NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

System Name: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Location: Various, MD VA WV
County: 3 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 94B WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: May 17, 2021, 10:21 pm CDT   [Changed Site # 002 (Wallops Flight Facility) to 002 (Wallops Flight Facility)]
System Notes

407.0375 is in use at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in NYC as a conventional simplex frequency tied to this system. A base station operating on that frequency is linked remotely to the rest of the system so that select talkgroups can be used, without the need for a full trunked RF site.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Goddard Space Flight Center Prince George's, MD 406.2375c406.4375c406.8375c407.2375c407.6375 
1 (1) 002 (2) Wallops Flight Facility Accomack, VA 406.2375406.8375407.0375407.2375c407.4375407.6375
1 (1) 005 (5) Independent Verification and Validation Facility Marion, WV 406.8375c407.0375    


Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
120078TGB SEC DISPATCHSecurity DispatchSecurity
121079TGB SECURITY TAC1Security Tactical 1Security
12207aTGB SECURITY TAC2Security Tactical 2Security
12307bTGB SECURITY CMDSecurity CommandSecurity
12407cTGB SECURITY TRNGSecurity TrainingSecurity
12507dTGB MEOC-1MEOC 1Federal
12607eTGB MEOC-2MEOC 2Federal
12707fTGB SECURITY TECHSecurity TechniciansSecurity
128080TGB SEC SUPVSSecurity SupervisorsSecurity
129081TGB OIG 1OIG 1Federal
130082TGB OIG 2OIG 2Federal
2200dcTGB SAFETY 1Safety 1Federal
2210ddTGB SAFETY 2Safety 2Federal
320140TGB PAO-1PAO 1Federal
321141TGB PAO-2PAO 2Federal
4201a4TGB COMM 1Comm 1Federal
4211a5TGB COMM 2Comm 2Federal
520208TGB IT 1IT 1Federal
521209TGB IT 2IT 2Federal
52220aTGB 700 COOP700 CoopFederal
52320bTGB CNECNEFederal
52520dTGB IT SECIT SECFederal
52720fTGB TELECOMTelecommunicationsFederal
62026cTGB ENVIRO 1Enviromental 1Federal
62126dTGB ENVIRO 2Enviromental 2Federal
7202d0TGB LMR MAINT 1Land Mobile Radio Maintenance 1Federal
7212d1TGB LMR MAINT 2Land Mobile Radio Maintenance 2Federal
820334TGB DIRECTORATE 1Directorate 1Federal
821335TGB DIRECTORATE 2Directorate 2Federal
91138fTGB EMERGENCYEmergencyFederal
920398TGB SCNS 1SCNS 1Federal
921399TGB SCNS 2SCNS 2Federal
110044cTGB ELECTRICALElectricalFederal
110144dTGB HVACHeating Ventilation and Air ConditioningFederal
110244eTGB CUSTODIALCustodialFederal
110344fTGB MECHANICALMechanicalFederal
1104450TGB 220 INSP220 InspFederal
1105451TGB BLDG ENGBuilding EngineeringFederal
1106452TGB BLDG MAINTBuilding MaintenanceFederal
1107453TGB FIRE H2OFire H20Federal
1108454TGB 313*314313*314Federal
1109455TGB 220 MGT220 ManagementFederal
1110456TGB 220 CONST220 ConstructionFederal
1111457TGB MELWOOD 1Melwood 1Federal
1112458TGB MELWOOD 2Melwood 2Federal
25009c4TGB LOGISTICS 1Logistics 1Federal
25019c5TGB LOGISTICS 2Logistics 2Federal
25029c6TGB AV 1AV 1Federal
25039c7TGB AV 2AV 2Federal
3100c1cTGB 540 MECH 1540 Mech 1Federal
3101c1dTGB 540 MECH 2540 Mech 2Federal
3300ce4TGB MEDICALMedicalFederal
41001004TGB GB ALLAnnouncementFederal
45001194TGB DAYCARE 1Daycare 1Federal
45011195TGB DAYCARE 2Daycare 2Federal
120002ee0TGB SPARE 1Spare 1Federal
120012ee1TGB SPARE 2Spare 2Federal
120022ee2TGB SPARE 3Spare 3Federal
120032ee3TGB SPARE 4Spare 4Federal
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
150096TSecurity Wide 1Security Wide 1Security
151097TSecurity Wide 2Security Wide 2Security
