System Name: Palm Beach County
Location: Various, FL
County: Palm Beach
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 598 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: November 20, 2023, 3:29 pm CST   [Updated encryption settings for 1 talkgroups for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue ]
System Notes

 Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office have officially switched to the new system on June 2,2018. Unfortunately, the Sheriff’s Office Is now utilizing full-time encryption.



Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
1 (1) 005 (5) Governmental Center Complex 769.10625c769.50625c769.75625c770.00625c770.33125771.13125771.70625772.53125
1 (1) 006 (6) Countywide 851.100851.125851.325c851.600851.625851.750851.825c851.850c
1 (1) 007 (7) Boca Raton 854.5875c854.6625c854.6875c855.1875856.0875858.1625858.6125858.6375
1 (1) 008 (8) Delray Beach 851.375851.575851.775c852.075852.675853.150c853.675 
1 (1) 009 (9) Boynton Beach 856.2875856.8125c857.2875c858.2875c859.2875c   


Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2137859TPBCFR FR MainMainFire-Tac
213985bTPBCFR TAC 2ATactical 2AFire-Tac
214185dTPBCFR Tac 3A Tactical 3AFire-Tac
214385fTPBCFR TAC 4ATactical 4AFire-Tac
2145861TPBCFR TAC 5ATactical 5AFire-Tac
2147863TEPBCFR Tac 6A Tactical 6A Fire Dispatch
2149865TPBCFR TAC 7A FGTactical 7AFire-Tac
2151867TPBCFR Tac 8ATactical 8AFire-Tac
2153869TPBCFR Tac 9ATactical 9AFire-Tac
215586bTPBCFR Tac 10ATactical 10AFire-Tac
215786dTPBCFR Tac 11ATactical 11AFire-Tac
215986fTPBCFR Tac 12ATactical 12AFire-Tac
2163873TPBCFR Tac 2BTactical 2BFire-Tac
2165875TPBCFR Tac 3BTactical 3BFire-Tac
2167877TPBCFR Tac 4BTactical 4BFire-Tac
2169879TPBCFR Tac 5BTactical 5BFire-Tac
217187bTPBCFR Tac 6BTactical 6BFire-Tac
217387dTPBCFR Tac 7BTactical 7BFire-Tac
217587fTPBCFR Tac 8BTactical 8BFire-Tac
2177881TPBCFR Tac 9BTactical 9BFire-Tac
2179883TPBCFR Tac 10BTactical 10BFire-Tac
2181885TPBCFR Tac 11BTactical 11BFire-Tac
2183887TPBCFR Tac 12BTactical 12BFire-Tac
218788bTPBCFR 6E AdminAdministration 6EFire-Talk
218988dTPBCFR 5E VBTactical 5E Volunteer BattalionFire-Tac
219188fTPBCFR Tac 13ATactical 13A (Palm Beach International Airport)Fire-Tac
2193891TPBCFR Tac 13BTactical 13B (Investigators)Fire-Tac
2199897TPBCFR Radio ShopRadio ShopFire-Talk
2201899TPBCFR Fleet MgmtFleet ManagementFire-Talk
239995fDPBCFR 9F MED1 Med Control 1Hospital
2401961DPBCFR10F MED2Med Control 2Hospital
241596fDPBCFR JHJupiter HospitalHospital
2417971DPBCFR PBGMCPalm Beach Gardens Medical CenterHospital
2419973DPBCFR SM ERSt. Marys Hospital ERHospital
2421975DPBCFR SM PERSt. Marys Hospital Peds ERHospital
2423977DPBCFR JFK NJ.F.K. North Hospital (WPB)Hospital
2425979DPBCFR VAVeterans Administration HospitalHospital
242797bDPBCFR GSHGood Samaritan HospitalHospital
242997dDPBCFR LMCLakeside Medical Center (Belle Glade)Hospital
243197fDPBCFR PWHPalms West HospitalHospital
2433981DPBCFR BWH ERBethesda West Hospital ERHospital
2435983DPBCFR WRHWellington Regional HospitalHospital
2437985DPBCFR JFK SJ.F.K. South Hospital (Lantana)Hospital
2439987DPBCFR BMHBethesda Memorial HospitalHospital
2441989DPBCFR DMCDelray Medical CenterHospital
244398bDPBCFR BRHBoca Raton HospitalHospital
244598dDPBCFR WBHWest Boca HospitalHospital
