American Airlines (Nationwide)

System Name: American Airlines (Nationwide)
Location: Various, NC PA
County: 2 Counties
System Type: DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: 1a9 DEC: 425
Last Updated: October 1, 2020, 1:48 pm CDT   [Changed Site # 002 (KCLT) to 002 (KCLT)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) KPHL Philadelphia, PA 01 856.287502 856.862503 857.287504 858.2875c05 859.287506 860.287507 860.8625
002 (2) KCLT Mecklenburg, NC 01 935.725c02 936.000c03 936.2125c04 936.712505 937.00006 937.987507 938.200
   08 938.700      


Charlotte Douglass International
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20001TOPS 20001Operations 20001Business
20002TOPS 20002Operations 20002Business
20003TOPS 20003Operations 20003Business
20004TB Gates OpsConcourse B Gate OperationsBusiness
20005TC Gates OpsConcourse C Gate OperationsBusiness
20006TOPS 20006Operations 20006Business
20007TOPS 20007Operations 20007Business
20008TOPS 20008Operations 20008Business
20011TOPS 20011Operations 20011Business
20012TOPS 20012Operations 20012Business
20014TOPS 20014Operations 20014Business
20016TOPS 20016Operations 20016Business
20017TOPS 20017Operations 20017Business
20018TOPS 20018Operations 20018Business
20019TOPS 20019Operations 20019Business
20020TOPS 20020Operations 20020Business
20021TOPS 20021Operations 20021Business
20028TOPS 20028Operations 20028Business
20029TOPS 20029Operations 20029Business
20030TOPS 20030Operations 20030Business
20500TOPS 20500Operations 20500Business
20502TOPS 20502Operations 20502Business
20509TOPS 20509Operations 20509Business
20600TOPS 20600Operations 20600Business
20800TOPS 20800Operations 20800Business
20801TOPS 20801Operations 20801Business
Philadelphia International
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10002TPHL AA 1Airline Use 1Business
10003TPHL AA 2Airline Use 2Business
10004TPHL AA 3Airline Use 3Business
10007TPHL AA MotorMotor PoolBusiness
10009TPHL AA 4Airline Use 4Business
10010TPHL AA CaterCateringBusiness
10011TPHL AA 5Airline Use 5Business
10012TPHL AA 6Airline Use 6Business
10014TPHL AA 7Airline Use 7Business