Pinellas County

Site: St. Petersburg Police Department

Unique DB ID: 17050
County: Pinellas

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 27.8961 Longitude: -82.7082 Range: 25 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
384180DSPPD TrafficTraffic Division - Car to CarLaw Tac
1400578DSPPD D1 S. District 1 South DispatchLaw Dispatch
140257aDSPPD D2 N.District 2 North DispatchLaw Dispatch
140457cDSPPD D3 W. District 3 West DispatchLaw Dispatch
1410582DSPPD DELTADelta Car to CarLaw Talk
1412584DSPPD ECHOEcho InformationLaw Talk
1414586DSPPD FOXTROTFoxtrot InformationLaw Talk
1416588DSPPD EVENT 1Events 1Law Talk
141858aDSPPD EVENT 2Events 2Law Talk
142058cDSPPD EVENT 3Events 3Law Talk
142258eDSPPD EVENT 4Events 4Law Talk
1424590DSPPD EVENT 5Events 5Law Talk
1426592DSPPD EVENT 6Events 6Law Talk
1428594DSPPD EVENT 7Events 7Law Talk
143459aDSPPD Surv 1434Surveillance 1434Law Tac
143659cDESPPD Encrypt1436Encrypted 1436Law Tac
143859eDESPPD SCUStreet Crimes UnitLaw Tac
14445a4DSPPD Surv 1444Surveillance 1444Law Tac
14465a6DSPPD Tac 1446Tactical 1446Law Tac
14485a8DESPPD SWAT 3SWAT 3Law Tac
14545aeDSPPD RECORDRecordsLaw Tac
14565b0DESPPD OPS2Operations 2Law Tac
14605b4DSPPD SIU 1Special Investigations Case 1Law Tac
14625b6DESPPD SIU 2Special Investigations Case 2Law Tac
14645b8DESPPD SIU 3Special Investigations Case 3Law Tac
14665baDESPPD SIU 2SIU 2Law Tac
14725c0DSPPD Tac 1472Tactical 1472Law Tac
14745c2DESPPD 1474Encrypted 1474Law Tac
14765c4DESPPD SIU TacSpecial Investigations TacticalLaw Tac
14785c6DESPPD 1478Encrypted 1478Law Tac
14925d4DSPPD Tac1Tactical 1Law Tac
14945d6DESPPD EncryptEncrypted 1494Law Tac