Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA-RICS)

System Name: Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA-RICS)
Location: Los Angeles County, CA
County: Los Angeles
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 69F WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: June 14, 2022, 4:35 pm CDT   [Changed Site # 028 (Catalina 700) to 028 (Catalina 700)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
1 (1) 006 (6) Station B UHF (SOW) 478.050478.200478.350c478.500478.650c478.800c  
1 (1) 007 (7) Site On Wheels (SOW) UHF 478.075478.225478.250478.375478.400478.525478.550478.675c
1 (1) 014 (E) Station B 700 (SOW) 774.51875c       
1 (1) 015 (F) Site On Wheels (SOW) 700 769.25625c769.75625c770.00625c     
1 (1) 019 (13) San Gabriel Simulcast 700 771.73125772.49375772.74375772.99375773.43125773.68125c774.18125c774.43125c
1 (1) 020 (14) ANF North 700 769.30625769.80625770.54375c771.93125c772.18125c772.93125c  
1 (1) 021 (15) Downtown Simulcast 700 769.48125771.99375772.24375773.51875773.76875774.01875774.26875c774.76875c
1 (1) 022 (16) East Simulcast 700 769.98125770.23125770.48125770.73125c770.98125c771.96875c772.21875c 
1 (1) 023 (17) I-5 North 700 769.31875769.56875771.39375771.94375772.19375c774.44375c  
1 (1) 024 (18) I-5 West 700 769.51875769.81875770.06875c770.56875c770.81875c773.19375c  
1 (1) 025 (19) North Simulcast 700 769.75625770.00625770.25625c770.50625c771.00625c771.33125c  
1 (1) 026 (1A) South Simulcast 700 771.74375772.46875772.71875773.01875773.26875c773.86875c  
1 (1) 027 (1B) N Desert 700 771.74375772.46875772.71875c773.01875c773.26875c773.86875c  
1 (1) 028 (1C) Catalina 700 771.58125772.23125c772.48125c772.73125c772.98125c   
1 (1) 030 (1E) Burnt Peak 700 770.55625c771.01875c771.34375c     
1 (1) 031 (1F) Lake LA 700 771.59375771.95625772.20625773.44375773.93125c774.36875c  
1 (1) 032 (20) Frost Peak 700 770.51875c771.24375c774.64375c774.89375c    
1 (1) 034 (22) Johnstone Peak 2 700 771.23125771.48125773.69375c774.19375c774.63125c774.88125c  
1 (1) 035 (23) Magic Mountain 700 769.26875770.05625770.80625771.49375c773.18125c   
1 (1) 049 (31) San Gabriel Simulcast UHF 482.675482.700482.825482.850483.200483.225483.4875483.5125c
1 (1) 050 (32) ANF North UHF 476.4625476.4875476.6125476.6375476.7625476.7875c476.9125c476.9375c
1 (1) 051 (33) Downtown Simulcast UHF 476.2375476.5375476.6625476.6875476.8125476.8375476.9625c476.9875c
1 (1) 052 (34) East Simulcast UHF 476.2625476.4125476.4375476.5625476.5875476.7125476.7375c476.8625c
1 (1) 053 (35) I-5 North UHF 477.2875477.3875477.4375477.575477.600477.7375477.7625477.8875
1 (1) 054 (36) I-5 West UHF 483.125483.300c483.8375c483.950c    
1 (1) 055 (37) North Simulcast UHF 482.925483.400c483.725c483.925c484.025c   
1 (1) 056 (38) South Simulcast UHF 482.6875482.7125482.875482.900483.250483.275483.6125483.6375
1 (1) 057 (39) N Desert UHF 477.675477.8375477.8625477.9875478.0125478.1375478.1625478.2875
1 (1) 058 (3A) Catalina UHF 483.125483.300c483.8375c483.950c    
1 (1) 061 (3D) Lake LA UHF 477.775477.9375477.9625478.3375c478.3625c478.5875c478.6125c 
1 (1) 062 (3E) Frost Peak UHF 477.000c477.1375c477.175c477.325c    
