Oregon State Radio Project

System Name: Oregon State Radio Project
Location: Varies, OR WA
County: 19 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 00A WACN: 9254A
Last Updated: August 2, 2023, 9:50 am CDT   [Migrated 1 talkgroup(s) away from Deschutes County - Interoperability]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Chehalem Yamhill, OR 769.66875c770.03125c771.43125c771.91875c772.46875c773.55625c773.81875c
2 (2) 002 (2) Wipper Hill Marion, OR 769.43125c769.96875c770.41875c773.29375c773.80625c774.08125c774.53125
3 (3) 003 (3) Salem (West) Polk, OR 769.46875c769.91875c770.66875c770.95625c771.53125c773.28125c773.53125c
4 (4) 004 (4) Agency Plains Jefferson, OR 769.20625c769.70625c770.20625c773.53125c773.80625c  
5 (5) 005 (5) Doane Creek Polk, OR 769.69375c770.81875c771.24375c773.19375c774.33125c  
6 (6) 006 (6) Quarry Hill Lane, OR 769.91875c770.20625c770.66875c773.28125c774.29375c774.79375c 
7 (7) 007 (7) McCully Mtn Linn, OR 769.19375c770.19375c774.03125c774.54375c774.81875c  
8 (8) 008 (8) Hulse Ranch Wasco, OR 770.46875c771.91875c773.83125c774.28125c774.56875c  
11 (B) 011 (B) Bear Mtn Lane, OR 769.69375c770.43125c770.70625c773.05625c773.81875c774.33125c 
12 (C) 012 (C) Buck Mountain Lane, OR 769.45625c769.93125c770.21875c770.71875c773.30625c773.56875c773.83125c
13 (D) 013 (D) Five Mile Deschutes, OR 769.93125c770.44375c770.71875c773.58125c774.29375c  
14 (E) 014 (E) Foreman Point Wasco, OR 769.96875770.69375771.19375771.90625773.28125773.78125774.33125
15 (F) 015 (F) Glass Butte Lake, OR 769.21875c774.08125c     
16 (10) 016 (10) Scott Mtn Lookout Linn, OR 769.16875c769.70625c770.68125c773.54375c774.30625c  
17 (11) 017 (11) Grizzly Crook, OR 769.41875c770.45625c770.70625c773.31875c774.05625c  
18 (12) 018 (12) Goat Mtn Clackamas, OR 769.20625c769.68125c769.95625c770.20625c770.45625c770.91875c773.31875c
19 (13) 019 (13) Juniper Pt Klickitat, WA 769.68125c770.91875c773.30625c773.79375c774.31875c  
20 (14) 020 (14) Pete's Mtn Clackamas, OR 770.43125c773.04375c773.58125c    
21 (15) 021 (15) Mt Bachelor Deschutes, OR 769.43125c770.16875c770.95625c773.04375c774.58125c  
22 (16) 022 (16) Mt Hood Clackamas, OR 769.16875c771.70625c772.15625c774.03125c774.81875c  
23 (17) 023 (17) Pine Mountain Deschutes, OR 769.44375c773.33125c773.79375c774.04375c774.53125c  
24 (18) 024 (18) Powell Butte Crook, OR 769.45625c769.71875c770.21875c770.94375c774.79375  
25 (19) 025 (19) Prairie Peak Lane, OR 769.18125c769.44375c770.44375c774.80625c   
26 (1A) 026 (1A) High Heaven Yamhill, OR 769.41875c769.78125c770.16875c770.70625c771.44375c771.90625c774.16875c
27 (1B) 027 (1B) Roosevelt Klickitat, WA 769.44375c769.70625c770.21875c770.71875c774.78125c  
28 (1C) 028 (1C) Shaniko Wasco, OR 769.66875c770.41875c770.66875c773.55625c774.30625c774.55625c 
29 (1D) 029 (1D) Sugar Pine Deschutes, OR 769.46875c769.95625c770.93125c773.29375c774.08125c  
30 (1E) 030 (1E) Walker Point Lane, OR 769.20625769.68125770.45625770.94375773.79375  
31 (1F) 031 (1F) Walker Mtn Klamath, OR 769.20625c770.70625c773.31875c773.80625c774.54375c  
32 (20) 032 (20) Wampus Butte Deschutes, OR 769.16875c770.20625c770.66875c774.03125c774.83125c  
33 (21) 033 (21) Goodnoe Hill Klickitat, WA 769.45625c770.96875774.80625c    
34 (22) 034 (22) Brightwood Clackamas, OR 769.44375c770.71875c770.96875774.31875774.78125  
35 (23) 035 (23) Government Camp (WCS TEST) Clackamas, OR 772.38125773.33125774.08125    
36 (24) 036 (24) Skamania Mountain Skamania, WA 769.70625c770.21875c770.68125c774.30625c774.80625c  
37 (25) 037 (25) Bald Mountain Polk, OR 770.80625771.23125771.54375773.18125774.04375774.55625 
