire-Talk 
3088 0c1 D MCFR 78D B2 78D/7B2C Battalion 2 Admin/Training  Fire-Talk 
3104 0c2 D MCFR 78E B3 78E/7B3C Battalion 3 Admin/Training  Fire-Talk 
5840 16d D MCFR 78F B4 78F/7B4C Battalion 4 Admin/Training  Fire-Talk 
5872 16f D MCFR 78G B5 78G/7B5C Battalion 5 Admin/Training  Fire-Talk 
1952 07a D MCFR 7B1D 7B1D Fire Station 1  Fire-Talk 
1984 07c D MCFR 7B1E 7B1E Fire Station 2  Fire-Talk 
2336 092 D MCFR 7B1F 7B1F Fire Station 12  Fire-Talk 
2432 098 D MCFR 7B1G 7B1G Fire Station 15  Fire-Talk 
2464 09a D MCFR 7B1H 7B1H Fire Station 16  Fire-Talk 
2560 0a0 D MCFR 7B1I 7B1I Fire Station 19  Fire-Talk 
2720 0aa D MCFR 7B1J 7B1J Fire Station 24  Fire-Talk 
3056 0bf D MCFR 7B1K 7B1K Fire Station 54  Fire-Talk 
19184 4af D MCFR 7B1O 7B1O Battalion 1 Announcement  Fire-Talk 
2144 086 D MCFR 7B2D 7B2D Fire Station 6  Fire-Talk 
2176 088 D MCFR 7B2E 7B2E Fire Station 7  Fire-Talk 
2272 08e D MCFR 7B2F 7B2F Fire Station 10  Fire-Talk 
2304 090 D MCFR 7B2G 7B2G Fire Station 11  Fire-Talk 
2592 0a2 D MCFR 7B2H 7B2H Fire Station 20  Fire-Talk 
2784 0ae D MCFR 7B2I 7B2I Fire Station 26  Fire-Talk 
2896 0b5 D MCFR 7B2J 7B2J Fire Station 30  Fire-Talk 
2768 0ad D MCFR 7B2K 7B2K Fire Station 41  Fire-Talk 
2992 0bb D MCFR 7B2L 7B2L Fire Station 50  Fire-Talk 
3008 0bc D MCFR 7B2M 7B2M Fire Station 51  Fire-Talk 
3024 0bd D MCFR 7B2N 7B2N Fire Station 52  Fire-Talk 
19024 4a5 D MCFR 7B2O 7B2O Battalion 2 Announcement  Fire-Talk 
2048 080 D MCFR 7B3D 7B3D Fire Station 3  Fire-Talk 
2208 08a D MCFR 7B3E 7B3E Fire Station 8  Fire-Talk 
2688 0a8 D MCFR 7B3F 7B3F Fire Station 23  Fire-Talk 
2816 0b0 D MCFR 7B3G 7B3G Public Service Training Academy/Fire Station 27  Fire-Talk 
1971 07b D MCFR 7B3H 7B3H Fire Station 28  Fire-Talk 
2912 0b6 D MCFR 7B3I 7B3I Fire Station 31  Fire-Talk 
2928 0b7 D MCFR 7B3J 7B3J Fire Station 32  Fire-Talk 
2944 0b8 D MCFR 7B3K 7B3K Fire Station 33  Fire-Talk 
3040 0be D MCFR 7B3L 7B3L Fire Station 53  Fire-Talk 
19040 4a6 D MCFR 7B3O 7B3O Battalion 3 Announcement  Fire-Talk 
2080 082 D MCFR 7B4D 7B4D Fire Station 4  Fire-Talk 
2112 084 D MCFR 7B4E 7B4E Fire Station 5  Fire-Talk 
2528 09e D MCFR 7B4F 7B4F Fire Station 18  Fire-Talk 
2624 0a4 D MCFR 7B4G 7B4G Fire Station 21  Fire-Talk 
2752 0ac D MCFR 7B4H 7B4H Fire Station 25  Fire-Talk 
2832 0b1 D MCFR 7B4I 7B4I Fire Station 40  Fire-Talk 
2976 0ba D MCFR 7B4J 7B4J Fire Station 42  Fire-Talk 
19056 4a7 D MCFR 7B4O 7B4O Battalion 4 Announcement  Fire-Talk 
2240 08c D MCFR 7B5D 7B5D Fire Station 9  Fire-Talk 
2368 094 D MCFR 7B5E 7B5E Fire Station 13  Fire-Talk 
2400 096 D MCFR 7B5F 7B5F Fire Station 14  Fire-Talk 
2496 09c D MCFR 7B5G 7B5G Fire Station 17  Fire-Talk 
2656 0a6 D MCFR 7B5H 7B5H Fire Station 22  Fire-Talk 
2880 0b4 D MCFR 7B5I 7B5I Fire Station 29  Fire-Talk 
2960 0b9 D MCFR 7B5J 7B5J Fire Station 34  Fire-Talk 
2864 0b3 D MCFR 7B5K 7B5K Fire Station 35  Fire-Talk 
19072 4a8 D MCFR 7B5O 7B5O Battalion 5 Announcement  Fire-Talk 
2448 099 D MCFR Trng Acad Public Safety Training Academy  Fire-Talk 
2480 09b D MCFR Train 2480 Training  Fire-Talk 

