Regional Mobile Radio (RMR)

System Name: Regional Mobile Radio (RMR)
Location: Regional Victoria, VIC
County: Statewide
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 164 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: April 21, 2024, 11:26 am UTC   [Changed Talkgroup Category: CFA to CFA]
System Notes

An excellent source of current information for the Victorian RMR can be found HERE. See also this LINK.

Note: All tone data including NAC is sourced from both member's submissions and Vic Radio Zone, and is continually being added to. We thank them for their efforts

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
4 (4) 102 (66) 101 Collins Street North & West Metro 165.500165.950c166.400c    
3 (3) 001 (1) Allambee Gippsland 165.4625165.6125165.7625166.0625166.5125c  
3 (3) 002 (2) Anabranch Loddon Mallee 165.575165.875166.175166.475c   
3 (3) 003 (3) Apsley Gippsland 167.1625167.4625167.7625c168.0625c   
3 (3) 072 (48) Ararat Grampians 165.500165.800166.100166.550c   
4 (4) 002 (2) Avoca Grampians 165.5625165.8625166.1625166.6125c   
3 (3) 097 (61) Ballarat Central Statewide 165.6375165.7875165.9375166.0875166.2375166.3875c166.5375c
4 (4) 003 (3) Bambil South Loddon Mallee 167.2375167.3875167.8375168.1375c   
3 (3) 004 (4) Beauchamp Loddon Mallee 167.1875167.4875167.7875167.9375c   
4 (4) 004 (4) Beech Forest South Western 167.075167.525167.825c168.125c   
3 (3) 098 (62) Beechworth Hume 167.2875167.5875167.8875168.1875c   
3 (3) 005 (5) Benalla Hume 166.950167.250167.400167.700168.000c  
3 (3) 006 (6) Bendigo Loddon Mallee 165.225165.825165.975c166.575c   
4 (4) 005 (5) Big Hill Hume 165.625165.775166.375166.675c   
4 (4) 006 (6) Birchip Loddon Mallee 165.4875165.6375165.7875166.3875c166.5375c  
4 (4) 007 (7) Blackwarry Gippsland 167.250167.550167.850168.150c   
4 (4) 008 (8) Blue Mountain Grampians 166.9375167.3875167.6875167.9875c   
4 (4) 009 (9) Boundary Bend Loddon Mallee 165.5875165.8875166.1875166.4875c   
4 (4) 001 (1) Bright Hume 165.5625166.0125166.3125166.4625c   
4 (4) 010 (A) Bundalong Hume 165.350165.650165.950166.250166.550c  
4 (4) 086 (56) Camperdown South Western 167.175167.775167.925c168.075c   
4 (4) 011 (B) Cann Mountain Gippsland 166.8875167.1875167.6375168.0875c   
3 (3) 007 (7) Carrajung Gippsland 167.0375167.3375167.6375167.9375c   
3 (3) 008 (8) Carwarp Loddon Mallee 167.150167.450167.750168.050c   
3 (3) 009 (9) Casterton South Western 165.425165.575165.875166.175166.475c  
4 (4) 012 (C) Casterton Penola South Western 165.350165.650165.950166.250166.550c  
3 (3) 010 (A) Castlemaine Loddon Mallee 167.1875167.4875167.7875c168.0875c   
3 (3) 012 (C) Chetwynd South Western 165.225165.375165.525165.975c166.425c  
4 (4) 013 (D) Cobram Hume 167.0125167.3125167.6125168.0625c   
4 (4) 014 (E) Cohuna Loddon Mallee 165.7625166.0625166.3625c166.6625c   
3 (3) 013 (D) Coleraine South Western 167.2625167.5625167.8625c168.1625c   
3 (3) 014 (E) Crowes South Western 166.050166.200166.350166.650c   
3 (3) 015 (F) Culgoa Loddon Mallee 165.350165.650165.950166.250c166.550c  
4 (4) 016 (10) Dergholm South Western 166.7625167.0625167.5125167.8125c168.1125c  
4 (4) 017 (11) Devils River Hume 167.200167.350167.500167.800c168.100c  
3 (3) 017 (11) Dimboola Grampians 167.150167.450167.750168.050c   
4 (4) 018 (12) Dingee Loddon Mallee 166.950167.250167.550167.850c168.150c  
3 (3) 018 (12) Donald Loddon Mallee 167.250167.550167.850c168.150c   
3 (3) 019 (13) Donald Knob Gippsland 166.7875167.3875167.5375167.9875c   
3 (3) 107 (6B) Dunns Hill (Ferny Creek) Eastern Metro 166.7125167.0125167.3125167.6125c167.9125c  
4 (4) 019 (13) Echuca Loddon Mallee 165.500165.650165.950166.400c   
4 (4) 020 (14) Edenhope East Grampians 165.600166.050166.350c166.500c   
3 (3) 120 (78) Epping Statewide 163.6375166.2125166.3625c166.6625c   
3 (3) 020 (14) Flowerdale Hume 167.1125167.5625167.8625168.1625c   
4 (4) 021 (15) Frances Grampians 165.4125165.8625166.3125c166.6125c   
4 (4) 022 (16) Galaquil Grampians 165.400165.700166.000166.300166.600c  
3 (3) 045 (2D) Ghin Ghin Hume 166.700166.850167.150167.600c168.050c  
3 (3) 021 (15) Gibraltar Spur Gippsland 165.2625166.0125166.1625166.3125166.4625c  
3 (3) 022 (16) Glen Thompson South Western 165.425165.725166.025166.325166.625c  
4 (4) 055 (37) Glenrowan Hume 165.5875165.8875166.0375166.1875166.3375166.4875c 
3 (3) 023 (17) Goroke Grampians 167.250167.550167.850c168.150c   
4 (4) 110 (6E) Greenvale Statewide 168.0875c      
4 (4) 023 (17) Greenwald South Western 167.150167.450167.750c168.050c   
3 (3) 024 (18) Hamilton South Western 167.200167.500167.800c168.100c   
4 (4) 024 (18) Hattah Loddon Mallee 167.200167.350167.800168.100c   
4 (4) 025 (19) Hicks Hill South Western 165.525165.825165.975166.425c166.575c  
3 (3) 026 (1A) Hopetoun Ridge Loddon Mallee 165.525165.675166.125166.575c   
3 (3) 027 (1B) Horsham Grampians 165.4125165.5625165.7125166.4625c   
3 (3) 028 (1C) Hughes Creek Hill Hume 166.7125166.8625167.0125167.3125167.6125168.0625c 
4 (4) 026 (1A) Huon Hill Hume 165.2625165.4125165.8625166.4625c   
3 (3) 111 (6F) Hurstbridge Statewide 168.0625c      
4 (4) 027 (1B) Inglewood Loddon Mallee 167.075167.375167.675167.975c   
3 (3) 029 (1D) Inverloch Gippsland 167.1125167.5625167.7125168.0125c   
4 (4) 029 (1D) Jingellic Hume 165.5875165.8875166.1875166.4875c   
4 (4) 066 (42) Johnnies Top Hume 166.8875167.1875167.4875167.7875168.0875c  
3 (3) 030 (1E) Jones Ridge South Western 165.2375165.5375166.4375c166.5875c   
3 (3) 031 (1F) Kalimna Gippsland 165.700166.000166.300166.600c   
4 (4) 030 (1E) Kerang Loddon Mallee 165.225165.525165.970c166.575c   
4 (4) 031 (1F) Kinglake Hume 165.600165.750166.050166.500c   
3 (3) 032 (20) Koondrook Loddon Mallee 165.700165.850166.300c166.600c   
3 (3) 025 (19) Korumburra Gippsland 165.375165.675166.125166.425c   
4 (4) 032 (20) Kulwin Loddon Mallee 165.5125165.6625165.8125166.5625c   
4 (4) 033 (21) Kyabram Hume 166.975167.425167.725168.175c   
3 (3) 033 (21) Lake Hindmarsh Grampians 166.9375167.0875167.2375167.5375168.1375c  
4 (4) 034 (22) Lake Mountain Hume 165.4375165.8875166.037166.3375c166.4875c  
4 (4) 035 (23) Lancefield Loddon Mallee 165.3625165.6625165.9625166.1125166.5625c  
3 (3) 034 (22) Lillimur Grampians 165.200165.650165.950166.550c   
4 (4) 036 (24) Linton Grampians 166.800166.950167.250167.550167.850168.150c 
4 (4) 037 (25) Loch Sport Gippsland 167.150167.450167.750168.050c   
4 (4) 038 (26) Longford Gippsland 167.275167.425167.725168.175c   
3 (3) 035 (23) Lookout Hill Grampians 165.2375165.5375165.8375165.9875c166.5875c  
4 (4) 039 (27) Maiden Hill Grampians 165.2375165.3875165.9875166.4375c   
4 (4) 040 (28) Mallacoota Gippsland 166.9125167.2125167.6625167.9625c   
3 (3) 036 (24) Mangate Hill Loddon Mallee 164.450167.200167.500167.950c   
3 (3) 037 (25) Maramingo Hill Gippsland 165.925166.225166.525c166.675c   
3 (3) 038 (26) Marengo South Western 165.925166.075166.375166.675c   
3 (3) 011 (B) Maryborough Loddon Mallee 165.2125165.5125165.8125c166.4125c   
4 (4) 041 (29) Mathoura Loddon Mallee 165.425165.875166.175166.475c   
4 (4) 042 (2A) Mildura Loddon Mallee 165.650165.950166.400166.550c   
4 (4) 043 (2B) Minyip Grampians 167.225167.525167.825168.125c   
4 (4) 044 (2C) Mirboo North Gippsland 165.475165.625165.775166.075166.375166.675c 
3 (3) 039 (27) Morkalla Loddon Mallee 165.525165.675165.975166.425c   
3 (3) 099 (63) Morwell Gippsland 165.500165.800166.250166.550c   
4 (4) 045 (2D) Mt Alexander Loddon Mallee 165.4375165.8875166.3375c166.4875c   
4 (4) 046 (2E) Mt Anakie South Western 166.625167.3625167.8125168.1125c   
