Pinellas County

Site: Pinellas County Fire-EMS

Unique DB ID: 19986
County: Pinellas

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 27.8961 Longitude: -82.7082 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
512200DFD 1AFire 1A DispatchFire Dispatch
514202DFD 1BFire 1BFire-Tac
516204DFD 1CFire 1CFire-Tac
518206DFD 1DFire 1DFire-Tac
520208DFD 1EFire 1EFire-Tac
52220aDFD 1FFire 1FFire-Tac
52420cDFD 1GFire 1GFire-Tac
52620eDEFD 1HFire 1HFire-Tac
528210DEFD 1IFire 1IFire-Tac
530212DFD 1JFire 1JFire-Tac
532214DFD 1KFire 1KFire-Tac
536218DLP ALow Priority AFire-Tac
53821aDLP BLow Priority BFire-Tac
54021cDLP CLow Priority CFire-Tac
54221eDLP DLow Priority DFire-Tac
544220DLP ELow Priority EFire-Tac
546222DLP FLow Priority FFire-Tac
548224DLP GLow Priority GFire-Tac
550226DLP HLow Priority HFire-Tac
552228DLP ILow Priority IFire-Tac
55422aDLP JLow Priority JFire-Tac
560230DSTPFD LPASt Pete Fire Low Priority-AFire-Tac
562232DSTPFD LPBSt Pete Fire Low Priority-BFire-Tac
564234DSTPFD LPCSt Pete Fire Low Priority-CFire-Tac
566236DSTPFD LPDSt Pete Fire Low Priority-DFire-Tac
568238DSTPFD LPESt Pete Fire Low Priority-EFire-Tac
62026cDMed A Med A (Med Control)EMS Dispatch
62226eDMed B Med B (Med Control)EMS Dispatch
624270DMed C EMS-to-Bay Pines VA and Pasadena HospitalHospital
626272DMed DEMS-to-Bayfront Medical Center Hospital
628274DMed EEMS-to-Mease Hospital Countryside Hospital
630276DMed FEMS-to-Mease Hospital Dunedin Hospital
632278DMed GEMS-to-Morton Plant Hospital Hospital
63427aDMed HEMS-to-Largo Medical CenterHospital
63627cDMed IEMS-to-Northside HospitalHospital
63827eDMed JEMS-to-St. Anthonys Hospital Hospital
640280DMed KEMS-to-St. Petersburg General HospitalHospital
642282DMed LEMS-to-All Childrens Hospital Hospital
644284DMed MEMS-to-AdventHealth North Pinellas Hospital
646286DMed NEMS-to-Indian Rocks Hospital Hospital
7022beDAirLife AAirLife AEMS Dispatch
7042c0DAirLife BAirLife BEMS Dispatch
7062c2DAirLife CAirLife CEMS-Tac
7082c4DAirLife DAirLife DEMS-Tac
7102c6DAirLife EAirLife EEMS-Tac
7202d0DEC-SAREckerd College Marine Search and Rescue TeamEMS-Tac
7222d2DFire TrainingFire TrainingFire-Talk