Fire/Rescue - Hospitals Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4272 10b De MCFR 79A HCH 79A Holy Cross Hospital  Hospital 
4304 10d De MCFR 79B MSM 79B MedStar Montgomery  Hospital 
4336 10f De MCFR 79C WR 79C Walter Reed National Military Medical Center  Hospital 
4368 111 De MCFR 79D SGA 79D Shady Grove Adventist Hospital  Hospital 
4400 113 De MCFR 79E Sub 79E Suburban Hospital  Hospital 
4432 115 De MCFR 79F WAH 79F Washington Adventist Hospital  Hospital 
5200 145 De MCFR 79G Hsp 79G Hospital Common  Hospital 
3280 0cd De MCFR 79H H-A 79H Hospital Announcement  Hospital 
18000 465 De MCFR 79K Sib 79K Sibley Memorial Hospital  Hospital 
4352 110 De MCFR 79L HCG 79L Holy Cross Germantown Hospital  Hospital 

Fairfax County Fire/Rescue Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
13200 339 D FFX 41L GF1 Ch. 41L Great Falls 1  Fire-Tac 
13232 33b D FFX 41M GF2 Ch. 41M Great Falls 2  Fire-Tac 

Incident Management Team Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
4464 117 DE MC IMT 1 Cmd IMT 1 Command  Interop 
4496 119 DE MC IMT 2 Ops IMT 2 Operations  Interop 
4528 11b DE MC IMT 3 Log IMT 3 Logistics  Interop 
4560 11d DE MC IMT 4 IMT 4  Interop 
4592 11f DE MC IMT 5 IMT 5  Interop 
4624 121 DE MC IMT 6 IMT 6  Interop 
4656 123 DE MC IMT 7 IMT 7  Interop 
4688 125 DE MC IMT 8 IMT 8  Interop 
4720 127 DE MC IMT 9 IMT 9  Interop 
4752 129 DE MC IMT 10 IMT 10  Interop 
4784 12b DE MC IMT 11 IMT 11  Interop 
5040 13b DE MC IMT 12 IMT 12  Interop 

