Los Angeles City (STRS - Simulcast Trunked Radio System) Project 25

System Name: Los Angeles City (STRS - Simulcast Trunked Radio System) Project 25
Location: Los Angeles, CA
County: Los Angeles
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 0D5 WACN: 92065
Last Updated: June 18, 2022, 11:00 am CDT   [(1) Talkgroups Updated (Information Technology Agency (ITA) )]
System Notes

Primary radio system for many non-Emergency, LA City agencies.

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Site 1 851.1125c851.1375851.3875c851.4125c851.6125851.6375851.8875c851.9125c
8 (8) 008 (8) Site 8 851.1625851.1875c851.3375c851.3625851.6625c851.6875851.8375c851.8625


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200334e41DANIMAL 1 CENWESTCh 1 - North Central West LAPublic Works
200344e42DANIMAL 2 VLYCh 2 - East Valley-West ValleyPublic Works
200354e43DANIMAL 3 SCENHBRCh 3 - South Central-HarborPublic Works
200364e44DANIMAL 4 EMEROPSCh 4 - Special operations -Emergency operationsPublic Works
Department of Building and Safety (DBS)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200654e61DDBS 1Tac 1Public Works
200664e62DDBS 2Tac 2Public Works
200674e63DDBS 3Tac 3Public Works
200684e64DDBS 4Tac 4Public Works
200694e65DDBS EM MGMTEmergency ManagementPublic Works
Department of Transportation (DOT)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201344ea6DDOT DASH EMDASH Bus - EmergencyTransportation
201634ec3DDOT ATSACAutomated Traffic Surveillance and ControlPublic Works
201644ec4DDOT CENTRALCentral Public Works
201654ec5DDOT BOOTBoot Crew Public Works
201664ec6DDOT HOLLYWOODHollywoodPublic Works
201674ec7DDOT SOUTHERNSouthernPublic Works
201684ec8DDOT WESTERNWesternPublic Works
201694ec9DDOT VALLEYValleyPublic Works
201704ecaDDOT ENGINEEREngineeringPublic Works
201714ecbDDOT TAXITaxi AdministrationPublic Works
201734ecdDDOT METERMeter SerivcePublic Works
201744eceDDOT COLLECTMeter CollectionPublic Works
201754ecfDDOT TRANS OPTrans OPPublic Works
201764ed0DDOT EMERGEmergency RepairsPublic Works
201774ed1DDOT P-SDOT Permit and SignsPublic Works
201784ed2DDOT CON MAINDOT Construction and MaintenancePublic Works
201794ed3DDOT TAC ATac-APublic Works
201804ed4DDOT TAC BTac-BPublic Works
201814ed5DDOT TAC CTac-CPublic Works
201824ed6DDOT TAC DTac-DPublic Works
201834ed7DDOT TAC ETac-EPublic Works
201844ed8DDOT TAC F TETac F Transportation EngineeringPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
204845004DEMERG TRIG 1Emergency Trigger 1Public Works
205495045DEMERG TRIG 2Emergency Trigger 2Public Works
204885008DEMERG TRIG 3Emergency Trigger 3Public Works
205525048DEMERG TRIG 4Emergency Trigger 4Public Works
204845004DEMERG TRIG 5Emergency Trigger 5Public Works
20494500eDEMERG TRIG 6Emergency Trigger 6Public Works
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201964ee4DEEO EXEXExecPublic Works
General Services (GS)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
206105082DGS BLDG SVCSBuilding ServicesPublic Works
206115083DGS STDNDSStandards DivisionPublic Works
206125084DGS FLEETFleet SvcsPublic Works
206165088DGS BLDG MAINTBuilding MaintenancePublic Works
206175089DGS SPEC EVENTSpecial EventsPublic Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202894f41DHOUSINGHousing DeptPublic Works
