Oneida Herkimer Madison School Cooperative

System Name: Oneida Herkimer Madison School Cooperative
Location: Regional, NY
County: 3 Counties
System Type: MPT-1327 Standard
System Voice: Analog
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System Notes

 A channel map for this system is detailed on the wiki page.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
24585 (6009) Deerfield Oneida 452.2625c461.925463.525
24593 (6011) Camden Oneida 461.5375c464.000464.8125
24601 (6019) Oneida Madison 451.100c463.3625463.9625
24609 (6021) Fenner Madison 451.050c463.3875464.250


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
26020ACamden CSDCamden CSD BusSchools
26040ACanastotaCSDCanastota CSD BusSchools
26080AHamilton CSDHamilton CSD BusesSchools
26120AMadison CSDMadison CSD BusesSchools
26140AMorrisvilCSDMorrisville-Eaton CSD BusesSchools
26160ANew HartfordNew Hartford CSD BusesSchools
26180AOneida BusOneida City BusSchools
26200AOriskany CSDOriskany CSD BusesSchools
26240ASauquoit ValSauquoit Valley CSD BusesSchools
26260AStockbridgeStockbridge Valley BusSchools
26280AVVSSD BusVernon-Verona-Sherrill School District BusSchools
26340AWhitesboroWhitesboro CSD BusesSchools