Allen County / Hospitals

Subcategory: Parkview Regional Medical Center (Fort Wayne)

Unique DB ID: 4467
Parkview Health
EMS and Medical operations
Indiana Project Hoosier SAFE-T
Project 25 Phase I
Uses talkgroup 10687 (HOSP-N-OPS1) as primary and VHF IHERN as backup

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 41.18594 Longitude: -85.10094 Range: 1 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
152.390WQNQ555 RM PARKVIEW EMS 2 EMS Operations FMN EMS Dispatch
152.450WQNQ555 RM 331 DPL PARKVIEW EMS Inbound EMS Notifications FMN Hospital
155.205KWS502 BM 192.8 PL PARKVIEW HELO Medical Helicopter FMN EMS Dispatch
453.075WNXB489 BM PARKVIEW SEC DIG Security DMR Security
461.575KD26192 BM 156.7 PL PARKVIEW SEC AN Security FMN Security
462.875KD26192 BM PARKVIEW ALERT Flight Crew Alerting/Data FMN EMS Dispatch