1 (1) 064 (40) Johnstone Peak 2 UHF 476.775476.825476.925477.125477.150477.275477.300477.425c
1 (1) 065 (41) Magic Mountain UHF 477.7875477.875477.975478.025478.4625c478.7125c478.7375c 
1 (1) 066 (42) Pine Mountain 478.0875c478.2375c478.3875c478.5375c    
1 (1) 081 (51) MCJ - Mens Central Jail 476.450c476.600c476.750476.900    
1 (1) 082 (52) TCCF - Twin Towers 477.400c477.550c477.700477.850    
1 (1) 083 (53) CRDF - Century Regional Detention Facility 476.500c476.650c476.800476.950    
1 (1) 084 (54) NCCF - North County Correctional Facility 476.450c476.600c476.750476.900    
1 (1) 085 (55) PDC - Pitchess Detention Center 477.350c477.500c477.650477.800    


County District Attorney
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20407f8DLADA DESKDistrict Attorney Coordinator DeskLaw Dispatch
206180dDELADA 1District Attorney 1Law Tac
206380fDELADA 3District Attorney 3Law Tac
2064810DELADA 4District Attorney 4Law Tac
2070816DELADA 2District Attorney 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9009DLACOFD CLACoFD C - patch with Blue 8Fire-Tac
1000aDLACOFD DLACoFD D - patch with Blue 1Fire-Tac
4402cDLACOFD ADPLACoFDPublic Works
10003e8DELACOFD FCCFFire Command Control FacilityFire-Talk
10013e9DELACOFD AIROPS AirOpsFire-Tac
10023eaDELACOFD ADMINAdmin Fire-Talk
10033ebDELACOFD ARSONArson Counter Terrorism Section Fire-Talk
10043ecDELACOFD BCBattalion Chief TalkFire-Talk
10053edDLACOFD CAMPSCampsFire-Talk
10063eeDLACOFD DISPDispatch Fire Dispatch
10073efDELACOFD EMSEMS BureauFire-Talk
10083f0DLACOFD FORESTRYForestry DivisionLaw Talk
10103f2DELACOFD HSECHomeland Security SectionFire-Talk
10123f4DELACOFD PREVENTIOFire Prevention DivisionFire-Talk
10133f5DELACOFD SAFETYSafety Fire-Talk
10143f6DEOSCC INTERCOMSouthern California Geographic Area Coordination CenterInterop
10153f7DLACOFD TECHOPS1Technical Ops Section 1Fire-Talk
10163f8DLACOFD TECHOPS2Technical Ops Section 2Fire-Talk
10173f9DLACOFD TRNG 1Training Services Division 1Fire-Talk
10183faDLACOFD TRNG 2Training Services Division 2Fire-Talk
10193fbDLACOFD TRNG 3Training Services Division 3Fire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10113f3DLG ADMINAdminFire-Talk
10203fcDLG CATALINACatalina Island OpsFire-Tac
10213fdDLG CENTRALCentral Area OpsFire-Tac
10223feDLG DISPATCHDispatchFire Dispatch
10233ffDLG NORTHNorth Area OpsFire-Tac
1024400DLG SOUTHSouth Area OpsFire-Tac
1025401DLG AREA 13Area 13 TacFire-Tac
1026402DLG AREA 14Area 14 TacFire-Tac
1027403DLG AREA 15Area 15 TacFire-Tac
1028404DLG AREA 16Area 16 TacFire-Tac
1029405DLG AREA 17Area 17 TacFire-Tac
1030406DLG AREA 23Area 23 TacFire-Tac
1031407DLG AREA 24Area 24 TacFire-Tac
1032408DLG AREA 25Area 25 TacFire-Tac
1033409DLG AREA 26Area 26 TacFire-Tac
103440aDLG AREA 27Area 27 TacFire-Tac
103540bDLG AREA 32Area 32 TacFire-Tac
103640cDLG AREA 33Area 33 TacFire-Tac
103740dDLG AREA 34Area 34 TacFire-Tac
103840eDLG AREA 35Area 35 TacFire-Tac
103940fDLG TAC 1Tactical 1Fire-Tac
1040410DLG TAC 2Tactical 2Fire-Tac
1041411DLG TAC 3Tactical 3Fire-Tac
1042412DLG JG CMD Junior Guard Command Fire-Talk
1043413DLG JG TAC 1Junior Guard Tac 1Fire-Tac
1044414DLG JG TAC 2Junior Guard Tac 2Fire-Tac
1045415DLG JG TAC 3Junior Guard Tac 3Fire-Tac
County Public Health