4 (4) 047 (2F) Mt Arapiles Grampians 165.5125165.9625166.4125166.5625c   
4 (4) 015 (F) Mt Bacchus Marsh Grampians 165.5375166.1375166.4375c166.5875c   
4 (4) 048 (30) Mt Baldhead Gippsland 166.9625167.2625167.5625167.8625168.1625c  
3 (3) 040 (28) Mt Baranduda Hume 165.4625165.6125165.9125166.3625166.5125c  
3 (3) 041 (29) Mt Bellevue Hume 167.2125167.5125167.6625168.1125c   
3 (3) 042 (2A) Mt Benambra Hume 166.975167.275167.425167.725168.175c  
3 (3) 043 (2B) Mt Bepcha Grampians 165.250165.400165.700166.000166.300c166.600c 
3 (3) 044 (2C) Mt Blackwood Grampians 165.575165.725165.875166.175166.325166.475c 
3 (3) 047 (2F) Mt Buller Hume 165.275165.725165.875166.325c166.475c  
3 (3) 048 (30) Mt Buninyong Grampians 166.9375167.0875167.2375167.3875167.5375167.6875167.8375c
3 (3) 049 (31) Mt Burramboot Loddon Mallee 165.3375165.6375165.7875166.0875166.3875c166.6875c 
3 (3) 051 (33) Mt Cowley South Western 165.2125165.5125166.1125c166.5625c   
4 (4) 050 (32) Mt Delegate Gippsland 165.525165.825166.275c166.425c   
4 (4) 051 (33) Mt Dundas South Western 165.625165.775165.925c166.525c   
3 (3) 052 (34) Mt Fatigue Gippsland 165.725165.875166.025166.325166.625c  
4 (4) 052 (34) Mt Franklin Grampians 166.875167.325167.475167.625c168.075c  
4 (4) 053 (35) Mt Gambier South Western 165.5625165.8625166.3125166.6125c   
4 (4) 054 (36) Mt Gisborne Loddon Mallee 165.200165.800166.250c166.550c   
3 (3) 053 (35) Mt Granya Hume 165.8125166.1125166.4125166.562c   
3 (3) 054 (36) Mt Hickey Hume 165.3125165.9125c166.0625166.5125c   
4 (4) 056 (38) Mt Hollowback Grampians 166.9625167.2625167.5625167.7125167.8625c168.0125168.1625c
4 (4) 057 (39) Mt Hotham Hume 167.200167.500167.650167.800168.100c  
4 (4) 058 (3A) Mt Ida Loddon Mallee 165.400165.850166.150166.450c166.600c  
4 (4) 028 (1C) Mt Jersey Gippsland 167.2125167.5125167.8125168.1125c   
3 (3) 055 (37) Mt Kerang Loddon Mallee 165.425165.725166.175166.475166.625c  
3 (3) 056 (38) Mt Kincaid South Western 165.5875165.8875166.3375166.6375c   
4 (4) 059 (3B) Mt Lawson Hume 167.0875167.5375167.8375168.1375c   
3 (3) 057 (39) Mt Macedon Loddon Mallee 165.325166.075166.375c166.525c166.675  
3 (3) 058 (3A) Mt Matlock Hume 165.5375165.9875166.4375166.5875c   
4 (4) 060 (3C) Mt McKay Hume 165.6375165.7875166.0875166.5375c   
3 (3) 059 (3B) Mt Mittamatite Hume 167.5125167.6625167.8125168.1125c   
3 (3) 060 (3C) Mt Moliagul Loddon Mallee 166.7125166.8625167.1625167.4625167.6125c167.9125c 
4 (4) 061 (3D) Mt Moornapa Gippsland 167.025167.175167.625168.075c   
4 (4) 063 (3F) Mt Nugong Gippsland 165.5375165.9375165.9875166.4375c   
4 (4) 064 (40) Mt Oberon Gippsland 165.550165.700165.7875166.450c   
4 (4) 065 (41) Mt Pendergast Hume 165.500165.650165.800166.550c   
3 (3) 080 (50) Mt Sam Gippsland 165.300165.600166.050166.350166.650c  
4 (4) 067 (43) Mt Seldom Seen Gippsland 165.5625165.7125165.8625166.4625c   
3 (3) 062 (3E) Mt Shadwell South Western 165.3375165.4875165.6375166.0875166.3875c166.6875c 
3 (3) 063 (3F) Mt St Leonards Hume 165.4875c165.6375165.7875166.2375166.5375c  
4 (4) 068 (44) Mt Stanley Hume 165.375c165.975166.275166.575   
3 (3) 064 (40) Mt Tassie Gippsland 166.9125167.6625167.8125167.9625168.1125c  
3 (3) 065 (41) Mt Taylor Gippsland 163.6375166.0375166.3375166.6375c   
3 (3) 066 (42) Mt Tennyson Gippsland 167.1625167.4625167.7625168.0625c   
4 (4) 070 (46) Mt Terrible Hume 165.225165.525165.825166.125166.425c166.575c 
3 (3) 067 (43) Mt Toorongo Gippsland 165.2125165.6625165.8125165.9625166.5625c  
3 (3) 068 (44) Mt Useful Gippsland 165.450166.050166.350166.500166.650c  
3 (3) 069 (45) Mt Victoria Hume 165.550165.700165.850166.600c   
4 (4) 071 (47) Mt William Grampians 165.4375165.5875165.8875166.0375166.3375166.4875c 
4 (4) 072 (48) Mt Wills Hume 165.425165.575165.875166.175166.475c  
4 (4) 073 (49) Mt Wombat Hume 166.7875167.0875167.6875167.8375167.9875168.1375c 
3 (3) 070 (46) Mt Youngal Hume 165.550165.850166.300166.600c   
3 (3) 078 (4E) Mumbannar South Western 166.925167.525167.825c168.125c   
3 (3) 071 (47) Murchison Hume 167.2875167.5875167.8875168.1875c   
4 (4) 074 (4A) Murrabit Loddon Mallee 166.9125167.2125167.5125167.8125c168.1125c  
4 (4) 075 (4B) Murrayville Loddon Mallee 165.625165.775166.075166.525c   
4 (4) 076 (4C) Murtho Loddon Mallee 165.700166.000166.300166.600c   
3 (3) 000 (0) Myrtleford Hume 167.150167.450167.750168.050c   
3 (3) 050 (32) Narrawong South Western 167.2125167.3625167.5125167.6625c168.1125c  
4 (4) 077 (4D) Nathalia Hume 165.775166.075166.375166.675c   
4 (4) 078 (4E) Nelson South Western 167.175167.475167.775168.075c   
4 (4) 079 (4F) Nhill Grampians 167.200167.500167.800168.100c   
4 (4) 062 (3E) Nowa Nowa Gippsland 165.2125166.2625166.4125166.5625c   
4 (4) 080 (50) Numurkah Hume 167.1125167.4125167.7125168.1625c   
4 (4) 081 (51) Nypo Loddon Mallee 165.425165.575165.875166.325166.475c  
3 (3) 061 (3D) Orbost Gippsland 165.6125165.9125166.3625166.5125c   
3 (3) 073 (49) Ouyen Loddon Mallee 166.875167.325167.625167.925c   
3 (3) 074 (4A) Parkers Corner South Western 166.750167.050167.800168.100c   
3 (3) 075 (4B) Patho Loddon Mallee 165.5625165.8625166.1625166.4625c   
4 (4) 082 (52) Penola South Western 165.4875165.7875166.0875166.3875c166.6875c  
3 (3) 076 (4C) Pheasant Hill Gippsland 167.2875167.5875167.8875168.1875c   
3 (3) 077 (4D) Picola West Hume 166.700167.000167.450167.900c   
4 (4) 083 (53) Port Campbell South Western 165.6875165.9875166.2875166.5875c   
4 (4) 084 (54) Portland South Western 165.3125165.7625166.0625166.6625c   
4 (4) 085 (55) Pretty Sally Hume 164.865165.225165.525165.825165.975166.125166.425
3 (3) 079 (4F) Robinvale Loddon Mallee 165.6125165.9125166.3625166.5125c   
3 (3) 117 (75) Rockbank Statewide 165.5875165.8875166.1875c166.4875c   
4 (4) 087 (57) Rosedale Gippsland 165.525165.825165.975166.275166.575c  
4 (4) 088 (58) Sealake Loddon Mallee 165.625c165.775166.225166.525c   
3 (3) 081 (51) Seymour Hill Hume 165.4125165.7125166.0125166.4625c   
3 (3) 082 (52) Shepparton Hume 167.1875167.4875167.9375168.0875c   
4 (4) 089 (59) Snowy Range Hume 165.500165.650165.800165.950166.400166.550c 
3 (3) 083 (53) Speed Loddon Mallee 164.375166.975167.575168.175c   
3 (3) 084 (54) Spencer Lookout South Western 167.0875167.5375167.8375c168.1375c   
3 (3) 016 (10) Stawell North Grampians 167.475167.775168.075c176.175   
3 (3) 093 (5D) Strathmerton Hume 165.600165.750165.900166.500c   
4 (4) 090 (5A) Swan Hill Loddon Mallee 165.7125166.0125166.1625166.4625c   
4 (4) 069 (45) Tanybryn South Western 167.200167.500167.800168.100c   
3 (3) 086 (56) Tarpeena South Western 165.6125166.0625166.3625c166.6625c   
3 (3) 046 (2E) The Horn Hume 166.725167.025167.325167.625168.075c  
3 (3) 087 (57) The Paps Hume 166.975167.275167.425167.575167.875c168.175c 
4 (4) 049 (31) Three Bridges Gippsland 166.0125166.3125166.4625166.6125c   
4 (4) 091 (5B) Timboon South Western 165.350165.650165.950166.250c166.550c  
3 (3) 088 (58) Tower Hill South Western 165.4125165.5625165.7125c166.4625c   
3 (3) 089 (59) Tutye Loddon Mallee 165.4875165.7875166.0875166.5375c   
4 (4) 092 (5C) Tyers Gippsland 166.9875167.2875167.5875167.8875168.1875c  
4 (4) 093 (5D) Upper Yarra Dam Hume 167.5625167.7125167.8625168.1625c   
4 (4) 094 (5E) Viewpoint Grampians 165.300165.450165.900166.500c   
4 (4) 095 (5F) Violet Town Hume 166.925167.225167.825168.125c   
4 (4) 096 (60) Walpeup Grampians 165.450165.600166.050166.500c   
3 (3) 000 (0) Wangaratta Hume 165.5375165.8375166.2875166.5875c   
3 (3) 090 (5A) Warracknabeal Grampians 165.3125165.4625165.9125166.5125c   