Information Technology Agency (ITA)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202254f01DITA EXECExecPublic Works
202264f02DITA CSC Contracts and SubcontractsPublic Works
202274f03DITA PTC-90PTC-90Public Works
202284f04DITA SSVCSSSVCSPublic Works
202294f05DITA FS 1FS 1Public Works
202304f06DITA FS 2FS 2Public Works
202314f07DITA MT-LEEMT-LEEPublic Works
202324f08DITA VOICETELVoice Telecomm/CircuitsPublic Works
202334f09DITA DATATEL1DATA TEL1Public Works
202344f0aDITA DATATEL2DATA TEL2Public Works
202374f0dDITA 237ITA 237Public Works
202404f10DITA 240ITA 240Public Works
LAPD - Security Services Division (SECSD)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20605507dDLAPD ACCESSLAPD Outside AccessLaw Dispatch
206095081DSECSD DISPDispatchLaw Dispatch
206145086DSECSD LIBCentral LibraryLaw Tac
206155087DSECSD CIVICCity Hall / Civic CenterLaw Tac
20621508dDSECSD TAC1Security Division - Tac 1Law Tac
206245090DSECSD TAC4Security Division - Tac 4 - Simulcast LAPD Ch.29Law Tac
206295095DSECSD ZOOZoo BaseLaw Tac
206305096DSECSD ZOO 2Zoo 2Law Tac
206315097DSECSD OLVERAOlvera StreetLaw Tac
20634509aDSECSD SURVSurveillanceLaw Tac
2064650a6DLAPD STRS 1STRS 1Law Tac
2064750a7DLAPD STRS 2STRS 2Law Tac
2064850a8DLAPD STRS 3STRS 3Law Tac
2064950a9DLAPD STRS 4STRS 4 Law Tac
2065050aaDLAPD STRS 5STRS 5Law Tac
2065150abDLAPD STRS 6STRS 6Law Tac
2065250acDLAPD STRS 7STRS 7Law Tac
2065350adDLAPD STRS 8STRS 8 (Future Use)Law Tac
2065450aeDLAPD STRS 9STRS 9 (Future Use)Law Tac
2065550afDLAPD STRS 10STRS 10 (Future Use)Law Tac
Los Angeles Fire Department
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
130082D1 CENTRALCh 1 - OCB Operations Central BureauFire-Tac
131083D2 SOUTHCh 2 - OSB Operations South BureauFire-Tac
132084D3 VALLEYCh 3 - OVB Operations Valley BureauFire-Tac
133085D4 WESTCh 4 - OWB Operations West BureauFire-Tac
134086D5 BATT 1 Ch 5 - Battalion 1Fire-Tac
135087D6 BATT 2Ch 6 - Battalion 2Fire-Tac
136088D7 BATT 4Ch 7 - Battalion 4Fire-Tac
137089D8 BATT 5Ch 8 - Battalion 5Fire-Tac
13808aD9 BATT 6Ch 9 - Battalion 6Fire-Tac
13908bD10 BATT 9Ch 10 - Battalion 9Fire-Tac
14008cD11 BATT 10Ch 11 - Battalion 10Fire-Tac
14108dD12 BATT 11Ch 12 - Battalion 11Fire-Tac
14208eD13 BATT 12Ch 13 - Battalion 12Fire-Tac
14308fD14 BATT 13Ch 14 - Battalion 13Fire-Tac
144090D15 BATT 14Ch 15 - Battalion 14Fire-Tac
145091D16 BATT 15Ch 16 - Battalion 15Fire-Tac
146092D17 BATT 17Ch 17 - Battalion 17Fire-Tac
147093D18 BATT 18Ch18 - Battalion 18Fire-Tac
148094D19 LAX ARFFCh 19 - LAX ARFFFire-Tac
149095D20 VNY ARFFCh 20 - Van Nuys ARFFFire-Tac
150096D21 PT FERMINCh 21 - Pt Fermin Marine OpsFire-Tac
151097D22 FCDSSCh 22 - Fire Communications Dispatch Support SectionFire-Tac
152098D23 METROCh 23 - MFC Metropolitan Fire CommunicationsFire-Tac
153099D24 FPB 1Ch 24 - Fire Prevention Bureau 1Fire-Tac
15409aD25 FPB 2Ch 25 - Fire Prevention Bureau 2Fire-Tac
15509bD26 ISTS 1Ch 26 - In Service Training Section 1Fire-Tac
15609cD27 ISTS 2Ch 27 - In Service Training Section 2Fire-Tac
15709dD28 ARSONCh 28 - ArsonFire-Tac
15809eD29 TEMSCh 29 - Tactical Emergency Medical SupportFire-Tac
15909fD30 JHATCh 30 - Joint Hazard Assessment TeamFire-Tac
1600a0D31 AIR OPSCh 31 - Air OperationsFire-Tac
1610a1D32 USAR DPSCh 32 - Urban Search And RescueFire-Tac
1620a2D33 FIMT TACCh 33 - Field Incident Management TeamFire-Tac
1630a3D34 EVENT 1Ch 34 - Event 1Fire-Tac
