Arizona Public Service Corporation (P25)

System Name: Arizona Public Service Corporation (P25)
Location: AZ Statewide, AZ CA NM
County: 4 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 00A WACN: 92006
Last Updated: May 28, 2022, 9:14 pm CDT   [Changed Site # 153 (Diamond Point) to 153 (Diamond Point)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
139 (8B) 139 (8B) Greens Peak Apache, AZ 855.1125855.3125c857.2875c860.3125c   
145 (91) 145 (91) Roof Butte Apache, AZ 858.4125c860.3125c860.8375c    
147 (93) 147 (93) Crockett Ranch (NM) Cibola, NM 855.2875c855.9375c860.8375c    
67 (43) 067 (43) Mule Mountain Cochise, AZ 854.7625c856.2875c856.9125c    
71 (47) 071 (47) Texas Canyon Cochise, AZ 851.1625856.3375c856.6625c856.9375c   
73 (49) 073 (49) Black Knob Hill Cochise, AZ 856.3125c856.7875c     
33 (21) 033 (21) Strawberry Coconino, AZ 855.7875c857.8875c858.6625c    
41 (29) 041 (29) Kachina Coconino, AZ 855.8375c      
43 (2B) 043 (2B) Sedona Indian Point Coconino, AZ 854.9125c860.8625c     
121 (79) 121 (79) Mt Elden Coconino, AZ 856.7875c857.7875c858.3125c    
123 (7B) 123 (7B) Bill Williams Mountain Coconino, AZ 855.0375c857.3875c858.3875c    
125 (7D) 125 (7D) Preston Mesa Coconino, AZ 855.2875c858.3375c860.8625c    
127 (7F) 127 (7F) Jacks Peak Coconino, AZ 854.8625c855.6375c856.4125c    
129 (81) 129 (81) Morman Mountain Coconino, AZ 854.9375c855.3625c860.9125c    
135 (87) 135 (87) Happy Jack Coconino, AZ 855.3875c860.3875c     
137 (89) 137 (89) Blue Ridge Coconino, AZ 855.1375c855.4375c     
159 (9F) 159 (9F) Mogollon Rim Coconino, AZ 857.3625c858.8625c860.7125c    
63 (3F) 063 (3F) Signal Peak Gila, AZ 855.8625c860.8125c     
69 (45) 069 (45) Mt. Ord Gila, AZ 857.2875c859.2875c860.4625c    
153 (99) 153 (99) Diamond Point Gila, AZ 854.9125c857.4125c860.8625c    
157 (9D) 157 (9D) Payson Gila, AZ 857.8375c859.9125c860.4125c    
101 (65) 101 (65) Black Peak La Paz, AZ 854.7875c856.8875c859.2875c    
105 (69) 105 (69) Cunningham Peak La Paz, AZ 854.0125c856.4625c856.7375c    
107 (6B) 107 (6B) Smith Peak La Paz, AZ 855.3625c855.8625c859.4125c    
1 (1) 001 (1) White Tanks Maricopa, AZ 854.9375c855.3875855.6375c855.9375856.3875c856.7875c858.3375c
3 (3) 003 (3) Oatman Mountain Maricopa, AZ 855.0125c856.8625c860.2375c    
7 (7) 007 (7) Thompson Peak Maricopa, AZ 856.8125c859.3375c860.9875c    
10 (A) 010 (A) Corporate HQ (Downtown Phoenix) Maricopa, AZ 854.7625c855.1125c859.8625c860.2875c   
19 (13) 019 (13) Ocotillo Plant - Tempe Maricopa, AZ 854.8125c855.3375c     
133 (85) 133 (85) Wickenburg Maricopa, AZ 855.1375c855.1625c855.5875c    
143 (8F) 143 (8F) Deza Bluff (NM) McKinley, NM 855.3625c855.8375c858.3375c    
21 (15) 021 (15) Hualapai Mountain Mohave, AZ 851.250855.9375c858.3375c860.7125c   
141 (8D) 141 (8D) Dry Lake Navajo, AZ 855.0375c857.8125c858.4125c    
149 (95) 149 (95) Porter Mountain Navajo, AZ 855.8125c858.2875c860.3875c    
155 (9B) 155 (9B) Brookbank Navajo, AZ 855.5625c857.8625c858.8875c    
5 (5) 005 (5) Childs Mountain Pima, AZ 854.5125c856.4375c857.2125c    
65 (41) 065 (41) Summerhaven (Mt Lemmon) Pima, AZ 854.9125c857.8125c860.9125c    
61 (3D) 061 (3D) Sacaton Peak Pinal, AZ 854.9125c856.3375c858.8875c    