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12207aDDPH DEMODept Public HealthPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
73049DLASD EOB BRNEOB Special Event - BrownLaw Tac
7504bDLASD EOB GLDEOB Special Event - GoldLaw Tac
7704dDLASD EOB GRNEOB Special Event - GreenLaw Tac
7904fDLASD EOB REDEOB Special Event - RedLaw Tac
30112dDLASD DISP 1Dispatch 1 - Crescenta Valley / Altadena Law Dispatch
30212eDLASD DISP 2Dispatch 2 - West Hollywood Law Dispatch
30312fDLASD DISP 3Dispatch 3 - East Los Angeles Law Dispatch
304130DLASD DISP 4Dispatch 4 - CenturyLaw Dispatch
305131DLASD DISP 5Dispatch 5 - Santa ClaritaLaw Dispatch
306132DLASD DISP 6Dispatch 6 - San Dimas / WalnutLaw Dispatch
307133DLASD DISP 7Dispatch 7 - Avalon / LomitaLaw Dispatch
308134DLASD DISP 8Dispatch 8 - Industry Law Dispatch
309135DLASD DISP 9Dispatch 9 - Carson / ComptonLaw Dispatch
310136DLASD DISP 10Dispatch 10 - Lost Hills / MalibuLaw Dispatch
311137DLASD DISP 11Dispatch 11 - Temple CityLaw Dispatch
312138DLASD DISP 12Dispatch 12 - South LA / Marina del ReyLaw Dispatch
313139DLASD DISP 13Dispatch 13 - Norwalk / Pico Rivera Law Dispatch
31413aDLASD DISP 14Dispatch 14 - Lakewood / CerritosLaw Dispatch
31513bDLASD DISP 15Dispatch 15 - Lancaster / PalmdaleLaw Dispatch
31613cDLASD DISP TSBDispatch 35 - Transit Services Bureau (TSB) Law Dispatch
31713dDLASD DISP SCCSCC AccessLaw Dispatch
31813eDLASD DISP ABDAero Bureau DispatchLaw Dispatch
31913fDLASD DISP SUDSpecial Units DispatchLaw Dispatch
20007d0DELASD MCB 1Major Crimes Bureau 1Law Tac
20057d5DELASD NARCO 1Narcotics Bureau 1Law Tac
20067d6DELASD NARCO 2Narcotics Bureau 2Law Tac
20077d7DELASD NARCO 3Narcotics Bureau 3Law Tac
20087d8DELASD NARCO 4Narcotics Bureau 4Law Tac
20097d9DELASD SAR ALDSearch And Rescue - AltadenaEmergency Ops
20107daDELASD AERO 1Aero Bureau 1Law Tac
20117dbDELASD AERO 2Aero Bureau 2Law Tac
20137ddDELASD AERO 4Aero Bureau 4Law Tac
20147deDELASD SAR AVSearch And Rescue - Antelope ValleyEmergency Ops
20157dfDELASD SAR AVASearch And Rescue - AvalonEmergency Ops
20167e0DELASD SAR MALSearch And Rescue - MalibuEmergency Ops
20177e1DELASD SAR MTRSSearch And Rescue - MontroseEmergency Ops
20187e2DLASD LARHTTF 1LA Regional Human Trafficking Task Force 1Law Tac
20197e3DLASD LARHTTF 2LA Regional Human Trafficking Task Force 2Law Tac
20207e4DLASD RADIOLASD Radio ShopLaw Tac
20237e7DELASD SAR SMDSearch And Rescue - Sierra MadreEmergency Ops
20247e8DELASD SAR SCVSearch And Rescue - Santa ClaritaEmergency Ops
20257e9DELASD MCU 1Mobile Command Unit 1Law Tac
20267eaDELASD MCU 2Mobile Command Unit 2Law Tac
20277ebDLASD CFMBCommunications and Fleet Management. Bureau TrainingLaw Tac
20287ecDELASD INV 1Investigator 1Law Tac
20297edDELASD INV 2Investigator 2Law Tac
20307eeDELASD INV 3Investigator 3Law Tac
20317efDELASD INV 4Investigator 4Law Tac
20327f0DELASD INV 5Investigator 5Law Tac
20347f2DELASD INV 6Investigator 6Law Tac
20357f3DELASD EOB 1Emergency Operations Bureau 1Law Tac
20367f4DELASD EOB 2Emergency Operations Bureau 2Law Tac
20377f5DELASD EOB 3Emergency Operations Bureau 3Law Tac
20387f6DELASD EOB 4Emergency Operations Bureau 4Law Tac
20397f7DELASD EOB 5Emergency Operations Bureau 5Law Tac