44 (2C) 044 (2C) Corvallis - Wren Peak Benton, OR 770.96875773.03125773.58125774.31875774.78125  
50 (32) 050 (32) Portland Central Simulcast Multnomah, OR 769.45625c770.44375c770.94375c773.03125c773.30625c773.56875c773.83125c
60 (3C) 060 (3C) Portland West Simulcast Washington, OR 769.21875c769.71875c770.46875c770.93125c773.05625c773.33125c774.29375c
70 (46) 070 (46) Hood River Simulcast Hood River, OR 769.46875c770.43125c771.29375c773.58125c774.58125c  
80 (50) 080 (50) The Dalles Simulcast Wasco, OR 769.21875c770.44375c771.18125c773.03125c773.56875c774.29375c774.83125c
100 (64) 100 (64) Cline Butte Deschutes, OR 856.7625c857.7625c858.7625c859.7625c860.7625c  
103 (67) 103 (67) Pine Martin Deschutes, OR 769.75625c771.10625c771.78125c772.29375c772.89375c  
104 (68) 104 (68) HooDoo Butte Linn, OR 769.30625c771.35625c771.95625c772.55625c773.73125c  
105 (69) 105 (69) Hinkle Butte Deschutes, OR 856.2125c857.2125c858.2125c859.2125c860.2125c  
110 (6E) 110 (6E) Bend Simulcast Deschutes, OR 856.9375c857.9375c858.9375c859.9375c860.9375c  


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3812594edTOSP AlbanyAlbanyLaw Dispatch
3812694eeTOSP Albany 1Albany 2Law Dispatch
3811594e3TOSP BanksBanksLaw Dispatch
381519507TOSP Bend 1Bend 1Law Dispatch
381529508TOSP Bend 2Bend 2Law Dispatch
38251956bTEOSP Bend 3Bend 3Law Talk
38252956cTOSP Bend 4Bend 4Law Talk
3812094e8TOSP Capitol MallCapitol MallLaw Dispatch
3812894f0TOSP Corv/OSUCorvallis / OSULaw Dispatch
3813394f5TOSP FlorenceFlorenceLaw Dispatch
3811494e2TOSP McMnn McMinnvilleLaw Dispatch
382149546TEOSP McMnn 2McMinnville 2 EncryptedLaw Talk
3812394ebTOSP Mill CtyMill CityLaw Dispatch
3813294f4TOSP OakridgeOakridgeLaw Dispatch
3811194dfTOSP PortlandPortlandLaw Dispatch
3811294e0TOSP Portland 2Portland 2Law Dispatch
3811794e5TOSP SalemSalemLaw Dispatch
3811894e6TOSP Salem 2Salem 2Law Dispatch
3813094f2TOSP SpringfieldSpringfieldLaw Dispatch
3813194f3TOSP Springfield2Springfield 2Law Dispatch
38155950bTOSP The Dalles 1The Dalles 1Law Dispatch
38156950cTOSP The Dalles 2The Dalles 2Law Dispatch
3834695caTOSP Bend 4 InterBend 4 InteroperationsLaw Tac
3834895ccTEOSP FWD EncFish and Wildlife EncyrptedLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
916123c9TLifeFlight DispLifeflight DispatchEMS Dispatch
Department of Transportation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
402119d13TODOT D1 EvtsD1 EventsPublic Works
401219cb9TODOT D2BEvtsD2B EventsPublic Works
401229cbaTODOT 2B PDX ED2B East Portland DispatchPublic Works
401239cbbTODOT 2B PDX WD2B West Portland DispatchPublic Works
401269cbeTODOT D2B IncdntD2B Incident ResponsePublic Works
406749ee2TODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
406759ee3TODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
406769ee4TODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
406779ee5TODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
406859eedTODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
406889ef0TODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
407019efdTODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
407029efeTODOT D2B OPSD2B OpsPublic Works
407039effTODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
407059f01TODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
407069f02TODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
407089f04TODOT D2B OpsD2C OpsPublic Works
407159f0bTODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
407169f0cTODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
407179f0dTODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
