CLEMIS (OakWIN) Public Safety Communications

System Name: CLEMIS (OakWIN) Public Safety Communications
Location: Oakland County, MI
County: 2 Counties
System Type: OpenSky 9600 baud
System Voice: TDMA Digital
Last Updated: January 9, 2021, 6:39 pm CST   [Added a new news entry]
System Notes

The Opensky proprietary radio system is not montirable, nor ever will be on any radio scanners.

The following agencies and communites are operating on this TRS:
Berkley, Beverly Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Clawson, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Lake Orion, Madison Heights, Novi, Oakland County Emergency Mgmt, Oakland County Sheriff, Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge, Pontiac, Rochester, Troy, Waterford Township

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Clarkston Oakland 851.2125c   
002 (2) Pontiac (Downtown) Oakland 851.1125c851.350c  
003 (3) Waterford Twp. (North) Oakland 854.3875c   
004 (4) Waterford Twp. (South) Oakland 854.9375c856.0625c  
005 (5) Waterford Twp. (East) Oakland 772.8125c   
006 (6) Waterford Twp. (West) Oakland 769.6125c   
007 (7) Lake Orion (South) Oakland 854.5375c862.6125c  
008 (8) Brandon (South) Oakland 854.4625c   
009 (9) Oxford Oakland 852.5375c855.4375c  
010 (A) Groveland Oakland 851.4625c860.7625c  
011 (B) Birmingham Oakland 852.3875c855.2125  
012 (C) Highland Twp. Oakland 852.4625c855.6625c  
013 (D) Bloomfield Hills Oakland 853.0625c855.8875c  
014 (E) Brandon NW (Ortonville) Oakland 851.0625c862.7625c  
015 (F) Troy (East) Oakland 852.2125c854.4375c  
016 (10) Mount Holly Oakland 852.3625c854.7125c  
017 (11) South Lyon Oakland 855.3875c   
018 (12) Rose Twp. Oakland 852.0625c854.9875c  
019 (13) Rochester Hills Oakland 855.3625c   
020 (14) Royal Oak Oakland 854.1375c855.4125c  
021 (15) Troy (West) Oakland 853.3625c854.4125c  
022 (16) West Bloomfield Oakland 853.5375c856.1875c  
023 (17) White Lake (East) Oakland 853.4125c862.7375c  
024 (18) White Lake (North) Oakland 851.3875c   
025 (19) White Lake (West) Oakland 852.4625c   
026 (1A) Wixom Oakland 854.3625c   
027 (1B) Milford Oakland 855.0625c   
028 (1C) Auburn Hills (North) Oakland 852.4125c853.3375c855.6375c 
029 (1D) Cranbrook Oakland 852.3875c855.2125c  
030 (1E) Holly Oakland 855.4625c   
031 (1F) Lake Orion Oakland 851.1125c861.6625c  
032 (20) Novi Oakland 851.3625c853.3625c856.1375c861.5125c
033 (21) Pontiac (Southeast) Oakland 769.1125c   
034 (22) Royal Oak Twp. Oakland 853.1625c856.2125c  
035 (23) Birmingham Oakland 773.7125c   
036 (24) Rochester (Stoney Creek) Oakland 774.3875c   
037 (25) Rochester (North) Oakland 774.3875c   
039 (27) Rochester (Downtown) Oakland 854.3375c   
040 (28) Bloomfield Twp. Oakland 770.1125c   
041 (29) Commerce Oakland 851.0125c   
042 (2A) Farmington Hills (North) Oakland 772.4125c   
043 (2B) Farmington Hills (Central) Oakland 854.5375c   
044 (2C) Farmington Hills (South) Oakland 774.1375c   