20417f9DELASD INV 7Investigator 7Law Tac
20427faDELASD SAR SNDSearch and Rescue - San DimasEmergency Ops
20437fbDELASD SAR 1Search And Rescue - 1Emergency Ops
20447fcDELASD SAR 2Search And Rescue - 2Emergency Ops
20457fdDELASD SAR 3Search And Rescue - 3Emergency Ops
2055807DELASD SUD 2Special Units 2Law Tac
205980bDLASD SECURITY 1Security Officer 1Law Tac
2073819DELASD FCCB 1Fraud and Cyber Crimes Bureau 1Law Tac
207781dDELASD SAR MINESearch And Rescue - Mine RescueEmergency Ops
207981fDELASD FUTURELASD Future UseLaw Tac
2098832DELASD ASAPAdvanced Surveillance and Protection UnitLaw Tac
2099833DELASD SRT 1Special Response Team 1Law Tac
2100834DELASD SAR MOUNTSearch And Rescue - Mounted UnitLaw Tac
2101835DELASD LTAC MTRLNKL-TAC - MetrolinkLaw Tac
2102836DELASD METRO MTLNKMetro - Metrolink Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2105839DELASD SRT 2Special Response Team 2Law Tac
210683aDELASD SRT 3Special Response Team 3 Law Tac
210783bDELASD SRT 4Special Response Team 4Law Tac
210883cDELASD SRT 5Special Response Team 5Law Tac
210983dDELASD SRT 6Special Response Team 6Law Tac
2120848DELASD LTAC ELAL-TAC - East LALaw Tac
2121849DELASD METRO ELAMetro -East LA Supplemental Tac Law Tac
212284aDELASD DB ELADetectives - East LALaw Tac
212384bDELASD LTAC SLAL-TAC - South LALaw Tac
212484cDELASD METRO SLAMetro - South LA Supplemental Tac Law Tac
212584dDELASD SLA DBDetectives - South LALaw Tac
212684eDELASD LTAC NWKL-TAC - NorwalkLaw Tac
212784fDELASD METRO NWKMetro - Norwalk Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2128850DELASD DB NWKDetectives - NorwalkLaw Tac
2129851DELASD LTAC TEML-TAC - Temple CityLaw Tac
2130852DELASD METRO TEMMetro - Temple City Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2131853DELASD TEM DBDetectives - Temple CityLaw Tac
2132854DELASD LTAC SCTL-TAC - Santa ClaritaLaw Tac
2133855DELASD METRO SCTMetro - Santa Clarita Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2134856DELASD DB SCTDetectives - Santa ClaritaLaw Tac
2135857DELASD LTAC ALDL-TAC - AltadenaLaw Tac
2136858DELASD METRO ALDMetro - Altadena Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2137859DELASD DB ALDDetectives - AltadenaLaw Tac
213885aDELASD LTAC SDML-TAC - San DimasLaw Tac
213985bDELASD METRO SDMMetro - San Dimas Supplemental Tac Law Tac
214085cDELASD DB SDMDetectives - San DimasLaw Tac
214185dDELASD LTAC WHDL-TAC - West HollywoodLaw Tac
214285eDELASD METRO WHDMetro - West Hollywood Supplemental Tac Law Tac
214385fDELASD DB WHDDetectives - West HollywoodLaw Tac
2144860DELASD LTAC LHSL-TAC - Lost HillsLaw Tac
2145861DELASD METRO LHSMetro - Lost Hills Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2146862DELASD DB LHSDetectives - Lost HillsLaw Tac
2147863DELASD LTAC LANL-TAC - LancasterLaw Tac
2148864DELASD METRO LANMetro - Lancaster Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2149865DELASD DB LANDetectives - LancasterLaw Tac
2150866DELASD LTAC MDRL-TAC - Marina del ReyLaw Tac
2151867DELASD METRO MDRMetro - Marina del Rey Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2152868DELASD DB MDRDetectives - Marina del ReyLaw Tac
2153869DELASD LTAC LKDL-TAC - LakewoodLaw Tac
215486aDELASD METRO LKDMetro - Lakewood Supplemental Tac Law Tac