4 (4) 097 (61) Warrion Hill South Western 165.4625165.9125166.3625166.5125c   
4 (4) 098 (62) Warrnambool South Western 167.4875167.6375167.7875168.0875c   
3 (3) 091 (5B) Woods Lookout Hume 167.1875167.4875167.9375168.0875c   
3 (3) 085 (55) Wulgulmerang Gippsland 167.2375167.6875167.8375168.1375c   
3 (3) 092 (5C) Wye River South Western 165.7125166.0125166.3125166.6125c   
3 (3) 094 (5E) Yarraby Loddon Mallee 167.250167.550167.850168.150c   
3 (3) 095 (5F) Yarrawonga Hume 165.550165.700166.000166.450c   


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30250762aDD02 AdminD02 AdminFire Dispatch
30269763dDD02 CommandD02 CommandFire Dispatch
30271763fDD02 CommandD02 CommandFire Dispatch
302777645DD02 CommandD02 CommandFire Dispatch
302787646DD02 CommandD02 CommandFire Dispatch
302887650DD04 AdminD04 AdminFire Dispatch
302937655DD04 CommandD04 CommandFire Dispatch
30302765eDD04 CommandD04 CommandFire Dispatch
303117667DD05 AdminD05 AdminFire Dispatch
303257675DD05 CommandD05 CommandFire Dispatch
303587696DD05 CommandD05 CommandFire Dispatch
303597697DD05 CommandD05 CommandFire Dispatch
30362769aDCH362District 05 CommandFire-Tac
30363769bDD06 AdminD06 AdminFire Dispatch
30364769cDD06 CommandD06 CommandFire Dispatch
30366769eDD06 CommandD06 CommandFire Dispatch
3037676a8DD07 AdminD07 AdminFire Dispatch
3037976abDD07 CommandD07 CommandFire Dispatch
3038176adDD07 CommandD07 CommandFire Dispatch
3038276aeDD07 CommandD07 CommandFire Dispatch
3038576b1DD07 CommandD07 CommandFire Dispatch
3038776b3DD08 AdminD08 AdminFire Dispatch
3038976b5DD08 CommandD08 CommandFire Dispatch
3039176b7DD08 CommandD08 CommandFire Dispatch
3039376b9DD08 CommandD08 CommandFire Dispatch
3039876beDD08 CommandD08 CommandFire Dispatch
3039976bfDD09 AdminD09 AdminFire Dispatch
3040076c0DD09 CommandD09 CommandFire Dispatch
3040176c1DD09 CommandD09 CommandFire Dispatch
3040276c2DD09 CommandD09 CommandFire Dispatch
3040676c6DD10 AdminD10 AdminFire Dispatch
3040776c7DD10 CommandD10 CommandFire Dispatch
3041076caDD10 CommandD10 CommandFire Dispatch
3041376cdDD11 AdminD11 AdminFire Dispatch
3041476ceDD11 CommandD11 CommandFire Dispatch
3041576cfDD11 CommandD11 CommandFire Dispatch
3041676d0DD11 CommandD11 CommandFire Dispatch
3041776d1DD11 CommandD11 CommandFire Dispatch
3041876d2DD12 AdminD12 AdminFire Dispatch
3041976d3DD12 CommandD12 CommandFire Dispatch
3042076d4DD12 CommandD12 CommandFire Dispatch
3042176d5DD12 CommandD12 CommandFire Dispatch
3042376d7DD13 AdminD13 AdminFire Dispatch
3042476d8DD13 CommandD13 CommandFire Dispatch
3042576d9DD13 CommandD13 CommandFire Dispatch
3042676daDD13 CommandD13 CommandFire Dispatch
3042776dbDD13 CommandD13 CommandFire Dispatch
3042876dcDD14 AdminD14 AdminFire Dispatch
3042976ddDD14 CommandD14 CommandFire Dispatch
3043076deDD14 CommandD14 CommandFire Dispatch
3043176dfDD14 CommandD14 CommandFire Dispatch
3043276e0DD14 CommandD14 CommandFire Dispatch
3043376e1DD15 AdminD15 AdminFire Dispatch
3043476e2DD15 CommandD15 CommandFire Dispatch
3043576e3DD15 CommandD15 CommandFire Dispatch
3043676e4DD15 CommandD15 CommandFire Dispatch
3043776e5DD15 CommandD15 CommandFire Dispatch
3043876e6DD16 AdminD16 AdminFire Dispatch
3043976e7DD16 CommandD16 CommandFire Dispatch
3044076e8DD16 CommandD16 CommandFire Dispatch
3044176e9DD16 CommandD16 CommandFire Dispatch
3044276eaDD16 CommandD16 CommandFire Dispatch
3044376ebDD17 AdminD17 AdminFire Dispatch
3044476ecDD17 CommandD17 CommandFire Dispatch
3044576edDD17 CommandD17 CommandFire Dispatch
3044676eeDD17 CommandD17 CommandFire Dispatch
3044776efDD17 CommandD17 CommandFire Dispatch
3044876f0DD18 AdminD18 AdminFire Dispatch
3044976f1DD18 CommandD18 CommandFire Dispatch
3045076f2DD18 CommandD18 CommandFire Dispatch
3045176f3DD18 CommandD18 CommandFire Dispatch
3045276f4DD18 CommandD18 CommandFire Dispatch
3045376f5DD20 AdminD20 AdminFire Dispatch
3045476f6DD20 CommandD20 CommandFire Dispatch
3045576f7DD20 CommandD20 CommandFire Dispatch
3045676f8DD20 CommandD20 CommandFire Dispatch
3045876faDD22 AdminD22 AdminFire Dispatch
3045976fbDD22 CommandD22 CommandFire Dispatch
3046076fcDD22 CommandD22 CommandFire Dispatch
3046176fdDD22 CommandD22 CommandFire Dispatch
3046376ffDD23 AdminD23 AdminFire Dispatch
304647700DD23 CommandD23 CommandFire Dispatch
304657701DD23 CommandD23 CommandFire Dispatch
304667702DD23 CommandD23 CommandFire Dispatch
304687704DD24 AdminD24 AdminFire Dispatch
304697705DD24 CommandD24 CommandFire Dispatch
304707706DD24 CommandD24 CommandFire Dispatch
304717707DD24 CommandD24 CommandFire Dispatch
304737709DD27 AdminD27 AdminFire Dispatch
30474770aDD27 CommandD27 CommandFire Dispatch
30475770bDD27 CommandD27 CommandFire Dispatch
304807710DSouth-West TraveSouth-West TravelFire Dispatch
304827712DWest TravelWest TravelFire Dispatch
304847714DNorth-West TraveNorth-West TravelFire Dispatch
304867716DNorth-East TraveNorth-East TravelFire Dispatch
304887718DSouth-East TraveSouth-East TravelFire Dispatch
305007724DCH 500CH 500Fire Dispatch
305017725DCH 501D08 Disptach (Secondary)Fire Dispatch
305027726DCH 502D02 - VF02 - DispatchFire Dispatch
305037727DCH 503D13 Dispatch (Secondary)Fire Dispatch
305047728DCH 504VF04 - DispatchFire Dispatch
305057729DCH 505VF05 - DispatchFire Dispatch
30506772aDCH 506VF06 - DispatchFire Dispatch
30507772bDCH 507VF07 - DispatchFire Dispatch
30508772cDCH 508VF08 - DispatchFire Dispatch
30509772dDCH 509VF09 - DispatchFire Dispatch
30510772eDCH 510VF10 - DispatchFire Dispatch
30511772fDCH 511VF11 - DispatchFire Dispatch
305127730DCH 512VF12 - DispatchFire Dispatch
305137731DCH 513VF13 - DispatchFire Dispatch
305147732DCH 514VF14 - DispatchFire Dispatch
305157733DCH 515VF15 - DispatchFire Dispatch
305167734DCH 516VF16 - DispatchFire Dispatch
305177735DCH 517VF17 - DispatchFire Dispatch
305187736DCH 518VF18 - DispatchFire Dispatch
305197737DCH 519D14 Dispatch (Secondary)Fire Dispatch
305207738DCH 520VF20 - DispatchFire Dispatch
305217739DCH 521D07 Dispatch (Secondary)Fire Dispatch
30522773aDCH 522VF22 - DispatchFire Dispatch
30523773bDCH 523VF23 - DispatchFire Dispatch
30524773cDCH 524VF24 - DispatchFire Dispatch
30525773dDCH 525VF25 - DispatchFire Dispatch
30526773eDCH 526CH 526Fire Dispatch
30527773fDCH 527VF27 - DispatchFire Dispatch
305287740DCH 528CH 528Fire Dispatch
305297741DCH 529CH 529Fire Dispatch
305307742DCH 530CH 530Fire Dispatch
305317743DCH 531CH 531Fire Dispatch
305327744DCH 532CH 532Fire Dispatch
305337745DCH 533CH 533Fire Dispatch
305347746DCH 534CH 534Fire Dispatch
305357747DCH 535CH 535Fire Dispatch
305367748DCH 536CH 536Fire Dispatch
305377749DCH 537CH 537Fire Dispatch
30538774aDCH 538CH 538Fire Dispatch
30539774bDCH 539CH 539Fire Dispatch
30540774cDCH 540FiregroundFire Dispatch
30541774dDCH 541FiregroundFire Dispatch
30542774eDCH 542FiregroundFire Dispatch
30543774fDCH 543FiregroundFire Dispatch
305447750DCH 544FiregroundFire Dispatch
305457751DCH 545FiregroundFire Dispatch
305467752DCH 546FiregroundFire Dispatch
305477753DCH 547FiregroundFire Dispatch
305487754DCH 548FiregroundFire Dispatch
305497755DCH 549FiregroundFire Dispatch
305507756DCH 550FiregroundFire Dispatch
305517757DCH 551FiregroundFire Dispatch
305527758DCH 552FiregroundFire Dispatch
305537759DCH 553FiregroundFire Dispatch
30554775aDCH 554FiregroundFire Dispatch
30555775bDCH 555FiregroundFire Dispatch
30556775cDCH 556FiregroundFire Dispatch
30557775dDCH 557FiregroundFire Dispatch
30558775eDCH 558FiregroundFire Dispatch
30559775fDCH 559FiregroundFire Dispatch
305607760DCH 560FiregroundFire Dispatch
305617761DCH 561FiregroundFire Dispatch
305627762DCH 562FiregroundFire Dispatch
