Front Range Communications Consortium (FRCC)

System Name: Front Range Communications Consortium (FRCC)
Location: Weld County, CO
County: 4 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 5AB WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: March 26, 2022, 1:37 pm CDT   [Added Talkgroup 2023 Fire Station 7 Alert(Greeley)]
System Notes
The Front Range Communications Consortium also known as the "FRCC" is a collaboration between Adams County, Weld County and Boulder County. The counties and municipalities and districts in each of these counties have various levels of communications and participation within this system. Each municipality or district is listed below the county in the database listing (ie Greeley will be listed below the Weld County listings, and in alphabetical order). Each municipality or district contains GPS range information for its entity. Fire Districts that span multiple counties are located at the bottom of the listings, with descriptions/websites where available. Districts that span multiple towns within a single county are listed at the bottom of the respective county listing.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
5 (5) 022 (16) North Metro Simulcast Adams 770.10625770.35625770.60625771.10625771.48125771.73125772.15625
5 (5) 025 (19) New Raymer Weld 855.2375856.2375857.2375c858.2375c859.2375c  
5 (5) 027 (1B) Grover Weld 851.7375852.150c852.7125c853.175c853.875c  
5 (5) 030 (1E) Weld County Simulcast Weld 851.0375851.2375852.400852.725c853.1375c853.3125c853.575c
5 (5) 036 (24) Nunn Weld 851.250851.7375851.9125c852.3125c852.900c853.375c 
5 (5) 050 (32) Bennett Adams 770.11875770.36875770.61875c772.49375c773.63125774.13125774.38125
5 (5) 051 (33) Hoyt Adams 770.61875771.11875771.49375c771.74375c772.16875c  
5 (5) 052 (34) Watkins Adams 770.36875c774.39375     
5 (5) 054 (36) Federal Heights Adams 769.33125770.54375771.41875771.76875771.99375c772.21875c 
5 (5) 055 (37) Weld County South Simulcast Weld 770.01875770.06875770.26875771.26875771.91875772.29375c772.39375c
5 (5) 058 (3A) Keensburg Weld 771.53125771.83125772.08125c772.38125c773.15625c773.40625c 
5 (5) 060 (3C) Niwot Boulder 770.05625771.01875771.90625c772.28125c772.53125c772.78125c 
5 (5) 061 (3D) Timnath Weld 769.35625769.36875769.61875770.00625770.25625771.00625771.25625c


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4191a3DFRCC Console NetConsole Communications NetInterop
4201a4DNMAT 1North Mutual Aid 1Interop
4211a5DNMAT 2North Mutual Aid 2Interop
4221a6DNMAT 3North Mutual Aid 3Interop
4231a7DNMAT 4North Mutual Aid 4Interop
4291adDNMAT 5North Mutual Aid 5Interop
4301aeDNMAT 6North Mutual Aid 6Interop
4311afDNMAT 7North Mutual Aid 7Interop
4321b0DNMAT 8North Mutual Aid 8Interop
4331b1DNMAT 9North Mutual Aid 9Interop
4341b2DNMAT 10North Mutual Aid 10Interop
4351b3DNMAT 11North Mutual Aid 11Interop
4361b4DNMAT 12North Mutual Aid 12Interop
4371b5DNMAT 13North Mutual Aid 13Interop
4381b6DNMAT 14North Mutual Aid 14Interop
4391b7DNMAT 15North Mutual Aid 15Interop
4401b8DNMAT 16North Mutual Aid 16Interop
4241a8DSMAT 1South Mutual Aid 1Interop
4251a9DSMAT 2South Mutual Aid 2Interop
4261aaDSMAT 3South Mutual Aid 3Interop
4271abDSMAT 4South Mutual Aid 4Interop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53035DAdams Co MACCounty Mutual Aid ChannelInterop
41641044DAdamsCo LE MAC 1Law MAC 1Interop
41651045DAdamsCo LE MAC 2Law MAC 2Interop
41661046DAdamsCo LE MAC 3Law MAC 3Interop
41671047DAdamsCo LE MAC 4Law MAC 4Interop
41521038DAdamsCo FD MAC 1Fire MAC 1Interop
41531039DAdamsCo FD MAC 2Fire MAC 2Interop
4154103aDAdamsCo FD MAC 3Fire MAC 3Interop
4155103bDAdamsCo FD MAC 4Fire MAC 4Interop
23017DEAdams SO DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
56038DAdams SO BennetSheriff BennettLaw Dispatch
41811055DAdams SO ShawHtsSheriff Shaw HeightsLaw Dispatch
24018DEAdams SO Car/CarSheriff Car/CarLaw Tac
25019DAdams SO TacSheriff TacticalLaw Tac
2801cDEAdams SO RecordsSheriff RecordsLaw Tac
10706bDNorthMetro DTFNorth Metro Drug Task ForceLaw Tac
4124101cDEAdamsCo CourtSheriff Court OperationsLaw Talk
4170104aDAdamsCo JailXprtSheriff Jail TransportCorrections
4123101bDAdamsCo Jail 1Sheriff Jail Operations 1Corrections
41681048DAdamsCo Jail 2Sheriff Jail Operations 2Corrections
55037DAdamsCo DADistrict Attorney's OfficeLaw Talk
41461032DAdamsCo FD EmergFire MaydayFire-Tac
57039DAdamsCo FD MACFire MAC Training (57)Fire-Talk
4156103cDAdamsCo FD MACFire MAC Training (4156)Fire-Talk
4157103dDAdamsCo FD MACFire MAC Training (4157)Fire-Talk
90562360DRampart SARRampart Search and RescueEmergency Ops
4122101aDAdamsCo TecSvTechnical ServicesPublic Works
4125101dDAdamsCo MaintFacilities MaintenancePublic Works
41841058DAdams Co Fac MXFacilities MaintenancePublic Works
4302bDAdamsCo Techs 1Communications Technicians 1Public Works
4402cDAdamsCo Techs 2Communications Technicians 2Public Works
4502dDAdamsCo Techs 3Communications Technicians 3Public Works
Adams County Fire Rescue
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
8008DAdams FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
9009DAdams FD Ops AFire Operations AFire-Tac
33021DAdams FD Ops BFire Operations BFire-Tac
34022DAdams FD Ops CFire Operations CFire-Tac
South Adams County Fire Protection District