215586bDELASD DB LKDDetectives - LakewoodLaw Tac
215786dDELASD LTAC IDTL-TAC - IndustryLaw Tac
215886eDELASD METRO IDTMetro - Industry Supplemental Tac Law Tac
215986fDELASD DB IDTDetectives - IndustryLaw Tac
2160870DELASD LTAC PRVL-TAC - Pico RiveraLaw Tac
2161871DELASD METRO PRVMetro - Pico Rivera Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2162872DELASD DB PRVDetectives - Pico RiveraLaw Tac
2163873DELASD LTAC CASL-TAC - CarsonLaw Tac
2164874DELASD METRO CASMetro - Carson Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2165875DELASD DB CASDetectives - CarsonLaw Tac
2166876DELASD LTAC LMTL-TAC - LomitaLaw Tac
2167877DELASD METRO LMTMetro - Lomita Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2168878DELASD DB LMTDetectives - LomitaLaw Tac
2169879DELASD LTAC AVAL-TAC - AvalonLaw Tac
217087aDELASD METRO AVAMetro - Avalon Supplemental Tac Law Tac
217187bDELASD LTAC CENL-TAC - CenturyLaw Tac
217287cDELASD METRO CENMetro - Century Supplemental Tac Law Tac
217387dDELASD DB CENDetectives - CenturyLaw Tac
217487eDELASD LTAC MALL-TAC - MalibuLaw Tac
217587fDELASD METRO MALMetro - Malibu Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2176880DELASD DB MALDetectives - MalibuLaw Tac
2177881DELASD LTAC CERL-TAC - CerritosLaw Tac
2178882DELASD METRO CERMetro - Cerritos Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2179883DELASD DB CERDetectives - CerritosLaw Tac
2180884DELASD LTAC PLML-TAC - PalmdaleLaw Tac
2181885DELASD METRO PLMMetro - Palmdale Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2182886DELASD DB PLMDetectives - PalmdaleLaw Tac
2183887DELASD LTAC CVSL-TAC - Crescenta ValleyLaw Tac
2184888DELASD METRO CVSMetro - Cresenta Valley Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2185889DELASD DB CVSDetectives - Crescenta ValleyLaw Tac
218688aDELASD LTAC CPTL-TAC - ComptonLaw Tac
218788bDELASD METRO CPTMetro - Compton Supplemental Tac Law Tac
218888cDELASD DB CPTDetectives - ComptonLaw Tac
218988dDELASD LTAC WALL-TAC - Walnut Law Tac
219088eDELASD METRO WALMetro - Walnut Supplemental Tac Law Tac
219188fDELASD DB WALDetectives - WalnutLaw Tac
2192890DELASD LTAC TSBL-TAC - Transit Services BureauLaw Tac
2193891DELASD METRO TSBMetro - Transit Services Bureau Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2194892DELASD DB TSBDetectives - Transit Services BureauLaw Tac
2195893DELASD LTAC OCSL-TAC - County Services BureauLaw Tac
2196894DELASD METRO OCSMetro - County Services Bureau Supplemental Tac Law Tac
2197895DELASD DISP OCSDispatch - County Services BureauLaw Dispatch
2198896DELASD CAS 4Carson Tac 4 - Local Govt InteropInterop
2199897DELASD MET CNTCrisis Negotiation TeamLaw Tac
2200898DELASD ATAC EASTA-TAC - East DivisionLaw Tac
2201899DELASD EAST 1Tactical 1 - East DivisionLaw Tac
220289aDELASD EAST 2Tactical 2 - East DivisionLaw Tac
220389bDELASD EAST 3Tactical 3 - East DivisionLaw Tac
220489cDELASD ATAC SOUTHA-TAC - South DivisionLaw Tac
220589dDELASD SOUTH 1Tactical 1 - South DivisionLaw Tac
220689eDELASD SOUTH 2Tactical 2 - South DivisionLaw Tac
220789fDELASD SOUTH 3Tactical 3 - South DivisionLaw Tac
22088a0DELASD ATAC CENTRLA-TAC - Central DivisionLaw Tac