Law Enforcement - County Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
14736 399 D MCPD A1 Dis1 A1 District 1 Dispatch (Rockville, Sectors A/B/C; also channels A10 and 73A)  Law Dispatch 
14832 39f D MCPD A2 Dis2 A2 District 2 Dispatch (Bethesda, Sectors D/E; also channels E2 and 73B)  Law Dispatch 
14928 3a5 D MCPD A3 Dis3 A3 District 3 Dispatch (Silver Spring, Sectors G/H/I; also channels E3 and 73C)  Law Dispatch 
15024 3ab D MCPD A4 Dis4 A4 District 4 Dispatch (Wheaton, Sectors J/K/L; also channels E4 and 73D)  Law Dispatch 
15120 3b1 D MCPD A5 Dis5 A5 District 5 Dispatch (Germantown, Sectors M/N; also channels E5 and 73E)  Law Dispatch 
15216 3b7 D MCPD A6 Dis6 A6 District 6 Dispatch (Montgomery Village, Sectors P/R/S/V; also channels E6 and 73F)  Law Dispatch 
13136 335 D MCPD A7 TacA A7 Tactical A (also channels E7 and F8)  Law Tac 
32656 7f9 D MCPD A8 Desk A8 Desk  Law Tac 
14352 381 DE MCPD A15 A15  Law Tac 
14800 39d D MCPD B1 Ops1 B1 District 1 Operations  Law Tac 
14896 3a3 D MCPD B2 Ops2 B2 District 2 Operations  Law Tac 
14992 3a9 D MCPD B3 Ops3 B3 District 3 Operations  Law Tac 
15088 3af D MCPD B4 Ops4 B4 District 4 Operations  Law Tac 
15184 3b5 D MCPD B5 Ops5 B5 District 5 Operations  Law Tac 
15280 3bb D MCPD B6 Ops6 B6 District 6 Operations  Law Tac 
13168 337 D MCPD B7 TacB B7 Tactical B (also channels E8 and F9)  Law Tac 
14768 39b DE MCPD C1 SAT1 C1 District 1 Special Assignment Team  Law Tac 
14864 3a1 DE MCPD C2 SAT2 C2 District 2 Special Assignment Team  Law Tac 
14960 3a7 DE MCPD C3 SAT3 C3 District 3 Special Assignment Team  Law Tac 
15056 3ad DE MCPD C4 SAT4 C4 District 4 Special Assignment Team  Law Tac 
15152 3b3 DE MCPD C5 SAT5 C5 District 5 Special Assignment Team  Law Tac 
15248 3b9 DE MCPD C6 SAT6 C6 District 6 Special Assignment Team  Law Tac 
13264 33d D MCPD C7 TacC C7 Tactical C (also channel F10)  Law Tac 
14192 377 D MCPD C8 CAT C8 Centralized Auto Theft Team  Law Tac 
13872 363 D MCPD C9 Wrnt C9 Fugitive/Warrant Unit  Law Tac 
14096 371 D MCPD D1 ISB D1 Investigative Services Bureau Operations  Law Tac 
14128 373 D MCPD D2CIDAd D2 Criminal Investigations Division Administration  Law Talk 
14160 375 D MCPD D3CIDOp D3 Criminal Investigations Division Operations  Law Tac 
15504 3c9 D MCPD D4 Anim D4 Animal Services Division  Law Tac 
13776 35d D MCPD D5 TrA1 D5 Training Academy 1  Law Talk 
13808 35f D MCPD D6 TrA2 D6 Training Academy 2  Law Talk 
13840 361 D MCPD D7 TrA3 D7 Training Academy 3  Law Talk 
13904 365 D MCPD D8MgAdm D8 Management Administration? (used by Alcohol Enforcement Unit)  Law Talk 
13936 367 D MCPD D9MgSup D9 Management Supervisors?  Law Talk 
14000 36b D MCPD D10 Tch D10 Technology Division  Law Talk 
13968 369 D MCPD D11 ECC D11 Emergency Communications Center  Law Talk 
13456 349 D MCPD E9SODAd E9 Special Operations Division Administration  Law Talk 
13488 34b D MCPD E10SOD1 E10 Special Operations Division 1  Law Tac 
13520 34d DE MCPD E11SOD2 E11 Special Operations Division 2  Law Tac 
32112 7d7 D MCPD G1PINC1 G1 District 1 Major Incident  Law Tac 
32144 7d9 D MCPD G2PINC2 G2 District 2 Major Incident  Law Tac 
32176 7db D MCPD G3PINC3 G3 District 3 Major Incident  Law Tac 
32208 7dd D MCPD G4PINC4 G4 District 4 Major Incident  Law Tac 
14288 37d DE MCPD 14288 Police  Law Tac 
14608 391 D MCPD Int Aff Office of Internal Affairs  Law Tac 
15568 3cd D MCPD 15568 Police Training  Law Talk 
15728 3d7 D MCPD Trng 15728 Training  Law Talk 
15952 3e5 D MCPD 15952 Police Training  Law Talk 
16048 3eb D MCPD 16048 Police Training  Law Talk 
18992 4a3 D AnimalSheltr Animal Shelter  Public Works 

