System Name: District of Columbia
Location: District of Columbia, DC
County: Statewide
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 445 WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: March 10, 2023, 10:16 am CST   [Updated encryption settings for 1 talkgroups for Police]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 003 (3) Simulcast Washington DC 769.90625769.96875770.40625770.46875770.71875770.96875773.34375
1 (1) 004 (4) Site 4 Washington DC 769.15625c774.59375774.84375    


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1660a6DDC-01 UCC 1DC-01 Unified Comm Center 1Interop
1670a7DDC-02 UCC 2DC-02 Unified Comm Center 2Interop
2341925DDC-03 UCC 3DC-03 Unified Comm Center 3Interop
2343927DDC-04 UCC 4DC-04 Unified Comm Center 4Interop
3747ea3DDC-05 MA1DC-05 Mutual Aid 1Interop
3748ea4DDC-06 MA2DC-06 Mutual Aid 2 (also DC Interop 1)Interop
62126dDDC-07 MAF1DC-07 Mutual Aid Fire 1Interop
62326fDDC-08 MAF2DC-08 Mutual Aid Fire 2Interop
22218adDDC-09 EMA1DC-09 Emergency Management Agency 1Emergency Ops
22238afDDC-10 EMA2DC-10 Emergency Management Agency 2Emergency Ops
2102836DEDC-11 Exec1DC-11 Executive 1 (Senior City Officials)Public Works
2103837DDC-12 Exec2DC-12 Executive 2 (City Officials)Public Works
12034b3DDC-13 PMARSDC-13 Police Mutual Aid Radio SystemInterop
2353931DDC-14 Spare1DC-14 Spare 1Interop
2355933DDC-15 Spare2DC-15 Spare 2Interop
103940fDDC-16 CW-1DC-16 MPD Citywide 1Law Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
12014b1DMPD DC MIRSMetropolitan Interoperability Radio SystemLaw Talk
12274cbDDCHA PDHousing Authority PoliceLaw Dispatch
1312520DMPD USCP 1Capitol Police Patch 1Law Talk
1314522DMPD USCP 2Capitol Police Patch 2Law Talk
1316524DMPD DCTF1DC Task Force 1Law Tac
1317525DEMPD DCTF SEDDC Task Force SED DESLaw Tac
15335fdDMPD WMATA 1WMATA Patch 1Interop
15355ffDMPD WMATA 2WMATA Patch 2Interop
3749ea5DDC MA3Mutual Aid 3Law Talk
3750ea6DDC MA4Mutual Aid 4Law Talk
110252b11DEMPD 1D1st DistrictLaw Dispatch
110272b13DEMPD 2D2nd DistrictLaw Dispatch
110292b15DEMPD 3D3rd DistrictLaw Dispatch
110312b17DEMPD 4D4th DistrictLaw Dispatch
110332b19DEMPD 5D5th DistrictLaw Dispatch
110352b1bDEMPD 6D6th DistrictLaw Dispatch
110372b1dDEMPD 7D7th DistrictLaw Dispatch
110412b21DEMPD SOD1 EvtSpecial Operations Division 1 EventLaw Dispatch
110492b29DEMPD 1D Tac1st District TacLaw Tac
110512b2bDEMPD 2D Tac2nd District TacLaw Tac
110532b2dDEMPD 3D Tac3rd District TacLaw Tac
110552b2fDEMPD 4D Tac4th District TacLaw Tac
110572b31DEMPD 5D Tac5th District TacLaw Tac
110592b33DEMPD 6D Tac6th District TacLaw Tac
110612b35DEMPD 7D Tac7th District TacLaw Tac
111152b6bDEMPD FIT-OPRForce Investigation Team/Office of Professional ResponsibilityLaw Tac
111172b6dDEMPD OIAOffice of Internal AffairsLaw Tac
111232b73DEMPD OSD 1Office of the Superintendent of Detectives 1Law Tac
