FleetTalk (DC-Area Connect Plus)

System Name: FleetTalk (DC-Area Connect Plus)
Location: Various, DC MD VA
County: 8 Counties
System Type: DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: 77 DEC: 119
Last Updated: January 27, 2023, 9:12 am CST   [Updated 1 talkgroups for All]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Catonsville Baltimore, MD 01 495.5875c02 496.087503 496.887504 496.1375c
002 (2) Silver Spring Montgomery, MD 01 495.9625c02 496.2125c03 495.4875c04 495.8625c
003 (3) Upper Marlboro Prince George's, MD 01 496.9875c02 496.6375  
004 (4) Falls Church Fairfax, VA 01 496.6625c02 496.1625c  
005 (5) Baltimore Baltimore, MD 01 495.7625c02 496.2875c03 495.2375 
006 (6) Frederick Frederick, MD 01 496.4125c02 495.9875c  
007 (7) Charlotte Hall St. Mary's, MD 01 495.4125c02 495.7125c  
008 (8) Independent Hill Prince William, VA 01 495.8125c   


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
30550T58PIC Bus55058th Presidential Inauguration - Bus CoordinationTransportation
30545T58PIC Bus54558th Presidential Inauguration - BusesTransportation
30546T58PIC Bus54658th Presidential Inauguration - BusesTransportation
30547T58PIC Bus54758th Presidential Inauguration - BusesTransportation
30548T58PIC Bus54858th Presidential Inauguration - BusesTransportation
30549T58PIC Bus54958th Presidential Inauguration - BusesTransportation
30555T58PIC 3055558th Presidential Inauguration - Transportation Supervisors? (Ch. 1?)Transportation
30556T58PIC 3055658th Presidential Inauguration - Transportation Supervisors? (Ch. 2)Transportation
30551T58PIC 3055158th Presidential Inauguration - Transportation/Crowd Control?Transportation
30362TAggreg 30362Aggregate Industries ("Crofton to Greenbelt") (515xx units)Business
30363TAggreg 30363Aggregate Industries ("Greenbelt Dispatch") (516xx units)Business
30366TAggreg Indu BaltAggregate Industries (Baltimore)Business
30361TAggreg 30361Aggregate Industries (Montgomery/DC) (513xx units)Business
30360TAggreg 30360Aggregate Industries (Prince George's)Business
30520TAIPAC Policy BusAIPAC Policy Conference 2017 (Buses)Business
30470TArlCem Shuttle 1Arlington National Cemetery Shuttles Ch. 1Business
30471TArlCem Shuttle 2Arlington National Cemetery Shuttles Ch. 2Business
30400TBWI RI/CtydBWI Airport Hotel Shuttle (Residence Inn, Courtyard)Business
30160TBWI Air TaxiBWI Airport TaxiTransportation
30086TConcrete 30086Concrete (Virginia locations)Business
30040TDC Hypo VansDC Hypothermia Vans (also used for social services transport)Public Works
30202TDillon's BusDillon's Bus Service - Hanover BTransportation
30407TGarbage 30407GarbageBusiness
30406TGarbage30406Garbage (Howard County area)Business
30412TGarbage30412Garbage (Howard County/Anne Arundel County)Business
30408TGarbage30408Garbage (Prince George's locations)Business
30121TMcDelsTowingMcDel's TowingBusiness
30502TMSFTInsp17ShCoorMicrosoft Inspire 2017 - Shuttle CoordinatorsBusiness
30501TMSFTInsp17ShutDrMicrosoft Inspire 2017 - Shuttle DriversBusiness
30065TMortons TowingMorton’s Towing and Recovery (Clarksburg, MD)Business
30420TMTA BusesMTA Buses 201/505/515 (buses to Frederick/Hagerstown/BWI)Transportation
30480TParatransit30480Paratransit (Montgomery County)Transportation
30440TRadio Test 30440Radio TestingBusiness
30495TRnR Marathon 17Rock 'n Roll Marathon (2017)Business
30465TRnR Marathon 18Rock 'n Roll Marathon (2018)Business
30350TSchBus 30350School Bus (weekday PM, routes D/E, Long Branch)Schools
14001TSchBus 14001School BusesSchools
13001TSchBus 13001School Buses (Anne Arundel)Schools
19001TSchBus 19001School Buses (Anne Arundel)Schools
17001TSchBus 17001School Buses (Prince George's/Anne Arundel)Schools
30085TSuperiorConcSuperior Concrete (DC)Business
30095TTaxi 30095Taxi (Baltimore Area)Transportation
30090TTour Bus 30090Tour Bus Company (DC)Business
30070TTow 30070Tow TruckBusiness
30170TTow 30170Tow Truck (Baltimore)Business
30066TTow 30066Tow Truck Company (Prince George’s County, MD) Ch. 2Business
30425TTrnsp ServTransportation Service (Fort Hunt/Mount Vernon area)Transportation
30305TWTOP TrafficWTOP Traffic ReportingMedia