22098a1DELASD CENTRAL 1Tactical 1 - Central DivisionLaw Tac
22108a2DELASD CENTRAL 2Tactical 2 - Central DivisionLaw Tac
22118a3DELASD CENTRAL 3Tactical 3 - Central DivisionLaw Tac
22128a4DELASD ATAC NORTHA-TAC - North DivisionLaw Tac
22138a5DELASD AV REGIONALTactical 1 - Antelope ValleyLaw Tac
22148a6DELASD NORTH 2Tactical 2 - North DivisionLaw Tac
22158a7DELASD NORTH 3Tactical 3 - North DivisionLaw Tac
22168a8DELASD LTAC PKBL-TAC - Parks BureauLaw Tac
22178a9DELASD METRO PKBParks Bureau Supplemental Tac Law Tac
22198abDELASD TRAININGTraining BureauLaw Tac
22308b6DELASD LTAC TSTL-TAC - Transit Services BureauLaw Tac
22318b7DELASD METRO TSTMetro - Transit Services Bureau Supplemental Tac Law Tac
22458c5DELASD MET RAMPRisk Assessment and Management ProgramLaw Tac
22578d1DELASD LTAC CCSL-TAC Community College BureauLaw Tac
22588d2DELASD METRO CCSMetro - Community College Bureau Supplemental Tac Law Tac
22608d4DELASD UNIVERSAL Universal CityLaw Tac
22628d6DLASD TRAP NORTHTaskforce Regional Autotheft Prevention - NorthLaw Tac
22648d8DLASD TRAP EASTTaskforce Regional Autotheft Prevention - EastLaw Tac
22658d9DLASD TRAP WESTTaskforce Regional Autotheft Prevention - West Law Tac
22668daDLASD TRAP CENTRLTaskforce Regional Autotheft Prevention - CentralLaw Tac
22688dcDELASD PARKS BOATParks Bureau BoatLaw Tac
22698ddDELASD PARKS MEDParks Bureau Mounted Enforcement DetailLaw Tac
22768e4DELASD EVOC MOTORSEmergency Vehicle Operations Center Law Tac
22778e5DELASD MET 1Mental Evaluation Team 1Law Tac
22788e6DELASD MET 2Mental Evaluation Team 2Law Tac
22858edDELASD EVOC TACEmergency Vehicle Operations Center - TacticalLaw Tac
22868eeDELASD EVOC ADMINEmergency Vehicle Operations Center - AdminLaw Tac
22878efDELASD EVOC CNYWIDEmergency Vehicle Operations Center - CountywideLaw Tac
22888f0DELASD HOMICIDE 1Homicide Bureau 1Law Tac
22898f1DELASD HOMICIDE 2Homicide Bureau 2Law Tac
22908f2DELASD SVB 1Special Victims Bureau 1Law Tac
22928f4DELASD OSS 1Operation Safe Streets 1Law Tac
22938f5DELASD OSS 2Operation Safe Streets 2Law Tac
22948f6DLASD TRAP ALLTaskforce Regional Autotheft PreventionLaw Tac
25009c4DLASD PARKING 1Parking Control 1Law Tac
25019c5DLASD PARKING 2Parking Control 2Law Tac
25189d6DELASD NCCF 1 North County Correctional Facility 1Corrections
25199d7DELASD NCCF 2North County Correctional Facility 2Corrections
25209d8DELASD PDC NORTH 1Pitchess Detention Center North 1Corrections
25219d9DELASD PDC NORTH 2Pitchess Detention Center North 2Corrections
25229daDELASD PDC SOUTH 1Pitchess Detention Center South 1Corrections
25239dbDELASD PDC SOUTH 2Pitchess Detention Center South 2Corrections
25279dfDPDC FIRE CAMPPitchess Detention Center Fire Camp Fire-Tac
25289e0DELASD PDC EAST 1Pitchess Detention Center East 1Corrections
25299e1DELASD PDC EAST 2Pitchess Detention Center East 2Corrections
25309e2DELASD MIRA LOMA 1Mira Loma Detention Center 1Corrections
25319e3DELASD MIRA LOMA 2Mira Loma Detention Center 2Corrections
25429eeDLASD PDC RANCHPitchess Detention Center RanchCorrections
25439efDELASD RANCH 1Ranch 1Corrections
25449f0DELASD RANCH 2Ranch 2Corrections
25549faDLASD TECH BLASD Radio Tech BPublic Works
25559fbDELASD TECH ALASD Radio Tech APublic Works