111312b7bDEMPD MND1Major Narcotics Division 1Law Tac
111332b7dDEMPD MND2Major Narcotics Division 2Law Tac
111392b83DEMPD EPUExecutive Protection UnitLaw Tac
111432b87DEMPD SOD3 OpsSpecial Operations Division 3 OpsLaw Tac
111512b8fDEMPD SOD2 ERTSpecial Operations Division 2 Emergency Response TeamLaw Tac
111552b93DEMPD SOD4 SecSpecial Operations Division 4 SecureLaw Tac
112812c11DEMPD 1D Sec1st District SecureLaw Tac
112832c13DEMPD 2D Sec2nd District SecureLaw Tac
112852c15DEMPD 3D Sec3rd District SecureLaw Tac
112872c17DEMPD 4D Sec4th District SecureLaw Tac
112892c19DEMPD 5D Sec5th District SecureLaw Tac
112912c1bDEMPD 6D Sec6th District SecureLaw Tac
112932c1dDEMPD 7D Sec7th District SecureLaw Tac
113002c24DEMPD HarborHarbor PatrolLaw Tac
113022c26DEMPD HS/CTHomeland Security/Counter-Terrorism Law Tac
113212c39DEMPD MPD1MPD1Law Tac
113232c3bDEMPD MPD2MPD2Law Tac
113272c3fDEMPD MPD3MPD3Law Tac
113432c4fDEMPD Sr CmdSenior CommandersLaw Tac
115402d14DEMPD 1D Ops A1st District Ops ALaw Tac
115412d15DEMPD 2D Ops A2nd District Ops ALaw Tac
115422d16DEMPD 3D Ops A3rd District Ops ALaw Tac
115432d17DEMPD 4D Ops A4th District Ops ALaw Tac
115442d18DEMPD 5D Ops A5th District Ops ALaw Tac
115452d19DEMPD 6D Ops A6th District Ops ALaw Tac
115462d1aDEMPD 7D Ops A7th District Ops ALaw Tac
115502d1eDEMPD 1D Ops B1st District Ops BLaw Tac
115512d1fDEMPD 2D Ops B2nd District Ops BLaw Tac
115522d20DEMPD 3D Ops B3rd District Ops BLaw Tac
115532d21DEMPD 4D Ops B4th District Ops BLaw Tac
115542d22DEMPD 5D Ops B5th District Ops BLaw Tac
115552d23DEMPD 6D Ops B6th District Ops BLaw Tac
115562d24DEMPD 7D Ops B7th District Ops BLaw Tac
115602d28DEMPD NSID 1Narcotics and Special Investigations Division 1Law Tac
115612d29DEMPD NSID 2Narcotics and Special Investigations Division 2Law Tac
116012d51DEMPD 11601UnknownLaw Tac
116022d52DEMPD 11602UnknownLaw Tac
116052d55DEMPD 11605UnknownLaw Tac

District of Columbia Fire and EMS operates phase 1 talkgroups. Talkgroups 101 (Dispatch) and 102 (Main) are found in the first two positions in every zone. It is listed only as 01 DISP and 02 MAIN so they are not duplicated, although in the field they may be called or listed as 0A01, 0B01. Talkgroups are called "Zero Alpha, Zero Bravo" etc as they are broken down into three zones/banks

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
101065D01 DISPFire DispatchFire Dispatch
102066D02 MAINMain OperationsFire Dispatch
7002bcD03 INC 10Incident 10Fire-Tac
7012bdD05 INC 11Incident 11Fire-Tac
7022beD06 INC 12Incident 12Fire-Tac
7032bfD07 INC 20Incident 20Fire-Tac
7042c0D09 INC 21Incident 21Fire-Tac
7052c1D010 INC 22Incident 22Fire-Tac
7282d8D011 EMS 1EMS 1 (East)EMS-Tac
7292d9D012 EMS 2EMS 2 (West)EMS-Tac
7162ccDE013 EMS 3EMS 3EMS-Tac
7172cdDE014 EMS 4EMS 4EMS-Tac
7102c6D0A3 INC 30Incident 30Fire-Tac
7112c7D0A5 INC 31Incident 31Fire-Tac
