Industrial Communications and Electronics

System Name: Industrial Communications and Electronics
Location: North Miami, FL
County: 4 Counties
System Type: DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: 57 DEC: 87
Last Updated: February 24, 2022, 4:40 am CST   [Changed Site # 009 (Fort Myers - Unconfirmed) to 009 (Fort Myers )]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) North Miami Miami-Dade 01 936.550c02 936.1375c03 938.7875c04 939.9125c05 939.237506 937.57507 938.7125
   08 939.487509 937.237510 939.8875    
002 (2) Cutler Ridge Miami-Dade 01 938.7625c02 937.050c03 939.825c04 936.4625c05 939.525  
003 (3) Lantana Palm Beach 01 939.5125c02 938.875c03 939.7625c04 937.5125c05 937.0625  
004 (4) Downtown Miami Miami-Dade 01 937.0875c02 939.875c03 937.725c04 938.850c05 936.77506 937.10007 939.850
   08 937.737509 938.812510 936.800    
005 (5) Boca Raton Palm Beach 01 939.8125c02 936.7625c03 937.075c04 937.525c05 938.8625  
006 (6) Miami Miami-Dade 01 936.525c02 937.0375c03 938.8375c04 939.8375c05 937.5875  
007 (7) Estero Lee 01 938.875c02 939.625c03 937.625c04 937.125c05 936.625c  
008 (8) Fort Lauderdale Broward 01 936.5125c02 937.0125c03 937.6125c04 938.775c05 939.6125  
009 (9) Fort Myers Lee 01 939.5875c02 938.175c03 937.4125c04 935.162505 936.5875  
010 (A) West Palm Beach - Unconfirmed Palm Beach 01 938.7625c02 935.250c03 936.250c    


DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
900TRadio ShopRadio ShopBusiness
902TIndustrial Industrial Communications and ElectronicsBusiness
400001TCentury VillageCentury Village Security/ Mobile NursesSecurity
400004TMarine CH 16Patch to VHF CH-16 (Port of Miami)Emergency Ops
400005TMarine CH22APatch to VHF CH-22A (Port of Miami)Federal
400011TSecurity 011Security Security
400013TTowing 013TowingBusiness
400031TSals TowingSals Towing (Oakland Park) Transportation
400034TTrucks 034TrucksTransportation
400039TCourier 039Medical Courier (Broward County)Business
400043TSchool Bus 043School BusTransportation
400074TCentury V- BusCentury Village - Transportation (Pembroke Pines)Transportation
400081TUSCG Marine United States Coast Guard Marine Broadcasts (patch to VHF 22-A)Federal
400087TBus 087Senior Community BusTransportation
400092TBusiness 092BusinessBusiness
400097TBahamas Air Bahamas Air (Fort-Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport)Business
400115TFuneral 115Funeral ProcessionsBusiness
400120TBusiness 120BusinessBusiness
400133TPlumbing 133PlumbingBusiness
400151TBus151Bus-2 (with 400147)Transportation
400152TTransport 152Transportation (Boca Raton)Transportation
400171TSea Tow FTLSea Tow Fort LauderdaleTransportation
400197TLee SchoolsLee County School District - BusesTransportation
400198TLee SchoolsLee County School District - BusesTransportation
400199TLee Schls SLee County School District - Transportation South ZoneTransportation
400200TLee SchoolsLee County School District - BusesTransportation
400201TLee Schls WLee County School District - Transportation West ZoneTransportation
400202TLee SchoolsLee County School District - BusesTransportation
400204TShuttle 204Shuttle VansTransportation
400214TSecurity 214SecurityBusiness
400218TGonzalezAndSonsGonzalez and Sons EquipmentBusiness
400222TCement 222Cement Trucks 222Business
400223TCement 223Cement Trucks 223Business
400227TSenior Home OpsSenior Home OperationsOther
400228TTransport 228Senior TransportationTransportation
400237TACTAll County TowingBusiness
400245TFPI SecurityFPI Security Services (Pembroke Pines)Security
400251TTransport 251Senior TransportationTransportation
400310TAlpine TowingAlpine TowingTransportation
400315TSecurity 315SecurityTransportation
400323TAmbulance SvcPrivate Ambulance ServiceOther