NJ-TRBO Linked Amateur Radio Network

System Name: NJ-TRBO Linked Amateur Radio Network
Location: Various, DE NJ NY PA
County: 16 Counties
System Type: DMR Conventional Networked
System Voice: DMR
Last Updated: March 15, 2022, 12:04 pm UTC   [Changed Talkgroup Category: The 020 Project to The 020 Project(The 020 Project)]
System Notes

This is a wide-area linked DMR amateur radio network that operates as a bridge parnter of the worldwide DMR-MARC repeater system.

All repeaters use normal offsets for the bands they are on.

Tri-State is accessable from any BrandMeister repeater or hotspot world-wide via TG 31360.

Tri-State is now accessable by Yaesu System Fusion users via YSF reflector 09598 - http://dvswitch.dmrnet.net/ysf/

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
314273 (4CBA1) Blakeslee Monroe, PA 447.275 (CC 0)
310213 (4BBC5) Carmel Putnam, NY 446.1875 (CC 1)
314203 (4CB5B) Fairless Hills Bucks, PA 447.125 (CC 1)
313408 (4C840) Howell Monmouth, NJ 440.300 (CC 1)
313415 (4C847) Manahawkin Ocean, NJ 448.075 (CC 1)
313407 (4C83F) Martinsville Somerset, NJ 447.075 (CC 1)
314207 (4CB5F) Montana Mtn Warren, NJ 444.29375 (CC 1)
313603 (4C903) Orangeburg Rockland, NY 444.000 (CC 1)
311002 (4BEDA) Roxana Sussex, DE 448.725 (CC 1)
314206 (4CB5E) Scranton Lackawanna, PA 441.350 (CC 2)
313645 (4C92D) Thiells Rockland, NY 443.200 (CC 1)
311452 (4C09C) Westampton Burlington, NJ 448.325 (CC 1)


These talkgroups are active on the system 24/7. Statewide talkgroups are specific to the actual location of the repeater.

DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22TTRBO TSTri-State (Systemwide Link)Ham
31TTRBO NANorth AmericaHam
31341TTRBO NJNew Jersey StatewideHam
31361TTRBO NYNew York StatewideHam
31421TTRBO PA Pennsylvania StatewideHam

These talkgroups must be activated before use (PTT) and will shut off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
Please be advised that TAC-310 is routed only to other NJ-TRBO repeaters, and not to BrandMeister or any other C-Bridge networks.

DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
11TTRBO WWWorldwide Calling Ham
131TTRBO WWEWorldwide EnglishHam
911TBM WorldBrandMeister WorldwideHam
931TBM NABrandMeister North AmericaHam
3101TTRBO 310TAC-310Ham
3111TTRBO 311TAC-311Ham
3121TTRBO 312TAC-312Ham
3151TBM 315BrandMeister TAC-315Ham
3171TBM 317BrandMeister TAC-317Ham
9131TBM WWEBrandMeister Worldwide EnglishHam
23501TBM UKBrandMeister UK CallingHam
31001TTRBO BridgeDCI BridgeHam
31721TTRBO NENortheast RegionHam
31741TTRBO SESoutheast RegionHam
99981TParrotParrot (Echo Test)Ham
235501TBM ScotlandBrandMeister Scotland ChatHam
311211TFirst CoastFirst Coast DMR (Florida)Ham
311241TTRBO SE FLSoutheast FloridaHam

The 020 Project is a multi-protocol linked reflector system that is the modern successor to the original D-STAR REF020 reflector. All current digital modes in use on amateur radio can access this system. This talkgroup can currently be used on the Martinsville & Montana Mtn sites, with more to come.
Further info can be found at http://www.k2ie.net/blog/2020/05/15/the-big-list/.

DEC Slot Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
313401TCNJHAMThe 020 Project - Module DHam