305637763DCH 563FiregroundFire Dispatch
305647764DCH 564FiregroundFire Dispatch
305657765DCH 565D14 Training ChannelFire Dispatch
305667766DCH 566D13 Training ChannelFire Dispatch
305677767DCH 567D07 Training ChannelFire Dispatch
305687768DCH 568D08 Training ChannelFire Dispatch
305697769DCH569Statewide TrainingFire-Talk
30570776aDCH 570CH 570 - INTER AGENCYFire Dispatch
30571776bDCH 571CH 571 - INTER AGENCYFire Dispatch
30572776cDCH 572CH 572 - INTER AGENCYFire Dispatch
30573776dDCH 573CH 573 - INTER AGENCYFire Dispatch
30574776eDCH 574CH 574 - INTER AGENCYFire Dispatch
30575776fDCH 575CH 575 - INTER AGENCYFire Dispatch
305767770DCH 576CH 576 - INTER AGENCYFire Dispatch
305777771DCH 577CH 577Fire Dispatch
305787772DCH 578CH 578Fire Dispatch
305797773DCH 579CH 579Fire Dispatch
305807774DCH 580CH 580Fire Dispatch
305817775DCH581Patch MMR TG 1000 CNTRL 1Fire Dispatch
305827776DCH582Patch MMR TG 1001 NRTHN 2Fire Dispatch
305837777DCH583Patch MMR TG 1002 STHRN 3Fire Dispatch
305847778DCH584Patch MMR TG 1003 WESTN 4Fire Dispatch
305857779DCH585Patch MMR TG 1004 EASTN 5Fire Dispatch
306007788DCH600FSCC StatewideFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
63001f619DeTelstra 1Telstra 1Business
63002f61aDeTelstra 2Telstra 2Business
63003f61bDeTelstra 3Telstra 3Business
63004f61cDeTelstra 4Telstra 4Business
63999f9ffDeTelstra POPTelstra POPBusiness
64001fa01DeMotorola 1Motorola 1Business
64002fa02DeMotorola 2Motorola 2Business
64003fa03DeMotorola 3Motorola 3Business
64004fa04DeMotorola 4Motorola 4Business
64005fa05DeMotorola 5Motorola 5Business
64006fa06DeMotorola 6Motorola 6Business
64007fa07DeMotorola 7Motorola 7Business
64008fa08DeMotorola 8Motorola 8Business
64009fa09DeMotorola 9Motorola 9Business
64010fa0aDeMotorola 10Motorola 10Business
64011fa0bDeMotorola 11Motorola 11Business
64012fa0cDeMotorola 12Motorola 12Business
64013fa0dDeMotorola 13Motorola 13Business
64014fa0eDeMotorola 14Motorola 14Business
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
210015209TZ10-CH01 WOD-SPRWoodside - Seaspray 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
21002520aTZ10-CH02 WOD-SPRWoodside - Seaspray 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
21005520dTZ10-CH03 LKS DISLakes Entrance 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
21006520eTZ10-CH04 LKS INCLakes Entrance 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
210095211TZ10-CH05 MAL DISMallacoota 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
210105212TZ10-CH06 MAL INCMallacoota 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
210135215TZ10-CH07 GP SPAROps Gippsland - Spare TG 01Other
210145216TZ10-CH08 GP SPAROps Gippsland - Spare TG 02Other
210155217TZ10-CH09 GP SPAROps Gippsland - Spare TG 03Other
210165218TZ10-CH10 GP SPAROps Gippsland - Spare TG 04Other
210315227TZ10-CH11 GP TRN Ops Gippsland - Training Network 01Other
210325228TZ10-CH12 GP TRN Ops Gippsland - Training Network 02Other
210915263TZ31-CH40 NOC TESCSC/NOC TestOther
21101526dTZ01-CH01 MIL DISMildura 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
21102526eTZ01-CH02 MIL INCMildura 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
211055271TZ01-CH03 PLD-NWGPortland - Narrawong 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
211065272TZ01-CH04 PLD-NWGPortland - Narrawong 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
211095275TZ01-CH05 PFY-WBLPort Fairy - Warrnambool 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
211105276TZ01-CH06 PFY-WBLPort Fairy - Warrnambool 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
211135279TZ01-CH07 PCB DISPort Campbell 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
21114527aTZ01-CH08 PCB INCPort Campbell 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
21117527dTZ01-CH09 WN SPAROps Western - Spare TG 01Other
21118527eTZ01-CH10 WN SPAROps Western - Spare TG 02Other
21119527fTZ01-CH11 WN SPAROps Western - Spare TG 03Other
211205280TZ01-CH12 WN SPAROps Western - Spare TG 04Other
21131528bTZ01-CH13 WN TRN Ops Western - Training Network 01Other
21132528cTZ01-CH14 WN TRN Ops Western - Training Network 02Other
2115452a2TZ11-CH09 AQS INCCarnival Incident 01Emergency Ops
2115552a3TZ11-CH10 AQS INCCarnival Incident 02Emergency Ops
2115652a4TZ11-CH11 AQS EMECarnival EMERGENCY 01Emergency Ops
2120152d1TZ02-CH01 APB-WYEApollo Bay - Wye River 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
2120252d2TZ02-CH02 APB-WYEApollo Bay - Wye River 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
2120552d5TZ02-CH03 OW SPAROps Otway - Spare TG 01Other
2120652d6TZ02-CH04 OW SPAROps Otway - Spare TG 02Other
2120752d7TZ02-CH05 OW SPAROps Otway - Spare TG 03Other
2120852d8TZ02-CH06 OW SPAROps Otway - Spare TG 04Other
2123152efTZ02-CH08 OW TRN Ops Otway - Training Network 01Other
2123252f0TZ02-CH08 OW TRN Ops Otway - Training Network 02Other
212515303TZ12-CH01 Event LEvent Lifeguard 01Emergency Ops
212525304TZ12-CH02 Event LEvent Lifeguard 02Emergency Ops
212535305TZ12-CH03 Event LEvent Lifeguard 03Emergency Ops
213015335TZ03-CH01 LRN-FHNLorne - Fairhaven 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
213025336TZ03-CH02 LRN-FHNLorne - Fairhaven 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
213055339TZ03-CH03 PRK-ANGPoint Roadknight - Anglesea 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
21306533aTZ03-CH04 PRK-ANGPoint Roadknight - Anglesea 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
21309533dTZ03-CH05 JJC-TOFJan Juc - Cosy Corner 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
21310533eTZ03-CH06 JJC-TOFJan Juc - Cosy Corner 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
213135341TZ03-CH07 SC SPAROps Surf Coast - Spare TG 01Other
213145342TZ03-CH08 SC SPAROps Surf Coast - Spare TG 02Other
213155343TZ03-CH09 SC SPAROps Surf Coast - Spare TG 03Other
213165344TZ03-CH10 SC SPAROps Surf Coast - Spare TG 04Other
213315353TZ03-CH11 SC TRN Ops Surf Coast - Training Network 01Other
213325354TZ03-CH12 SC TRN Ops Surf Coast - Training Network 02Other
213515367TZ13-CH01 Ops SW Ops - Statewide 01Emergency Ops
213525368TZ13-CH02 Ops SW Ops - Statewide 02Emergency Ops
213535369TZ13-CH03 Ops SW Ops - Statewide 03Emergency Ops
21356536cTZ13-CH06 AIR STAAircraft Ops StatewideEmergency Ops
21357536dTZ13-CH07 AIR WORAircraft Ops WorkingEmergency Ops
213615371TZ13-CH09 VP/AV TVicPol / Amb Vic Incident Tasking 01Multi-Dispatch
213625372TZ13-CH10 VP/AV TVicPol / Amb Vic Incident Tasking 02Multi-Dispatch
213665376TZ31-CH11 SES NETLSV-VicSES BAU InterOpInterop
21371537bTZ13-CH11 LOGS 01Supply Chain 01Other
21372537cTZ13-CH12 LOGS 02Supply Chain 02Other
21373537dTZ13-CH13 LOGS 03Supply Chain 03Other
21374537eTZ13-CH14 LOGS 04Supply Chain 04Other
21375537fTZ13-CH15 LOGS 05Supply Chain 05Other
214015399TZ04-CH01 BAN-QUEBancoora - Queenscliff 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
21402539aTZ04-CH02 BAN-QUEBancoora - Queenscliff 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
21405539dTZ04-CH03 GEE DISGeelong 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
21406539eTZ04-CH04 GEE INCGeelong 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
2140953a1TZ04-CH05 GE SPAROps Geelong - Spare TG 01Other
2141053a2TZ04-CH06 GE SPAROps Geelong - Spare TG 02Other
2141153a3TZ04-CH07 GE SPAROps Geelong - Spare TG 03Other
2141253a4TZ04-CH08 GE SPAROps Geelong - Spare TG 04Other
2143153b7TZ04-CH09 GE TRN Ops Geelong - Training Network 01Other
2143253b8TZ04-CH10 GE TRN Ops Geelong - Training Network 02Other
2145153cbTZ14-CH01 LSV TecLSV Technical Working TG - StatewideOther