South Adams County Fire Protection District provide coverage in the greater Commerce City area

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
35023DSouth Adams FDisFire DispatchFire Dispatch
36024DSouth Adams FD AFire Operations AFire-Tac
73049DSouth Adams FD BFire Operations BFire-Tac
80050DSouth Adams FD CFire Operations CFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1400eDBrighton PD 1Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1500fDBrighton PD 2Police 2 Car/CarLaw Tac
16010DBrighton PD 3Police 3Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
17011DComrce City PD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
18012DComrce City PD 2Police 2 Car/CarLaw Tac
19013DComrce City PD 3Police 3Law Tac
41451031DComCty PD Sp OpsPolice Special OperationsLaw Talk
4126101eDComCty Spc Evt 1Special Events 1Multi-Talk
41481034DComCty Spc Evt 2Special Events 2Multi-Talk
41311023DAdams D14 BusDistrict 14 Schools Buses Schools
41321024DEAdams D14 SecDistrict 14 Schools SecuritySecurity
41471033DEAdams D14 AdminDistrict 14 Schools AdminSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2601aDFederalHts PD 1Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2701bDFederalHts PD 2Police 2 Car/CarLaw Tac
37025DFederalHts FD DsFire DispatchFire Dispatch
38026DFederalHts FG AFireground AFire-Tac
39027DFederalHts FG BFireground BFire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20014DNorthglenn PD 1Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
21015DNorthglenn PD 2Police 2 Car/CarLaw Tac
22016DNorthglenn PD 3Police 3Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1100bDEThornton PD 1Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
1200cDEThornton PD 2Police 2 Car/CarLaw Tac
4127101fDEThornton PD 2APolice 2A Car/CarLaw Tac
1300dDEThornton PD 3Police 3Law Tac
41281020DEThornton PD RecPolice 4 RecordsLaw Tac
41301022DEThornton PD SpEvPolice Special EventsLaw Talk
4173104dDEThornton PD DataPolice DataLaw Tac
41771051DEThornton PD TrfcPolice TrafficLaw Tac
2901dDThornton FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
3001eDThornton FD OpsAFireground AFire-Tac
41291021DThornton FD OpsBFireground BFire-Tac
41211019DThornton FD OpsCFireground CFire-Tac
41331025DThornton RoadsRoad and BridgePublic Works
41341026DThornton WasteTrash & RecyclingPublic Works
41351027DThornton ParksParks and RecreationPublic Works
41361028DThornton NeigSrvNeighborhood ServicesPublic Works