045 (2D) Sheriff's Office HQ Oakland 769.1125c   
046 (2E) West Bloomfield Oakland 771.1875c   
047 (2F) Franklin Oakland 769.8625c   
048 (30) Highland Oakland 769.1125c   
049 (31) Wixom (South) Oakland 773.4625c   
051 (33) Walled Lake Oakland 770.7625c   
052 (34) Davisburg Oakland 854.0625c   
053 (35) Leonard Oakland 855.5375c   
054 (36) Southfield Oakland 852.1125c855.1375c  
055 (37) Auburn Hills South Oakland 851.3375c854.5625c  
056 (38) Lakeville (Romeo) Oakland 769.3625c   
057 (39) Warren (NW) Macomb 769.8625c   
058 (3A) Warren (SW) Macomb 769.1125c   
059 (3B) New Hudson Oakland 851.4125c854.7875c  
060 (3C) Romeo Oakland 769.3625c   
061 (3D) Bloomfield Hills Oakland 769.6125   


Mutual Aid/Intersystem
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1DALLDISPAll Oakland County Dispatch CentersInterop
2DCW_POL1Countywide PoliceInterop
3DCW_POL2Countywide PoliceInterop
4DCW_POL3Countywide PoliceInterop
5DCW_POL4Countywide PoliceInterop
6DCW_FD1Countywide FireInterop
7DCW_FD2Countywide FireInterop
8DCW_FD3Countywide FireInterop
9DCW_FD4Countywide FireInterop
10DCW_EMS1Countywide EMSInterop
11DCW_EMS2Countywide EMSInterop
12DCW_EMS3Countywide EMSInterop
13DCW_EMS4Countywide EMSInterop
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
21D63P911MPSCS Simulcast Link to Statewide TRSLaw Talk
22D63MPSC1MPSCS Simulcast Link to Statewide TRSInterop
23D63MPSC2MPSCS Simlucast Link to Statewide TRSInterop
24D63MPSC3MPSCS Simulcast Link to Statewide TRSInterop
25D63MPSC4MPSCS Simulcast Link to Statewide TRSInterop
26D63MPSC5MPSCS Simulcast Link to Statewide TRSInterop
28D63F911MPSCS Simulcast Link to Statewide TRSFire-Talk
Countywide Special Operations
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41DNE_OP1Northeastern Zone - 1Multi-Tac
42DNE_OP2Northeastern Zone - 2Multi-Tac
43DNE_OP3Northeastern Zone - 3Multi-Tac
44DNE_OP4Northeastern Zone - 4Multi-Tac
45DNW_OP1Northwestern Zone - 1Multi-Tac
46DNW_OP2Northwestern Zone - 2Multi-Tac
47DNW_OP3Northwestern Zone - 3Multi-Tac
48DNW_OP4Northwestern Zone - 4Multi-Tac
49DSE_OP1Southeastern Zone - 1Multi-Tac
50DSE_OP2Southeastern Zone - 2Multi-Tac
51DSE_OP3Southeastern Zone - 3Multi-Tac
52DSE_OP4Southeastern Zone - 4Multi-Tac
53DSW_OP1Southwestern Zone - 1Multi-Tac
54DSW_OP2Southwestern Zone - 2Multi-Tac
55DSW_OP3Southwestern Zone - 3Multi-Tac
56DSW_OP4Southwestern Zone - 4Multi-Tac
Countywide Special Events
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
71DEV_1Special Events - 1Multi-Tac
72DEV_2Special Events - 2Multi-Tac
73DEV_3Special Events - 3Multi-Tac
74DEV_4Special Events - 4Multi-Tac
75DEV_5Special Events - 5Multi-Tac
76DEV_6Special Events - 6Multi-Tac
77DEV_7Special Events - 7Multi-Tac
78DEV_8Special Events - 8Multi-Tac
79DEV_9Special Events - 9Multi-Tac
80DEV_10Special Events - 10Multi-Tac
81DEV_11Special Events - 11Multi-Tac
82DEV_12Special Events - 12Multi-Tac
83DEV_13Special Events - 13Multi-Tac
Fire Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS)
