Bowling Green-Warren County Public Safety

System Name: Bowling Green-Warren County Public Safety
Location: Bowling Green, KY
County: Warren
System Type: Motorola Type II Smartnet
System Voice: Analog
System ID: Sysid: 6510 Connect Tone: 105.88
Last Updated: October 5, 2015, 7:02 am CDT   [Updated General Trunked System Information]
System Notes

Police back-up:  854.63750/809.63750 - 703 DPL

Direct:  859.9625 043 DPL (Simplex)

Mutual Aid (MATACs are 857.1375 and simplex):
MATAC1 857.13750 023 DPL
MATAC2 857.13750 025 DPL
MATAC3 857.13750 026 DPL
MATAC4 857.13750 031 DPL
MATAC5 857.13750 032 DPL
MATAC6 857.13750 043 DPL

ICALL - 851.01250/806.01250 156.7 PL
ITAC1 - 851.51250/806.51250 156.7 PL
ITAC4 - 853.01250/808.01250 156.7 PL


Old System Info:

Failsoft Assignments:
860.9625 Bowling Green PD
859.9625 Bowling Green Fire
859.2375 Bowling Green EMS

Effective April 1, 2005:
Warren County Volunteer Fire Dispatch began using the Motorola Multi-select function on the regular Dispatch Talkgroup 48. When dispatch does a knockout on Talkgroup 48, they will also key it up as a ID+7 (ID 55) and rebroadcast the same transmission.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Bowling Green 859.9625c859.2375858.9625c858.2375857.9625c857.2375856.9625856.2375