2578a12DELASD TECH CLASD Radio Tech CPublic Works
2582a16DLASD RESERVELASD Reserves SCC - DCSLaw Tac
InterOp / Mutual Aid / Common
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
32020DECOMMONLARICS CommonInterop
83053DEVENT 1Event Ops 1Law Tac
84054DEVENT 2Event Ops 2Law Tac
85055DEVENT 3Event Ops 3Law Tac
86056DEVENT 4Event Ops 4Law Tac
87057DEVENT 5Event Ops 5Law Tac
88058DEVENT 6Event Ops 6Law Tac
89059DEVENT 7Event Ops 7Law Tac
9005aDEVENT 8Event Ops 8Law Tac
9105bDEVENT 9Event Ops 9Law Tac
9205cDEVENT 10Event Ops 10Law Tac
9305dDEVENT 11Event Ops 11Law Tac
9405eDEVENT 12Event Ops 12Law Tac
9505fDEVENT 13Event Ops 13Law Tac
96060DEVENT 14Event Ops 14Law Tac
97061DEVENT 15Event Ops 15Law Tac
101065DCALL ZZInterop Calling ZZInterop
102066DCMD ZZInterop Command ZZInterop
103067DTAC ZZ3Interop Tactical ZZ3Interop
104068DTAC ZZ4Interop Tactical ZZ4Interop
105069DTAC ZZ5Interop Tactical ZZ5Interop
10606aDTAC ZZ6Interop Tactical ZZ6Interop
10706bDTAC ZZ7Interop Tactical ZZ7Interop
10806cDTAC ZZ8Interop Tactical ZZ8Interop
10906dDTAC ZZ9Interop Tactical ZZ9Interop
11006eDTAC ZZ10Interop Tactical ZZ10Interop
11106fDTAC ZZ11Interop Tactical ZZ11Interop
112070DTAC ZZ12Interop Tactical ZZ12Interop
113071DTAC ZZ13Interop Tactical ZZ13Interop
114072DTAC ZZ14Interop Tactical ZZ14Interop
115073DTAC ZZ15Interop Tactical ZZ15Interop
116074DEMER ZZInterop Emergency ZZInterop
12607eDCOMMON 1LARICS Common 1Interop
12707fDCOMMON 2LARICS Common 2Interop
128080DCOMMON 3LARICS Common 3Interop
129081DCOMMON 4LARICS Common 4Interop
130082DCOMMON 5LARICS Common 5Interop
131083DCOMMON 6LARICS Common 6Interop
132084DCOMMON 7LARICS Common 7Interop
133085DCOMMON 8LARICS Common 8Interop
134086DCOMMON 9LARICS Common 9Interop
135087DCOMMON 10LARICS Common 10Interop
2010c9DCALL YYInterop Calling YYInterop
2020caDCMD YYInterop Command YYInterop
2030cbDTAC YY3Interop Tactical YY3Interop
2040ccDTAC YY4Interop Tactical YY4Interop
2050cdDTAC YY5Interop Tactical YY5Interop
2060ceDTAC YY6Interop Tactical YY6Interop
2070cfDTAC YY7Interop Tactical YY7Interop
2080d0DTAC YY8Interop Tactical YY8Interop
2090d1DTAC YY9Interop Tactical YY9Interop
2100d2DTAC YY10Interop Tactical YY10Interop
2110d3DTAC YY11Interop Tactical YY11Interop
2120d4DTAC YY12Interop Tactical YY12Interop
2130d5DTAC YY13Interop Tactical YY13Interop
2140d6DTAC YY14Interop Tactical YY14Interop
2150d7DTAC YY15Interop Tactical YY15Interop
2160d8DEMER YYInterop Emergency YYInterop
2210ddDLARICS MA 1Mutual Aid - 1Interop
2220deDLARICS MA 2Mutual Aid - 2Interop
2230dfDLARICS MA 3Mutual Aid - 3Interop
2240e0DLARICS MA 4Mutual Aid - 4Interop
2250e1DLARICS MA 5Mutual Aid - 5Interop
2260e2DLARICS MA 6Mutual Aid - 6Interop
2270e3DLARICS MA 7Mutual Aid - 7Interop
2280e4DLARICS MA 8Mutual Aid - 8Interop
2290e5DLARICS MA 9Mutual Aid - 9Interop
2300e6DLARICS MA 10Mutual Aid - 10Interop
2400f0DREGIONAL 1ICI Regional Interop 1Interop
2410f1DREGIONAL 2ICI Regional Interop 2Interop
2420f2DREGIONAL 3ICI Regional Interop 3Interop
2430f3DREGIONAL 4ICI Regional Interop 4Interop
2440f4DREGIONAL 5ICI Regional Interop 5Interop
2450f5DREGIONAL 6ICI Regional Interop 6Interop
2460f6DREGIONAL 7ICI Regional Interop 7Interop
2470f7DREGIONAL 8ICI Regional Interop 8Interop