7122c8D0A6 INC 32Incident 32Fire-Tac
7132c9D0A7 INC 40Incident 40Fire-Tac
7142caD0A9 INC 41Incident 41Fire-Tac
7152cbD0A10 INC 42Incident 42Fire-Tac
7062c2D0A11 SPEV 1Special Events 1Fire-Tac
7072c3D0A12 SPEV 2Special Events 2Fire-Tac
7082c4DE0A13 SPEV 3Special Events 3Fire-Tac
7092c5DE0A14 SPEV 4Special Events 4Fire-Tac
7202d0DE0B3 INC 50Incident 50Fire-Tac
7212d1DE0B5 INC 51Incident 51Fire-Tac
7222d2DE0B6 INC 52Incident 52Fire-Tac
7232d3DE0B7 INC 60Incident 60Fire-Tac
7242d4DE0B9 INC 61Incident 61Fire-Tac
7252d5DE0B10 SOD 1Special Operations 1Fire-Tac
7262d6DE0B12 SOD 2Special Operations 2Fire-Tac
7182ceDE0B13 SOD 3Special Operations 3Fire-Tac
7192cfDE0B14 SOD 4Special Operations 4Fire-Tac
7442e8DDC Marine 1Marine 1Interop
7452e9DEDC Marine 5Marine 5Interop
7462eaDDC Marine 2Marine 2Interop
7472ebDDC Marine 3Marine 3Interop
7482ecDDC Marine 4Marine 4Interop
7302daDE0C3 LOGS 1Logistics 1Fire-Talk
7312dbDE0C4 LOGS 2Logistics 2Fire-Talk
7322dcDE0C5 FPREVFire PreventionFire-Talk
7332ddDE0C6 ARSONArsonFire-Talk
7342deDE0C7 MPDMPDFire-Talk
7352dfDE0C8 HSSODHomeland Security/Special OperationsFire-Talk
7362e0DE0C9 MARINEMarineFire-Talk
7372e1DE0C10 TRN 1Training 1Fire-Talk
7382e2DE0C11 TRN 2Training 2Fire-Talk
7392e3DE0C12 CHIEFSChiefsFire-Talk
7402e4DE0C13 FOCCFOCCFire-Talk
7412e5DE0C14 ADM 1Adminstration 1Fire-Talk
7422e6DE0C15 ADM 2Adminstration 2Fire-Talk
7432e7DE0C16 ADM 3Adminstration 3Fire-Talk
116182d62DAMR DispatchAMR DispatchEMS Dispatch
116192d63DAMR TAC 1AMR Tac 1EMS-Tac

These talkgroups are used by Fire/EMS agencies to communicate to the hospital emergency rooms

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
14208eD0H1 UMCUnited Medical CenterHospital
14308fD0H2 CNMCChildrens National Medical CenterHospital
144090D0H3 NOTIFYNotifyHospital
145091D0H4 MEDSTARMedstarHospital
146092D0H5 HUHHoward UniversityHospital
147093D0H6 PIWPsychiatric Institute of WashingtonHospital
148094D0H7 GTOWNGeorgetown University HospitalHospital
149095D0H8 GWUHGeorge Washington University HospitalHospital
150096D0H9 UMCPEDUnited Medical Center PediatricsHospital
151097D0H10 PROVProvidence HospitalHospital
152098DOH11 POISONPoison ControlHospital
153099D0H12 SIBLEYSibley HospitalHospital
15409aD0H13 WHCWashington Hospital CenterHospital
15509bD0H14 SPARESpare TalkgroupHospital
15609cD0H15 VAVeterans HospitalHospital
15709dD0H16 PGHCPrince George's Hospital CenterHospital
22938f5DRenaissnceSibleyRenaissance Sibley Memorial HospitalHospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
2099833DDC DOH 2099Department of HealthPublic Works
2113841DDC Water GateSecDC Water - Gate SecuritySecurity
2117845DDC EMAEmergency Management AgencyEmergency Ops
2121849DDC Sch PD 2School Police 2Security
2133855DDC Sch PD 1School Police 1Security
214385fDDC DHS 2143Department of Human ServicesPublic Works