244798fDPBC EOC Net EOC Net (PBC Hospital All-Call)Hospital
Palm Beach County Sheriff

North Regional Bureau          South Regional Bureau                          Western Regional Bureau
District 1 - West Palm Beach     District 4 - Delray Beach                       District 5 - Western Palm Beach County
District 2 - Mangonia Park         District 6 - Western Boynton Beach    District 9 - Royal Palm Beach
District 3 - North Palm               District 7 - Boca Raton                            District 11 - South Bay
District 10 - Lake Park              District 14 - Lake Worth                           District 12 - Pahokee
District 8 - Wellington                                                                                    District 13 - Belle Glade
                                                                                                                           District 15 - Loxahatchee/Acreage

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17316c3DPBSO COP 1Citizen Observer Patrol 1Law Dispatch
17336c5DPBSO COP 2Citizen Observer Patrol 2Law Tac
17716ebDEPBSO Court 1Court 1 (Security)Security
17736edDEPBSO Court 2Court 2 (Annex)Security
17216b9DEPBSO Det 1Detectives 1Law Tac
17296c1DEPBSO EFF 2Emergency Field Forces 2 Law Tac
17276bfDEPBSO EFF 1 Emergency Field Forces 1 Law Tac
169369dDEPBSO Event 1Event 1Law Tac
169569fDEPBSO Event 2Event 2Law Tac
16976a1DEPBSO Event 3Event 3Law Tac
16996a3DEPBSO Event 4Event 4Law Tac
1673689DEPBSO North 1ANorth 1ALaw Dispatch
1641669DEPBSO North 1BNorth 1BLaw Tac
1669685DEPBSO North 2ANorth 2ALaw Dispatch
1637665DEPBSO North 2BNorth 2BLaw Tac
169169bDEPBSO North 3ANorth 3ALaw Dispatch
166167dDEPBSO North 3BNorth 3BLaw Tac
17616e1DEPBSO North 4ANorth 4ALaw Dispatch
17576ddDEPBSO North 4BNorth 4BLaw Tac
17016a5DEPBSONorthInquiryNorth InquiryLaw Tac
121079DEPBSO OCB 1 Organized Crime Bureau 1Law Tac
12307bDEPBSO OCB 2 Organized Crime Bureau 2 Law Tac
12507dDEPBSO OCB 3 Organized Crime Bureau 3Law Tac
1685695DEPBSO PBIAPalm Beach International AirportLaw Dispatch
1653675DEPBSO PBIA (B)Palm Beach International Airport (B)Law Tac
165967bDEPBSO 1659PBSOLaw Tac
17356c7DEPBSORadioShopRadio ShopLaw Talk
17596dfDEPBSO Schl Brd PDSchool Board PoliceLaw Tac
167768dDEPBSO South 1ASouth 1ALaw Dispatch
164566dDEPBSO South 1BSouth 1BLaw Tac
1681691DEPBSO South 2ASouth 2ALaw Dispatch
1649671DEPBSO South 2BSouth 2BLaw Tac
1689699DEPBSO South 3ASouth 3ALaw Dispatch
1657679DEPBSO South 3BSouth 3BLaw Tac
1671687DEPBSO South 4ASouth 4ALaw Dispatch
1639667DEPBSO South 4BSouth 4BLaw Tac
17536d9DEPBSO South 5ASouth 5ALaw Dispatch
17556dbDEPBSO South 5BSouth 5BLaw Tac
17116afDEPBSOSouthInquirySouth InquiryLaw Tac
117075DEPBSO SRT 1 Special Response Team 1 Law Tac
119077DEPBSO SRT 2 Special Response Team 2 Law Tac
12707fDEPBSO Tac 1 Tactical 1 Law Tac
129081DEPBSO Tac 2Tactical 2Law Tac
131083DEPBSO Tac 3 Tactical 3 Law Tac
17456d1DEPBSO Training1Training 1Law Talk
17476d3DEPBSO Training2Training 2Law Talk
1793701DEPBSO 1793Undefined PBSO ChannelLaw Tac
17376c9DEPBSO Veh MaintVehicle Maintenance/MotorpoolLaw Talk
17256bdDEPBSO WarrantsWarrantsLaw Tac
1683693DEPBSO West 1AWest 1ALaw Dispatch
1651673DEPBSO West 1BWest 1BLaw Tac
167968fDEPBSO West 2AWest 2ALaw Dispatch
164766fDEPBSO West 2BWest 2BLaw Tac
167568bDEPBSO West 3AWest 3ALaw Dispatch