2150153fdTZ05-CH01 ALT-EWDAltona - Elwood 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
2150253feTZ05-CH02 ALT-EWDAltona - Elwood 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
215055401TZ05-CH03 PP SPAROps Port Phillip - Spare TG 01Other
215065402TZ05-CH04 PP SPAROps Port Phillip - Spare TG 02Other
215075403TZ05-CH05 PP SPAROps Port Phillip - Spare TG 03Other
215085404TZ05-CH06 PP SPAROps Port Phillip - Spare TG 04Other
21531541bTZ05-CH07 PP TRN Ops Port Phillip - Training Network 01Other
21532541cTZ05-CH08 PP TRN Ops Port Phillip - Training Network 02Other
216015461TZ06-CH01 BRI-BMSBrighton - Beaumaris 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
216025462TZ06-CH02 BRI-BMSBrighton - Beaumaris 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
216055465TZ06-CH03 BY SPAROps Bayside - Spare TG 01Other
216065466TZ06-CH04 BY SPAROps Bayside - Spare TG 02Other
216075467TZ06-CH05 BY SPAROps Bayside - Spare TG 03Other
216085468TZ06-CH06 BY SPAROps Bayside - Spare TG 04Other
21631547fTZ06-CH07 BY TRN Ops Bayside - Training Network 01Other
216325480TZ06-CH08 BY TRN Ops Bayside - Training Network 02Other
2170154c5TZ07 CH01 MEN-EDVMentone - Edithvale 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
2170254c6TZ07-CH02 MEN-EDVMentone - Edithvale 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
2170554c9TZ07-CH03 CLB-FRNChelsea - Frankston 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
2170654caTZ07-CH04 CLB-FRNChelsea - Frankston 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
2170954cdTZ07-CH05 KN SPAROps Kingston - Spare TG 01Other
2171054ceTZ07-CH06 KN SPAROps Kingston - Spare TG 02Other
2171154cfTZ07-CH07 KN SPAROps Kingston - Spare TG 03Other
2171254d0TZ07-CH08 KN SPAROps Kingston - Spare TG 04Other
2173154e3TZ07-CH09 KN TRN Ops Kingston - Training Network 01Other
2173254e4TZ07-CH10 KN TRN Ops Kingston - Training Network 02Other
218015529TZ08-CH01 MRN-LEOMornington - Point Leo 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
21802552aTZ08-CH02 MRN-LEOMornington - Point Leo 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
21805552dTZ08-CH03 PSE-GUNPortsea - Gunnamatta 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
21806552eTZ08-CH04 PSE-GUNPortsea - Gunnamatta 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
218095531TZ08-CH05 PN SPAROps Peninsula - Spare TG 01Other
218105532TZ08-CH06 PN SPAROps Peninsula - Spare TG 02Other
218115533TZ08-CH07 PN SPAROps Peninsula - Spare TG 03Other
218125534TZ08-CH08 PN SPAROps Peninsula - Spare TG 04Other
218315547TZ08-CH09 PN TRN Ops Peninsula - Training Network 01Other
218325548TZ08-CH10 PN TRN Ops Peninsula - Training Network 02Other
21901558dTZ09-CH01 COW-WOLCowes - Woolamai 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
21902558eTZ09-CH02 COW-WOLCowes - Woolamai 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
219055591TZ09-CH03 CPT-VNBCape Paterson - Venus Bay 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
219065592TZ09-CH04 CPT-VNBCape Paterson - Venus Bay 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
219095595TZ09-CH05 WTB-TDLWaratah - Tidal River 01 (DISPATCH)Emergency Ops
219105596TZ09-CH06 WTB-TDLWaratah - Tidal River 02 (INCIDENT)Emergency Ops
219135599TZ09-CH07 BS SPAROps Bass - Spare TG 01Other
21914559aTZ09-CH08 BS SPAROps Bass - Spare TG 02Other
21915559bTZ09-CH09 BS SPAROps Bass - Spare TG 03Other
21916559cTZ09-CH10 BS SPAROps Bass - Spare TG 04Other
2193155abTZ09-CH11 BS TRN Ops Bass - Training Network 01Other
2193255acTZ09-CH12 BS TRN Ops Bass - Training Network 02Other
30570776aDZ31-CH03 RMR 310Inter-Agency 06 - NET ClearInterop
30571776bDZ31-CH04 RMR 310Inter-Agency 07 - NET ClearInterop
30572776cDZ31-CH05 RMR 310Inter-Agency 08 - NET ClearInterop
30573776dDZ31-CH06 RMR 310Inter-Agency 09 - NET ClearInterop
30574776eDZ31-CH07 RMR 311Inter-Agency 10 - NET ClearInterop
30575776fDZ31-CH08 RMR 311Inter-Agency 12 - NET ClearInterop
305767770DZ31-CH09 RMR 311Inter-Agency 13 - NET ClearInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3859f13T28592859 Central South CMDEmergency Ops
232895af9T2289Nth East Local REmergency Ops
321017d65T21012101 State CommandEmergency Ops
321027d66T21022102 State CommandEmergency Ops
321037d67T21032103 State CommandEmergency Ops
321047d68T21042104 State CommandEmergency Ops
321057d69T21052105 State CommandEmergency Ops
321067d6aT21062106 State CommandEmergency Ops
321077d6bT21072107 State CommandEmergency Ops
322017dc9T2201Nth East DispatchEmergency Ops
322027dcaT2202Nth East DispatchEmergency Ops
322047dccT2204Nth East IncidentEmergency Ops
322057dcdT2205Nth East IncidentEmergency Ops
322067dceT2206Nth East IncidentEmergency Ops
322077dcfT2207Nth East IncidentEmergency Ops
322087dd0T2208Nth East IncidentEmergency Ops
322097dd1T2209Nth East Region CoordEmergency Ops
322107dd2T2210Nth East Region CMDEmergency Ops
322127dd4T2212Nth East ICC WangarattaEmergency Ops
322137dd5T2213Nth East ICC SeymourEmergency Ops
322147dd6T2214Nth East ICC SheppartonEmergency Ops
322157dd7T2215Nth East ICC BenallaEmergency Ops
322167dd8T2216Nth East ICC WodongaEmergency Ops
322207ddcT2220Nth East DCP TaturaEmergency Ops
322217dddT2221Nth East DCP Shepparton SAREmergency Ops
322227ddeT2222Nth East DCP EuroaEmergency Ops
322237ddfT2223Nth East DCP YackandandahEmergency Ops
322247de0T2224Nth East DCP WodongaEmergency Ops
322257de1T2225Nth East DCP SeymourEmergency Ops
322267de2T2226Nth East DCP NumurkahEmergency Ops
322277de3T2227Nth East DCP BrightEmergency Ops
322287de4T2228Nth East DCP WangarattaEmergency Ops
322297de5T2229Nth East DCP YEAAEmergency Ops
322307de6T2230Nth East DCP BenallaEmergency Ops
322317de7T2231Nth East DCP YarrawongaEmergency Ops
322407df0T2240Nth East CMD AlexandraEmergency Ops
322417df1T2241Nth East CMD BeechworthEmergency Ops
322427df2T2242Nth East CMD BenallaEmergency Ops
322437df3T2243Nth East CMD BrightEmergency Ops
322447df4T2244Nth East CMD ChilternEmergency Ops
322457df5T2245Nth East CMD CobramEmergency Ops
322467df6T2246Nth East CMD CorryongEmergency Ops
322477df7T2247Nth East CMD EuroaEmergency Ops
322487df8T2248Nth East CMD Falls CreekEmergency Ops
322497df9T2249Nth East CMD KilmoreEmergency Ops
322507dfaT2250Nth East CMD KinglakeEmergency Ops
322517dfbT2251Nth East CMD MansfieldEmergency Ops
322527dfcT2252Nth East CMD MaysvilleEmergency Ops
322537dfdT2253Nth East CMD Mitta MittaEmergency Ops
322547dfeT2254Nth East CMD MurchisonEmergency Ops
322557dffT2255Nth East CMD MyrtlefordEmergency Ops
322567e00T2256Nth East CMD NumurkahEmergency Ops
322577e01T2257Nth East CMD RutherglenEmergency Ops
322587e02T2258Nth East CMD SeymourEmergency Ops
322597e03T2259Nth East CMD Shepparton SAREmergency Ops
322607e04T2260Nth East CMD TallangattaEmergency Ops
322617e05T2261Nth East CMD TaturaEmergency Ops
322627e06T2262Nth East CMD WangarattaEmergency Ops
322637e07T2263Nth East CMD WodongaEmergency Ops
322647e08T2264Nth East CMD YackandandahEmergency Ops
322657e09T2265Nth East CMD YarrawongaEmergency Ops
322667e0aT2266Nth East CMDEmergency Ops
322677e0bT2267Nth East CMDEmergency Ops
322687e0cT2268Nth East CMDEmergency Ops
322697e0dT2269Nth East CMDEmergency Ops
322707e0eT2270Nth East CMDEmergency Ops
322717e0fT2271Nth East CMDEmergency Ops
322727e10T2272Nth East CMDEmergency Ops
322737e11T2273Nth East CMDEmergency Ops
322747e12T2274Nth East CMDEmergency Ops
322757e13T2275Nth East CMDEmergency Ops
322807e18T2280Nth East LocalEmergency Ops
322817e19T2281Nth East LocalEmergency Ops
322827e1aT2282Nth East LocalEmergency Ops
322837e1bT2283Nth East LocalEmergency Ops
