R and M Repeater (NXDN)

System Name: R and M Repeater (NXDN)
Location: Payson, AZ
County: 8 Counties
System Type: NXDN NEXEDGE 4800
System Voice: NXDN Digital
System ID: HEX: L146 DEC: L326
Last Updated: March 1, 2024, 15:30 pm UTC   [Updated 1 talkgroups for Talkgroups]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) L326-1 Diamond Point Gila 857.1625c858.1625860.6125    
002 (2) L326-2 Mount Ord Gila 854.76875855.59375857.69375858.69375c   
003 (3) L326-3 Towers Mountain Yavapai 857.525858.525c857.550859.650859.6625  
004 (4) L326-4 White Tanks Maricopa 860.625860.650c860.8625857.550855.5125860.63125860.6375
005 (5) L326-5 Five Mile Hill Gila 858.61875860.61875c     
006 (6) L326-6 Usery Pass Maricopa 854.2875c855.5625c858.7875858.8375   
007 (7) L326-7 Signal Peak Gila 855.50625856.38125856.3875c    
008 (8) L326-8 Sacaton Peak Pinal 855.58125858.78125859.5375860.6625c   
009 (9) L326-9 Mount Union Yavapai 858.54375c      
010 (A) L326-10 Mount Elden Coconino 855.5875c      
011 (B) L326-11 Mormon Mountain Coconino 854.76875      
012 (C) L326-12 Greens Peak Apache 856.78125c      
015 (F) L326-15 Shaw Butte Maricopa 855.00625855.0125c855.01875856.550859.525  
016 (10) L326-16 Mingus Mountain Yavapai 855.0875      
017 (11) L326-17 Madera Peak Gila 855.5125856.3875861.0125c    
018 (12) L326-18 Payson Gila 858.6875c859.6875860.6875    
019 (13) L326-19 Mount Lemmon Pima 861.0375c861.4625c861.9625c    


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
21DBusiness 21Business 21Business
41DBusiness 41Business 41Business
52DBusiness 52Business 52 [DISP, DISPATCH, TRUCK 6]Business
117DBusiness 117Business 117Business
128DBusiness 128Business 128 [TRNS...]Business
140DBusiness 140Business 140 [AZDNURSE]Business
144DBusiness 144Business 144Business
149DBusiness 149Business 149 [TRANSBASE, E-14]Business
171DPhoenix Bus 171Phoenix Bus 171 [BUS A3]Transportation
191DBusiness 191Business 191Business
266DBus 266Bus 266 [BUS 33, DISP 15, Disp 14]Transportation
302DBusiness 302Business 302Business
345DBusiness 345Business 345 [TRUCK 1]Business
370DBusiness 370Business 370 [PAYSON OFFICE, TONTO BATCH]Business
386DPhoenix Bus 386Phoenix Bus 386 [BUS]Transportation
411DBusiness 411Business 411Business
417DBusiness 417Business 417Business
433DFUSD Buses 433Florence Unified School District Buses 433Schools
458DPinCo School 458Pinal County School Bus 458 [BUS]Schools
469DPinCo School 469Pinal County School Bus 469 [ROUTING BASE, SHUTTLE 108]Schools
531DGila Co SOGila County SO? [DISP NORTH, TAR 107]Law Dispatch
532DGila Co SOGila County SO? [SO SOUTH DISP]Law Dispatch
550DEPayson PolicePayson Police Dept DispatchLaw Dispatch
590DGlobe PoliceGlobe Police Dept DispatchLaw Dispatch
620DBusiness 620Business 620Business
623DPinCo School 623Pinal County School 623 [ELEM SCH 5]Schools
624DPinCo School 624Pinal County School 624 [MIDDLE SCH 8]Schools
625DPinCo School 625Pinal County School 625 [SUPERINTENDENT]Schools
630DPhoenix Bus 630Phoenix Bus 630 [BUS 16, DIRE...E]Schools
631DPhoenix Bus 631Phoenix Bus 631 [BUS 16]Schools
700DBusiness 700Business 700Business
721DBus 721Bus 721 [SPECIALIST BASE, BUS 20]Transportation
741DKilauea CrushersKilauea Crushers, GlendaleBusiness
770DBus 770Bus 770Transportation