WV SIRN: West Virginia Statewide Interoperable Radio Network

Site: Morgan County (33)

Unique DB ID: 14410
County: Morgan

Talkgroup Category Location Data

Latitude: 39.5563 Longitude: -78.2413 Range: 13 Type: Defined Coverage


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17016a5TMorganCo 911 EFRFire and EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
17036a7DPaw Paw Gov PvPaw Paw Government - PrivatePublic Works
17046a8DPaw Paw PW PvPaw Paw Public Works - PrivatePublic Works
17056a9DMorgan Co EMS DpEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
17066aaDMorgan Co ResrveReservesLaw Talk
17076abDMorgan Co Law DpLaw DispatchLaw Dispatch
17086acDMorgan Co SO 2Sheriff - Ch. 2Law Talk
17096adD Bath Public WksBath Public Works - PrivatePublic Works
17106aeDMorgan Co AnlCtrAnimal ControlPublic Works
17116afDBath Gov PvtBath (Berkeley Springs) Government - PrivatePublic Works
17136b1DMorg Co FD Tac AFire Tactical Alpha Fire-Tac
17146b2DMorg Co FD EastFire EastFire-Talk
17156b3DMorg Co FD Tac BFire Tactical BravoFire-Tac
17166b4DMorgan Co Law ELaw EastLaw Talk
17176b5DMorgan Co All LEAll Law Enforcement (Countywide)Law Talk
17196b7DMorgan Co Ck PvCircuit Clerk - PrivatePublic Works
17216b9DMorgan Co AssrPvAssessor - PrivatePublic Works
17236bbDMorgan Co SO PvSheriff - PrivateLaw Talk
17256bdDMorgan Co Com PvCounty Commission - PrivatePublic Works
17276bfDMorgan Co EMA PvEmergency Management - PrivateEmergency Ops
17296c1DPaw Paw PD PvPaw Paw Police - PrivateLaw Talk
17316c3DBerkeley Spgs PDBerkeley Springs PoliceLaw Dispatch
17336c5TMorgan Co Tac 1Fire-EMS Tactical - Ch. 1Fire-Tac
17346c6DMorgan Co Tac 5Fire-EMS Tactical - Ch. 5Fire-Tac
17356c7DMorgan Co Tac 2Fire-EMS Tactical - Ch. 2Fire-Tac
17376c9TMorgan Co Tac 3Fire-EMS Tactical - Ch. 3Fire-Tac
17396cbDMorgan Co Tac 4Fire-EMS Tactical - Ch. 4Fire-Tac
17416cdDMorgan Co PTac 1Private Tactical - Ch. 1 Law Tac
17436cfDMorgan Co PTac 2Private Tactical - Ch. 2Law Tac
17456d1DMorgan Co TForc1Task Force - Ch. 1Law Talk
17476d3DMorgan Co TForc2Task Force - Ch. 2Law Talk
17496d5DMorgan Co LGov 1Local Government - Ch. 1Public Works
17506d6DMorgan Co LGov 2Local Government - Ch. 2Public Works
17516d7DMorgan Co EMAEmergency Management Emergency Ops
17536d9DMorgan Co Talk 1Talk Around - Ch. 1Multi-Talk
17556dbDMorgan Co Talk 2Talk Around - Ch. 2Multi-Talk
17576ddTMorgan Co Evt 1Event - Ch. 1Multi-Talk
17596dfDMorgan Co Evt 2Event - Ch. 2Multi-Talk
17616e1DMorgan Co Evt 3Event - Ch. 3Multi-Talk
17636e3TMorgan Co Evt 4Event - Ch. 4Multi-Talk
17656e5DMorgan Co Hlth 1Health - Ch. 1Emergency Ops
17676e7DMorgan Co Hlth 2Health - Ch. 2Emergency Ops
17696e9DMorgan Co BOE 1Board of Education - Ch. 1Schools
17706eaDMorgan Co BOEbusBoard of Education - BusesSchools
17716ebDMorgan Co BOE 2Board of Education - Ch. 2Schools
17736edDMorgan Co BOE 3Board of Education - Ch. 3Schools
17756efDMorgan Co BOE 4Board of Education - Ch. 4Schools
17776f1DEMorgan Co Sec T1Secure Tactical - Ch. 1Multi-Tac
17796f3DEMorgan Co Sec T2Secure Tactical - Ch. 2Multi-Tac
17816f5DPaw Paw VFD PvPaw Paw VFD - PrivateFire-Talk
17836f7DSo Morg Co VFDPvSouth Morgan County VFD - PrivateFire-Talk
17856f9DGreatCpon VFD PvGreat Cacapon VFD - PrivateFire-Talk
17876fbDBrkeleySp VFDpv Berkeley Springs Volunteer Fire - PrivateFire-Talk
17896fdDPaw Paw EMS PvPaw Paw EMS - PrivateEMS-Talk
17916ffDMorgan Co EMS PvEMS - Private EMS-Talk
1793701DMorgan Co IntrOpCounty InteroperationInterop
1795703DMorgan Co RgRp 1Regional Response - Ch. 1Emergency Ops
1797705DMorgan Co RgRp 2Regional Response - Ch. 2Emergency Ops
1799707DMorgan Co HailHailMulti-Talk