Toronto Transit Commission

System Name: Toronto Transit Commission
Location: Toronto, ON
County: Toronto
System Type: TETRA Standard
System Voice: Tetra Digital
Last Updated: October 24, 2023, 8:33 pm CDT   [Added Talkgroup to: Surface (101161 Eglinton Garage)]
System Notes

 IP based system  MCC/MNC codes for the network are MCC 302, MNC 2013 

Underground Zones

Zone 1 Kipling - Zone 2 Keele - Zone 3 Bay - Zone 4 Greenwood - Zone 5 Kennedy - Zone 6 Downsview

Zone 7 St. Clair West - Zone 8 Union Station - Zone 9 Davisville - Zone 10 Finch - Zone 11 Yonge/Sheppard

Zone 12 Don Mills - Zone 13 Vaughan Metropolitan Centre



Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
000 (0) Underground Zones 1 - 13 422.2625422.325422.3625422.425422.4625422.525422.5625422.625
027 (1B) CN Tower 422.6625c423.4125c423.5125c     
028 (1C) Finch 422.6875c423.3875c423.5625c     
029 (1D) Shipp 412.9625c423.6125c423.7125c     
030 (1E) Malvern 423.4875c423.5875c423.7625c     
031 (1F) Greenwood 412.0625c412.2125c412.6125c     
032 (20) Hillcrest 412.1125c423.2875c423.6875c     
033 (21) Wilson 413.1875c423.3625c423.4625c     
034 (22) McBrien 412.0375c423.5375c423.6625c     
035 (23) Arrow 412.0375c423.3125c423.7375c     
036 (24) Birchmount 423.3375c423.4375c423.6375c     


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
60002TRed AlarmRed AlarmTransportation
101011TTransit ControlTransit ControlTransportation
101117TJanitorSubway/Surface JanitorBusiness
102716TTransit Enforce1Transit Enforcement 1Law Tac
102740TSpecialConstableSpecial ConstablesLaw Tac
120106TPRESTO TechsPRESTO TechniciansBusiness

Bus and streetcar operations

 Line 3 - Scarborough  Shuttle buses


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
101012TWheel TransWheel TransTransportation
101013TSurface Ch. 3Surface Ch. 3Transportation
101014TSurface Ch. 4Surface Ch. 4Transportation
101015TSurface Ch. 5 SCSurface Ch. 5 StreetcarsTransportation
102727TStreetcarControlStreetcar ControlTransportation
102728TStreetcar SprvsrStreetcar SupervisorsTransportation
101151TLeslieLeslie CarhouseTransportation
101154TRussellRussell CarhouseTransportation
102724TRoncyRoncesvalles CarhouseTransportation
101148TRoute MgmtRoute ManagementTransportation
102734TBus OperationsBus OperationsTransportation
102701TSubway Shuttle Subway ShuttleTransportation
102742TShuttle DeskShuttle DeskTransportation
131071TControl/Bus PATransit Control to Bus PATransportation
131074TControl/Bus PATransit Control to Bus PATransportation
101155TBirchmountBirchmount GarageTransportation
101158TWilson Wilson GarageTransportation
101159TMt. DennisMount Dennis GarageTransportation
101161TEglintonEglinton GarageTransportation
101162TMalvernMalvern GarageTransportation
102719TIncidents 1 SubIncidents Ch. 1 - Subway SuperindententTransportation
102720TIncidents 2 OthIncidents Ch. 2 - Other IncidentsTransportation
102721TIncidents 3 ShutIncidents Ch. 3 - Shuttle Bus Co-ordinationTransportation
102725TFire PreventionFire PreventionBusiness

Subways: Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina     Line 2 - Bloor-Danforth  Line 4 - Sheppard 

Light Rail Transit: Line 5 - Eglinton Crosstown (First Phase:  Mount Dennis to Laird underground) Line 6 - Finch West LRT (all above grade)