Law Enforcement - Municipal Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
17104 42d D A11 CCVP1 A11 Chevy Chase Village Police 1  Law Dispatch 
17136 42f D B11 CCVP2 B11 Chevy Chase Village Police 2  Law Tac 
17712 453 D C11 CCVTAC1 C11 Chevy Chase Village Police Tactical 1  Law Tac 
16464 405 D A13 GPDTL A13 Gaithersburg Police Dispatch (also channel W2)  Law Dispatch 
16496 407 DE B13 GPDTC B13 Gaithersburg Police Tactical 1 (also channel W3)  Law Tac 
16432 403 DE C13 GPDCM C13 Gaithersburg Police Command? (also channels W1 and 73I)  Law Tac 
16528 409 D W4 GPDTC2 W4 Gaithersburg Police Tactical 2  Law Tac 
16624 40f D B10 RCPD1 B10 Rockville Police 1 (also channel 73H)  Law Dispatch 
16656 411 D C10 RCPD2 C10 Rockville Police 2  Law Tac 
16240 3f7 D A12 TP 1 A12 Takoma Park Police 1 (also channels W7 and 73G)  Law Dispatch 
16272 3f9 D B12 TP 2 B12 Takoma Park Police 2 (also channel W8)  Law Tac 
16336 3fd D W9 TPTC1 W9 Takoma Park Police Tactical 1  Law Tac 
16400 401 D W10 TPTC2 W10 Takoma Park Police Tactical 2  Law Tac 

Law Enforcement - M-NCPPC Park Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
304 013 DE Park PD Secure Park Police Secure  Law Tac 
15312 3bd D M-NCPPC Deer Deer Sharpshooters  Law Tac 
16976 425 D B16 PrkPD B16 Dispatch  Law Dispatch 
17008 427 D PrkPD Tac Tactical  Law Tac 
17040 429 D MC P9 PrkCrd P9 Parks Coordination  Interop 
17072 42b D MC P8 Talkaround P8 Talkaround  Law Tac 

Law Enforcement - Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
17904 45f D H2 WSSC Police H2 WSSC Police  Law Dispatch 

Law Enforcement - State Police Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
32464 7ed D A9 MSPR1 A9 Maryland State Police Rockville 1 (Barrack N, patched with 39.32 MHz; also channel 73J)  Law Dispatch 
32496 7ef D B9 MSPR2 B9 Maryland State Police Rockville 2  Law Tac 

Law Enforcement - Interoperability Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
15440 3c5 D Z11 PG10 Z11 Prince George's County Police Channel 10 Patch  Law Talk 
15472 3c7 D Z12 PG8 Z12 Prince George's County Police Channel 8 Patch  Law Talk 
32304 7e3 D Z13 PGCRD Z13 Prince George's County Police CRD?  Law Talk 
32336 7e5 D PDIntop32336 Regional Police Interoperability (used for presidential motorcade)  Law Talk 
32528 7f1 D X1 DCTYW X1 Washington DC Metropolitan Police Citywide Patch  Law Talk 
32560 7f3 D X2 NIHXP X2 National Institutes of Health Police Patch  Law Talk 
32592 7f5 D X3 WMATA X3 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Police Patch  Law Talk 