322847e1cT2284Nth East LocalEmergency Ops
322857e1dT2285Nth East LocalEmergency Ops
322867e1eT2286Nth East Local REmergency Ops
322877e1fT2287Nth East Local REmergency Ops
322887e20T2288Nth East Local REmergency Ops
322907e22T2290Nth East LocalEmergency Ops
322917e23T2291Nth East LocalEmergency Ops
322927e24T2292Nth East LocalEmergency Ops
322937e25T2293Nth East LocalEmergency Ops
322947e26T2294Nth East LocalEmergency Ops
322957e27T2295Nth East LocalEmergency Ops
322967e28T2296Nth East Local REmergency Ops
322977e29T2297Nth East Local REmergency Ops
322987e2aT2298Nth East Local REmergency Ops
322997e2bT2299Nth East Local REmergency Ops
323017e2dT2301Mid West DispatchEmergency Ops
323027e2eT2302Mid West DispatchEmergency Ops
323047e30T2304Mid West IncidentEmergency Ops
323057e31T2305Mid West IncidentEmergency Ops
323067e32T2306Mid West IncidentEmergency Ops
323077e33T2307Mid West IncidentEmergency Ops
323087e34T2308Mid West IncidentEmergency Ops
323097e35T2309Mid West Region CoordEmergency Ops
323107e36T2310Mid West Region CMDEmergency Ops
323127e38T2312Mid West ICC BallaratEmergency Ops
323137e39T2313Mid West ICC HorshamEmergency Ops
323147e3aT2314Mid West ICCEmergency Ops
323157e3bT2315Mid West ICCEmergency Ops
323207e40T2320Mid West DCP AraratEmergency Ops
323217e41T2321Mid West DCP BallaratEmergency Ops
323227e42T2322Mid West DCP Hepburn ShireEmergency Ops
323237e43T2323Mid West DCP StawellEmergency Ops
323247e44T2324Mid West DCP DRLYEmergency Ops
323257e45T2325Mid West DCP EdenhopeEmergency Ops
323267e46T2326Mid West DCP NhillEmergency Ops
323277e47T2327Mid West DCP St ArnaudEmergency Ops
323287e48T2328Mid West DCP WarracknabealEmergency Ops
323297e49T2329Mid West DCP WENOEmergency Ops
323307e4aT2330Mid West DCP HorshamEmergency Ops
323407e54T2340Mid West CMD AraratEmergency Ops
323417e55T2341Mid West CMD Bacchus MarshEmergency Ops
323427e56T2342Mid West CMD BallaratEmergency Ops
323437e57T2343Mid West CMD DimboolaEmergency Ops
323447e58T2344Mid West CMD DunmunkleEmergency Ops
323457e59T2345Mid West CMD EdenhopeEmergency Ops
323467e5aT2346Mid West CMD GarokeEmergency Ops
323477e5bT2347Mid West CMD Hepburn ShireEmergency Ops
323487e5cT2348Mid West CMD HorshamEmergency Ops
323497e5dT2349Mid West CMD KanivaEmergency Ops
323507e5eT2350Mid West CMD NhillEmergency Ops
323517e5fT2351Mid West CMD St ArnaudEmergency Ops
323527e60T2352Mid West CMD StawellEmergency Ops
323537e61T2353Mid West CMD WarracknabealEmergency Ops
323547e62T2354Mid West CMDEmergency Ops
323557e63T2355Mid West CMDEmergency Ops
323567e64T2356Mid West CMDEmergency Ops
323577e65T2357Mid West CMDEmergency Ops
323587e66T2358Mid West CMDEmergency Ops
323597e67T2359Mid West CMDEmergency Ops
323607e68T2360Mid West CMDEmergency Ops
323617e69T2361Mid West CMDEmergency Ops
323627e6aT2362Mid West CMDEmergency Ops
323637e6bT2363Mid West CMDEmergency Ops
323807e7cT2380Mid West LocalEmergency Ops
323817e7dT2381Mid West LocalEmergency Ops
323827e7eT2382Mid West LocalEmergency Ops
323837e7fT2383Mid West LocalEmergency Ops
323847e80T2384Mid West LocalEmergency Ops
323857e81T2385Mid West LocalEmergency Ops
323867e82T2386Mid West Local REmergency Ops
323877e83T2387Mid West Local REmergency Ops
323887e84T2388Mid West Local REmergency Ops
323897e85T2389Mid West Local REmergency Ops
323907e86T2390Mid West LocalEmergency Ops
323917e87T2391Mid West LocalEmergency Ops
323927e88T2392Mid West LocalEmergency Ops
323937e89T2393Mid West LocalEmergency Ops
323947e8aT2394Mid West LocalEmergency Ops
323957e8bT2395Mid West LocalEmergency Ops
323967e8cT2396Mid West Local REmergency Ops
323977e8dT2397Mid West Local REmergency Ops
323987e8eT2398Mid West Local REmergency Ops
323997e8fT2399Mid West Local REmergency Ops
324017e91T2401Nth West DispatchEmergency Ops
324027e92T2402Nth West DispatchEmergency Ops
324047e94T2404Nth West IncidentEmergency Ops
324057e95T2405Nth West IncidentEmergency Ops
324067e96T2406Nth West IncidentEmergency Ops
324077e97T2407Nth West IncidentEmergency Ops
324087e98T2408Nth West IncidentEmergency Ops
324097e99T2409Nth West Region CoordEmergency Ops
324107e9aT2410Nth West Region CMDEmergency Ops
324127e9cT2412Nth West ICC MilduraEmergency Ops
324137e9dT2413Nth West ICC BendigoEmergency Ops
324147e9eT2414Nth West Swan HillEmergency Ops
324157e9fT2415Nth West ICCEmergency Ops
324207ea4T2420Nth West DCP BendigoEmergency Ops
324217ea5T2421Nth West DCP MilduraEmergency Ops
324227ea6T2422Nth West DCP Swan HillEmergency Ops
324237ea7T2423Nth West DCP WycheproofEmergency Ops
324247ea8T2424Nth West DCP CastlemaineEmergency Ops
324257ea9T2425Nth West DCP EchucaEmergency Ops
324267eaaT2426Nth West DCP GisbourneEmergency Ops
324277eabT2427Nth West DCP KerangEmergency Ops
324287eacT2428Nth West DCP KynetonEmergency Ops
324297eadT2429Nth West DCP PYRUEmergency Ops
324307eaeT2430Nth West DCP MaryboroughEmergency Ops
324407eb8T2440Nth West CMD BendigoEmergency Ops
324417eb9T2441Nth West CMD BirchipEmergency Ops
324427ebaT2442Nth West CMD CastlemaineEmergency Ops
324437ebbT2443Nth West CMD DunollyEmergency Ops
324447ebcT2444Nth West CMD EchucaEmergency Ops
324457ebdT2445Nth West CMD GisbourneEmergency Ops
324467ebeT2446Nth West CMD HeathcoteEmergency Ops
324477ebfT2447Nth West CMD KerangEmergency Ops
324487ec0T2448Nth West CMD MarongEmergency Ops
324497ec1T2449Nth West CMD MaryboroughEmergency Ops
324507ec2T2450Nth West CMD MilduraEmergency Ops
324517ec3T2451Nth West CMD MurrayvilleEmergency Ops
324527ec4T2452Nth West CMD OuyenEmergency Ops
324537ec5T2453Nth West CMD RobinvaleEmergency Ops
324547ec6T2454Nth West CMD RochesterEmergency Ops
324557ec7T2455Nth West CMD RushworthEmergency Ops
324567ec8T2456Nth West CMD Swan HillEmergency Ops
324577ec9T2457Nth West CMD KyabramEmergency Ops
324587ecaT2458Nth West CMD WedderburnEmergency Ops
324597ecbT2459Nth West CMD WoomelangEmergency Ops
324607eccT2460Nth West CMD WycheproofEmergency Ops
324617ecdT2461Nth West CMD HUNTEmergency Ops
324627eceT2462Nth West CMD WoodendEmergency Ops
324637ecfT2463Nth West CMDEmergency Ops
324647ed0T2464Nth West CMDEmergency Ops
324657ed1T2465Nth West CMDEmergency Ops
324667ed2T2466Nth West CMDEmergency Ops
324677ed3T2467Nth West CMDEmergency Ops
324687ed4T2468Nth West CMDEmergency Ops
324697ed5T2469Nth West CMDEmergency Ops
324707ed6T2470Nth West CMDEmergency Ops
324717ed7T2471Nth West CMDEmergency Ops
324727ed8T2472Nth West CMDEmergency Ops
324807ee0T2480Nth West LocalEmergency Ops
324817ee1T2481Nth West LocalEmergency Ops
324827ee2T2482Nth West LocalEmergency Ops
324837ee3T2483Nth West LocalEmergency Ops
324847ee4T2484Nth West LocalEmergency Ops
324857ee5T2485Nth West LocalEmergency Ops
324867ee6T2486Nth West Local REmergency Ops
324877ee7T2487Nth West Local REmergency Ops
324887ee8T2488Nth West Local REmergency Ops
324897ee9T2489Nth West Local REmergency Ops
324907eeaT2490Nth West LocalEmergency Ops
324917eebT2491Nth West LocalEmergency Ops
324927eecT2492Nth West LocalEmergency Ops
324937eedT2493Nth West LocalEmergency Ops
324947eeeT2494Nth West LocalEmergency Ops
324957eefT2495Nth West LocalEmergency Ops
324967ef0T2496Nth West Local REmergency Ops
324977ef1T2497Nth West Local REmergency Ops
324987ef2T2498Nth West Local REmergency Ops
324997ef3T2499Nth West Local REmergency Ops
325017ef5T2501Sth West DispatchEmergency Ops
325027ef6T2502Sth West DispatchEmergency Ops
325047ef8T2504Sth West IncidentEmergency Ops
325057ef9T2505Sth West IncidentEmergency Ops
325067efaT2506Sth West IncidentEmergency Ops
325077efbT2507Sth West IncidentEmergency Ops
325087efcT2508Sth West IncidentEmergency Ops
325097efdT2509Sth West Region CoordEmergency Ops