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100010TLine1 Line CallsLine 1 Yonge University Spadina CallsRailroad
100019TLine1 PA CallsLine 1 PA CallsRailroad
102723TLine1 YUS TowerYonge-University-Spadina TowerRailroad
100020TLine2 Line CallsLine 2 Bloor-Danforth CallsRailroad
100029TLine2 PA CallsLine 2 PA CallsRailroad
102732TLine2 B-D TowerBloor-Danforth Line TowerRailroad
102733TLine2 Kendy TwrKennedy TowerRailroad
106001TPSA Bloor StnPassenger Safety Announcement - Yonge-Bloor StationRailroad
100040TLine4 SheppardLine 4 SheppardRailroad
115000TLine5 CrosstownLine 5 Eglinton CrosstownRailroad
116000TLine6 Finch WestLine 6 Finch WestRailroad
100002TWilson YardWilson YardRailroad
100003TGreenwoodGreenwood YardRailroad
100004TDavisville YardDavisville YardRailroad
100005TMcCowan YardMcCowan SRT YardRailroad
101114TWayside Stn DeskWayside Station DeskRailroad
102045TWaysideMaintainrWayside Maintainers Railroad
101132TWayside WaysideRailroad
101101TSignals Ch.1Signals Ch. 1Railroad
101102TSignals Ch. 2Signals Ch. 2Railroad
102401TSignal CrewSignal Maintainers CrewRailroad
102402TWayside Wayside Work CrewsRailroad
102404TSignals CrewSignals CrewRailroad
102405TStructure CrewsStructure CrewsRailroad
102410TLubricators Z 10Lubricators - Zone 10 FinchRailroad
101006TTrack MaintTrack MaintenanceRailroad
101007TTrack MaintTrack MaintenanceRailroad
101001TRTC Test/WorkRTC Tester/Work CrewRailroad
Line 1 - Subway Point to Point

Yonge-University-Spadina calls between individual trains to TTC Control.

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100136TRun 136 Run 136 Railroad
100141TRun 141Run 141Railroad
100187TRun 187Run 187Railroad
Line 2 - Subway Point to Point

Bloor-Danforth calls between individual trains to TTC Control.

Runs 201-249 are Off-Peak (weekend/holidays) Runs 250+ are weekday service

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
100201TRun 201Run 201Railroad
100202TRun 202Run 202Railroad
100203TRun 203Run 203Railroad
100204TRun 204Run 204Railroad
100205TRun 205Run 205Railroad
100206TRun 206Run 206Railroad
100207TRun 207Run 207Railroad
100208TRun 208Run 208Railroad
100209TRun 209Run 209Railroad
100210TRun 210Run 210Railroad
100211TRun 211Run 211Railroad
100212TRun 212Run 212Railroad
100213TRun 213Run 213Railroad
100214TRun 214Run 214Railroad
100215TRun 215Run 215Railroad
100216TRun 216Run 216Railroad
100217TRun 217Run 217Railroad
100218TRun 218Run 218Railroad
100219TRun 219Run 219Railroad
100220TRun 220Run 220Railroad
100221TRun 221Run 221Railroad
100222TRun 222Run 222Railroad
100223TRun 223Run 223Railroad
100224TRun 224Run 224Railroad
100225TRun 225Run 225Railroad
100226TRun 226Run 226Railroad
100251TRun 251Run 251Railroad
100252TRun 252Run 252Railroad
100253TRun 253Run 253Railroad
100254TRun 254Run 254Railroad
100255TRun 255Run 255Railroad
100256TRun 256Run 256Railroad
100257TRun 257Run 257Railroad
100258TRun 258Run 258Railroad
100259TRun 259Run 259Railroad
100260TRun 260Run 260Railroad
100261TRun 261Run 261Railroad
100262TRun 262Run 262Railroad
100263TRun 263Run 263Railroad
100264TRun 264Run 264Railroad
100265TRun 265Run 265Railroad
100266TRun 266Run 266Railroad
100267TRun 267Run 267Railroad
100268TRun 268Run 268Railroad
100269TRun 269Run 269Railroad
100270TRun 270Run 270Railroad
100271TRun 271Run 271Railroad
100272TRun 272Run 272Railroad
100273TRun 273Run 273Railroad
100274TRun 274Run 274Railroad
100275TRun 275Run 275Railroad
100276TRun 276Run 276Railroad
100277TRun 277Run 277Railroad
100287TRun 287Run 287Railroad
100290TRun 290Run 290Railroad
100291TRun 291Run 291Railroad
100296TRun 296Run 296Railroad
100297TRun 297 OTCRun 297 Operations Training CentreRailroad
100298TRun 298 OTCRun 298 Operations Training CentreRailroad
100299TRun 299Run 299 OperationsRailroad
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
102701TWayside TechsWayside Radio TechsBusiness
102702TWayside TechsWayside Radio TechsBusiness
102703TWayside TechsWayside Radio TechsBusiness
102704TWayside TechsWayside Radio TechsBusiness