407189f0eTODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
407219f11TODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
407239f13TODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
407259f15TODOT D2B OpsD2B OpsPublic Works
401329cc4TODOT 2C EstcaD2C Estacada DispatchPublic Works
401339cc5TODOT D2C GovD2C Government CampPublic Works
401359cc7TODOT 2C BrtwdD2C Brightwood DispatchPublic Works
401369cc8TODOT D2C ParD2C ParkdalePublic Works
401379cc9TODOT D2C CasLKD2C Cascade LocksPublic Works
406319eb7TODOT D2C PkdlD2C Parkdale OpsPublic Works
406419ec1TODOT 2C OpsD2C OpsPublic Works
406519ecbTODOT 2C Est OpsD2C estacada OpsPublic Works
406569ed0TODOT 2C OpsD2C OpsPublic Works
406619ed5TODOT 2C OpsD2C OpsPublic Works
406919ef3TODOT D2C OpsD2C OpsPublic Works
402239d1fTODOT D3 DispD3 McMinnville DispatchPublic Works
405419e5dTODOT D3 OpsD3 McMinnville OpsPublic Works
405429e5eTODOT D3 OpsD3 McMinnville OpsPublic Works
405439e5fTODOT D3 McMnD3 McMinnville OpsPublic Works
402229d1eTODOT D3 SalemD3 SalemPublic Works
405319e53TODOT D3 OpsD3 Salem OpsPublic Works
405329e54TODOT D3 OpsD3 Salem OpsPublic Works
405339e55TODOT D3 OpsD3 Salem OpsPublic Works
402249d20TODOT D3 SantiD3 SantiamPublic Works
402219d1dTODOT D3 EvtsD3 EventsPublic Works
402329d28DODOT D4 CrvlsD4 CorvallisPublic Works
402339d29TODOT D4 SwtHmD4 Sweet HomePublic Works
402349d2aTODOT D4 Lin/BD4 Linn/BentonPublic Works
405519e67TODOT D4 OpsD4 OpsPublic Works
405529e68TODOT D4 OpsD4 OpsPublic Works
402529d3cTODOT D5 BRvrD5 Blue RiverPublic Works
402539d3dTODOT D5 MetroD5 MetroPublic Works
402549d3eTODOT D5 WestD5 FlorencePublic Works
402559d3fTODOT D5 OakRD5 Oakridge / Willamette PassPublic Works
405819e85TODOT D5 Ch2D5 Channel 2 OperationsPublic Works
405829e86TODOT D5 Ch3D5 Channel 3Public Works
405839e87TODOT D5 Ch4D5 Channel 4Public Works
405849e88TODOT D5 Ch5D5 Channel 5Public Works
405859e89TODOT D5 Ch6D5 Channel 6Public Works
405899e8dTODOT D5 TIMS1D5 Traffic Incident Management 1Public Works
402519d3bTODOT D5 EventD5 EventsPublic Works
404119ddbTODOT D9 EvntD9 EventsPublic Works
404129ddcTODOT D9 WD9 WestPublic Works
404139dddTODOT D9 EastD9 EastPublic Works
404149ddeTODOT D9 ARLD9 Arlington VHF LinkPublic Works
404169de0TODOT D9 WSD9 Warm SpringsPublic Works
404159ddfTODOT D9 OpsD9 OpsPublic Works
404179de1TODOT D9 OPSD9 OPSPublic Works
404199de3TODOT D9 OpsD9 OpsPublic Works
406069e9eTODOT D9 OpsD9 OpsPublic Works
405919e8fTODOT Moro OpsD9 Moro Ops (Ch 5)Public Works
406179ea9TODOT D10 TIMS1D10 Traffic Incident Mangement 1Public Works
406189eaaTODOT D10 TIMS2D10 Traffic Incident Mangement 2Public Works
406199eabTODOT D10 WS 4D10 Warm Springs 4Public Works
404229de6TODOT BendD10 BendPublic Works
406119ea3DODOT Bend OpsD10 Bend OpsPublic Works
406159ea7TODOT D10 BrthD10 Brothers OpsPublic Works
404219de5TODOT D10EvtsD10 EventsPublic Works
406129ea4TODOT D10 Flag1D10 Flag 1Public Works
406139ea5TODOT D10 Flag2D10 Flag 2Public Works
406259eb1TODOT D10 S Flg2D10 S Flag 2Public Works
404239de7TODOT Mad/PvlD10 Madras / PrinevillePublic Works
406219eadTODOT Pvl OPSD10 Prineville OpsPublic Works
406229eaeTODOT Mad OPSD10 Madras OpsPublic Works
406239eafTODOT D10 N 4D10 North 4Public Works
406249eb0TODOT D10 N 5D10 North 5Public Works
406169ea8TODOT D10 SisD10 Sisters OpsPublic Works
406269eb2TODOT Lap OpsD11 Lapine OpsPublic Works
406279eb3TODOT ChemltD11 Chemult OpsPublic Works
406289eb4TODOT D11 FlgD11 N FlagPublic Works
404329df0TODOT D11 ND11 NorthPublic Works
400159c4fTODOT Wireless 1Wireless 1Public Works
400169c50TODOT Wireless 2Wireless 2Public Works
