Bowling Green-Warren County

System Name: Bowling Green-Warren County
Location: Bowling Green, KY
County: Warren
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 65A WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: May 3, 2021, 6:23 am CDT   [(6) Talkgroups Updated (MedCenter Health EMS)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
0 (0) 001 (1) Bowling Green 854.6375855.9875856.2375856.9625857.1375857.2375857.9625858.2375c


Warren County Mutual Aid
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
105041aDMA1 PDWarren County Mutual Aid 1Interop
105141bDMA2 SOWarren County Mutual Aid 2Interop
105241cDMA3 EMSWarren County Mutual Aid 3Interop
105341dDMA4 FIREWarren County Mutual Aid 4Interop
105441eDMA5 DOTWarren County Mutual Aid 5Interop
105541fDMA6 WKUWarren County Mutual Aid 6Interop
1056420DMA7Warren County Mutual Aid 7Interop
2055807DMA AnnounceMutual Aid AnnouncementInterop
Warren County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10203fcDWCSO DISPWarren Co. Sheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
10213fdDWCSO OPS 2Warren Co. Sheriff Operations 2Law Tac
10223feDWCSO OPS 3Warren Co. Sheriff Operations 3Law Tac
10233ffDWCSO SOSE1Warren Co. Sheriff Special Events 1Law Tac
1024400DWCSO SOSE2Warren Co. Sheriff Special Events 2Law Tac
1025401DWCSO JCWarren Co. Sheriff Justice CenterLaw Tac
1042412DWCSO CORONERWarren Co. CoronerLaw Tac
1044414DWCSO RJWarren Co. Regional JailCorrections
2052804D WCSO ATGWCSO Announcement TalkGroupLaw Talk
Warren County Fire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
10013e9DWCFD DISP1Warren Co. Fire Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
10023eaDWCFD DISP2Warren Co. Fire Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch
10033ebDWCFD BROWNBrowning Fire TacticalFire-Tac
10043ecDWCFD ALVATONAlvaton Fire TacticalFire-Tac
10053edDWCFD SM GRVESmiths Grove Fire TacticalFire-Tac
10063eeDWCFD RICHARDRichardsville Fire TacticalFire-Tac
10073efDWCFD WOODBRNWoodburn Fire TacticalFire-Tac
10083f0DWCFD GOTTGott Fire TacticalFire-Tac
10093f1DWCFD BRN RVRBarren River Fire TacticalFire-Tac
10103f2DWCFD HADLEYHadley Fire TacticalFire-Tac
10113f3DWCFD PLANOPlano Fire TacticalFire-Tac
1047417DWCRS RS1Warren Co. Rescue Squad OperationsFire-Tac
1048418DWCRS DISPWarren Co. Rescue Squad DispatchFire Dispatch
2051803DWCFD ATGWCFD ATG/Announcement TalkGroupInterop
MedCenter Health EMS
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20107daDEMS1 DISPMedCenter EMS Dispatch 1EMS Dispatch
20117dbDEMS2 MedCenter EMS Operations 2EMS-Tac
20127dcDEMS3/TransfersMedCenter EMS Operations 3/TransfersEMS-Tac
20137ddDEMS4 MedCenter EMS Operations 4 EMS-Tac
20147deDEMS to MedCenterMedCenter EMS to MedCenter ER EMS-Talk
205980bDEMS AnnounceMedCenter EMS Announcement EMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1040410DWCEMA OPSWarren Co. EMA OperationsEmergency Ops
1041411DWCEMA DARRTWarren Co. EMA Disaster OpsEmergency Ops
Warren County Government Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1043413DWCPWWarren Co. Public WorksPublic Works
1045415DWCPRWarren Co. Parks & RecreationPublic Works
1046416DWCRDWarren Co. Road DepartmentPublic Works
1049419DWCRA AIRPORTWarren Co. Airport AuthorityPublic Works
20017d1DGO BGTransitGO Bowling Green TransitTransportation
2054806DWC AnnounceWarren Co. AnnouncementPublic Works
Bowling Green Police
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
107042eDBGPD DISP 1Bowling Green Police Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
107142fDBGPD DISP 2Bowling Green Police Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
1072430DBGPD DISP 3Bowling Green Police Dispatch 3/InformationLaw Dispatch
1073431DBGPD SE1Bowling Green Police Event 1Law Tac
1074432DBGPD SE2Bowling Green Police Event 2Law Tac
1075433DBGPD CRTBowling Green Police Critical Response TeamLaw Tac
2057809DPD AnnounceBGPD PD AnnounceLaw Tac
Bowling Green Fire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1060424DBGFD DISPBowling Green automated Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
1061425DBGFD 2Bowling Green Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
1062426DBGFD 3Bowling Green Fire Operations 3Fire-Tac
1063427DBGFD 4Bowling Green Fire Operations 4Fire-Tac
1064428DBGFD 5Bowling Green Fire Operations 5Fire-Tac
1065429DBGFD 6Bowling Green Fire Operations 6Fire-Tac
106642aDBGFD TRAINBowling Green Fire TrainingFire-Talk
106742bDBGFD INSPECTBowling Green Fire InspectionsFire-Talk
106842cDBGFD STAFFBowling Green Fire StaffFire-Talk
2056808DBGFDAnnounceBowling Green Fire AnnouncementInterop
Bowling Green Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1080438DBGPW DISPBowling Green Public Works DispatchPublic Works
1081439DBGPW STREETSBowling Green Public Works StreetsPublic Works
108243aDBGPW FLEETBowling Green Public Works FleetPublic Works
108343bDBGPW1Bowling Green Public Works Ops 1Public Works
108443cDBGPW2Bowling Green Public Works Ops 2Public Works
108543dDBGPW3Bowling Green Public Works Ops 3Public Works
108643eDBGPW4Bowling Green Public Works Ops 4Public Works
Western Kentucky University
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20207e4DWKUPD DISPWKU Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
20217e5DWKUPD SEWKU Police EventLaw Tac
206080cDWKU AnnounceWKU AnnouncementInterop