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2201DMABAS ACMABAS All-CallFire-Tac
2202DMABAS 1MABAS Fire-Scene 1Fire-Tac
2203DMABAS 2MABAS Fire-Scene 2Fire-Tac
2204DMABAS 3MABAS Fire-Scene 3Fire-Tac
2205DMABAS 4MABAS Fire-Scene 4Fire-Tac
2206DMABAS 5MABAS Fire-Scene 5Fire-Tac
2207DMABAS 6MABAS Fire-Scene 6Fire-Tac
2208DMABAS 7MABAS Fire-Scene 7Fire-Tac
2209DMABAS 8MABAS Fire-Scene 8Fire-Tac
2210DMABAS 9MABAS Fire-Scene 9Fire-Tac
2211DMABAS 10MABAS Fire-Scene 10Fire-Tac
2212DMABAS 11MABAS Fire-Scene 11Fire-Tac
2213DMABAS 12MABAS Fire-Scene 12Fire-Tac
2215DMABAS 13MABAS Fire-Scene 13Fire-Tac
2216DMABAS 14MABAS Fire-Scene 14Fire-Tac
2217DMABAS 15MABAS Fire-Scene 15Fire-Tac
Countywide Surveillance
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
61DECW_SUR1Countywide Surveillance 1: Multi-Agency OpsLaw Talk
62DECW_SUR2Countywide Surveillance 2: Multi-Agency OpsLaw Talk
63DECW_SUR3Countywide Surveillance 3: Multi-Agency OpsLaw Talk
64DECW_SUR4Countywide Surveillance 4: Multi-Agency OpsLaw Talk
65DECW_SUR5Countywide Surveillance 5: Multi-Agency OpsLaw Talk
66DECW_SUR6Countywide Surveillance 6: Multi-Agency OpsLaw Talk
67DECW_SUR7Countywide Surveillance 7: Multi-Agency OpsLaw Talk
68DECW_SUR8Countywide Surveillance 8: Multi-Agency OpsLaw Talk
69DECW_SUR9Countywide Surveillance 1: Multi-Agency OpsLaw Talk
Countywide Training
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2411DNTRN_1North Training 1Multi-Talk
2412DNTRN_2North Training 2Multi-Talk
2421DSTRN_1South Training 1Multi-Talk
2421DSTRN_2South Training 2Multi-Talk
Sheriffs Department
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1401DSheriffNorthNorth DispatchLaw Dispatch
1402DEmer ButtonEmergency ButtonLaw Dispatch
1403DShrf N c2cNorth Car-to-CarLaw Talk
1404DSheriffSouthOakland Community College - South DispatchLaw Dispatch
1405DShrf S c2cSouth Car-to-CarLaw Talk
1406DSheriff EastEast DispatchLaw Dispatch
1407DShrf E c2cEast Car-to-CarLaw Talk
1408DSheriff WestWest DispatchLaw Dispatch
1409DShrf W c2cWest Car-to-CarLaw Talk
1410DRHil PoliceRochester Hills Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
1411DRHil PD c2cRochester Hills Police: Car-to-CarLaw Talk
1471DSheriff PonPontiac DispatchLaw Dispatch
1472DPon CarPontiac Car-to-CarLaw Talk
1412DE LEINEast LEINLaw Talk
1413DW LEINWest LEINLaw Talk
1414DSheriff Tac Tactical Ops 1Law Tac
1415DSheriff Tac Tactical Ops 2Law Tac
1416DSheriff Tac Tactical Ops 3Law Tac
1417DSheriff Tac Tactical Ops 4Law Tac
1418DSheriff Tac Tactical Ops 5Law Tac
1419DSheriff EV 1Events 1Law Tac
1420DSheriff EV 2Events 2Law Tac
1421DSheriff EV 3Events 3Law Tac
1422DSheriff EV 4Events 4Law Tac
1423DSheriff EV 5Events 5Law Tac
1424DOS_TRAF 1Traffic Patrol 1Law Talk
1425DOS_TRAF 2Traffic Patrol 2Law Talk
1427DParks PatrolParks PatrolLaw Talk
1431DFutvAppTeam1Fugitive Apprehension Team 1Law Tac
1432DFutvAppTeam2Fugitive Apprehension Team 2Law Tac
1433DFutvAppTeam3Fugitive Apprehension Team 3Law Tac