Westminster is located in Adams and Jefferson Counties

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41781052DWestminster PD 1Police Backup 1Law Dispatch
41791053DWestminster PD 2Police Backup 2Law Dispatch
Adams 12 Five Star Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
41371029DAdamsD12 ComCntrCommunications CenterSecurity
4138102aDAdamsD12 FleetFleetSchools
4139102bDAdamsD12 MtceMaintenanceSchools
4140102cDAdamsD12 SchoolsSchools (4140)Schools
4141102dDAdamsD12 BusBusSchools
41441030DAdamsD12 SchoolsSchools (4144)Schools
Mapleton Public Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4142102eDMapleton FleetFleetSchools
4143102fDMapleton BusBusSchools

Broomfield is a consolidated city and county, similar to Denver

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
65041DEBroomfieldPD 1Police 1 DispatchLaw Dispatch
2002DEBroomfieldPD 2Police 2 Car/CarLaw Tac
3003DEBroomfieldPD 3Police 3 Special Operations/TrainingLaw Tac
5005DEBroomfieldPD TacPolice TacticalLaw Tac
4004DEBroomfieldPD RecPolice RecordsLaw Tac
1399577DEBroomfieldPD EvtPolice Special Events/TraningLaw Talk
1401579DBrommfield JailJail OperationsCorrections
1400578DBroomfield DPWPublic WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20007d0DWeld Co LE ATGLaw Enforcement All CallLaw Dispatch
193078aDWeld SO DispSheriff DispatchLaw Dispatch
193178bDWeld SO Tac 1Sheriff Tactical 1Law Tac
193278cDWeld SO Tac 2Sheriff Tactical 2Law Tac
193478eDWeld SO 4Sheriff 4Law Tac
1944798DWeld SO RecordsSheriff RecordsLaw Tac
1938792DWeld LE NorthNorth Dispatch Local PoliceLaw Dispatch
1939793DWeld LE N RecordNorth Records Local PoliceLaw Tac
194679aDWeld LE SouthSouth Dispatch Local PoliceLaw Dispatch
1945799DWeld LE S RecordSouth Records Local PoliceLaw Tac
1940794DWeld LE TacTactical Local PoliceLaw Tac
9035234bDWeldCo Court SecCourthouse SecuritySecurity
1907773DWeldCo Fire DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
1908774DWeldFG2 GrlyFireground 2 GreeleyFire-Tac
1909775DWeldFG3 EatonFireground 3 EatonFire-Tac
1910776DWeldFG4 WndsrFireground 4 WindsorFire-Tac
1911777DWeldFG5 AltPcFireground 5 Ault/PierceFire-Tac
1921781DWeldFG6 EvansFireground 6 EvansFire-Tac
1922782DWeldFG7 NunnFireground 7 NunnFire-Tac
1923783DWeldFG8 FdFstFireground 8 Frederick/FirestoneFire-Tac
1924784DWeldFG9 HudsnFireground 9 HudsonFire-Tac
1925785DWeldFG10 FtLpFireground 10 Ft LuptonFire-Tac
191977fDWeldFG11 LaSlFireground 11 La SalleFire-Tac
1920780DWeldFG12 MtVwFireground 12 Mountain ViewFire-Tac
19567a4DWeldFG13 PtvlFireground 13 PlattevilleFire-Tac
19577a5DWeldFG14 SEWdFireground 14 Southeast WeldFire-Tac
19587a6DWeldFG15 PtVlFireground 15 Platte ValleyFire-Tac
1941795DWeldFG16 MlknFireground 16 MillikenFire-Tac
1942796DWeldFG17 JntnFireground 17 JohnstownFire-Tac
1943797DWeldFG18 GltnFireground 18 GaletonFire-Tac
19557a3DWeldFG19 BrgsFireground 19 BriggsdaleFire-Tac
193378dDWeldFG20 PwneFireground 20 PawneeFire-Tac
1937791DWeldFG21 NwRmrFireground 21 New RaymerFire-Tac
19637abDWeldFG 22Fireground 22Fire-Tac
191677cDWeldFG 23Fireground 23Fire-Tac
2053805DNunn FD AlertNunn Fire Protection District AlertingFire Dispatch
9003232bDLaSalle FD AlertLaSalle Fire Department AlertingFire Dispatch
20287ecDFt Range FD AlerFront Range Fire Rescue (2900 units) Alerting (Johnstown, Milliken)Fire Dispatch
20477ffDA-P FD AlertAult-Pierce Fire Dept (2000 units) Station AlertingFire Dispatch
2054806DPawnee FPD AlertPawnee Fire Protection District (3500 units) Alerting (Grover, Hereford)Fire Dispatch
1913779DWeldCo EMS DispEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
191477aDWeldCo EMS Ops 1EMS Ops 1EMS-Tac
191577bDWeldCo EMS Ops 2EMS Ops 2EMS-Tac
20187e2DWeldCo EMS 102EMS 102 AlertEMS Dispatch
20227e6DWeldCo EMS 107EMS 107 AlertEMS Dispatch
195179fDWeldCo Emg Ops 1Emergency OperationsEmergency Ops
194779bDWeldCo ACUACU-1000 InteroperabilityInterop
1926786DWeld Inter 1Interagency 1Interop
1927787DWeld Inter 2Interagency 2Interop
1928788DWeld Inter 3Interagency 3Interop
194879cDWeld Inter 4Interagency 4Interop
194979dDWeld Inter 5Interagency 5Interop
195079eDWeld Inter 6Interagency 6Interop
9019233bDWeldCo PW 1Public Works 1Public Works
9018233aDWeldCo PW 2Public Works 2 Weed Control/PlowsPublic Works
90122334DWeldCo R&B 3Road & Bridge 3 AsphaltPublic Works
90132335DWeldCo R&B 4Road & Bridge 4 MiningPublic Works
90142336DWeldCo R&B 5Road & Bridge 5 Truck-to-TruckPublic Works
90152337DWeldCo R&B 6Road & Bridge 6Public Works
90162338DWeldCo R&B 7Road & Bridge 7 TruckPublic Works
90172339DWeldCo R&B 8Road & Bridge 8 MotorPublic Works
19597a7DWldCo HSTrnsHuman Services TransportationTransportation
19997cfDWeld InvalidInvalid/DisabledPublic Works
4341b2DWeldCo FrGndsCounty FairgroundsPublic Works
90242340DFtStVrain Power1Fort Saint Vrain Power Plant 1Utilities
90252341DFtStVrain Power2Fort Saint Vrain Power Plant 2Utilities
90112333DTri Area EMSTri Area AmbulanceEMS-Tac
19537a1DUniv NColo PDUniversity of Northern Colorado PoliceLaw Dispatch
90272343DNC MedCenterNorth Colorado Medical CenterHospital
9051235bDWeld School SafeSchool Safe/Public Schools to FRCC BridgeInterop
4602eDWeldCo Rdo 1Communications Techs 1Public Works
4702fDWeldCo Rdo 2Communications Techs 2Public Works
48030DWeldCo Rdo 3Communications Techs 3Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20427faDBriggsdale FD AlFire Station AlertFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20087d8DEvans FD AlertFire AlertingFire Dispatch
9002232aDEvans FD 2422Fire 2422 AlertFire Dispatch
19547a2DEEvans Loc GovLocal GovernmentPublic Works

