Texas Bigfoot Communications (Tier 3)

System Name: Texas Bigfoot Communications (Tier 3)
Location: Houston, TX
County: 15 Counties
System Type: DMR Tier 3 Capacity Max
System Voice: DMR
Last Updated: November 10, 2022, 12:05 pm CST   [(1) Talkgroups Updated (School Buses)]
System Notes

 Large area wide system that covers most of Southeast Texas.  https://www.txbigfoot.com/services/coverage.htm

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Region Site Name County Freqs
1 001 (1) Magnolia Montgomery 454.025c454.225454.425    
1 002 (2) Downtown Houston Harris 454.350454.400454.450454.500c454.550c454.575454.600c
1 003 (3) Willis Montgomery 454.0875c454.250454.2875454.4875454.6625  
1 004 (4) Texas City Galveston 454.1375454.2375c454.3375c    
1 005 (5) Navasota Grimes 454.0625c454.2625454.4625    
1 006 (6) Hunstville Walker 454.0375454.2375c     
1 007 (7) Hempstead Waller 454.0125c454.4125     
1 008 (8) East Bernard? Wharton 454.1625c      
1 009 (9) Angleton/Lake Jackson Brazoria 454.025c454.225c     
1 010 (A) Baytown? Harris 454.1625c454.3625c454.5625    
1 011 (B) Site 11 UNKNOWN 454.1875c454.3875c     
1 013 (D) Site 13 UNKNOWN 454.500c      
1 022 (16) Site 22 UNKNOWN 454.3125c      
1 027 (1B) Site 27 UNKNOWN 454.075c      


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
102TConcrete 102Concrete DeliveryBusiness
3200TConcrete 3200Concrete DeliveryBusiness
4003TConcrete 4003Concrete DeliveryBusiness
13001TConcrete 13001Concrete Delivery (Galveston area)Business
18002TConcrete 18002Concrete DeliveryBusiness
20001TConcrete 20001Concrete DeliveryBusiness
21001TUS Ready Mix HouUS Ready Mix (Houston)Business
25500TConcrete 25500Concrete DeliveryBusiness
25501TConcrete 25501Concrete DeliveryBusiness
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2022
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
56050THLSR Hotel ShttlHotel Shuttle BusesBusiness
56051THLSR BusesBusesBusiness
56052THLSR 56052HLSRBusiness
56053THLSR 56053HLSRBusiness
56054THLSR Rodeo RunRodeo RunBusiness
56055THLSR 56055HLSRBusiness
56056THLSR 56056HLSRBusiness
56057THLSR MediaMediaBusiness
56058THLSR 56058HLSRBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6002TAldine ISD BusesAldine I.S.D. School BusesSchools
7001TNavas ISD Buses1Navasota I.S.D. Buses Ch. 1Schools
7002TNavas ISD Buses2Navasota I.S.D. Buses Ch. 2Schools
7003TNavas ISD Buses3Navasota I.S.D. Buses Ch. 3Schools
6001TSchoolBuses 6001School BusesSchools
8001TSchoolBuses 8001School Buses (includes Yes Prep Southside)Schools
25000TSchoolBuses25000School Buses (includes Yes Prep White Oak)Schools
20051TTomballISD BusesTomball I.S.D. School BusesSchools
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
32001TTrash 32001Trash Dumpster ServiceBusiness
19031TTrash 19031Trash TrucksBusiness
19032TTrash 19032Trash TrucksBusiness
23001TTrash 23001Trash TrucksBusiness
23003TTrash 23003Trash TrucksBusiness
23009TTrash 23009Trash TrucksBusiness
23011TTrash 23011Trash TrucksBusiness
23013TTrash 23013Trash TrucksBusiness
23014TTrash 23014Trash TrucksBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1001TWrecker 1001Wrecker ServiceBusiness
8075TWrecker 8075Wrecker ServiceBusiness
10200TWrecker 10200Wrecker ServiceBusiness
10500TWrecker 10500Wrecker ServiceBusiness
16051TWrecker 16051Wrecker ServiceBusiness
16071TWrecker 16071Wrecker ServiceBusiness
16500TWrecker 16500Wrecker ServiceBusiness
10002TWrecker 10002Wrecker Service (with talkgroup 10001)Business
10001TWrecker 10001Wrecker Service (with talkgroup 10002)Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27007TCMHH TransportChildren's Memorial Hermann Hospital - Transport TeamBusiness
3001TLandscape 3001Landscape SuppliesBusiness
56010TSecurity 56010Private SecuritySecurity
100TRadio TechnicianTexas Bigfoot Communications - Radio TechniciansBusiness
2001TTire Svc 2001Tire ServiceBusiness