1434DFutvAppTeam4Fugitive Apprehension Team 4Law Tac
1435DDB-1Detective Bureau 1Law Tac
1436DDB-2Detective Bureau 2Law Tac
1437DAuto TheftAuto Theft TeamLaw Tac
1438DShrf Surv 1Surveillance 1Law Tac
1439DShrf Surv 2Surveillance 2Law Tac
1440DShrf Surv 3Surveillance 3Law Tac
1441DShrf Surv 4Surveillance 4Law Tac
1442DShrf Surv 2Surveillance 5Law Tac
1445DArson InvstgArson InvestigatorsLaw Tac
1447DMarine DivMarine DivisionLaw Talk
1448DMarine MADAMarine Car MADALaw Talk
1451DCorrections1Corrections 1Law Talk
1452DOakland JailOakland Co. JailLaw Talk
1453DCorrections3Corrections 3Law Talk
1454DCmpDearbornCamp DearbornLaw Talk
1461DComplexComplexLaw Talk
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
321DAH_POL1Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
322DAH_EMERAuburn Hills PD Emergency buttonLaw Talk
323DAH_INVAuburn Hills PD InvestigationsLaw Talk
324DAH_POL2Auburn Hills PD channel 2Law Talk
325DAH_SOPSAuburn Hills PD Special OpsLaw Tac
326DAH_SUR1Auburn Hills PD Surveillance 1Law Talk
327DAH_SUR2Auburn Hills PD Surveillance 2Law Talk
328DAH_TAC1Auburn Hills PD Tac-1Law Tac
329DAH_TAC2Auburn Hills PD Tac-2Law Tac
331DAHF_FD1Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
332DAHF_EMGAuburn Hills FD Emergency buttonFire-Talk
333DAHF_FD2Auburn Hills FD channel 2Fire-Talk
334DAHF_FD3Auburn Hills FD channel 3Fire-Talk
335DAHF_FD3Auburn Hills FD channel 3Fire-Talk

 Huntington Woods PD, and Pleasant Ridge PD are sharing a talk group with Berkley PD (BE_POL1) and Berkley PD dispatches for all three agencies.

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1701DBE_POL1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch

 Beverly Hills PD is now sharing Birmingham PD's talk group BI_POL1 and are being dispatched by Birmingham PD.

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1651DBI_POL1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
901DBH_POL1Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
Bloomfield Township
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1861DBT_POL1Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
401DALI_EMSAlliance EMSEMS Dispatch
402DALI_CARAlliance EMS - Car-to-CarEMS-Talk
431DCW_EMSCCountywide EMS CommonInterop
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
251DFC_POL1Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
252DFC_EMERGPolice - Emergency buttonLaw Talk
253DFC_POL2Police - SecondaryLaw Talk
254DFC_SUR1Police - Surveillance 1Law Talk
255DFC_TACPolice - TacticalLaw Tac
261DFCF_FD1Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1101DHF_POL1Police Shared dispatch talk group for Ferndale/Hazel ParkLaw Dispatch
1102DFE_POL1Ferndale Police DispLaw Dispatch
1103DFE_INVDetectivesLaw Tac
1104DFE_TAC1Tac-1Law Tac
1105DFE_EMEREmergency talk groupEmergency Ops
1112DFEF_FD1Ferndale Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1221DHF_POL1Police Shared dispatch talk group for Hazel Park/FerndaleLaw Dispatch