Fire protection is provided by the Fredrick-Firestone Fire Protection district

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
19527a0DFirestone PD TacPolice TacticalLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
19607a8DFtLupton PD 3Police 3Law Talk
20137ddDFtLupton FD Sta1Fire Station 1 AlertFire Dispatch
20147deDFtLupton FD Sta2Fire Station 2 AlertFire Dispatch
90002328DFtLupton FD AdmnFire AdminFire-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
190076cDGreeley PD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
190176dDGreeley PD 2Police 2Law Tac
190276eDGreeley PD 3Police 3Law Tac
190376fDEGreeley PD 4Police 4Law Tac
1904770DEGreeley PD 5Police 5Law Tac
1905771DEGreeley PD 6Police 6Law Tac
20017d1DGreeley PD 7Police 7 TrainingLaw Talk
20047d4DGreeley PD 8Police 8 Training/TacLaw Tac
1906772DGreeley PD AdmPolice AdminLaw Tac
90012329DGreeley FD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
20177e1DGreeley FD Sta 1Fire Station 1 AlertFire Dispatch
20167e0DGreeley FD Sta 2Fire Station 2 AlertFire Dispatch
20197e3DGreeley FD Sta 3Fire Station 3 AlertFire Dispatch
20207e4DGreeley FD Sta 4Fire Station 4 AlertFire Dispatch
20217e5DGreeley FD Sta 5Fire Station 5 AlertFire Dispatch
20237e7DGreeley FD Sta 7Fire Station 7 AlertFire Dispatch
1912778DGXY Airport OpsGreeley–Weld County AirportPublic Works
9037234dDUNC Prk EnfrcmtUniversity of Northern Colorado Parking EnforcementPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20247e8DHudson FD AlertFire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
20257e9DHudson FD Alert1Fire Station 1 AlertFire Dispatch
20277ebDHudson FD Alert2Fire Station 2 AlertFire Dispatch
20267eaDHudson FD Alert3Fire Station 3 AlertFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
19617a9DKeenesbrg SchoolSchoolsSchools