164366bDEPBSO West 3BWest 3BLaw Tac
1655677DEPBSOWest InquiryWest InquiryLaw Tac
Intersystem/Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3975f87TEMS Common 1EMS Common 1Interop
3977f89TEMS Common 2EMS Common 2Interop
3979f8bTEMS Common 3EMS Common 3Interop
3973f85TEMS Comm CallEMS Common CallingInterop
3983f8fTFire CallingFire CallingInterop
3995f9bTFireCom 1FireCom 1Interop
3997f9dTFireCom 2FireCom 2Interop
3999f9fTFireCom 3FireCom 3Interop
4003fa3TFireCom 4FireCom 4Interop
3981f8dTFireCom 5FireCom 5Interop
3985f91TLE CallingLE CallingInterop
3987f93TLECom 1LECom 1Interop
3989f95TLECom 2LECom 2Interop
3991f97TLECom 3LECom 3Interop
3993f99TLECom 4LECom 4Interop
4001fa1TLECom 5LECom 5Interop
4011fabTLECom 6LECom 6Interop
4005fa5TLGComLocal Government CommonInterop
Palm Beach County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30112dDPW Radio ShopPublic Works Radio ShopPublic Works
24919bbDESS SFFire and AV TechsPublic Works
24939bdDESS SECourthouse TechsPublic Works
25039c7DPS 3Animal Care and ControlPublic Works
25059c9DLifeguards NorthLifeguards NorthFire-Tac
25079cbDLifeguards SouthLifeguards SouthFire-Tac
25139d1DEnvironmental 1Environmental 1Public Works
25239dbDTraffic OpsTraffic OperationsPublic Works
25279dfDFM-AdminFacilities Management - AdministrationPublic Works
25299e1DFM-North ZoneFacilities Management - North ZonePublic Works
25319e3DFM-West ZoneFacilities Management - West ZonePublic Works
25339e5DFM-SecurityFacilities Management - SecurityPublic Works
25359e7DFM-CourthouseFacilities Management - CourthousePublic Works
25379e9DFM-Central ZoneFacilities Management - Central ZonePublic Works
25399ebDFM-South ZoneFacilities Management - South ZonePublic Works
25519f7DGovernmentAssetsGovernment AssetsPublic Works
2561a01DRoadsandBridgeRoads and BridgesPublic Works
2565a05DParksandRecAdminParks and Recreation - AdministrationPublic Works
2567a07DParks MaintParks MaintenancePublic Works
2569a09DPark RangersPark Rangers (PBSO)Public Works
2571a0bDParksandRecSuppcParks and Recreation - SupportPublic Works
2581a15DPalm Tran 1 DispPalm Tran 1 DispatchTransportation
2587a1bDPalm Tran SuperPalm Tran SupervisorTransportation
Palm Beach International Airport
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
24779adTPBI AdminAdministrationPublic Works
24799afTPBI OperationsOperationsPublic Works
24819b1TPBI Terminal Terminal MaintenancePublic Works
24839b3TPBI Ground Ground MaintenancePublic Works
24859b5TPBI Future Future UsePublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
36516dDEPD1 DispatchPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
36716fDEPD2 SecondaryPolice SecondaryLaw Tac
369171DPD3 Car/CarPolice Car-CarLaw Talk
371173DePD4 OpsPolice Operations Law Talk
387183DeFAU1 PD DispatchFlorida Atlantic University Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
391187DFAU3 PD OpsFlorida Atlantic University Police - Operations Law Tac
405195DFR1 Fire DispatcFire Rescue DispatchFire Dispatch
407197DFR2 Tac 2Fire Rescue Tactical 2Fire-Tac
409199DFR3 Tac 3Fire Rescue Tactical 3Fire-Tac
41319dDFR Life Safety 1Life Safety 1Fire-Tac
4271abDFR TrainingFire Rescue TrainingFire-Talk
4351b3DFR14 Airport PatFire Rescue Airport PatchFire-Tac
4711d7DEPD SurveillancePolice SurveillanceLaw Tac
