System Name: Edison Township
Location: Edison, NJ
County: Middlesex
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
System ID: Sysid: 7C12 Connect Tone: 83.72
Last Updated: June 7, 2022, 1:21 pm CDT   [Added Custom Table ID# 75 to site]
System Notes
Middlesex County College Police uses both the Edison Township TRS (primary) and
Middlesex County TRS (secondary), with access to both systems at any time. However, both talkgroups on the Edison system are digitally encrypted.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name Freqs
001 (1) Primary 470.875471.125c471.400c472.225c472.450c472.700478.7125


Mutual Aid/Emergency
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
16010DInteropPublic Safety InteropsInterop
48016bb90A911 Access9-1-1 Access channelInterop
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3248cb0DFire Main Fire Main DispatchFire Dispatch
3280cd0DFireground 1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
3312cf0DFireground 2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
3376d30DFire InspectFire InspectorsFire-Tac
484812f0DEMS MainEMS Main DispatchEMS Dispatch
48801310DEMS OpsEMS OperationsEMS-Tac
49121330DEMS Squad 1EMS Squad Ch. 1EMS-Tac
49441350DEMS Squad 2EMS Squad Ch. 2EMS-Tac
49761370DEMSClaraBartEMS Clara BartonHospital
50081390DEMS InquiryEMS InquiryEMS-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1648670DEPolice MainPolice - Main DispatchLaw Dispatch
1680690DEPoliceInquirPolice - InquiryLaw Tac
17126b0DEPolice Ops 1Police - Ops 1Law Tac
17446d0DEPolice Ops 2Police - Ops 2Law Tac
17766f0DEPolice Ops 3Police - Ops 3/Emergency Response TeamLaw Tac
1808710DEPolice ViceViceLaw Tac
1840730DEPolice Det 1Detective Ops 1Law Tac
1872750DEPolice Det 2Detective Ops 2Law Tac
1904770DEPolicePTWorkPolice - Part-Time WorkLaw Tac
1936790DEPolice 1936PoliceLaw Tac
20007d0DEPolice Ops 4Police Ops 4 Law Tac
20327f0DEPolice 2032PoliceLaw Tac
2064810DEPolice TraffPolice - TrafficLaw Tac
2096830DEMCC PD Main MCC PD Main (Middlesex County College PD)Law Dispatch
2128850DEMCC PD OpsMCC PD OpsLaw Tac
22248b0DEPolice UsePolice UseLaw Tac
22568d0DEPolice UsePolice UseLaw Tac
22888f0DEPolice UsePolice UseLaw Tac
48176bc30APolice AuxilPolice AuxiliaryLaw Tac
48208bc50APolice ImpndPolice Impound YardLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
48048bbb0AOEM 1Office of Emergency Management (OEM) 1Emergency Ops
48080bbd0AOEM 2Office of Emergency Management (OEM) 2Emergency Ops
48112bbf0AOEM 3Office of Emergency Management (OEM) 3Emergency Ops
48144bc10AOEM 4Office of Emergency Management (OEM) 4Emergency Ops
51248c830APW MainPublic Works - MainPublic Works
51280c850APWSanitationPublic Works - SanitationPublic Works
51312c870APW RoadsPublic Works - RoadsPublic Works
51344c890ACode EnforceCode Enforcement-Inspectors/EngineeringPublic Works
51376c8b0ARecreationRecreation DepartmentPublic Works
51408c8d0APW MechanicsPublic Works - MechanicsPublic Works
51440c8f0ASewer DeptSewer DepartmentPublic Works
51472c910ALogistics 1Logistics 1Public Works
51504c930ALogistics 2Logistics 2Public Works
51536c950ALogistics 3Logistics 3 - Public BuildingsPublic Works
52848ce70AHealth DeptHealth DepartmentPublic Works
52912ceb0ATransportatnTransportationPublic Works
52944ced0ASpecialEventSpecial EventsPublic Works
3056bf0AERadio Test 1Radio Repair - Secure Test ChannelOther
3088c10DRadio Test 2Radio Repair - Digital Test ChannelOther
49584c1b0ARadio Test 3Radio Repair - Analog Test ChannelOther