FleetNet / Silke Communications

System Name: FleetNet / Silke Communications
Location: Various, OR WA
County: 20 Counties
System Type: NXDN NEXEDGE 4800
System Voice: NXDN Digital
System ID: HEX: 50 DEC: 80
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Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
016 (10) Awbrey Deschutes, OR 454.050454.36875454.5375c    
038 (26) Boistfort Peak Lewis, WA 462.53125463.20625464.68125c    
043 (2B) Bush Mtn Rd Thurston, WA 451.200451.550c451.14375    
044 (2C) Capital Peak Thurston, WA 463.99375464.23125451.9125c    
042 (2A) Columbia King, WA 454.250c452.33125463.31875464.04375460.975  
032 (20) Cooper Mountain Washington, OR 454.03125454.2125454.21875c454.41875454.64375  
040 (28) Cougar Mountain King, WA 454.25625c462.94375463.33125463.69375464.45625  
028 (1C) Drake's Crossing Marion, OR 452.2625452.975c454.33125462.200462.425  
005 (5) Eagle Crest Polk, OR 451.225452.325454.050454.075454.26875454.45625454.46875
001 (1) Eugene Lane, OR 454.04375454.125454.1375454.225454.2875454.3625463.250
041 (29) Fife Heights Pierce, WA 454.24375c461.38125461.55625461.65625451.96875  
014 (E) Green Cowlitz, WA 454.050454.350454.5125454.600454.6375c  
047 (2F) Gunsite Ridge Snohomish, WA 452.050454.24375451.85625c452.45625   
006 (6) KGW Multnomah, OR 452.800454.025454.0375c454.100454.275454.35625454.525
007 (7) Livingston Mtn Clark, WA 454.05625454.150454.2625454.3375454.34375454.50625454.575
035 (23) Mount Ashland Jackson, OR 454.0375460.6625460.8625    
008 (8) Mount Scott Clackamas, OR 451.1375454.0625454.0875454.275454.2875454.3325454.425
048 (30) Mt. Jupiter Jefferson, WA 463.950464.90625c464.96875453.00625451.74375  
045 (2D) North Mountain Mason, WA 461.95625462.09375451.990625c    
004 (4) Prospect Marion, OR 454.250c454.31875454.4125454.4625454.48125454.4125 
020 (14) Site 20 Washington, OR 454.1125454.300c     
031 (1F) Tiger Mountain King, WA 461.125c461.700461.850463.225463.275  
026 (1A) Winchester Douglas, OR 454.050454.55625c     
025 (19) Wolf Creek Jackson, OR 454.025454.3125454.65625    
027 (1B) Wolf Mountain Lane, OR 454.1875c461.6875463.3625    


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43DArcadia PNWArcadia PNW Security Security
195DConsolidated TowConsolidated TowingBusiness
81DCottageGrove BusCottage Grove School BusesSchools
355DDouglas S Bus 1David Douglas School District No. 40 1Schools
356DDouglas S Bus 2David Douglas School District No. 40 2Schools
357DDouglas S AdminDavid Douglas School District No.40 AdminSchools
230DGarbage TruckGarbage truck dispatchBusiness
318DGRNT/STVNS SHOPGranite Falls/Lake Stevens SD - Ch2 Bus ShopSchools
137DGRNT/STVNS BUSGranite Falls/Lake Stevens SD BusesSchools
382DGrants TowingGrants Towing - ChehalisBusiness
437DLakewood SD BusLakewood SD Buses #306Schools
290DMetro WatchMetro Watch Security main dispatchSecurity
340DMtHoodExpressMount Hood ExpressTransportation
175DNorth Kitsap BusNorth Kitsap SD BusesSchools
120DOakRidgeBus1Oakridge School Buses 1Schools
121DOakRidgeBus2Oakridge School Buses 2Schools
122DOakRidgeBus3Oakridge School Buses 3Schools
343DOR Trail SchoolsOregon Trail School DistrictSchools
280DRecyclerShredderRecycling/Shredding CompanyBusiness
6400DRiverview SD BusRiverview School District BusesSchools
32DSchool 32SchoolSchools
51DSchool Bus 51School BusesSchools
167DSchool Buses 167School BusesSchools
112DSchool 112School District 0112Schools
87DSchool Sec 87School Security​Schools
34DSchool Bus 34Schools BusesSchools
472DSecurity 472Security CompanySecurity
504DSecurity 504Security CompanySecurity
506DSecurity 506Security CompanySecurity
507DSecurity 507Security CompanySecurity
508DSecurity 508Security CompanySecurity
511DSecurity 511Security CompanySecurity
139DShavings/SawdustShavings and Sawdust BusinessBusiness
393DTowing Co 393Towing CompanyBusiness
40DTowing Co 40Towing Company 40Business
70DTowing AlbanyTowing Company AlbanyBusiness
275DTowing SalemTowing Company SalemBusiness
130DTulalip ShuttleTulalip Resort Casino Shuttle ServiceTransportation
432DWoodland BusWoodland WA Public Schools Buses 1 Schools
388DYamhill TransitYamhill County TransitTransportation
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
223DFS PDX Charter​First Student charter​ PDXSchools
6900DFS Battle GroundBattle Ground School DistrictSchools
12DFS CanbyCanby School DistrictSchools
9600DFS SeattleFirst Student Seattle Public SchoolsSchools
419DFS Tacoma 419First Student TacomaSchools
420DFS Tacoma 420First Student TacomaSchools
414DFS VashonFirst Student Vashon School District SchoolsSchools
435DFS Lincoln CoLincoln County First StudentSchools
221DPPS Bus CentralPortland Public Schools CentralSchools
222DPPS FS RegularPortland Public Schools FS RegularSchools
145DFS SandySandy School DistrictSchools
200DFS Bus 200School BusSchools
274DSchool Bus 274School BusSchools
415DFS West LinnWest Linn School DistrictSchools