3461d85DLG To PDLG Agencies Link to PD DispatchInterop
3469d8dDOcean RescueOcean Rescue (Medical Calls Patched from Life Safety 1)Fire-Tac
3471d8fDRecreation-ParksRecreation-ParksPublic Works
3473d91DRecreation-SportRecreation-SportingPublic Works
3475d93DWater Utilities1Water Utilities 1Utilities
3477d95DWater Utilities2Water Utilities 2Utilities
3479d97DWater Utilities3Water Utilities 3Utilities
3483d9bDFacilities MaintFacilities MaintenancePublic Works
3485d9dDStreetsandRoadsStreets and RoadsPublic Works
3491da3DStreetsandRoads2Streets and Roads 2Public Works
3493da5DParking EnforceParking EnforcementPublic Works
3497da9DRecreationRecreation (AM Pool/PM Golf Course)Public Works
3501dadDTraffic Signals Traffic Signals and EngineeringPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
259103TBBFD/PD SOUTH HIFire/Police South Hub InteropInterop
4451bdTEBBPD A1 DispA1 - Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
4471bfTEBBPD A2 TeleA2 - Police Teletype [mixed mode]Law Tac
4491c1TEBBPD A3 C/CA3 - Police Car-to-Car [mixed mode]Law Talk
4511c3TEBBPD A4 TAC A4 TacticalLaw Tac
4571c9TEBBPD A7 TACA7 TacticalLaw Tac
4631cfTEBBPD TrafficPolice - Traffic UnitsLaw Talk
4851e5TBBFD A1 DispA1 Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
4871e7TBBFD A4 TacA4 Fire TacticalFire-Tac
4891e9TBBFD A5 TacA5 Fire TacticalFire-Tac
4911ebTBBFD A2 TacA2 Fire TacticalFire-Tac
4931edTBBFD A3 TacA3 Fire TacticalFire-Tac
5011f5TBBFD FireOpsFire OperationsFire-Talk
3565dedTBB Parks/RecParks and RecreationPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2010c9TEDBPD 1 MAINMainLaw Dispatch
2030cbTEDBPD 2 INFOInformationLaw Tac
2050cdTEDBPD 3 C2CCar-to-CarLaw Tac
2070cfTEDBPD 4 OPSOperationsLaw Tac
2090d1TEDBPD 5 TAC 5Tactical 5 Law Tac
2110d3TEDBPD 6 TAC 6Tactical 6Law Tac
2130d5TEDBPD 7 TAC 7Tactical 7 Law Tac
3593e09TDB Code EnforceCode EnforcementPublic Works
3595e0bTDB LG 3595Local GovernmentPublic Works
3603e13TDB LG 3603Local GovernmentPublic Works
Florida Department of Health
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
25579fdDFLDOH OpsOperationsEmergency Ops
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3375d2fTELantana PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3583dffTBoynton LGBoynton BeachFire-Tac
3597e0dTDelray LGDelray BeachFire-Tac

Fire-Rescue dispatched by Boynton Beach on their talkgroups.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3765eb5TEOcean Ridge 1Police 1Law Dispatch
3767eb7TEOcean Ridge 2Police 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3389d3dDPalmSpringsPD1Police Dispatch (Also dispatching for Lake Clarke Shores)Law Dispatch
3391d3fDPalmSpringsPD2Police Car-to-CarLaw Tac
3393d41DPalmSpringsPD3Police 3Law Tac
Port of Palm Beach
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2629a45TPortofPB Sec 1Security 1Security
2631a47TPortofPB Sec 2Security 2Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3021bcdTERivieraPD1DispPolice 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
3023bcfTERivieraPD2C2CPolice 2 Car-to-CarLaw Tac
3025bd1TERivieraPD3InfoPolice 3 InformationLaw Tac
3029bd5TERivieraPD4COPPolice 4 C.O.P.Law Tac
3031bd7TERivieraPD5CodePolice 5 Code EnforcementLaw Talk
3033bd9TERivieraPD6AdminPolice 6 AdministrationLaw Talk
3035bdbTERivieraPD7EventsPolice 7 Special EventsLaw Talk