1640a4D35 EVENT 2Ch 35 - Event 2Fire-Tac
1650a5D36 EVENT 3Ch 36 - Event 3Fire-Tac
1660a6D37 EVENT 4Ch 37 - Event 4Fire-Tac
1670a7D38 EVENT 5Ch 35 - Event 5Fire-Tac
1680a8D39 EVENT 6Ch 39 - Event 6Fire-Tac
1690a9D40 LOGISTICSCh 40 - LogisticsFire-Tac
Parks and Recreation (PR)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
203014f4dDPR TRAFFICGriffith Park Traffic ControlPublic Works
203024f4eDPR TRAFFIC SEPR Traffic Special EventPublic Works
205765060DPR EMERGENCYEmergency/Priority/All CallPublic Works
205775061DPR BASEBase and TacPublic Works
205795063DPR RANGER 1Ranger - Main Law Dispatch
205805064DPR RANGER 2Ranger - Tac 2Law Tac
205815065DPR RANGER 3Ranger - Tac 3Law Tac
205825066DPR RANGER 4Ranger - Tac 4Public Works
205835067DPR RANGER 5Ranger - Tac 5Public Works
205845068DPR ZOOZoo AdminPublic Works
205855069DPR MAIN 1Main 1Public Works
20587506bDPR ZOO OPSZoo OperationsPublic Works
20588506cDPR ZOO OPSZoo OperationsPublic Works
20589506dDPR AQU 1Aqu 1Public Works
20590506eDPR MAIN 2Main 2Public Works
20591506fDPR AQU 2Aqu 2Public Works
205925070DPR GRIFFITHGriffith Observatory Ch.1-1 Public Works
206005078DPR OLVERAOlvera Street and El Pueblo Historical DistrictPublic Works
Public Works - Bureau of Sanitation
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
204815001DSAN EXECExecutivePublic Works
204825002DSAN RCD EVLYRefuse Collection District - East ValleyPublic Works
204835003DSAN HTP ADMHyperion Treatment Plant - AdministrationPublic Works
204855005DSAN HTP ENGHyperion Treatment Plant - EngineeringPublic Works
20490500aDSAN HRDD EMEHuman Resources Development Division - EmergencyPublic Works
20492500cDSAN DCT OPSDonald C Tillman Water Reclamation Plant OpsPublic Works
20493500dDSAN LAG OPSLA-Glendale Water Reclamation Plant OpsPublic Works
20495500fDSAN WCSD CENWastewater Collection Systems Division - CentralPublic Works
204965010DSAN WCSD SWastewater Collection Systems Division - SouthPublic Works
204975011DSAN TAC 1Sanitation Tactical Channel 1Public Works
205005014DSAN RCD WLARefuse Collection District - West Los AngelesPublic Works
205015015DSAN IWMDIndustrial Waste Management Division Public Works
205045018DSAN RECY-SWMSan RECY-SWMPublic Works
205055019DSAN RCD ADMRefuse Collection District - AdministrationPublic Works
20506501aDSAN RCD WVLYRefuse Collection District - West ValleyPublic Works
20507501bDSAN RCD CENTRefuse Collection District - CentralPublic Works
20508501cDSAN RCD WHBRRefuse Collection District - West HarborPublic Works
20509501dDSAN LOPEZCYNLopez Canyon Environmental CenterPublic Works
20510501eDSAN CONTROLSanitation ControlPublic Works
20511501fDSAN TACTICALSanitation TacticalPublic Works
Public Works - Bureau of Street Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
205455041DSM SMD ZONE1Street Maintenance Division Zone 1Public Works
205465042DSM SMD ZONE2Street Maintenance Division Zone 2 Public Works
205475043DSM CL UP CWCL UP CWPublic Works
205505046DSM LCD B2Lot Cleaning Division B2Public Works
20554504aDSM EMER CWEmergency Repairs and ServicePublic Works
20556504cDSM STD ZONE 2STD Zone 2Public Works
20557504dDSM SUI M CWSUI M CWPublic Works
20558504eDSM SUI ZONE 1SUI Zone 1Public Works
20559504fDSM SUI ZONE 2SUI Zone 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
101065DTESTINGTestingPublic Works
102066DTESTINGTestingPublic Works