System Name: United Airlines
Location: Various, CA CO NJ VA
County: 4 Counties
System Type: DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: 18c DEC: 396
Last Updated: January 28, 2024, 17:00 pm UTC   [Updated System Location Details]
System Notes

United Airlines is converting this CONNECT+ system to DMR Tier III (DT3).

United Airlines Denver, Houston and Los Angeles is DMR Tier III system L1.  United Airlines DT3 Trunking System, Denver, Colorado (

United Airlines Chicago-O'Hare (Cook County, IL) is DMR Tier III system L2.  United Airlines (Tier 3) Trunking System, Various, Multi-State (

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
003 (3) Newark 3 Essex, NJ 01 935.387502 935.72503 936.50004 938.475c05 N/A 06 939.962507 N/A 
   08 N/A 09 937.712510 938.65011 939.150   
004 (4) Newark 4 Essex, NJ 01 N/A 02 N/A 03 N/A 04 N/A 05 938.687506 N/A 07 935.6875c
   08 936.3875      
005 (5) Dulles 5 Loudoun, VA 01 935.912502 938.000c03 939.425c04 939.712505 936.662506 939.40007 939.650
006 (6) Dulles 6 Loudoun, VA 01 937.250c02 939.412503 939.675c04 936.237505 939.387506 939.4375 
007 (7) San Francisco 7 San Mateo, CA 01 460.7375c02 460.7625c03 460.875c04 460.8875c05 461.20006 461.47507 461.725
   08 461.75009 461.85010 461.950    
008 (8) San Francisco 8 San Mateo, CA 01 460.6875c02 460.65003 460.7875c04 460.725c05 461.437506 460.8125c07 461.600
   08 461.512509 461.87510 461.6875    


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4230027TUA IAD 27Aisle Chair Boarding (Gates B71, C7, C19, D26)Business
4230028TIAD BaggCntlBaggage ControlBusiness
4230032TUA IAD CargoCargoBusiness
4230036TIAD BaggageBaggage HandlingBusiness
4230037TIAD BaggageBaggage HandlingBusiness
4230042TIAD AutoShopAuto ShopBusiness
4230048TIAD MaintMaintenanceBusiness
4230066TIAD Comm/LabCommissary/Lab ServiceBusiness
4230067TUA IAD TowAircraft Movement (Tow)Business
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3970004TEWR Int TeamAircraft Interior TeamBusiness
3970005TEWR Ramp Ops ARamp Ops ABusiness
3970006TEWR Ramp Ops BRamp Ops BBusiness
3970008TEWR Bag Ops ABag Ops ABusiness
3970009TEWR Ballpark OpsBallpark OpsBusiness
3970010TEWR Zone 1 MaintZone 1 Aircraft MaintenanceBusiness
3970011TEWR Zone 6 MaintZone 6 Aircraft MaintenanceBusiness
3970012TEWR Zone 5 MaintZone 5 Aircraft MaintenanceBusiness
3970013TEWR Bag Runner ABag Runners ABusiness
3970031TEWR ETOPSETOPSBusiness
3970033TEWR Arv BagOps AArrival Bag Ops ABusiness
3970036TEWR Carousel OpsCarousel Tech OpsBusiness
3970037TEWR Term C MaintTerminal C Building MaintenanceBusiness
3970039TEWR Cust ServiceCustomer Service Team LeadBusiness
3970043TEWR Tug OpsTug Vehicle OpsBusiness
3970045TEWR Vehicle OpsNon-Tug Vehicle OpsBusiness
3970058TEWR Bag Runner BBag Runners BBusiness
3970064TEWR Bag Runner CBag Runners CBusiness
3970071TEWR Ramp ARamp Channel ABusiness
3970072TEWR Ramp BRamp Channel BBusiness
3970073TEWR Ramp CRamp Channel CBusiness
3970075TEWR Ramp ERamp Channel EBusiness
3970086TEWR Gate C130Gate C130 Hardstand OpsBusiness
3970098TEWR Zone 1 OpsZone 1 OpsBusiness
3970099TEWR Zone 2 OpsZone 2 OpsBusiness
3970100TEWR Zone 3 OpsZone 3 OpsBusiness
3970101TEWR Zone 4 OpsZone 4 OpsBusiness
3970102TEWR Zone 5 OpsZone 5 OpsBusiness
3970103TEWR Zone 6 OpsZone 6 OpsBusiness
3970104TEWR Zone 7 OpsZone 7 OpsBusiness
3970105TEWR Zone 8 OpsZone 8 OpsBusiness
3970106TEWR Zone 9 OpsZone 9 OpsBusiness
3970107TEWR Arv BagOps BArrival Bag Ops BBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
7360003TBag ControlBag ControlBusiness
7360004T"Lobby 3""Lobby 3"Business
7360005TBuilding MaintBuilding MaintBusiness
7360007TBag SortBag Sort and ScreeningBusiness
7360010TCargo RunnersCargo Runners/PlannerBusiness
7360032TAuto ShopAuto ShopBusiness
7360038TMx ChannelMx ChannelBusiness
7360039TCSC LeadCSC LeadBusiness
7360040TMOC 1Super TugsBusiness
7360043TMOC 3Super TugsBusiness
7360045TTugsTugs - A/C Move TeamsBusiness
7360056TIntl Bag PPMIntl Bag PPMBusiness
7360066TPBM TrackingPBM TrackingBusiness
7360069TCustomer ServiceCustomer ServiceBusiness
7360070TIntl Bag MatchIntl Bag MatchBusiness
7360071TBag TransfersBag TransfersBusiness
7360074TIntl PPBMIntl PPBMBusiness
7360076TTerminal StoresTerminal Stores/AOGBusiness
7360095TPOB RunnersPOB RunnersBusiness
7360096TMx Talk-AroundMx Talk-AroundBusiness
7360102TZone 4 (E Gates)Zone 4 (Echo Gates)Business
7360104TRamp F/ERamp F5-10, E1-3,6,8,10Business
7360105TZone 5 (F11-22)Zone 5 (F11-22)Business
7360106TZone 4Zone 4Business
7360107TIntl OpsInternational OpsBusiness