400219c55TODOT 40021Testing 40021Public Works
401319cc3TODOT 40131Testing 40131Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
385019665TSt Parks OpsOperations 38501Law Tac
385029666TSt Parks OpsOperations 38502Law Tac
385039667TSt. Parks OpsOperations 38503Law Tac
38511966fTSmith RockSmith Rock State ParkPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20017d1DBentonCo LE 1County LE Dispatch 1 Law Dispatch
20317efDBentonSO TacSheriff TacticalLaw Tac
409189fd6TBentonCo FD DispCounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3000bb8DELaw 1 DispatchClackamas County Law 1Law Dispatch
3001bb9DELaw 2 DispatchClackamas County Law 2Law Dispatch
3250cb2DFire DispatchClackamas County Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409049fc8TColumbiaCo LE DsSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409289fe0TCrookCo LE DispLE DispatchLaw Dispatch
912923a9TCrook Co FireCrook Co FireFire Dispatch
9071236fTSCMC -PrinevilleSt. Charles Hospital PrinevilleHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409299fe1TPrineville PDPolice Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9021233dTEDCSO 1Sheriff Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
9022233eTEDCSO 2Sheriff Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
9023233fTEDCSO CarSheriff Car-to-CarLaw Tac
90242340TDCSO SAR 1Sheriff Search and Rescue 1Law Talk
90252341TDCSO SAR 2Sheriff Search and Rescue 2Law Talk
90262342TDCSO SAR 3Sheriff Search and Rescue 3Law Talk
90272343TDCSO SAR 4Sheriff Search and Rescue 4Law Talk
90282344TEDCSO JailSheriff JailCorrections
90292345TEDCSO SOTTSheriff SOTTLaw Talk
90612365TEDC P&P Car-CarParole and Probation Car-to-Car - encryptedCorrections
90622366TEDC P&P AdminParole and Probation Administration - encryptedCorrections
998126fdTEDC LAW TRAIN 1Law Training 1Law Talk
90012329TEDC Law Tac 1Law Tactical 1Law Tac
9002232aTEDC Law Tac 2Law Tactical 2Law Tac
9003232bTEDC Law Tac 3Law Tactical 3Law Tac
9004232cTEDC Law Tac 4Law Tactical 4Law Tac
9005232dTEDC Law Tac 5Law Tactical 5Law Tac
9006232eTEDC Law Tac 6Law Tactical 6Law Tac
9007232fTEDC Law Tac 7Law Tactical 7Law Tac
90082330TEDC Law Tac 8Law Tactical 8Law Tac
998226feTEDC LAW TRAIN 2Law Training 2Law Talk
998326ffTEDC LAW TRAIN 3Law Training 3Law Talk
99842700TEDC LAW TRAIN 4Law Training 4Law Talk
99852701TEDC LAW TRAIN 5Law Training 5Law Talk
99862702TEDC LAW TRAIN 6Law Training 6Law Talk
99872703TEDC LAW TRAIN 7Law Training 7Law Talk
99882704TEDC LAW TRAIN 8Law Training 8Law Talk
93012455TDC Training 7Training 7Fire-Talk
93022456TDC Training 8Training 8Fire-Talk
90722370TSCMC RedmondSt Charles RedmondHospital
90732371TSCMC BendSt Charles BendHospital
920423f4DDC DPW 9204Public WorksPublic Works
921223fcTDC DPW 9212Public WorksPublic Works
921423feTDC DPW 9214Public WorksPublic Works
92162400TDC DPW 9216Public WorksPublic Works
92182402TDC DPW FlagPublic Works FlaggingPublic Works
92202404TDC DPW 9220Public WorksPublic Works
92222406TDC DPW 9222Public WorksPublic Works
92242408TDC LandfillSolid Waste - Knott LandfillPublic Works
9226240aTDC DPW 9226Public WorksPublic Works
9228240cTDC DPW 9228Public WorksPublic Works
91072393TCOCC SecurityCentral Oregon Community College SecuritySchools
92642430TCOCC Fire ProgCentral Oregon Community College Fire ProgramSchools
92652431T COCC Fire ProgCentral Oregon Community College Fire ProgramSchools
92662432TCOCC Fire ProgCentral Oregon Community College Fire ProgramSchools
9261242dTOSU Cascades1Oregon State University Cascades 1Schools
9262242eTOSU Cascades2Oregon State University Cascades 2Schools