152098TMEOC WideMEOC WideFederal
2500faTSafety WideSafety WideFederal
35015eTPub Affairs WidePublic Affairs WideFederal
4501c2TComm WideComm WideFederal
550226TIT WideInformation Technology WideFederal
65028aTEnvironment WideEnvironmental WideFederal
7502eeTRadio Maint WideLand Mobile Radio Maintenance WideFederal
850352TDirectorate WideDirectorate WideFederal
9503b6TSCNS WideSCNS WideFederal
Wallops Flight Facility
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100064TWFF SecurityDispSecurity DispatchSecurity
101065TWFF SecurityTac1Security Tactical 1Security
102066TWFF SecurityTac2Security Tactical 2Security
103067TWFF Security CmdSecurity CommandSecurity
104068TWFF Sec TrainingSecurity TrainingSecurity
105069TWFF MEOC 1MEOC 1Federal
10606aTWFF MEOC 3MEOC 2Federal
10706bTWFF LocksmithLocksmithFederal
10806cTWFF Security SupSecurity SupervisorsFederal
2000c8TWFF Safety 1Safety 1Federal
2010c9TWFF Safety 2Safety 2Federal
30012cTWFF PubAffairs 1Public Affairs 1Federal
30112dTWFF PubAffairs 2Public Affairs 2Federal
400190TWFF Comm 1Comm 1Federal
401191TWFF Comm 2Comm 2Federal
5001f4TWFF IT 1Information Technology 1Federal
5011f5TWFF IT 2Information Technology 2Federal
600258TWFF Environment1Environmental 1Federal
601259TWFF Environment2Environmental 2Federal
7002bcTWFF RadioMaint 1Land Mobile Radio Maintenance 1Federal
7012bdTWFF RadioMaint 2Land Mobile Radio Maintenance 2Federal
800320TWFF Directorate1Directorate 1Federal
801321TWFF Directorate2Directorate 2Federal
900384TWFF SCNS 1SCNS 1Federal
901385TWFF SCNS 2SCNS 2Federal
10003e8TWFF Maintenance1Maintenance 1Federal
10013e9TWFF Maintenance2Maintenance 2Federal
10023eaTWFF ElectricalElectricalFederal
10033ebTWFF HVACHeating, Ventilation and Air ConditioningFederal
10043ecTWFF CarpenterCarpenterFederal
10053edTWFF AlarmAlarmFederal
10063eeTWFF CustodialCustodialFederal
10073efTWFF LogisticsLogisticsFederal
20007d0TWFF Fire DispFire DisptachFire Dispatch
20017d1TWFF Fire Tac 1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
20027d2TWFF Fire Tac 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
20037d3TWFF Fire CommandFire CommandFire-Tac
20047d4TWFF FireTrainingFire TrainingFire-Talk
20057d5TWFF FireSta1CallStation 1 CallFire Dispatch
20067d6TWFF FireSta2CallStation 2 CallFire Dispatch
3000bb8TWFF Facil N161Facilities N161Federal
4000fa0TWFF AtmosphericsAtmospherics/RainFederal
42001068TWFF AllAllFederal
50001388TWFF SndngRckts 1Sounding Rockets 1Federal
50011389TWFF SndngRckts 2Sounding Rockets 2Federal
60001770TWFF TowerTowerFederal
60011771TWFF Air Mech 1Air Mechanics 1Federal
60021772TWFF Air Mech 2Air Mechanics 2Federal
70001b58TWFF USDAUSDAFederal
80001f40TWFF Radar 1Radar 1Federal
80011f41TWFF Radar 2Radar 2Federal
90002328TWFF Optical 1Optical 1Federal
90012329TWFF Optical 2Optical 2Federal
9100238cTWFF TM 1TM 1Federal
9101238dTWFF TM 2TM 2Federal
100002710TWFF Project 1Project 1Federal
100012711TWFF Project 2Project 2Federal
100022712TWFF Project 3Project 3Federal
100032713TWFF Project 4Project 4 Federal
10010271aTWFF CountdownCountdownFederal
110002af8TWFF Navy 1Navy 1Military
110012af9TWFF Navy 2Navy 2Military
200004e20TWFF EngineeringEngineeringFederal
300007530TWFF MARS 1MARS 1Federal
300017531TWFF MARS 2MARS 2Federal
300027532TWFF AntaresOps 1Antares Operations 1Federal
300037533TWFF AntaresOps 2Antares Operations 2Federal
300047534TWFF AntareCygnusAntares CygnusFederal
300057535TWFF AntaresRangeAntares RangeFederal
300067536TWFF AntaresForgnAntares Foreign National OperationsFederal