2480f8DREGIONAL 9ICI Regional Interop 9Interop
2490f9DEREGIONAL 10ICI Regional Interop 10Interop
2500faDEREGIONAL 11ICI Regional Interop 11Interop
2510fbDEREGIONAL 12ICI Regional Interop 12Interop
2520fcDEREGIONAL 13ICI Regional Interop 13Interop
2530fdDEREGIONAL 14ICI Regional Interop 14Interop
2540feDEREGIONAL 15ICI Regional Interop 15Interop
2550ffDEREGIONAL 16ICI Regional Interop 16Interop
238294eDCSU COMMONCalifornia State University CommonInterop
California State University, Dominguez Hills
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2370942DCSUDH 1CSU Dominguez Hills 1Schools
2371943DCSUDH 2CSU Dominguez Hills 2Schools
2372944DCSUDH 3CSU Dominguez Hills 3Schools
2373945DCSUDH 4CSU Dominguez Hills 4Schools
California State University, Los Angeles
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2374946DCSULA 1CSU Los Angeles 1Schools
2375947DCSULA 2CSU Los Angeles 2Schools
2376948DCSULA 3CSU Los Angeles 3Schools
2377949DCSULA 4CSU Los Angeles 4Schools
California State University, Northridge
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
237894aDCSUN 1CSU Northridge 1Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
233391dDECLA PD1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
233491eDECLA PD 2Police 2Law Tac
233591fDECLA PD TAC 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
2336920DECLA PD TAC 2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2305901DIPD 1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
2306902DEIPD 2Inglewood Police 2Law Tac
2307903DEIPD 3Inglewood Police 3Law Tac
2308904DEIPD 4Inglewood Police 4Law Tac
2309905DEIPD 5Inglewood Police 5Law Tac
2310906DEIPD 6Inglewood Police 6Law Tac
2311907DEIPD 7Inglewood Police 7Law Tac
2312908DEIPD 8Inglewood Police 8Law Tac
2313909DEIPD 9Inglewood Police 9Law Tac
231490aDEING STADIUM ASoFi Stadium ALaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2072818DLA IMPACT 2LA Impact 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2353931DESOFI STADIUM 1SoFi Stadium 1Law Tac
2354932DESOFI STADIUM 2SoFi Stadium 2Law Tac
2355933DESOFI STADIUM 3SoFi Stadium 3Law Tac
2356934DESOFI STADIUM 4SoFi Stadium 4Law Tac
2357935DESOFI STADIUM 5SoFi Stadium 5Law Tac
2358936DESOFI STADIUM 6SoFi Stadium 6Law Tac
2359937DESOFI STADIUM 7SoFi Stadium 7Law Tac
2360938DESOFI STADIUM 8SoFi Stadium 8Law Tac
2361939DESOFI STADIUM 9SoFi Stadium 9Law Tac
236293aDESOFI STADIUM10SoFi Stadium 10Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6006DVOICE LOOPContinuous 10 CountPublic Works
1300dDTest 13Testing NotedPublic Works
16010DTest 16Testing NotedPublic Works
2601aDMOTO Motorola Test Public Works
3001eDLOST RADIOLost radio modePublic Works
37025DMOTO 1Motorola Test 1Public Works
38026DMOTO 2Motorola Test 2Public Works
39027DMOTO 3Motorola Test 3Public Works
41029DMOTOMotorola TestPublic Works
4202aDEMOTOMotorola TestPublic Works
4702fDMOTOMotorola TestPublic Works
54036DEDEMO TESTDemo TestPublic Works
12507dDLARICS STAFFLARICS StaffPublic Works
20217e5DRADIO SHOP1Radio Service - Tac 1Public Works
20227e6DRADIO SHOP2Radio Service - Tac 2Public Works
25599ffDISSIInter Sub System InterfacePublic Works
2581a15DLARICS STAFFLARICS StaffPublic Works