System Name: The Radio Guys
Location: Various, CA NV
County: 18 Counties
System Type: NXDN NEXEDGE 4800
System Voice: NXDN Digital
System ID: HEX: 65 DEC: 101
Last Updated: February 2, 2023, 2:05 pm CST   [Changed Site # 007 (Wolf Mountain) to 7 (Wolf Mountain)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Mt Diablo Contra Costa, CA 483.375c482.925484.425484.025451.900452.050452.825
002 (2) Pine Hill El Dorado, CA 452.4375c461.125461.8875463.250464.375  
004 (4) Mt Vaca Solano, CA 461.300461.600463.800464.000464.150c464.350 
005 (5) Grizzly Peak Alameda, CA 483.175484.850482.700c490.8125483.6375  
006 (6) Twin Peaks San Francisco, CA 482.675482.800482.950483.725c483.850  
007 (7) Wolf Mountain Nevada, CA 463.45625464.36875464.90625c    
008 (8) Black Mountain Santa Clara, CA 484.725c482.850483.250483.625   
010 (A) Sutter Buttes Sutter, CA 452.850461.700463.225464.125c   
012 (C) Peavine Peak Washoe, NV 461.7125463.325464.075464.5875c   
013 (D) McClellan Peak Washoe, NV 461.150464.9375c     
014 (E) Mt Oso Stanislaus, CA 451.15625c451.79375452.4875452.89375463.2625  
015 (F) Site 15 - Central Valley Stanislaus, CA 452.33125461.84375462.150c463.66875   
016 (10) Site 16 - Bakersfield Kern, CA 451.69375c452.300452.975461.150c462.53125c453.01875 
017 (11) Site 17 - Unknown UNKNOWN, CA 451.68125c      
018 (12) Site 18 - Unknown UNKNOWN, CA 461.150c      
019 (13) Sugarloaf Mountain Solano, CA 461.125463.425463.825460.79375c   
023 (17) Bald Mountain Yolo, CA 451.41875c452.89375461.625462.000463.50625  
027 (1B) I-80 east of Reno Churchill, NV 464.000c      
113 (71) Stockton San Joaquin, CA 461.950c      


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1DThe Radio GuysThe Radio GuysBusiness
2DRadio DemonstrRadio DemonstrationsBusiness
8DTowing SolanoTowing (Solano area, also FSP contractor)Business
9DTowing VacavilleTowing (Vacaville area, possibly Vacaville Tow)Business
10DTowing FairfieldTowing (Fairfield area, possibly GM Towing)Business
12DTaxi VacavilleTaxi (Vacaville area)Business
14DTaxi VallejoTaxi (Vallejo area)Business
15DTowing FairfieldTowing (Fairfield area, possibly Jeff Ramirez Tow)Business
19DTravis USD MaintTravis USD Maintenance?Business
31DElite Ready Mix Elite Ready Mix (Sacramento)Business
69DRock & Ready MixRock & Ready Mix business (heard on Site 4 - Mt Vaca)Business
201DCenex FairfieldCenex - Fairfield channel?Business
205DCenex ModestoCenex - Modesto channel?Business
210DCenex OaklandCenex - Oakland channel?Business
211DCenex SantaClaraCenex - Santa Clara channel?Business
212DCenex SantaClaraCenex - Santa Clara channel?Business
213DCenex AntiochCenex - Antioch channel?Business
310DTowing ModestoTowing (Modesto area)Business
400DRecologyVac DispRecology Vacaville - Dispatch?Business
401DRecologyVac ShopRecology Vacaville - Shop?Business
402DRecologyVac LFRecology Vacaville - Landfill?Business