75 (4B) 075 (4B) Superior Pinal, AZ 856.8625c860.3125c     
79 (4F) 079 (4F) Saguaro Power Plant Pinal, AZ 855.0125c855.3875c856.2875c    
103 (67) 103 (67) Black Metal Mountain San Bernardino, CA 854.8375c855.5125c857.3125c    
9 (9) 009 (9) Black Canyon Yavapai, AZ 855.2875c856.9125c     
23 (17) 023 (17) Juniper Mountain Yavapai, AZ 858.8875c860.3125c860.8375c    
25 (19) 025 (19) Mt Francis Yavapai, AZ 854.9375c855.6375855.9375c859.3875860.3875c860.7625c860.7875
27 (1B) 027 (1B) Towers Mountain Yavapai, AZ 854.7875c855.7875c857.3875858.9125c859.3125860.8125 
29 (1D) 029 (1D) McCloud Mountain Yavapai, AZ 854.9125c855.8125c856.8875c    
31 (1F) 031 (1F) Mingus Mountain Yavapai, AZ 855.6375c857.4125c860.3125860.3875860.8125c  
37 (25) 037 (25) Mount Union Yavapai, AZ 855.3125c858.7875c859.3375    
45 (2D) 045 (2D) Sedona Airport Yavapai, AZ 855.2875c855.8125c     
109 (6D) 109 (6D) Telegraph Pass Yuma, AZ 854.2625c855.5375c856.2375c856.7375c   


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2010c9TDeer ValleyDeer Valley MetroUtilities
2020caTParadise ValleyParadise ValleyUtilities
2030cbTWestern MetroWestern MetroUtilities
2060ceTDOC State NWDOC State NWUtilities
2070cfTDOC State NEDOC State NEUtilities
2080d0TDOC State SEDOC State SEUtilities
2090d1TDOC State SWDOC State SWUtilities
5021f6TTesting 502Initial System TestingUtilities
5041f8TTesting 504System TestingUtilities
601259TOcotillo PlantOcotillo Plant OpsUtilities
60325bTW Phx Plant OpsWest Phoenix Plant OpsUtilities
803323TTesting 803Initial System Testing on Site 65.65Utilities
804324TTesting 804Initial System TestingUtilities
903387TTesting 903System TestingUtilities
10033ebTIncident CommandIncident CommandUtilities
64011901DAPS UserInitial System TestingUtilities
Arizona Division of Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
110144dDAZ SEOC 1Primary Calling (Weekly Test, 10am MST, Wednesday)Emergency Ops
110244eDAZ SEOC 2SEOC 2Emergency Ops

Harris radio systems create a dynamic talkgroup when a talkgroup patch is initiated.  These talkgroups range from 65100-65199 on this system.  These dynamic patch talkgroups are seen when two or more system talkgroups are patched together.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65100fe4cTPatch 65100Patch 65100Utilities
65101fe4dTPatch 65101Patch 65101Utilities
65102fe4eTPatch 65102Patch 65102Utilities
65103fe4fTPatch 65103Patch 65103Utilities
65104fe50TPatch 65104Patch 65104Utilities
65105fe51TPatch 65105Patch 65105Utilities
65106fe52TPatch 65106Patch 65106Utilities
65107fe53TPatch 65107Patch 65107Utilities
65108fe54TPatch 65108Patch 65108Utilities
65109fe55TPatch 65109Patch 65109Utilities
65110fe56TPatch 65110Patch 65110Utilities
65111fe57TPatch 65111Patch 65111Utilities
65112fe58TPatch 65112Patch 65112Utilities
65113fe59TPatch 65113Patch 65113Utilities
65114fe5aTPatch 65114Patch 65114Utilities
65115fe5bTPatch 65115Patch 65115Utilities
65116fe5cTPatch 65116Patch 65116Utilities
65117fe5dTPatch 65117Patch 65117Utilities
65118fe5eTPatch 65118Patch 65118Utilities
65119fe5fTPatch 65119Patch 65119Utilities
65120fe60TPatch 65120Patch 65120Utilities
65121fe61TPatch 65121Patch 65121Utilities
65122fe62TPatch 65122Patch 65122Utilities
