System Name: United Airlines
Location: Various, CA CO IL NJ VA
County: 5 Counties
System Type: DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: 18c DEC: 396
Last Updated: August 17, 2022, 11:15 am CDT   [(14) Talkgroups Updated (San Francisco)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) O'Hare 1 Cook, IL 01 476.337502 476.6125c03 477.162504 477.262505 476.487506 476.812507 477.1875
   08 477.3125      
002 (2) O'Hare 2 Cook, IL 01 460.725c02 476.587503 477.112504 477.237505 460.70006 476.537507 477.0125
   08 477.2125      
003 (3) Newark 3 Essex, NJ 01 935.387502 935.72503 936.50004 938.475c05 N/A 06 939.962507 N/A 
   08 N/A 09 937.712510 938.65011 939.150   
004 (4) Newark 4 Essex, NJ 01 N/A 02 N/A 03 N/A 04 N/A 05 938.687506 N/A 07 935.6875c
   08 936.3875      
005 (5) Dulles 5 Loudoun, VA 01 935.912502 938.000c03 939.425c04 939.712505 936.662506 939.40007 939.650
006 (6) Dulles 6 Loudoun, VA 01 937.250c02 939.412503 939.675c04 936.237505 939.387506 939.4375 
007 (7) San Francisco 7 San Mateo, CA 01 460.7375c02 460.7625c03 460.875c04 460.8875c05 461.20006 461.47507 461.725
   08 461.75009 461.85010 461.950    
008 (8) San Francisco 8 San Mateo, CA 01 460.6875c02 460.65003 460.7875c04 460.725c05 461.437506 460.8125c07 461.600
   08 461.512509 461.87510 461.6875    
009 (9) Denver 9 Denver, CO 01 854.837502 855.3375c03 856.812504 857.887505 858.912506 859.887507 860.8125
010 (A) Denver 10 Denver, CO 01 858.887502 860.8875c03 856.887504 858.787505 860.9125  


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3360001TRamp A ConcourseRamp Operations A ConcourseBusiness
3360070TRamp Ops 1Ramp Operations 1Business
3360071TRamp Ops 2Ramp Operations 2Business
3360072TRamp Ops 3Ramp Operations 3Business
3360073TRamp Ops 4Ramp Operations 4Business
3360081TRamp Ops 5Ramp Operations 5Business
3360082TRamp Ops 6Ramp Operations 6Business
3360004TCargo OpsCargo OperationsBusiness
3360063TPet SafePet SafeBusiness
3360014TCustomer Svc 1Customer Service 1Business
3360015TCustomer Svc 2Customer Service 2Business
3360016TCustomer Svc 3Customer Service 3Business
3360119TWheelchairs 1Wheelchairs 1Business
3360120TWheelchairs 2Wheelchairs 2Business
3360060TDIA FIS CoordnatFIS CoordinatorBusiness
3360128TSKYWEST MMSkyWest Line MaintenanceBusiness
3360008TAC Cleaners 1Aircraft Cleaners 1Business
3360009TAC Cleaners 1Aircraft Cleaners 2Business
3360043TLavatory OpsLavatory OpsBusiness
3360118TWater OpsWater OpsBusiness
3360023TCatering 1Catering 1Business
3360024TCatering 2Catering 2Business
3360117TUAX Ramp 1UAX Ramp 1Business
3360114TUAX Ramp 2UAX Ramp 2Business
3360115TUAX Ramp 3UAX Ramp 3Business
3360116TUAX Ramp 4UAX Ramp 4Business
3360011TUAX CateringUAX CateringBusiness
3360042TUAX Lav OpsUAX Lav OperationsBusiness
3360002TUAX Bag OpsUAX Baggage OperationsBusiness
3360049TUAX SupervisorUAX SupervisorBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4230027TUA IAD 27Aisle Chair Boarding (Gates B71, C7, C19, D26)Business
4230028TIAD BaggCntlBaggage ControlBusiness
4230032TUA IAD CargoCargoBusiness
4230036TIAD BaggageBaggage HandlingBusiness
4230037TIAD BaggageBaggage HandlingBusiness
4230042TIAD AutoShopAuto ShopBusiness
4230048TIAD MaintMaintenanceBusiness
4230066TIAD Comm/LabCommissary/Lab ServiceBusiness
4230067TUA IAD TowAircraft Movement (Tow)Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3970086TGate C130Gate C130 Hardstand OperationsBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1TUA Z1 RampZone 1, Gates B1-10 ramp opsBusiness