Sheriff Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
15888 3e1 D S1 SHFUG S1 Fugitive/Warrant Unit  Law Tac 
15824 3dd D S2 SHDV S2 Domestic Violence Unit  Law Tac 
15792 3db D S3 CIVIL S3 Civil Process Service  Law Tac 
15760 3d9 D S4 SHCSU S4 Child Support Unit  Law Tac 
16016 3e9 D S9 JCS S9 Judicial Center Security  Law Tac 
15600 3cf D S10 CIRCT S10 Circuit Court  Law Tac 
15664 3d3 D S11 RDC S11 Rockville District Court  Law Tac 
15632 3d1 D S12 SSDC S12 Silver Spring District Court  Law Tac 
15536 3cb D S16 SHAPB S16 Announcement  Law Tac 

Correction and Rehabilitation Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
12528 30f D MCCF1Primary Montgomery County Correctional Facility 1 Primary (Clarksburg; also channels S6/E13)  Corrections 
12560 311 D MCCF 2 Perim Montgomery County Correctional Facility 2 Perimeter  Corrections 
12592 313 D MCCF Maint Montgomery County Correctional Facility Maintenance  Corrections 
12720 31b D MCDC 1 Montgomery County Detention Center 1 (Seven Locks Road; also channels S5/E12)  Corrections 
12752 31d D MCDC 2? Montgomery County Detention Center  Corrections 
12784 31f D Pre-Rel Cntr Pre-Release Center  Corrections 

Public Safety Shared Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1744 06d D MC J1 SpEvt1 J1 Special Events 1  Interop 
1776 06f D MC J2 SpEvt2 J2 Special Events 2  Interop 
1808 071 D MC J3 SpEvt3 J3 Special Events 3  Interop 
16176 3f3 D MC J4 SpEvt4 J4 Special Events 4  Interop 
15696 3d5 D MC J5 SpEvt5 J5 Special Events 5  Interop 
17200 433 D MC J6 SpEvt6 J6 Special Events 6  Interop 
32240 7df D MC J7 SE Ann J7 Special Events Announcement  Interop 
1616 065 DE MC J8 PS1 J8 Public Safety Coordination 1  Interop 
1648 067 DE MC J9 PS2 J9 Public Safety Coordination 2  Interop 
1680 069 DE MC J10 PS3 J10 Public Safety Coordination 3  Interop 
15408 3c3 DE MC J11 PS4 J11 Public Safety Coordination 4  Interop 
2416 097 DE MC J12 PSAnc J12 Public Safety Announcement  Interop 

Local Government Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
6160 181 D MC L1 LGEM1 L1 Emergency 1  Interop 
6192 183 D MC L2 LGEM2 L2 Emergency 2  Interop 
6224 185 D MC L3 LGEM3 L3 Emergency 3  Interop 
16208 3f5 D MC L4 LGEM4 L4 Emergency 4  Interop 
15856 3df D MC L5 LGEM5 L5 Emergency 5  Interop 
32272 7e1 D MC L6 LGEM-A L6 Emergency Announcement  Interop 
6096 17d D MC L7 LGCRD1 L7 Coordination 1 (Police Abandoned Car Unit)  Interop 
6128 17f D MC L8 LGCRD2 L8 Coordination 2  Interop 
16112 3ef D MC L9 LGCRD3 L9 Coordination 3  Interop 
16144 3f1 D MC L10 LGCD4 L10 Coordination 4  Interop 
2512 09d D MC L11 LGC-A L11 Coordination Announcement  Interop 
16368 3ff DE MC L12 LGE-S L12 Emergency Secure  Interop 
6256 187 D MC L16 911 L16 911  Interop 
16944 423 D WstfldWhtnNBldg Westfield Wheaton North Building - Security  Security 
48352 bce D MC Animal Sheltr Animal Shelter - Adoption Center  Public Works 

Gaithersburg/Rockville Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
16560 40b D W5 GAIT1 W5 Gaithersburg Local Government 1  Public Works 
16592 40d D W6 GAIT2 W6 Gaithersburg Local Government 2  Public Works 
16752 417 D W13 RCLG3 W13 Rockville Local Government 3  Public Works 