1222DHP_POL1Hazel Park Police DispLaw Dispatch
1223DHP_INVDetectivesLaw Tac
1224DHP_TAC1Tac-1Law Tac
1225DHP_EMEREmergency talk groupEmergency Ops
1231DHPF_FD1Hazel Park FDFire Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
500DALLHOSPAll HospitalsHospital
501DBEAU_ROEMS to Beaumont ROHospital
502DBEAU_TREMS to Beaumont TroyHospital
503DBOTSFRDEMS to BotsfordHospital
504DCRITTONEMS to CrittentonHospital
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1781DWARN1Patch to Warren Police 1Law Talk
1782DWARN2Patch to Warren Police 2Law Talk
1783DShel_PDPatch to Shelby Twp. PoliceLaw Talk
1784DSter_PDPatch to Sterling Heights PoliceLaw Talk
1785DUtic_PDPatch to Utica PoliceLaw Talk
2301DSHEL_PDPatch to Shelby Township PoliceLaw Talk
2311DMAC_SHFPatch to Macomb County SheriffLaw Talk
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1181DMR_POL1Madison Heights Police DispLaw Dispatch
1182DMH_INVDetectivesLaw Tac
1183DMH_TAC1Tac-1Law Tac
1184DMH_TAC2Tac-2Law Tac
1185DMH_SUR1Surveillance 1Law Tac
1191DMHF_FD1Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
Michigan State Police
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1301DMetro NorthMetro North Dispatch [Patched to MPSCS]Law Dispatch
1302DEmer ButtonEmergency ButtonLaw Dispatch
1303DPost 21Metro North PostLaw Dispatch
1304DPost 21 CarMetro North Post Car-CarLaw Talk
1305DPost 27Groveland PostLaw Dispatch
1306DPost 27 CarGroveland Car-CarLaw Talk
1307DMSP Tac 1Tactical Ops 1Law Tac
1308DMSP Tac 2Tactical Ops 2Law Tac
1309DMSP Tac 3Tactical Ops 3Law Tac
1310DMSP EV 1Events 1Law Tac
1311DMSP EV 2Events 2Law Tac
1312DMSP EV 3Events 3Law Tac
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1501DNOVI_POL1Novi PD - DispatchLaw Dispatch
1502DNOVI_EMERNovi PD Emergency buttonLaw Talk
1504DNOVI_POL2Novi PD Channel 2Law Talk
1505DNOVI_CAR3Novi PD Car-to-Car 3Law Talk
1506DNOVI_SUR1Novi PD Surveillance 1Law Tac
1507DNOVI_SUR2Novi PD Surveillance 2Law Tac
1508DNOVI_TAC1Novi PD Tac-1Law Tac
1509DNOVI_TAC2Novi PD Tac-2Law Tac
1510DNOVI_CMDNovi PD CommandLaw Talk
1511DNOVI_TRAFNovi PD TrafficLaw Talk
1512DNOVI_SOPSNovi PD Special OpsLaw Tac
1521DNOVIF_FD1Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
1522DNOVIF_EMGNovi FD Emergency buttonFire-Talk
1523DNOVIF_TRKNovi FD Truck-to-Truck (Secondary)Fire-Talk
1524DNOVIF_FG1Novi FD Fireground 1Fire-Tac
1525DNOVIF_FG2Novi FD Fireground 2Fire-Tac
1526DNOVIF_FG3Novi FD Fireground 3Fire-Tac
1527DNOVIF_FG4Novi FD Fireground 4Fire-Tac
1528DNOVIF_FG5Novi FD Fireground 5Fire-Tac
1529DNOVIF_FG6Novi FD Fireground 6Fire-Tac
1530DNOVIF_FM1Novi FD Fire Marshall 1Fire-Talk
1531DNOVIF_FM2Novi FD Fire Marshall 2Fire-Talk
1532DNOVIF_ARSNovi FD ArsonFire-Talk
1533DNOVIF_HAZ1Novi FD HazMat 1Fire-Tac
1534DNOVIF_HAZ2Novi FD HazMat 2Fire-Tac
1535DNOVIF_CMDNovi FD CommandFire-Talk
1541DNOVI_EOC1Novi EOC 1Emergency Ops
1542DNOVI_EOC2Novi EOC 2Emergency Ops
1543DNOVI_EOC3Novi EOC 3Emergency Ops
