Highland Wireless - Suntalk Linked System (470 Connect Plus)

System Name: Highland Wireless - Suntalk Linked System (470 Connect Plus)
Location: Various, FL
County: 13 Counties
System Type: DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: 73 DEC: 115
Last Updated: May 7, 2023, 11:07 am UTC   [Updated 1 talkgroups for All]
System Notes

Highland Wireless owns system ID 115 and maintains the system, with sites 1-3 being Highland Wireless and sites 4 and above being Suntalk.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
009 (9) Bithlo Orange 01 454.24375c02 454.51875c03 454.65625c    
010 (A) Boca Raton Palm Beach 01 454.05625c02 454.18125c03 471.912504 454.40625c05 451.7875  
016 (10) Coconut Grove Miami-Dade 01 451.1125c02 462.475c03 464.525c    
005 (5) Fort Drum Okeechobee 01 454.19375c02 N/A 03 N/A 04 454.50625c   
001 (1) Fort Lauderdale Broward 01 471.650c02 472.525c03 472.7875c04 472.112505 471.162506 472.67507 471.825
015 (F) Homestead Miami-Dade 01 451.0625c02 462.100c03 463.6375c    
013 (D) Jacksonville Duval 01 454.01875c02 454.11875c     
020 (14) Key West Monroe 01 461.925c02 462.175c03 464.850c    
011 (B) Lantana Palm Beach 01 454.09375c02 454.14375c03 454.34375c04 454.45625c05 454.26875  
018 (12) Marathon Monroe 01 464.0125c02 461.800c03 463.4125c    
002 (2) Miami Miami-Dade 01 472.2875c02 471.9875c03 472.6875c04 472.362505 472.9375  
012 (C) Miami Gardens Miami-Dade 01 454.6562502 454.15625c03 454.28125c04 454.46875c05 454.03125  
004 (4) Orlando (Nova) Orange 01 454.64375c02 454.30625c03 454.56875c04 454.39375c   
007 (7) Palm City Martin 01 454.03125c02 454.63125c03 454.29375c    
003 (3) Princeton Miami-Dade 01 N/A 02 452.262503 451.862504 451.137505 451.1625  
014 (E) St. Petersburg Pinellas 01 454.09375c02 454.15625c03 454.44375c    
019 (13) Sugarloaf Key Monroe 01 462.125c02 461.550c03 463.7875c    
006 (6) Tampa Hillsborough 01 454.03125c02 454.39375c     
017 (11) Tavernier Key Monroe 01 463.8875c02 463.200c03 463.4375c    
008 (8) West Palm Beach Palm Beach 01 454.01875c02 452.2375c03 461.887504 454.39375c05 451.8875c  


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
28TCooper PropertyCooper Properties (Fort Lauderdale)Business
61TTrain Crossing61Train CrossingBusiness
145THoly Cross EngHoly Cross Hospital Emgineering (Fort Lauderdale)Business
157TTransport157Non-Emergency Transport (Miami-Dade County)Transportation
168TAirline 168AirlineBusiness
217TTransport217Non-Emergency TransportTransportation
375TShuttle 375Shuttle (West Palm Beach)Transportation
381TCrowley Crowley (Port Everglades)Transportation
398TRTAShuttle-1SFRTA Shuttle - Channel 1 (Fort Lauderdale) Transportation
399TRTAShuttle-2SFRTA Shuttle - Channel 2 (Fort Lauderdale) Transportation
470TTowing 470Towing (South Florida)Business
471TTowing 471Towing (Palm Beach/Martin Counties)Transportation
472TTowing 472Towing (Miami-Dade County) Transportation
474TTowing 474Towing (Palm Beach County)Transportation
479TAandB TowingAandB Towing (West Park) Business
671TSIB Shuttle Sunny Isles Beach Shuttle BusTransportation
772TTowing772Towing 772Transportation
773TTowing773Towing 773Transportation
774TChase TowingChase Towing (Pompano Beach)Transportation
1370TPlumbingPlumbing CompanyBusiness
2001TMedics DadeMedics Ambulance (Miami-Dade County)EMS Dispatch
2008TMedics PalmBeachMedics Ambulance (Palm Beach County)EMS Dispatch
2009TAMR Palm BeachAmerican Medical Response (Palm Beach County) EMS Dispatch
2010TAMR OrlandoAmerican Medical Response (Orlando)EMS Dispatch
2013TAMR BrowardAmerican Medical Response (Broward County)EMS Dispatch
2014TAMR Palm BeachAmerican Medical Response (Palm Beach County)EMS Dispatch
6201TPark N Go FLLPark N Go (Fort Lauderdale)Transportation
6205TBus 6205Private School Bus (Broward County)Transportation
6206THardrives Hardrives of Delray (Palm Beach County)Business
6211TSanitation 6211Sanitation (Orlando) Business
6710TAcademy Bus 1Academy Bus - Central Dispatch (Area-Wide)Transportation
6711TAcademy Bus 2Academy Bus - CruisesTransportation
6713TAcademy Bus 6713Academy Bus 6713Transportation
6714TBus 6714BusTransportation
6715TBus 6715Bus - West Palm Beach BaseTransportation
6716TCentury V BRCentury Village - Transportation (Boca Raton)Transportation
6718TUNF Osprey University of North Florida Osprey Connector (Jacksonville)Transportation
6720TBus 6720Bus (South Florida)Transportation
6721TAcademy 6721Academy BusTransportation
7791TSilverAirwaysFLLSilver Airways 1 (Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport)Business
7792TSilverAirwaysFLLSilver Airways 2 (Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport)Business
7797TSilverAirwaysEYWSilver Airways (Key West International Airport)Business
8012TGrove ServicesGrove Services (Homestead)Business
8301TRiver Bridge River Bridge (Greenacres)Business
8302TAberdeenAberdeen - Security (Boynton Beach)Security
43806TTowing 43806Towing 43806Transportation
62010TShuttle 62010Airport Shuttle Bus (Orlando)Transportation