Centre County Public Safety

System Name: Centre County Public Safety
Location: Centre County, PA
County: Centre
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 57A WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: December 28, 2022, 14:24 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 003 (PSU Ford Bldg) to 3 (PSU Ford Bldg)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Center Region Simulcast 855.7375856.9625857.4625857.9625858.4625858.7125c858.9625c859.4625c
1 (1) 002 (2) Outer Region Simulcast 854.9875855.9625c856.2125c857.2125c859.9625c   
1 (1) 003 (3) PSU Ford Bldg 856.2625c857.2625c858.2625c859.2625c860.2625   


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1001DSt Colg PD1State College PD 1Law Dispatch
2002DSt Colg PD2State College PD 2Law Tac
3003DPat Ferg PD1Patton/Ferguson PD 1Law Dispatch
4004DPat Ferg PD2Patton/Ferguson PD 2Law Tac
5005DBlft Spg PD1Bellefonte/Spring PD 1Law Dispatch
6006DBlft Spg PD2Bellefonte/Spring PD 2Law Tac
7007DPSU PD 1PSU PD 1Law Dispatch
8008DPSU PD 2PSU PD 2Law Tac
9009DPD MutAidPD Mutual AidLaw Talk
1000aDPD Ops 1PD Ops 1Law Tac
1100bDPD Ops 2PD Ops 2Law Tac
1200cDPD Ops 3PD Ops 3Law Tac
1300dDPD Ops 4PD Ops 4Law Tac
1400eDPD Ops 5PD Ops 5Law Tac
1500fDPD Ops 6PD Ops 6Law Tac
16010DPD Ops 7PD Ops 7Law Tac
17011DPD Ops 8PD Ops 8Law Tac
18012DPD Traffic 6PD Traffic 6Law Talk
19013DPD Traffic 7PD Traffic 7Law Talk
20014DPD Traffic 8PD Traffic 8Law Talk
21015DPD Traffic 9PD Traffic 9Law Talk
22016DPD TrainingPD TrainingLaw Talk
23017DPA OAG BNIPA Attorney General Bureau of Narcotics InvestigationLaw Tac
24018DFBIFBILaw Tac
25019DSheriff 1Sheriff 1Law Dispatch
2601aDSheriff 2Sheriff 2Law Tac
9205cDConstableConstableLaw Talk
1870bbDSt Colg DSEPDowntown Safety Enhancement Program (PSU Auxilliary PD & State College PD)Law Talk
1900beDPD TacticalPD TacticalLaw Tac
2130d5DDCNR LawDCNR RangersLaw Dispatch
10013e9DPD BOLOPD BOLO/AnnouncementsLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2701bDEMS DispatchEMS DispatchEMS Dispatch
2801cDEMS 2EMS 2EMS-Tac
2901dDEMS 3EMS 3EMS-Tac
3001eDEMS 4EMS 4EMS-Tac
3101fDEMS 5EMS 5EMS-Tac
32020DEMS 6EMS 6EMS-Tac
33021DHospital 1Hospital 1Hospital
34022DHospital 2Hospital 2Hospital
35023DHospital 3Hospital 3Hospital
36024DFD Train 1Fire/EMS Training 1Multi-Tac
37025DFD Train 2Fire/EMS Training 2Multi-Tac
38026DFD Train 3Fire/EMS Training 3Multi-Tac
39027DEMS/FD AdminFire/EMS AdminMulti-Talk
48030DEMS MCI 1Mass Casualty 1EMS-Tac
49031DEMS MCI 2Mass Casualty 2EMS-Tac
50032DFire DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
51033DFireground 2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
52034DFireground 3Fireground 3Fire-Tac
53035DFireground 4Fireground 4Fire-Tac
54036DFireground 5Fireground 5Fire-Tac
55037DFireground 6Fireground 6Fire-Tac
56038DFireground 7Fireground 7Fire-Tac
57039DFireground 8Fireground 8Fire-Tac
5803aDFireground 9Fireground 9Fire-Tac
1850b9DFireground10Fireground 10Fire-Tac
5903bDFire Pol 1Fire Police 1Fire-Talk