325107efeT2510Sth West Region CMDEmergency Ops
325127f00T2512Sth West ICC GeelongEmergency Ops
325137f01T2513Sth West ICC WarnamboolEmergency Ops
325147f02T2514Sth West ICCEmergency Ops
325157f03T2515Sth West ICCEmergency Ops
325167f04T2516Sth West ICCEmergency Ops
325207f08T2520Sth West DCP HamiltonEmergency Ops
325217f09T2521Sth West DCP WarnamboolEmergency Ops
325227f0aT2522Sth West DCP South BarwonEmergency Ops
325237f0bT2523Sth West DCP GeelongEmergency Ops
325247f0cT2524Sth West DCP CASTEmergency Ops
325257f0dT2525Sth West DCP PortlandEmergency Ops
325267f0eT2526Sth West DCP COLEEmergency Ops
325277f0fT2527Sth West DCP Port FairyEmergency Ops
325287f10T2528Sth West DCP LismoreEmergency Ops
325297f11T2529Sth West DCP CobdenEmergency Ops
325307f12T2530Sth West DCP ColacEmergency Ops
325317f13T2531Sth West DCP TorquayEmergency Ops
325327f14T2532Sth West DCP CorioEmergency Ops
325407f1cT2540Sth West CMD BalmoralEmergency Ops
325417f1dT2541Sth West CMD BannockburnEmergency Ops
325427f1eT2542Sth West CMD BellarineEmergency Ops
325437f1fT2543Sth West CMD CamperdownEmergency Ops
325447f20T2544Sth West CMD CobdenEmergency Ops
325457f21T2545Sth West CMD ColacEmergency Ops
325467f22T2546Sth West CMD CorioEmergency Ops
325477f23T2547Sth West CMD DartmorEmergency Ops
325487f24T2548Sth West CMD DunkeldEmergency Ops
325497f25T2549Sth West CMD GeelongEmergency Ops
325507f26T2550Sth West CMD HamiltonEmergency Ops
325517f27T2551Sth West CMD HeywoodEmergency Ops
325527f28T2552Sth West CMD LismoreEmergency Ops
325537f29T2553Sth West CMD LorneEmergency Ops
325547f2aT2554Sth West CMD MortlakeEmergency Ops
325557f2bT2555Sth West CMD OtwayEmergency Ops
325567f2cT2556Sth West CMD Port CampbellEmergency Ops
325577f2dT2557Sth West CMD Port FairyEmergency Ops
325587f2eT2558Sth West CMD PortlandEmergency Ops
325597f2fT2559Sth West CMD South BarwonEmergency Ops
325607f30T2560Sth West CMD TerangEmergency Ops
325617f31T2561Sth West CMD TorquayEmergency Ops
325627f32T2562Sth West CMD WarnamboolEmergency Ops
325637f33T2563Sth West CMD WinchelseaEmergency Ops
325647f34T2564Sth West CMDEmergency Ops
325657f35T2565Sth West CMDEmergency Ops
325667f36T2566Sth West CMDEmergency Ops
325677f37T2567Sth West CMDEmergency Ops
325687f38T2568Sth West CMDEmergency Ops
325697f39T2569Sth West CMDEmergency Ops
325707f3aT2570Sth West CMDEmergency Ops
325717f3bT2571Sth West CMDEmergency Ops
325727f3cT2572Sth West CMDEmergency Ops
325737f3dT2573Sth West CMDEmergency Ops
325807f44T2580Sth West LocalEmergency Ops
325817f45T2581Sth West LocalEmergency Ops
325827f46T2582Sth West LocalEmergency Ops
325837f47T2583Sth West LocalEmergency Ops
325847f48T2584Sth West LocalEmergency Ops
325857f49T2585Sth West LocalEmergency Ops
325867f4aT2586Sth West Local REmergency Ops
325877f4bT2587Sth West Local REmergency Ops
325887f4cT2588Sth West Local REmergency Ops
325897f4dT2589Sth West Local REmergency Ops
325907f4eT2590Sth West LocalEmergency Ops
325917f4fT2591Sth West LocalEmergency Ops
325927f50T2592Sth West LocalEmergency Ops
325937f51T2593Sth West LocalEmergency Ops
325947f52T2594Sth West LocalEmergency Ops
325957f53T2595Sth West LocalEmergency Ops
325967f54T2596Sth West Local REmergency Ops
325977f55T2597Sth West Local REmergency Ops
325987f56T2598Sth West Local REmergency Ops
325997f57T2599Sth West Local REmergency Ops
326847facT26842684 Central Nwest LocalEmergency Ops
328808070T28802880 Central South LocalEmergency Ops
328818071T28812881 Central South LocalEmergency Ops
328828072T28822882 Central South LocalEmergency Ops
328838073T28832883 Central South LocalEmergency Ops
328848074T28842884 Central South LocalEmergency Ops
328858075T28852885 Central South LocalEmergency Ops
328868076T28862886 Central South Local REmergency Ops
328878077T28872887 Central South Local REmergency Ops
328888078T28882888 Central South Local REmergency Ops
328898079T28892889 Central South Local REmergency Ops
32890807aT28902890 Central South LocalEmergency Ops
32891807bT28912891 Central South LocalEmergency Ops
32892807cT28922892 Central South Local SorrentoEmergency Ops
32893807dT28932893 Central South LocalEmergency Ops
32894807eT28942894 Central South LocalEmergency Ops
32895807fT28952895 Central South LocalEmergency Ops
328968080T28962896 Central South Local REmergency Ops
328978081T28972897 Central South Local REmergency Ops
328988082T28982898 Central South Local REmergency Ops
328998083T28992899 Central South Local REmergency Ops
329018085T2901East DispatchEmergency Ops
329028086T2902East DispatchEmergency Ops
329048088T2904East IncidentEmergency Ops
329058089T2905East IncidentEmergency Ops
32906808aT2906East IncidentEmergency Ops
32907808bT2907East IncidentEmergency Ops
32908808cT2908East IncidentEmergency Ops
32909808dT2909East Region CoordEmergency Ops
32910808eT2910East Region CMDEmergency Ops
329128090T2912East ICC TRGLEmergency Ops
329138091T2913East ICC BairnsdaleEmergency Ops
329148092T2914East ICCEmergency Ops
329158093T2915East ICCEmergency Ops
329208098T2920East DCP DROUEmergency Ops
329218099T2921East DCP LeongathaEmergency Ops
32922809aT2922East DCP MoeEmergency Ops
32923809bT2923East DCP YarramEmergency Ops
32924809cT2924East DCP SaleEmergency Ops
32925809dT2925East DCP BairnsdaleEmergency Ops
32926809eT2926East DCP OrbostEmergency Ops
32927809fT2927East DCP WonthaggiEmergency Ops
3294080acT2940East CMD BairnsdaleEmergency Ops
3294180adT2941East CMD BendocEmergency Ops
3294280aeT2942East CMD BruthenEmergency Ops
3294380afT2943East CMD BuchanEmergency Ops
3294480b0T2944East CMD Cann RiverEmergency Ops
3294580b1T2945East CMD EricaEmergency Ops
3294680b2T2946East CMD FosterEmergency Ops
3294780b3T2947East CMD InverlockEmergency Ops
3294880b4T2948East CMD LeongathaEmergency Ops
3294980b5T2949East CMD Loch SportEmergency Ops
3295080b6T2950East CMD MaffraEmergency Ops
3295180b7T2951East CMD MallacootaEmergency Ops
3295280b8T2952East CMD MoeEmergency Ops
3295380b9T2953East CMD MorwellEmergency Ops
3295480baT2954East CMD OrbostEmergency Ops
3295580bbT2955East CMD Phillip IslandEmergency Ops
3295680bcT2956East CMD RosedaleEmergency Ops
3295780bdT2957East CMD SaleEmergency Ops
3295880beT2958East CMD San RemoEmergency Ops
3295980bfT2959East CMD SratfordEmergency Ops
3296080c0T2960East CMD Swifts CreekEmergency Ops
3296180c1T2961East CMD WarrigulEmergency Ops
3296280c2T2962East CMD WonthaggiEmergency Ops
3296380c3T2963East CMD YarramEmergency Ops
3296480c4T2964East CMDEmergency Ops
3296580c5T2965East CMDEmergency Ops
3296680c6T2966East CMDEmergency Ops
3296780c7T2967East CMDEmergency Ops
3296880c8T2968East CMDEmergency Ops
3296980c9T2969East CMDEmergency Ops
3297080caT2970East CMDEmergency Ops
3297180cbT2971East CMDEmergency Ops
3297280ccT2972East CMDEmergency Ops
3297380cdT2973East CMDEmergency Ops
3298080d4T2980East LocalEmergency Ops
3298180d5T2981East LocalEmergency Ops
3298280d6T2982East LocalEmergency Ops
3298380d7T2983East LocalEmergency Ops
3298480d8T2984East LocalEmergency Ops
3298580d9T2985East LocalEmergency Ops
3298680daT2986East Local REmergency Ops
3298780dbT2987East Local REmergency Ops
3298880dcT2988East Local REmergency Ops
3298980ddT2989East Local REmergency Ops
3299080deT2990East LocalEmergency Ops
3299180dfT2991East LocalEmergency Ops
3299280e0T2992East LocalEmergency Ops
3299380e1T2993East LocalEmergency Ops
3299480e2T2994East LocalEmergency Ops
3299580e3T2995East LocalEmergency Ops
3299680e4T2996East Local REmergency Ops
3299780e5T2997East Local REmergency Ops
3299880e6T2998East Local REmergency Ops
3299980e7T2999East Local REmergency Ops