2TUA Z2 RampZone 2, Gates B11-24 ramp opsBusiness
4TUA Z4 RampZone 4, Gates C1-10 ramp opsBusiness
5TUA Z5 RampZone 5, Gates C11-21 ramp opsBusiness
6TUA Z6 RampZone 6, Gates C22-31 ramp opsBusiness
10TUA Z10 RampZone 10, Gates E1-12, F1-9 ramp opsBusiness
11TUA Z11 RampZone 11, Gates F11-27 (odd) ramp opsBusiness
12TUA Z12 RampZone 12, Gates F10-28 (even) ramp opsBusiness
15TUA Ops 15OperationsBusiness
22TUA Bags 1Bag RunnersBusiness
23TUA Bags 2Bag Runners, "PF 2" or "PS 2"?Business
24TUA Bags 3Bag Runners?Business
25TUA Bags 4Bag RunnersBusiness
26TUA Ramp 26Ramp OperationsBusiness
32TUA Deicing RampDeicing Operations: RampBusiness
33TUA Deicing CDFDeicing Operations: CDFBusiness
34TUA Ops 34OperationsBusiness
35TUA Snow RemovalRamp Snow RemovalBusiness
36TUA TugsTugs Moving AircraftBusiness
38TUA Ops 38OperationsBusiness
39TUA T1 CSTerminal 1 Customer ServiceBusiness
40TUA T2 CSTerminal 2 Customer ServiceBusiness
41TUA T5 CSTerminal 5 Customer ServiceBusiness
42TUA Lobby CSLobby Customer ServiceBusiness
48TUA Ops 48OperationsBusiness
49TUA Ops 49OperationsBusiness
52TUA B MaintB Concourse Aircraft MaintenanceBusiness
53TUA C MaintC Concourse Aircraft MaintenanceBusiness
54TUA Ops 54Operations: Aircraft Maintenance Alternate?Business
57TUA BorderCntAircraft Parts Ops "Border Control"Business
58TUA HangLineHangar Line Ops / Flight Crew TransportationBusiness
59TUA HangLineHangar Line OpsBusiness
60TUA AcftMntAircraft MaintenanceBusiness
62TUA BHS MntBaggage Handling System MaintenanceBusiness
64TUA Terminal MntcTerminal Maintenance - Electricians?Business
65TUA HngrMntHangar MaintenanceBusiness
70TUA Ops 70OperationsBusiness
72TUA VehMntRamp Vehicle Maintence (M.U. units)Business
73TUA Ops 73Operations re: "Shop"Business
80TUA Cargo OpsCargo OperationsBusiness
81TUA Animal Op"Pet Safe" Animal Transfer OpsBusiness
93TUA IT? Ops 93Information Technology (?) OpsBusiness
94TUA IT? Ops 94Information Technology (?) re: "LINK device"Business
98TUA Ops 98Operations: "Security" units, others?Business
106TUA ShuttleEmployee Shuttle BusTransportation
107TUA ShuttleShuttle BusTransportation
109TUA _ MaintUnknown gates Aircraft MaintenanceBusiness
111TEJ MaintExpressJet (United Express) Aircraft MaintenanceBusiness
119TUA Deicing HLDeicing Operations: Hangar LineBusiness
121TUA Ops 121OperationsBusiness
10000TUA AnnounceAnnouncements - All Call?Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7360003TBag ControlBag ControlBusiness
7360004T"Lobby 3""Lobby 3"Business
7360005TBuilding MaintBuilding MaintBusiness
7360007TBag SortBag Sort and ScreeningBusiness
7360010TCargo RunnersCargo Runners/PlannerBusiness
7360032TAuto ShopAuto ShopBusiness
7360038TMx ChannelMx ChannelBusiness
7360039TCSC LeadCSC LeadBusiness
7360040TMOC 1Super TugsBusiness
7360043TMOC 3Super TugsBusiness
7360045TTugsTugs - A/C Move TeamsBusiness
7360056TIntl Bag PPMIntl Bag PPMBusiness
7360066TPBM TrackingPBM TrackingBusiness
7360069TCustomer ServiceCustomer ServiceBusiness
7360070TIntl Bag MatchIntl Bag MatchBusiness
7360071TBag TransfersBag TransfersBusiness
7360074TIntl PPBMIntl PPBMBusiness
7360076TTerminal StoresTerminal Stores/AOGBusiness
7360095TPOB RunnersPOB RunnersBusiness
7360096TMx Talk-AroundMx Talk-AroundBusiness
7360102TZone 4 (E Gates)Zone 4 (Echo Gates)Business
7360104TRamp F/ERamp F5-10, E1-3,6,8,10Business
7360105TZone 5 (F11-22)Zone 5 (F11-22)Business
7360106TZone 4Zone 4Business
7360107TIntl OpsInternational OpsBusiness