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1681DOP_POL1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
1682DOP_POL2Police: SecondaryLaw Talk
1683DOP_TAC1Police: Tac 1Law Tac
1684DOP_TAC2Police: Tac 2Law Tac
1685DOP_SURVPolice: SurveillanceLaw Tac
1686DOP_EMERPolice: Emergency buttonLaw Dispatch
Oakland Community College
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1821DOC_POL1Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
Oakland University
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
694DOU_EMEREmergency ButtonEmergency Ops
695DOU_POL1Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
696DOU_POL2Police - SecondaryLaw Talk
697DOU_TAC1Police - TacticalLaw Tac
698DOU_EM1Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
851DRC_POL1DispatchLaw Dispatch
852DRC_POL2SecondaryLaw Talk
853DRC_CAR3Car-to-CarLaw Talk
854DRC_SOPSSpecial OperationsLaw Tac
855DRC_SUR1Surveillance 1Law Tac
856DRC_SUR2Surveillance 2Law Tac
857DRC_TAC1Tactical 1Law Tac
858DRC_TAC2Tactical 2Law Tac
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1152DRO_POL1Royal Oak Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
1153DRO_INVDetectivesLaw Tac
1154DRO_TAC1Tac-1Law Tac
1155DRO_TAC2Tac-2Law Tac
1156DRO_EMEREmergency talk groupEmergency Ops
1157DRO_SUR1Surveillance 1Law Tac
1158DRO_SUR2Surveillance 2Law Tac
1159DRO_POL2Parking EnforcementLaw Talk
1161DROF_FD1Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
1166DROF_EMGFire EmergencyEmergency Ops
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1581DSL_POL1South Lyon PD - DispatchLaw Dispatch
1582DSL_EMERSouth Lyon PD Emergency buttonLaw Talk
1583DSL_CAR2South Lyon PD Car-to-CarLaw Talk
1584DSL_POL3South Lyon PD Channel 3Law Talk
1585DSL_TAC1South Lyon PD Tac-1Law Tac
1586DSL_TAC2South Lyon PD Tac-2Law Tac
1587DSL_CMDSouth Lyon PD CommandLaw Talk
1591DSLF_FD1South Lyon Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
1592DSLF_EMGSouth Lyon FD Emergency buttonFire-Talk
1593DSLF_TRKSouth Lyon FD Truck-to-Truck (Secondary)Fire-Talk
1594DSLF_FG1South Lyon FD Fireground 1Fire-Tac
1595DSLF_FG2South Lyon FD Fireground 2Fire-Tac
1596DSLF_FG3South Lyon FD Fireground 3Fire-Tac
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1601DSO_POL1Patch to Southfield PoliceLaw Dispatch
Troy Public Safety
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201DTR_POL1Police - DispatchLaw Dispatch
202DTR_POL2Police - SecondaryLaw Talk
203DTR_INVPoliceLaw Talk
204DTR_TAC1Tactical OperationsLaw Tac
205DTR_TAC2Tactical OperationsLaw Tac
206DTR_EMEREmergency OperationsEmergency Ops
207DTRF_FD1Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1791DRedf_PDPatch to Redford Twp. PoliceLaw Talk
1792DLivo_PDPatch to Livonia PoliceLaw Talk
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1901DWB_POL1Police: DispatchLaw Dispatch
1902DWB_POL2Police: Car-to-CarLaw Tac
1903DWB_TAC1Police: Tac-1Law Tac
1904DWB_TAC2Police: Tac-2Law Tac
1905DWB_INVPolice: InvestigationsLaw Tac
1906DWB_EMERPolice: Emergency ButtonLaw Tac