6003cDFire Pol 2Fire Police 2Fire-Talk
6103dDFire Pol 3Fire Police 3Fire-Talk
88058DAirport CFRAirport CFRFire-Tac
89059DHazmat OpsHazmat OpsFire-Tac
67043DFD1 LoganFD1 Logan (Bellefonte)Fire-Talk
7704dDFD2 UndineFD2 Undine (Bellefonte)Fire-Talk
7804eDFD3 BoalsbrgFD3 BoalsburgFire-Talk
7904fDFD4 CentHallFD4 Centre HallFire-Talk
80050DFD5 AlphaFD5 Alpha Fire Co (State College) PrivateFire-Talk
81051DFD6 SnowShoeFD6 Snow ShoeFire-Talk
82052DFD7 GreggTwpFD7 Gregg Twp Fire Co PrivateFire-Talk
83053DFD8 PlsntGapFD8 Pleasant GapFire-Talk
84054DFD9 MilesbrgFD9 MilesburgFire-Talk
68044DFD11 Hope FD11 Hope (Philipsburg)Fire-Talk
69045DFD12 ReliancFD12 Reliance (Philipsburg)Fire-Talk
70046DFD13 Mtn TopFD13 Mountain Top (Sandy Ridge)Fire-Talk
71047DFD14 HowardFD14 HowardFire-Talk
72048DFD15 P MatilFD15 Port MatildaFire-Talk
73049DFD16 WalkerFD16 Walker TwpFire-Talk
7404aDFD17 PineGlnFD17 Pine GlenFire-Talk
7504bDFD18 MillhmFD18 Millheim Fire PrivateFire-Talk
7604cDFD19 MilesTFD19 Miles Twp Fire Co PrivateFire-Talk
1890bdDFD20 PSUFD20 Penn State U. HazmatFire-Talk
85055DFD92 WrsMarkFD92 Warriors Mark (Huntingdon Co)Fire-Talk
86056DFD93 FF CrewFD93 Centre Co ForestryFire-Talk
87057DFD95 ChestrHFD95 Chester Hill (Clearfield Co)Fire-Talk
40028DAMB20 PSUAMB20 Penn State U. EMSEMS-Talk
41029DAMB23 MVEMSAMB23 Moshannon Valley EMS PrivateEMS-Talk
4202aDAMB24 MNMCAMB24 Mount Nittany Medical Center ALS PrivateEMS-Talk
4302bDAMB25 LifLnkAMB25 Centre LifeLink EMS PrivateEMS-Talk
4402cDAMB26 BelfntAMB26 Bellefonte EMSEMS-Talk
4602eDAMB28 PnsVlyAMB28 Penns Valley EMS PrivateEMS-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
64040DCo Transport 1Co Transportation 1 (Senior and MH/MR ride share)Transportation
65041DCo Transport 2Co Transportation 2Public Works
66042DCo Public WorksCo Public WorksPublic Works
9005aDCoronerCo CoronerPublic Works
12607eD911 Comm911 CommunicationsEmergency Ops
12707fDRadio TechsRadio TechsPublic Works
128080DHumanServiceCo Human ServicesPublic Works
129081DPrison AdminCo Prison AdminCorrections
130082DPrisonCo PrisonCorrections
132084DCo EMA 1Co Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
136088DCo SecurityCo SecuritySecurity
Interop - Countywide
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9105bDECC CALLEmergency Communications Center Call (all county agencies)Interop
134086DPub Safety 1Public Saftey 1Interop
135087DPub Safety 2Public Safety 2Interop
14208eDSystemwide 1Systemwide 1Interop
14308fDSystemwide 2Systemwide 2Interop
Penn State University

 Most PSU talkgorups are restricted to the Ford Bldg site.  Public safety talkgroups appear mainly on the Center and/or Outer Region sites and are listed with the county public safety talkgroups since PSU public safety assets may respond off campus throughout the county as mutual aid. 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
150096DPSU All UnivAll UniversitySecurity
146092DPSU SecurityAuxiliary Police - Dorm SecuritySecurity
147093DPSU EscortsAuxiliary Police - Safe Walk EscortsSecurity