Deschutes County Fire

All tone-out talk groups are patched to 9151 - Dispatch ALL and a random 65xxx supergroup.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
915123bfTDC Fire DispatchFire Dispatch ALLFire Dispatch
915223c0TDC Fire Ops 2Fire Operations 2Fire-Tac
915323c1TDC Fire Ops 3Fire Operations 3Fire-Tac
915423c2TDC Fire Ops 4Fire Operations 4Fire-Tac
915523c3TDC Fire Ops 5Fire Operations 5Fire-Tac
915723c5TDC Fire Ops 6Fire Operations 6Fire-Tac
915823c6TDC Fire Ops 7Fire Operations 7Fire-Tac
915623c4TLaPine FirDisLa Pine Fire VHF PatchFire Dispatch
93512487T101 Tone outLa Pine Fire Station 101 Tone outFire Dispatch
93522488T102 Tone outLa Pine Fire Station 102 Tone outFire Dispatch
93532489T103 Tone outLa Pine Fire Station 103 Tone outFire Dispatch
9354248aT1PC Tone outLa Pine Fire Personnel Callback 1PCFire Dispatch
9324246cT201 Tone outSunriver Station 201 Tone outFire Dispatch
9325246dT2PC Tone outSunriver Fire Personnel CallbackFire Dispatch
9326246eT301 Tone outBend Fire Station 301 Tone out - MainFire Dispatch
9327246fT302 Tone outBend Fire Station 302 Tone out - TumaloFire Dispatch
93282470T303 Tone outBend Fire Station 303 Tone out - SouthFire Dispatch
93292471T304 Tone outBend Fire Station 304 Tone out - EastFire Dispatch
93302472T305 Tone outBend Fire Station 305 Tone out - NorthFire Dispatch
93312473T306 Tone outBend Fire Station 306 Tone out - CentralFire Dispatch
93322474T3PC ToneoutBend Fire Personnel CallbackFire Dispatch
93332475T401 Tone outRedmond Fire Station 401 Tone out - MainFire Dispatch
93342476T402 Tone outRedmond Fire Station 402 Tone out - TerrebonneFire Dispatch
93352477T403 Tone outRedmond Fire Station 403 Tone out - AirportFire Dispatch
93362478T404 Tone outRedmond Fire Station 404 Tone out - Cline FallsFire Dispatch
93372479T471 Tone outRedmond Medic 471 Tone outFire Dispatch
9338247aT473 Tone outRedmond Medic 473 Tone outFire Dispatch
9339247bT4PC Tone outRedmond Fire Personnel CallbackFire Dispatch
9342247eT601 602 T/OCloverdale Fire Station 601 /602 Tone outFire Dispatch
9343247fT6PC Tone outCloverdale Fire Personnel CallbackFire Dispatch
93442480T701 Tone outSisters - Camp Sherman Fire Station 701 Tone out - MainFire Dispatch
93452481T703 Tone outSisters - Camp Sherman Fire Station 703 Tone out - Squaw CreekFire Dispatch
93462482T704 Tone outSisters - Camp Sherman Fire Station 704 Tone out - Camp ShermanFire Dispatch
93472483T7PC Tone outSisters - Camp Sherman Fire Personnel CallbackFire Dispatch
93482484T801 Tone outBlack Butte 801 Tone outFire Dispatch
93492485T8PC Tone outBlack Butte Personnel Call BackFire Dispatch
93502486T901 Tone outAlfalfa Fire Station 901 Tone outFire Dispatch
Deschutes County - Interoperability
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9101238dTDC Law I/O 1Law Incident Ops 1Interop
9102238eTDC Law I/O 2Law Incident Ops 2Interop
9103238fTDC Fire 1Fire 1Interop
91042390TDC Fire 2Fire 2Interop
91052391TDC City 1City 1Interop
91062392TDC City 2City 2Interop
91082394TDC School 2School 2Interop
91092395TDC School 3School 3Interop
91102396TDC School 4School 4Interop
9116239cTDC PW I/O 1Public Works Interoperability 1Interop
9117239dTDC PW I/O 2Public Works Interoperability 2Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90102332TEBend PD Disp 1Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
90112333TEBend PD Disp 2Police 2 DispatchLaw Dispatch
90122334TEBend PD Car/CarPolice Car/CarLaw Talk
90142336TEBend PD CERTPolice CERTLaw Talk
90152337TEBend PD DetectivPolice DetectivesLaw Talk
9242241aTBend PW MainPublic Works - MainPublic Works