65123fe63TPatch 65123Patch 65123Utilities
65124fe64TPatch 65124Patch 65124Utilities
65125fe65TPatch 65125Patch 65125Utilities
65126fe66TPatch 65126Patch 65126Utilities
65127fe67TPatch 65127Patch 65127Utilities
65128fe68TPatch 65128Patch 65128Utilities
65129fe69TPatch 65129Patch 65129Utilities
65130fe6aTPatch 65130Patch 65130Utilities
65131fe6bTPatch 65131Patch 65131Utilities
65132fe6cTPatch 65132Patch 65132Utilities
65133fe6dTPatch 65133Patch 65133Utilities
65134fe6eTPatch 65134Patch 65134Utilities
65135fe6fTPatch 65135Patch 65135Utilities
65136fe70TPatch 65136Patch 65136Utilities
65137fe71TPatch 65137Patch 65137Utilities
65138fe72TPatch 65138Patch 65138Utilities
65139fe73TPatch 65139Patch 65139Utilities
65140fe74TPatch 65140Patch 65140Utilities
65141fe75TPatch 65141Patch 65141Utilities
65142fe76TPatch 65142Patch 65142Utilities
65143fe77TPatch 65143Patch 65143Utilities
65144fe78TPatch 65144Patch 65144Utilities
65145fe79TPatch 65145Patch 65145Utilities
65146fe7aTPatch 65146Patch 65146Utilities
65147fe7bTPatch 65147Patch 65147Utilities
65148fe7cTPatch 65148Patch 65148Utilities
65149fe7dTPatch 65149Patch 65149Utilities
65150fe7eTPatch 65150Patch 65150Utilities
65151fe7fTPatch 65151Patch 65151Utilities
65152fe80TPatch 65152Patch 65152Utilities
65153fe81TPatch 65153Patch 65153Utilities
65154fe82TPatch 65154Patch 65154Utilities
65155fe83TPatch 65155Patch 65155Utilities
65156fe84TPatch 65156Patch 65156Utilities
65157fe85TPatch 65157Patch 65157Utilities
65158fe86TPatch 65158Patch 65158Utilities
65159fe87TPatch 65159Patch 65159Utilities
65160fe88TPatch 65160Patch 65160Utilities
65161fe89TPatch 65161Patch 65161Utilities
65162fe8aTPatch 65162Patch 65162Utilities
65163fe8bTPatch 65163Patch 65163Utilities
65164fe8cTPatch 65164Patch 65164Utilities
65165fe8dTPatch 65165Patch 65165Utilities
65166fe8eTPatch 65166Patch 65166Utilities
65167fe8fTPatch 65167Patch 65167Utilities
65168fe90TPatch 65168Patch 65168Utilities
65169fe91TPatch 65169Patch 65169Utilities
65170fe92TPatch 65170Patch 65170Utilities
65171fe93TPatch 65171Patch 65171Utilities
65172fe94TPatch 65172Patch 65172Utilities
65173fe95TPatch 65173Patch 65173Utilities
65174fe96TPatch 65174Patch 65174Utilities
65175fe97TPatch 65175Patch 65175Utilities
65176fe98TPatch 65176Patch 65176Utilities
65177fe99TPatch 65177Patch 65177Utilities
65178fe9aTPatch 65178Patch 65178Utilities
65179fe9bTPatch 65179Patch 65179Utilities
65180fe9cTPatch 65180Patch 65180Utilities
65181fe9dTPatch 65181Patch 65181Utilities
65182fe9eTPatch 65182Patch 65182Utilities
65183fe9fTPatch 65183Patch 65183Utilities
65184fea0TPatch 65184Patch 65184Utilities
65185fea1TPatch 65185Patch 65185Utilities
65186fea2TPatch 65186Patch 65186Utilities
65187fea3TPatch 65187Patch 65187Utilities
65188fea4TPatch 65188Patch 65188Utilities
65189fea5TPatch 65189Patch 65189Utilities
65190fea6TPatch 65190Patch 65190Utilities
65191fea7TPatch 65191Patch 65191Utilities
65192fea8TPatch 65192Patch 65192Utilities
65193fea9TPatch 65193Patch 65193Utilities
65194feaaTPatch 65194Patch 65194Utilities
65195feabTPatch 65195Patch 65195Utilities
65196feacTPatch 65196Patch 65196Utilities
65197feadTPatch 65197Patch 65197Utilities
65198feaeTPatch 65198Patch 65198Utilities
65199feafTPatch 65199Patch 65199Utilities