Mutual Aid Talk Groups
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
15205f0AMA1PDMutual Aid 1 PD (monitored by PD)Interop
1552610AMA2SOMutual Aid 2 SO (monitored by Sheriff)Interop
1584630AMA3EMSMutual Aid 3 EMS (monitored by EMS)Interop
1616650AMA4Mutual Aid 4Interop
1648670AMA5Mutual Aid 5Interop
1680690AMA6Mutual Aid 6Interop
Systemwide Mutual Aid (OldTRS)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
19687b0ACITYWIDE1Bowling Green Citywide - Mutual Aid Channel 1Interop
20007d0ACITYWIDE2Bowling Green Citywide - Mutual Aid Channel 2Interop
2096830ACO-AID1Warren County - Mutual Aid Channel 1Interop
2128850ACO-AID2Warren County - Mutual Aid Channel 2Interop
2160870ACO-AID3Warren County - Mutual Aid Channel 3Interop
2192890ACO-AID4Warren County - Mutual Aid Channel 4Interop
2768ad0ACO-WIDEWarren County - County CommonInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
592250AEMA-OPS1Warren County Emergency Management - Channel 1Emergency Ops
624270AEMA-OPS2Warren County Emergency Management - Channel 2Emergency Ops
816330AEMA-SAR1Warren County Emergency Management - Search & Rescue Channel 1Emergency Ops
848350AEMA-SAR2Warren County Emergency Management - Search & Rescue Channel 2Emergency Ops
880370AE911-CTRWarren County E-911 CenterMulti-Dispatch
1104450AEMA-COWarren County Emergency Management - County Disaster Mutual AidInterop
1872750AEMA-CITYWarren County Emergency Management - Bowling Green Disaster Mutual AidInterop
3504db0AEMA-DeconEmergency Management Agency - Decontamination UnitEmergency Ops
Warren County Fire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48030AWCFD-1Warren County Fire - Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
80050AWCFD-2Warren County Fire - Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch
112070AWCFD-AIDWarren County Fire - Mutual AidInterop
1760b0ABROWNINGBrowing VFD - Private/FiregroundFire-Tac
2080d0AALVATONAlvaton VFD - Private/FiregroundFire-Tac
2400f0ASMITH-GVSmiths Grove - VFD Private/FiregroundFire-Tac
272110ARICHARDSRichardsville - VFD Private/FiregroundFire-Tac
304130AWOODBURNWoodburn - VFD Private/FiregroundFire-Tac
336150AGOTTGott VFD - Private/FiregroundFire-Tac
368170ABARRENBarren River - VFD Private/FiregroundFire-Tac
400190AHADLEYHadley VFD - Private/FiregroundFire-Tac
4321b0APLANOPlano VFD - Private/FiregroundFire-Tac
4641d0AWCFD-ADMWarren County Fire - AdministrationFire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3120c30AMEDCOM1Medcom EMS - Channel 1EMS-Talk
3184c70AMEDCOM2Medcom EMS - Dispatch Channel 2EMS Dispatch
3216c90AKHERNMedcom EMS - Ambulance to EREMS-Talk
3248cb0AMEDCOM3Medcom EMS - TAC Channel 3EMS-Tac
3280cd0AMEDCOM4Medcom EMS - TAC Channel 4EMS-Tac
3312cf0AMEDCOM5Medcom EMS - TAC Channel 5EMS-Tac
Warren County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4961f0ASO-DISP1Warren County Sheriff - Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
528210ASO-DISP2Warren County Sheriff - Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
560230ASO-JAIL1Warren County Sheriff - Jail Channel 1Corrections
2800af0ASO-ANMLWarren County Sheriff - Animal ControlLaw Talk
2832b10ASO-CIVILWarren County Sheriff - Civil ProcessLaw Talk
2864b30ASO-NORTHWarren County Sheriff - North PatrolLaw Talk
2896b50ASO-SOUTHWarren County Sheriff - South PatrolLaw Talk
2928b70ASO-EASTWarren County Sheriff - East PatrolLaw Talk
2960b90ASO-WESTWarren County Sheriff - West PatrolLaw Talk
2992bb0ASO-CMNDWarren County Sheriff - CommandLaw Talk
3024bd0ASO-JVNLWarren County Sheriff - Juvenile Detention Channel 1Corrections
3056bf0ASO-JAIL2Warren County Sheriff - Jail Channel 2Corrections
3376d30ASO-DRUGWarren County Sheriff - Drug Task ForceLaw Talk
Warren County Coroner
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7202d0ACORONER1Warren County Coroner - Channel 1Law Dispatch
7522f0ACORONER2Warren County Coroner - Channel 2Law Talk
7542f2ACORONER3Warren County Coroner - Channel 3Law Talk
Bowling Green Fire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
144090AWCFD-BGFDBowling Green Fire - Mutual AidInterop
1072430ABGFD-EMSBowling Green Fire - EMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
1136470ABGFD-DSPBowling Green Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
17126b0ABGFD-TAC2Bowling Green Fire - Tac Channel 2EMS-Tac
17446d0ABGFD-TAC3Bowling Green Fire - Tac Channel 3 (WKU Fire Command WKUPD & BGFD)EMS-Tac
17766f0ABGFD-TAC4Bowling Green Fire - Tac Channel 4EMS-Tac
1808710ABGFD-TAC5Bowling Green Fire - Tac Channel 5EMS-Tac
1840730ABGFD-TAC6Bowling Green Fire - Tac Channel 6EMS-Tac
1904770ABGFD-TRNGBowling Green Fire - TrainingEMS-Tac
1936790ABGFD-INSPBowling Green Fire - Arson/InspectorsFire-Talk
20327f0ABGFD-ADMBowling Green Fire - AdministrationFire-Talk
Bowling Green Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9763d0APD-DTF1Bowling Green Police - Drug Task Force Channel 1Law Talk
10083f0APD-DTF2Bowling Green Police - Drug Task Force Channel 2Law Talk
1040410APD-DTF3Bowling Green Police - Drug Task Force Channel 3Law Talk
12004b0APD-DISP1Bowling Green Police - Dispatch Channel 1Law Dispatch
12324d0APD-DISP2Bowling Green Police - Dispatch Channel 2Law Dispatch
12644f0APD-DISP3Bowling Green Police - Dispatch Channel 3Law Dispatch
1296510APD-ADMINBowling Green Police - AdministrationLaw Talk
1392570AEVENT-1Bowling Green Police - Special Event Channel 1Law Talk
1424590AEVENT- 2Bowling Green Police - Special Event Channel 2Law Talk
14565b0AEVENT- 3Bowling Green Police - Special Event Channel 3Law Talk
14885d0AEVENT- 4Bowling Green Police - Special Event Channel 4Law Talk
2736ab0AJUSTICE1Bowling Green Police - Justice Center SecurityLaw Talk
Western Kentucky University Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3088c10AWKU-PD1WKU Police - DispatchSchools
3536dd0AWKU-PD2WKU Police - Car-to-CarSchools
Warren County Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
656290AREFUSEWarren County Solid Waste DepartmentPublic Works
912390AROADS-1Warren County Road Department - Channel 1Public Works
9443b0AROADS-2Warren County Road Department - Channel 2Public Works
22248b0APW-OPSBowling Green Public Works - OperationsPublic Works
22568d0APW-ADMNBowling Green Public Works - AdmininstrationPublic Works
2320910APW-ENGBowling Green Public Works - EngineeringPublic Works
2352930APW-STRTSBowling Green Public Works - Streeet DepartmentPublic Works
2384950APW-CENTRBowling Green Public Works - Service CenterPublic Works
24809b0ABG-BEAUTYBowling Green Public Works - Beautification CommissionPublic Works
25129d0ABG-CEMTRYBowling Green Public Works - Cemetary DivisionPublic Works
2576a10APW-OPS1Bowling Green Public Works - Operations Channel 1Public Works
2608a30APW-OPS2Bowling Green Public Works - Operations Channel 2Public Works
2640a50APW-OPS3Bowling Green Public Works - Operations Channel 3Public Works
2672a70APW-OPS4Bowling Green Public Works - Operations Channel 4Public Works
3152c50APW-JCNTRBowling Green Public Works - Justice Center MaintenancePublic Works
Bowling Green Municipal Utilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3440d70ABGMU-1Bowling Green Municipal Utilities - Backup Channel 1Public Works
3472d90ABGMU-2Bowling Green Municipal Utilities - Backup Channel 2Public Works
Warren County Government
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6882b0AJDG-EXECWarren County Judge ExecutiveOther
22888f0ABG-ITBowling Green Government - Support ServicesOther
2448990AHOUSINGBowling Green Housing/Community DevelopmentPublic Works
25449f0ABG-FINCEBowling Green Government - Finance DepartmentOther
3568df0ABG-TRANSGO BG TransitPublic Works
Warren County Parks & Recreation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1168490ACO-PARKSWarren County Parks & Recreation - OperationsPublic Works
2416970ABG-PARKSBowling Green Parks & Recreation - OperationsPublic Works
2704a90ACO-PARKSWarren County Parks & Recreation - AdministrationPublic Works