9244241cTBend PW Street 1Public Works - Street 1Public Works
9246241eTBend PW Street 2Public Works - Street 2Public Works
92542426TBend PW WaterPublic Works - WaterUtilities
92482420TBend PW PavingPublic Works - PavingPublic Works
92492421TBend PW FlaggingPublic Works - FlaggingPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90412351TEBlackButtePD CarPolice Car-to-CarLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90312347TERedmondPD Disp 1Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
90322348TERedmondPD Disp 2Police 2 DispatchLaw Dispatch
90332349TERedmondPD C2CPolice Car-to-CarLaw Talk
9034234aTRedmondPD AirprtPolice AirportFederal
9035234bTRedmondPD A/pOpsPolice Airport OperationsLaw Tac
9036234cTERedmondPD DetectPolice DetectivesLaw Tac
92322410TRedmond PW 1Public Works 1Public Works
92342412TRedmond Streets1Public Works Streets 1Public Works
92362414TRedmond Streets2Public Works Streets 2Public Works
92382416TRedmond PW Proj1Public Works Projects 1Public Works
92392417TRedmond PW Proj2Public Works Projects 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9051235bTESunriver PD CarPolice Car-to-CarLaw Talk

Hood River County talkgroups are currently patched to the VHF channels in use

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409369fe8THoodRiverCo SOSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
409409fecTHoodRiverCo FDCounty Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409269fdeTJeffCo SO GrizzlSheriff Dispatch - GrizzlyLaw Dispatch
409309fe2TJeffCo SO EagleSheriff Dispatch - EagleLaw Dispatch
9070236eTSCMC MadrasSCMC - MadrasHospital
912723a7TJefferson Co FDJefferson Co FireFire Dispatch
912823a8TLake Chinook FDLake Chinook FireFire Dispatch
913023aaTWarm Springs FDWarm Springs FireFire Dispatch
9340247cT501 Tone OutCRR FIRE TONEOUT STATION 501Fire Dispatch
9341247dT5PC Tone OutCRR FIRE TONEOUT 5PCFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409279fdfTWarmSprings PDPoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
240305ddeDPolice DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409219fd9TKlamathCo SO Sheriff Dispatch Law Dispatch
409229fdaTKlamathCo FDFire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
913123abTCrescent FireCrescent FireFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200014e21DELaneCo SO Disp 1Sheriff Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200514e53DEEugene PolicePoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201654ec5TJunction Cty PDPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201014e85DESpringfield PDPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2200155f1DLinnCo SO DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
2200355f3TLinnCo SO Ch 2Sheriff Channel 2Law Dispatch
409129fd0TSweetHome PDSweet Home Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
409209fd8TLebanon PDLebanon Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22031560fDAlbany PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409099fcdTMarionCo SO 1Sheriff Channel 1Law Dispatch
409079fcbTMarionCo SO 2Sheriff Channel 3Law Dispatch
40998a026TNorth Fire TestNorth Fire TestingFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409139fd1TAumsville PDPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
Mt Angel / Silverton
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409119fcfTMtAng/SilvPDPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
240005dc0TESPD DispSalem Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
