WV SIRN: West Virginia Statewide Interoperable Radio Network

Site: Hampshire County (14)

Unique DB ID: 33059
County: Hampshire

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 38.8976 Longitude: -80.2782 Range: 145 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1301515DHamp Co 911 EFR Fire / EMS - DispatchMulti-Dispatch
130651aDHamp Co City PDRomney PD / Capon Bridge PD - DispatchLaw Dispatch
130751bDHamp Co SO DispSheriff - DispatchLaw Dispatch
130851cDEHamp Co SO SecSheriff - Secure (Encrypted)Law Tac
131051eDHCESA 10 PrivateEmergency Service Agency - (Company 10) PrivateEmergency Ops
1313521DHamp Fire TAlphaFire - Tactical AlphaFire-Tac
1315523DHamp Fire TBravoFire - Tactical BravoFire-Tac
1317525DHamp Co SO TacSheriff - TacticalLaw Tac
1318526DRomney FD Co1 PvRomney Fire - (Company 1) PrivateFire-Talk
1319527DAgusta FD Co3 PvAugusta Fire - (Company 3) PrivateFire-Talk
1321529DSlnsvle FD Co5PvSlanesville Fire - (Company 5) PrivateFire-Talk
132252aDLevels FD Co6PvLevels Fire - (Company 6) PrivateFire-Talk
132352bDHamp Co SO PvtSheriff - PrivateLaw Talk
132452cDNorth River FDpvNorth River Fire - Company 7 - PrivateEMS-Talk
132552dDCapon Sp FRsc PvCapon Springs Fire and Rescue - Company 8 - PrivateFire-Talk
132652eDCpnBrdg FD Co9PvCapon Bridge Fire - (Company 9) PrivateFire-Talk
1328530DRomny EMS Co11PvRomney EMS - (Company 11) PrivateEMS-Talk
1330532DAgusta EMS Co13PAugusta EMS - (Company 13) PrivateEMS-Talk
1331533DSpngfld FEMS 42PSpringfield Fire and EMS - (Company 42) PrivateFire-Talk
1333535DHamp Co Tac 1Tactical Ch. 1 Multi-Tac
1334536DHamp Co Tac 5Tactical Ch. 5 Multi-Tac
1335537DHamp Co Tac 2Tactical Ch. 2 Multi-Tac
1336538DHamp Co Tac 6Tactical Ch. 6Multi-Tac
1337539DHamp Co Tac 3Tactical Ch. 3 Multi-Tac
133953bDHamp Co Tac 4Tactical Ch. 4 Multi-Tac
1351547DHamp Co EMAEmergency Management Agency - (Sheriff use also)Emergency Ops
1353549DHamp Co Talk 1Talk - Ch. 1Multi-Talk
135554bDHamp Co Talk 2Talk - Ch. 2Multi-Talk
135754dDHamp Co Event 1Event - Ch. 1Multi-Talk
135954fDHamp Co Event 2Event - Ch. 2Multi-Talk
1361551DHamp Co Event 3Event - Ch. 3Multi-Talk
1363553DHamp Co Event 4Event - Ch. 4Multi-Talk
1377561DEHamp Co SecTac 1Secure Tactical - Ch. 1 Multi-Tac