2145861DDCJail ExSecDC Jail - Exterior SecurityCorrections
2146862DDC FugitiveAppreFugitive ApprehensionLaw Talk
2147863DEDCJail InSecDC Jail - Interior SecurityCorrections
2148864DEDCJail MntDC Jail - MaintenanceCorrections
2149865DDC Jail 2149DC JailCorrections
2150866DDC DOH 2150Department of HealthPublic Works
2151867DDC DHS 2151Department of Human ServicesPublic Works
2152868DDC DHS 2152Department of Human ServicesPublic Works
215786dDDDOT 2157Department of TransportationPublic Works
2161871DDDOT 2161Department of TransportationPublic Works
2163873DDC Pkg EnfParking EnforcementPublic Works
217587fDDC PkgEnf T2Parking Enforcement Tac 2Public Works
2177881DDC Prot ServDC Protective ServicesSecurity
2179883DDC Nat GuardDC National GuardMilitary
218988dTDC WASA 1Water and Sewer Authority 1Public Works
219188fTDC WASA 2Water and Sewer Authority 2Public Works
2193891TDC WASA 3Water and Sewer Authority 3Public Works
2197895DDC Lib SecLibrary SecuritySecurity
220389bDDC Parks/Rec2203Parks and RecreationPublic Works
220489cDDC Parks/Rec2204Parks and RecreationPublic Works
220589dTDC Water2205DC Water - Security?Public Works
220689eTDC Water2206DC WaterPublic Works
220789fTDC Water McMDC Water - McMillan Reservoir SecurityPublic Works
22088a0TDC Water2208DC WaterPublic Works
22138a5DDC UDC PD 1University of the District of Columbia Police 1Law Dispatch
22258b1DDC TraffMgmtTraffic Management Center (TMC)Public Works
22278b3DDC StcarYardStreetcar YardTransportation
22298b5DDC Para 2229ParatransitTransportation
22318b7DDC Para 2231ParatransitTransportation
22378bdDDC StcarDispStreetcar DispatchTransportation
22458c5DDC StcarAmbStreetcar AmbassadorsTransportation
22618d5DDC TMARSTransportation Mutual Aid Radio System (TMARS)Transportation
2305901DDC DOH EHRNDepartment of Health Emergency Healthcare Radio Network Hospital
231590bDDC MotorPoolMotor PoolPublic Works
2325915DDC OCMEOffice of the Chief Medical ExaminerPublic Works
2327917DDC UDC PD 2University of the District of Columbia Police 2Law Tac
2360938DDC CERT 2360CERT Team (7/20/15)Emergency Ops
2361939DDC CERT 2361CERT Team (7/20/15)Emergency Ops
2369941DDC Health?Health Department? (5/13/15 Drill)Public Works
25059c9DDC Taxi CommTaxicab CommissionPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
1617651DDC 1617Channel 0-1Public Works
1619653DDC 1619Channel 0-3Public Works
1620654DDC 1620Channel 0-4Public Works
163165fDDC 1631Channel 1-5Public Works
1632660DDC 1632Channel 1-6Public Works
1633661DDC 1633Channel 1-7Public Works
1634662DDC 1634Channel 1-8Public Works
1635663DDC 1635Channel 1-9Public Works
1636664DDC 1636Channel 2-0Public Works
1637665DDC 1637Channel 2-1Public Works
1638666DDC 1638Channel 2-2Public Works
1639667DDC 1639Channel 2-3Public Works
1640668DDC 1640Channel 2-4Public Works
1641669DDC 1641Channel 2-5Public Works
164266aDDC 1642Channel 2-6Public Works