WV SIRN: West Virginia Statewide Interoperable Radio Network

Site: Barbour County (01)

Unique DB ID: 16109
County: Barbour

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.1215 Longitude: -80.0189 Range: 14.647583109016 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
401191DBarbour Co FireFire - DispatchFire Dispatch
405195DBarbour Co EMSEMS - DispatchEMS Dispatch
407197DBarbour Co SOSheriff - DispatchLaw Dispatch
409199DPhilippi PDPhilippi Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
41319dDBarbour Co AllFDAll Call FireFire-Talk
41419eDPhilippi FD PvtPhilippi Fire - PrivateFire-Talk
41519fDBarbour Co EMSPvEMS - PrivateEMS-Talk
4161a0DBelington FD PvtBelington Fire - PrivateFire-Talk
4171a1DBarbour Co AllPDAll Call PoliceLaw Talk
4181a2DJunior FD PvtJunior Fire - PrivateFire-Talk
4191a3DPhilippi PD PvtPhilippi Police - PrivateLaw Talk
4231a7DBarbour Co SO PvSheriff - PrivateLaw Talk
4251a9DBelington PD PvtBelington Police - PrivateLaw Talk
4271abDBarbour Co EMAPvEmergency Management - PrivateEmergency Ops
4291adDBelington EMS PvBelington EMS - PrivateEMS-Talk
4331b1DBarbour Co Tac 1Tactical - Ch. 1Multi-Tac
4351b3DBarbour Co Tac 2Tactical - Ch. 2Multi-Tac
4371b5DBarbour Co Tac 3Tactical - Ch. 3Multi-Tac
4391b7DBarbour Co Tac 4Tactical - Ch. 4Multi-Tac
4411b9DBarbour Co PTac1Private Tactical - Ch. 1Law Tac
4431bbDBarbour Co PTac2Private Tactical - Ch. 2Law Tac
4451bdDBarbour Co TF 1Task Force - Ch. 1Law Talk
4471bfDBarbour Co TF 2Task Force - Ch. 2Law Talk
4491c1DBarbour Co LGovLocal GovernmentPublic Works
4501c2DBarbour Co Gov 1County Government - Ch. 1Public Works
4511c3DBarbour Co EMAEmergency Management Emergency Ops
4531c5DBarbour Co Talk1Talk - Ch. 1Multi-Talk
4551c7DBarbour Co Talk2Talk - Ch. 2Multi-Talk
4571c9DBarbour Co Evt 1Event - Ch. 1Multi-Talk
4591cbDBarbour Co Evt 2Event - Ch. 2Multi-Talk
4611cdDBarbour Co Evt 3Event - Ch. 3Multi-Talk
4631cfDBarbour Co Evt 4Event - Ch. 4Multi-Talk
4651d1DBarbour Co Hlt 1Health - Ch. 1Emergency Ops
4671d3DBarbour Co Hlt 2Health - Ch. 2Emergency Ops
4691d5DBarbour Co BOE 1Board of Education - Ch. 1Schools
4711d7DBarbour Co BOE 2Board of Education - Ch. 2Schools
4731d9DBarbour Co BOE 3Board of Education - Ch. 3Schools
4751dbDBarbour Co BOE 4Board of Education - Ch. 4Schools
4771ddDBarbour Co STac1Secure Tactical - Ch. 1Law Tac
4791dfDBarbour Co STac2Secure Tactical - Ch. 2Law Tac
4811e1DHere & There BusHere & There Transit AuthorityTransportation
4941eeDBelington CommonBelington - CommonPublic Works
4951efDBarbour Co RgRp1Regional Response - Ch. 1Emergency Ops
4961f0DPhilippi CommonPhilippi - CommonPublic Works
4971f1DBarbour Co RgRp2Regional Response - Ch. 2Emergency Ops
4991f3DBarbour Co HailHailingEmergency Ops