Schools Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
1712 06b D MoCollegSec Montgomery College Security (all campuses interoperablility)  Security 
16784 419 D MCPSSecurity Public Schools Security  Security 

National Institute of Standards and Technology Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
5136 141 D NIST 5136 Fire?  Federal 
5264 149 D NISTAnnounce NA Announcement  Federal 
5232 147 D NIST Emrgncy NE Emergency  Emergency Ops 
5104 13f D NIST Fire NF Fire  Fire Dispatch 
5072 13d D NIST Police NP Police  Law Dispatch 

Maryland Transportation Authority Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
16688 413 D MdTA ICC PD Intercounty Connector - Police  Law Dispatch 
16720 415 D MdTA ICCMnt16720 Intercounty Connector - Maintenance/Snow Plows  Public Works 
32688 7fb D MdTA ICCMnt32688 Intercounty Connector - Maintenance/Snow Plows  Public Works 

Public Works and Transportation - Traffic and Transit Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
6736 1a5 D MC RideOnAdm Ride On Administration  Transportation 
6896 1af D MCRideOnSupv Ride On Supervisors  Transportation 
6992 1b5 D MC CHART Coordinated Highways Action Response Team (CHART)  Public Works 
7056 1b9 D MC TMC 1 Traffic Management Center 1  Public Works 
7088 1bb D MC TMC 2 Traffic Management Center 2  Public Works 
7120 1bd D MCPW SignShp Sign Shop  Public Works 
7280 1c7 D MCPW PkgMnt Parking Maintenance (Bethesda and Silver Spring)  Public Works 

Public Works and Transportation - Highway Maintenance Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
7824 1e9 D MCPWGbrgEPri Gaithersburg East Primary  Public Works 
7856 1eb D MCPW Gburg E Gaithersburg East  Public Works 
7888 1ed D MCPW Flagger7888 Flaggers  Public Works 
7920 1ef D MCPW Gburg W Gaithersburg West  Public Works 
7952 1f1 D MCPW 7952 Unid  Public Works 
8016 1f5 D MCPW Colesvl Colesville  Public Works 
8048 1f7 D MCPW 8048 Unid  Public Works 
8112 1fb D MCPWBethesda Bethesda ("Seven Locks")  Public Works 
8144 1fd D MCPW 8144 Unid  Public Works 
8208 201 D MCPW SilvSpr Silver Spring  Public Works 
8240 203 D MCPW Ops A Ops A  Public Works 
8272 205 D MCPW Rds T/A Roads Talkaround - Bethesda area  Public Works 
8336 209 D MCPW 8336 Snow Plows  Public Works 
8400 20d D MCPW Flagger8400 Flaggers  Public Works 

Public Works and Transportation - Facility Security and Maint. Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
6800 1a9 D FSMMaint6800 Maintenance  Public Works 
9680 25d D FSM Maint 1 Maintenance 1  Public Works 
10576 295 D FSM Maint 2 Maintenance 2 Customer Service  Public Works 
6768 1a7 D FSM Maint 6 Maintenance 6  Public Works 
10608 297 D FSM Security Security  Security 

Technology Services Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
17872 45d D H1 HDSK1 H1 Computer Help Desk 1 (also channel 76N)  Public Works 
17616 44d D H3 RADIO H3 Radio Communications - Radio Shop (also channel 76P)  Public Works 
17840 45b D Radio 17840 Radio Communications  Public Works 
17680 451 D Radio Test 1 Radio Communications - Test 1  Public Works 
17648 44f D MC RadTest2 Radio Communications - Test 2  Public Works 
17744 455 D TelephoneSvc Telephone Services  Public Works 

Data Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode  Alpha TagDescriptionTag  
49424 c11 A MCFRAlt49424 Fire Station Alerting (MOSCAD)  Data 
49456 c13 A MCFRAlt49456 Fire Station Alerting (MOSCAD)  Data 

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