148094DPSU ParkingAuxiliary Police - Parking OpsSecurity
149095DPSU EHSEnvironmental Health & SafetySecurity
151097DPSU EMS 1PSU EMS Ops 1EMS-Tac
1820b6DPSU EMS 2PSU EMS Ops 2EMS-Tac
1830b7DPSU EMS 3PSU EMS Ops 3EMS-Tac
1840b8DPSU EMS 4PSU EMS Ops 4EMS-Tac
1730adDPSU OPP 1Office of Physical Plant 1Schools
1740aeDPSU OPP 2Office of Physical Plant 2Schools
1660a6DPSU ReactorReactor OpsSchools
1750afDPSU StudAffStudent AffairsSchools
153099DPSU ATHL 1Athletics 1Schools
15409aDPSU ATHL 2Athletics 2Schools
15509bDPSU ATHL 3Athletics 3Schools
15609cDPSU ATHL 4Athletics 4Schools
15709dDPSU ATHL 5Athletics 5Schools
1670a7DPSU HFS OPS1Housing, Food Services, & Residence Life Ops 1Schools
1680a8DPSU HFS OPS2Housing, Food Services, & Residence Life Ops 2Schools
1690a9DPSU HFS OPS3Housing, Food Services, & Residence Life Ops 3Schools
1700aaDPSU HFS OPS4Housing, Food Services, & Residence Life Ops 4Schools
1710abDPSU HFS ADMHousing, Food Services, & Residence Life AdminSchools
1720acDPSU HFS CONHousing, Food Services, & Residence Life ConcessionsSchools
15809eDBJC OPS 1Bryce Jordan Center 1Business
15909fDBJC OPS 2Bryce Jordan Center 2Business
1600a0DBJC OPS 3Bryce Jordan Center 3Business
1610a1DBJC OPS 4Bryce Jordan Center 4Business
1620a2DBJC OPS 5Bryce Jordan Center 5Business
1630a3DBJC OPS 6Bryce Jordan Center 6Business
1640a4DBJC SecurityBryce Jordan Center SecuritySecurity
1650a5DBJC AnnounceBryce Jordan Center AnnouncementBusiness
1910bfDPSU Event 1Event 1Schools
1980c6DPSU TRAF 1Traffic 1Schools
Mount Nittany Medical Center
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
13808aDMNMC SecurtySecuritySecurity
13908bDMNMC AdminHospital AdminHospital
Municipal Public Works - Countywide
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
120078DPW Traffic 6Traffic Control Ops 6Public Works
121079DPW Traffic 7Traffic Control Ops 7Public Works
12207aDPW Traffic 8Traffic Control Ops 8Public Works
2070cfDMuniPW AdminPW Admin (Supervisors Only)Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
102066DCollege DPWPublic WorksPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
9305dDFerguson PWPublic WorksPublic Works
9505fDFerg PW TrafficPublic Works - Traffic ControlPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
11106fDHalfmoon PW1Public Works 1Public Works
112070DHalfmoon PW2Public Works 2Public Works
113071DHalfmoon PW3Public Works 3Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
105069DPatton DPWPublic WorksPublic Works
Spring Benner Walker Joint Authority
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
117075DSBWJA 1SBWJA 1Utilities
118076DSBWJA 2SBWJA 2Utilities
State College Borough
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
114072DSCBWA 1Water Authority 1Utilities
115073DSCBWA 2Water Authority 2Utilities
12307bDStColg PrkngParking EnforcementPublic Works
2040ccDStColg PWPublic Works Dept.Public Works
2050cdDStColg Trash ColSanitationPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1810b5DMotorolaMotorola TechsBusiness