Platte Valley Fire Protection District serves the Town of Kersey, community of Gill, and the surrounding unincorporated areas in Weld County

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20307eeDPVFD St37 AlertPlatte Valley Fire Station 37 AlertFire Dispatch
20317efDPVFD St37 AlertPlatte Valley Fire Station 37 AlertFire Dispatch
20467feDPVFD St37 AlertPlatte Valley Fire Station 37 AlertFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90292345DPlattvle PD AdmnPolice AdminLaw Tac
Windsor Severance Fire Rescue
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20397f7DWindsor FD Alrt1Fire Station 1 AlertFire Dispatch
20407f8DWindsor FD Alrt2Fire Station 2 AlertFire Dispatch
20417f9DWindsor FD Alrt3Fire Station 3 AlertFire Dispatch
LaSalle Fire Protection District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20327f0DLaSalle FD AlertLa Salle Fire Station 31 AlertingFire Dispatch
Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District

Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District operates within the towns of Fredrick and Firestone in Weld County

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20097d9DF-F FPD Sta 1Fire Station 1 AlertFire Dispatch
20107daDF-F FPD Sta 2Fire Station 2 AlertFire Dispatch
20117dbDF-F FPD Sta 3Fire Station 3 AlertFire Dispatch
20127dcDF-F FPD Sta 4Fire Station 4 AlertFire Dispatch
20447fcDF-F FPD ChiefChief AlertFire Dispatch
20457fdDF-F FPD Cmnd3460Command 3460 AlertFire Dispatch
Platteville Gilcrest Fire Protection District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20357f3DPGFPD Sta 36Fire Station 36 AlertFire Dispatch
Brighton Fire Rescue District
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3101fDBrighton FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
32020DBrighton FD AFire Ops AFire-Tac
4171104bDBrighton FD BFire Ops BFire-Tac
4172104cDBrighton FD CFire Ops CFire-Tac
Mountain View Fire Rescue

Mountain View Fire Rescue serves 184 square miles including Dacono, Erie, Mead, Niwot, and unincorporated areas of Boulder and Weld counties.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
91132399DMtnView Fire 1Fire Rescue 1Fire-Tac
9114239aDMtnView Fire 2Fire Rescue 2Fire-Tac
95402544DMtnView Fire 3Fire Rescue 3Fire-Tac
95412545DMtnView Fire 4Fire Rescue 4Fire-Tac
95572555DMtnView Fire 5Fire Rescue 5Fire-Tac
95582556DMtnView Fire 6Fire Rescue 6Fire-Tac
95592557DMtnView Fire 7Fire Rescue 7Fire-Tac
95602558DMtnView Fire 8Fire Rescue 8Fire-Tac
North Metro Fire Rescue District

North Metro Fire Rescue District covers over 63 squares miles throughout the City and County of Broomfield, City of Northglenn and unincorporated Adams, Boulder, Jefferson and Weld Counties

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6006DNorthMetro DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
7007DNorthMetro Ops AOperations AFire-Tac
54036DNorthMetro Ops BOperations BFire-Tac
1000aDNorthMetro Ops COperations CFire-Tac
Southeast Weld Fire Protection District

Southeast Weld Fire Protection District is headquarted in Keenesburg. The district encompasses 405 square miles in Weld County and 87 square miles in Adams County, including the Town of Keenesburg, and the unincorporated areas of Roggen and Prospect Valley. In addition, SEWFPD encompasses significant portions of I-76, State Highway 52, and State Highway 79

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20367f4DStation 39 AlertFire Station 39 AlertFire Dispatch
20377f5D3921 AlertProspect Valley 3921 AlertFire Dispatch
20387f6D3960 AlertProspect Valley 3960 AlertFire Dispatch
20437fbD3960 AlertProspect Valley 3960 AlertFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
90262342DBanner FtCollinsFort Collins Medical CenterHospital
90282344DBanner LovelandMcKee Medical CenterHospital