242505ebaTSFD DispatchFire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409199fd7TPolkCo LE DispCounty LE DispatchLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
280006d60TShermanCo SOSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
282006e28TSherman FireSherman County FireFire Dispatch
282046e2cTSherman EMSSherman County EMSEMS Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409319fe3TWasco SheriffSheriffLaw Dispatch
409329fe4TWasco SheriffSheriffLaw Dispatch
409339fe5TWasco SheriffSheriffLaw Dispatch
409349fe6TThe Dalles PDThe Dalles PoliceLaw Dispatch
409359fe7TThe Dalles PDThe Dalles PoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3400084d0TEWC Sheriff 1Washington County Sheriff Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
3404684feTEBeaverton PD 1Beaverton Police Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
3425085caTWC FIRE DISPWCCCA Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409029fc6TYamhillCo LECounty Law EnforcementLaw Dispatch
409039fc7TYamhillCo FDFire DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
409019fc5TMcMinnville PDPoliceLaw Dispatch
Bureau of Land Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
912423a4TPRD GrizzlyPRD Grizzly - Patched tp Prineville BLM Grizzly VHFFire Dispatch
Oregon Department of Forestry
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
912223a2TODF GrizzlyODF Grizzly - Patched to Oregon Department of Forestry Grizzly VHFFire Dispatch
912623a6TODF SPODF SP - Patched to Oregon Department of Forestry Sugar Pine VHFFire Dispatch
United States Forest Service
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
912323a3TDEF AWBDEF AWB - Patched to Deschtues Awbrey VHFFire Dispatch
912523a5TDEF BBDEF BB - Patched to Deschutes Black Butte VHFFire Dispatch
913223acTDEF LO SouthDEF LO South - Patched to USFS Deschutes Lookout SouthFire Dispatch
913323adTDEF LO CentralDEF LO Central- Patched to USFS Deschtues Lookout CentralFire Dispatch
913423aeTWalker RangeWalker Range FPDFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2002THarris AHarris APublic Works
3003TTesting 3Testing 3Public Works
4004TTesting 4Testing 4Public Works
5005TTesting 5Testing 5Public Works
6006TTesting 6Testing 6Public Works
7007TTesting 7Testing 7Public Works
8008TTesting 8Testing 8Public Works
9009TTesting 9Testing 9Public Works
1000aTTesting 10Testing 10Public Works
1400eTTesting 14Testing 14Public Works
21015TTesting 21Testing 21Public Works
22016TTesting 22Testing 22Public Works
50032TTesting 50Testing 50Public Works
51033TTesting 51Testing 51Public Works
52034TTesting 52Testing 52Public Works
53035TTesting 53Testing 53Public Works
54036TTesting 54Testing 54Public Works
57039TTesting 57Testing 57Public Works
10013e9TTesting 1001Testing 1001Public Works
4073fe9TWCCCA Radio TechWCCCA Radio TechsPublic Works
990026acTTesting 9900Testing 9900Public Works
990126adTTesting 9901Testing 9901Public Works
990226aeTTesting 9902Testing 9902Public Works
990326afTTesting 9903Testing 9903Public Works
990526b1TTesting 9905Testing 9905Public Works
3473587afTWCCCA Radio TechWCCCA Radio TechsPublic Works
400019c41TTesting 40001Testing 40001Public Works
400029c42TTesting 40002Testing 40002Public Works
400039c43TTesting 40003Testing 40003Public Works
400229c56TTesting 40022Testing 40022Public Works
400259c59TTesting 40025Testing 40025Public Works
400269c5aTTesting 40026Testing 40026Public Works
400279c5bTTesting 40027Testing 40027Public Works
400309c5eTTesting 40030Testing 40030Public Works
65103fe4fTTesting 65103Testing 65103Public Works
65183fe9fTPatch 65183Radio Patch Testing 65183Public Works
65535ffffTAll CallSystem-Wide All CallPublic Works