336018341T26012601 Central NW DispatchEmergency Ops
336028342T26022602 Central NW DispatchEmergency Ops
336048344T26042604 Central NW IncidentEmergency Ops
336058345T26052605 Central NW IncidentEmergency Ops
336068346T26062606 Central NW IncidentEmergency Ops
336078347T26072607 Central NW IncidentEmergency Ops
336088348T26082608 Central NW IncidentEmergency Ops
336098349T26092609 Central NW Region CoordEmergency Ops
33610834aT26102610 Central NW Region CMDEmergency Ops
33612834cT26122612 Central NW ICC SunshineEmergency Ops
33613834dT26132613 Central NW ICC BurnEmergency Ops
336208354T26202620 Central DCP EssendonEmergency Ops
336218355T26212621 Central DCP WyndhamEmergency Ops
336228356T26222622 Central DCP BRBKEmergency Ops
336238357T26232623 Central DCP BROAEmergency Ops
336248358T26242624 Central DCP PLENEmergency Ops
336258359T26252625 Central DCP BRBKEmergency Ops
336408368T26402640 Central Nwest CMD BRBKEmergency Ops
336418369T26412641 Central Nwest CMD BROAEmergency Ops
33642836aT26422642 Central Nwest CMD CRAIEmergency Ops
33643836bT26432643 Central Nwest CMD EssendonEmergency Ops
33644836cT26442644 Central Nwest CMD FootscrayEmergency Ops
33645836dT26452645 Central Nwest CMD Hobsons BayEmergency Ops
33646836eT26462646 Central Nwest CMD MeltonEmergency Ops
33647836fT26472647 Central Nwest CMD NilimbukEmergency Ops
336488370T26482648 Central Nwest CMD NorthcoteEmergency Ops
336498371T26492649 Central Nwest CMD SunburyEmergency Ops
336508372T26502650 Central Nwest CMD WTLSEmergency Ops
336518373T26512651 Central Nwest CMD WyndhamEmergency Ops
336528374T26522652 Central Nwest CMD WYNWEmergency Ops
336538375T26532653 Central Nwest CMD PTCKEmergency Ops
336548376T26542654 Central Nwest CMDEmergency Ops
336558377T26552655 Central Nwest CMDEmergency Ops
336568378T26562656 Central Nwest CMDEmergency Ops
336578379T26572657 Central Nwest CMDEmergency Ops
33658837aT26582658 Central Nwest CMDEmergency Ops
336808390T26802680 Central Nwest LocalEmergency Ops
336818391T26812681 Central Nwest LocalEmergency Ops
336828392T26822682 Central Nwest LocalEmergency Ops
336838393T26832683 Central Nwest LocalEmergency Ops
336858395T26852685 Central Nwest LocalEmergency Ops
336868396T26862686 Central Nwest Local REmergency Ops
336878397T26872687 Central Nwest Local REmergency Ops
336888398T26882688 Central Nwest Local REmergency Ops
336898399T26892689 Central Nwest LocalEmergency Ops
33690839aT26902690 Central Nwest LocalEmergency Ops
33691839bT26912691 Central Nwest LocalEmergency Ops
33692839cT26922692 Central Nwest LocalEmergency Ops
33693839dT26932693 Central Nwest LocalEmergency Ops
33694839eT26942694 Central Nwest LocalEmergency Ops
33695839fT26952695 Central Nwest LocalEmergency Ops
3369683a0T26962696 Central Nwest Local REmergency Ops
3369783a1T26972697 Central Nwest Local REmergency Ops
3369883a2T26982698 Central Nwest Local REmergency Ops
3369983a3T26992699 Central Nwest Local REmergency Ops
3370183a5T27012701 DispatchEmergency Ops
3370283a6T27022702 DispatchEmergency Ops
3370483a8T27042704 Central East IncidentEmergency Ops
3370583a9T27052705 Central East IncidentEmergency Ops
3370683aaT27062706 Central East IncidentEmergency Ops
3370783abT27072707 Central East IncidentEmergency Ops
3370883acT27082708 Central East IncidentEmergency Ops
3370983adT27092709 Central East Region CoordEmergency Ops
3371083aeT27102710 Central East Region CMDEmergency Ops
3371283b0T27122712 Central East ICC FernEmergency Ops
3371383b1T27132713 Central East ICCEmergency Ops
3372083b8T27202720 Central East DCP KnoxEmergency Ops
3372183b9T27212721 Central East DCP WorrEmergency Ops
3372283baT27222722 Central East DCPEmergency Ops
3372383bbT27232723 Central East DCPEmergency Ops
3374083ccT27402740 Central East CMD EmeraldEmergency Ops
3374183cdT27412741 Central East CMD HealesvilleEmergency Ops
3374283ceT27422742 Central East CMDEmergency Ops
3374383cfT27432743 Central East CMD LilydaleEmergency Ops
3374483d0T27442744 Central East CMD ManninghamEmergency Ops
3374583d1T27452745 Central East CMD MaroondahEmergency Ops
3374683d2T27462746 Central East CMD Upper YarraEmergency Ops
3374783d3T27472747 Central East CMD WhitehorseEmergency Ops
3374883d4T27482748 Central East CMDEmergency Ops
3374983d5T27492749 Central East CMDEmergency Ops
3375083d6T27502750 Central East CMDEmergency Ops
3375183d7T27512751 Central East CMDEmergency Ops
3375283d8T27522752 Central East CMDEmergency Ops
3378083f4T27802780 Central East LocalEmergency Ops
3378183f5T27812781 Central East LocalEmergency Ops
3378283f6T27822782 Central East LocalEmergency Ops
3378383f7T27832783 Central East LocalEmergency Ops
3378483f8T27842784 Central East LocalEmergency Ops
3378583f9T27852785 Central East LocalEmergency Ops
3378683faT27862786 Central East Local REmergency Ops
3378783fbT27872787 Central East Local REmergency Ops
3378883fcT27882788 Central East Local REmergency Ops
3378983fdT27892789 Central East Local REmergency Ops
3379083feT27902790 Central East LocalEmergency Ops
3379183ffT27912791 Central East LocalEmergency Ops
337928400T27922792 Central East LocalEmergency Ops
337938401T27932793 Central East LocalEmergency Ops
337948402T27942794 Central East LocalEmergency Ops
337958403T27952795 Central East LocalEmergency Ops
337968404T27962796 Central East Local REmergency Ops
337978405T27972797 Central East Local REmergency Ops
337988406T27982798 Central East Local REmergency Ops
338018409T28012801 DispatchEmergency Ops
33802840aT28022802 DispatchEmergency Ops
33804840cT28042804 Central South IncidentEmergency Ops
33805840dT28052805 Central South IncidentEmergency Ops
33806840eT28062806 Central South IncidentEmergency Ops
33807840fT28072807 Central South IncidentEmergency Ops
338088410T28082808 Central South IncidentEmergency Ops
338098411T28092809 Central South Region CoordEmergency Ops
338108412T28102810 Central South Region CMDEmergency Ops
338128414T28122812 Central South ICC DandenongEmergency Ops
338138415T28132813 Central South ICCEmergency Ops
33820841cT28202820 Central South DCP FrankstonEmergency Ops
33821841dT28212821 Central South DCP GLEIEmergency Ops
33822841eT28222822 Central South DCP PakenhamEmergency Ops
33823841fT28232823 Central South DCP MOROEmergency Ops
338408430T28402840 Central South CMD ChelseaEmergency Ops
338418431T28412841 Central South CMD FrankstonEmergency Ops
338428432T28422842 Central South CMD GLEIĀ  KnoxEmergency Ops
338438433T28432843 Central South CMD GRDAEmergency Ops
338448434T28442844 Central South CMD HastingsEmergency Ops
338458435T28452845 Central South CMD MalvernEmergency Ops
338468436T28462846 Central South CMD MonashEmergency Ops
338478437T28472847 Central South CMD MoorabbinEmergency Ops
338488438T28482848 Central South CMD Narree WarrenEmergency Ops
338498439T28492849 Central South CMD PakenhamEmergency Ops
33850843aT28502850 Central South CMD PPHIEmergency Ops
33851843bT28512851 Central South CMD SorrentoEmergency Ops
33852843cT28522852 Central South CMD CranbourneEmergency Ops
33853843dT28532853 Central South CMD ClydeEmergency Ops
33854843eT28542854 Central South CMD OfficerEmergency Ops
33855843fT28552855 Central South CMDEmergency Ops
338568440T28562856 Central South CMDEmergency Ops
338578441T28572857 Central South CMDEmergency Ops
338588442T28582858 Central South CMDEmergency Ops
Victoria Police - Regional
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3224c98DEEastern DivisionEastern DivisionLaw Dispatch
4003fa3TWestern Div3 LawWestern Division 3Law Dispatch
4005fa5TWestern Div6 LawWestern Division 6Law Dispatch
4007fa7TWestern Div5 LawWestern Division 5Law Dispatch