Los Angeles County / County Sheriff

Subcategory: Dispatch

Unique DB ID: 255

See the LA County Wiki under "Collaborate" for unit IDs and more information.

Each sheriff's station has a Dispatch channel and a Local Tactical ('L-TAC') channel, each of which may be permanently shared with one or more other stations depending on the volume of station radio activity. Nearly all incidents and communications begin on a Dispatch channel (and then could switch to L-TAC / A-TAC / C-TAC or STAR-TAC).

NOTE: Mobile traffic is not rebroadcasted over the output frequency of the dispatch channels. Instead, only a beeping tone is broadcast to signify to the field units that someone is talking. To monitor units in the field you must program in the input frequencies also. The corresponding L-TAC channel is included in brackets.

Subcategory Location Data

Latitude: 34.37500 Longitude: -118.28430 Range: 47 Type: Defined Coverage


FrequencyLicenseTypeToneAlpha TagDescriptionModeTag
483.98750WII799 RM CSQ CVS-ALTD1 Disp 1 - Crescenta Valley / Altadena [L-TAC 8] FMN Law Dispatch
483.36250WII795 RM CSQ WHLYD-D2 Disp 2 - West Hollywood [L-TAC 1] FMN Law Dispatch
483.21250WII789 RM CSQ ELA-D3 Disp 3 - East Los Angeles [L-TAC 6] FMN Law Dispatch
483.26250WII792 RM CSQ CENTRY-D4 Disp 4 - Century [L-TAC 9] FMN Law Dispatch
482.86250WII801 RM CSQ SCV-D5 Disp 5 - Santa Clarita [L-TAC 8] FMN Law Dispatch
482.93750WII791 RM CSQ WAL-SDMD6 Disp 6 - Walnut / San Dimas / Diamond Bar [L-TAC 7] FMN Law Dispatch
484.03750WII792 RM CSQ LMT-AVAD7 Disp 7 - Lomita / Avalon [L-TAC 2] FMN Law Dispatch
483.68750WQAF451 RM CSQ INDSTRYD8 Disp 8 - Industry [L-TAC 4] FMN Law Dispatch
484.16250WII792 RM CSQ CARS-CPT9 Disp 9 - Carson / Compton / METROLINK [L-TAC 5] FMN Law Dispatch
482.91250WII794 RM CSQ LHS-D10 Disp 10 - Malibu / Lost Hills [L-TAC 1] FMN Law Dispatch
482.98750WII789 RM CSQ TEM-D11 Disp 11 - Temple City [L-TAC 12] FMN Law Dispatch
483.43750WII795 RM CSQ SLAMDR12 Disp 12 - South Los Angeles / Marina Del Rey [L-TAC 2] FMN Law Dispatch
483.76250WII789 RM CSQ NWKPRV13 Disp 13 - Norwalk / Pico Rivera [L-TAC 10] FMN Law Dispatch
483.13750WII789 RM CSQ LKDCER14 Disp 14 - Lakewood / Cerritos [L-TAC 3] FMN Law Dispatch
483.03750WII798 RM CSQ LANPLM15 Disp 15 - Lancaster / Palmdale [L-TAC 11] FMN Law Dispatch
484.11250WIM685 RM 100.0 PL LAKE DISP Lake Los Angeles / Bluerock / Antelope Valley [LAKE LTAC] FMN Law Dispatch
483.31250WIJ605 RM CSQ TSB DISP Transit Services Bureau (TSB) / College Safety Bureau [TSB L-TAC] FMN Law Dispatch
453.62500KRW246 RM 136.5 PL TUNL DISP MTA Tunnel Dispatch (underground usage) [TUNL LTAC] FM Law Dispatch
483.63750WIJ605 RM CSQ AERO Aero Bureau Dispatch FMN Law Dispatch
483.53750WIJ605 RM CSQ SUD Special Units Dispatch FMN Law Dispatch