North Texas Interoperable Radio Network (NTIRN)

System Name: North Texas Interoperable Radio Network (NTIRN)
Location: Various, TX
County: 9 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase II
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 44A WACN: BEE00
Last Updated: June 16, 2024, 12:45 pm UTC   [Changed Site # 001 (Dallas Layer 1) to 1 (Dallas Layer 1)]
System Notes

This system name is changed from Fort Worth Regional

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Fort Worth Layer 1 Tarrant 851.1625851.1875851.3125851.3375851.6625851.6875851.8125
1 (1) 002 (2) Fort Worth Layer 2 Tarrant 851.2125851.2375851.2625851.3625851.3875851.7125851.7375
1 (1) 003 (3) Northeast Tarrant Tarrant 851.0375851.4875c852.1125c852.5375c853.7875c854.0125854.9875
1 (1) 004 (4) Johnson Co Simulcast Johnson 769.08125769.34375769.59375770.11875770.36875c770.61875c770.86875c
1 (1) 005 (5) Mansfield Tarrant 853.2875853.3125c853.3375c853.3625c853.3875c  
1 (1) 006 (6) Texas Motor Speedway Denton 851.2875851.7875c851.8625852.2625c852.3625852.7625c 
1 (1) 007 (7) Grand Prairie Dallas 853.2375853.7625853.9625856.9625857.9625c858.5375c858.9625c
1 (1) 008 (8) Arlington Tarrant 854.8125855.1375856.4875856.7125857.4875857.7125858.4875c
1 (1) 009 (9) SW Johnson Co Johnson 772.33125772.58125c772.83125c    
1 (1) 010 (A) Ellis County Ellis 769.83125770.50625771.13125c771.88125c772.23125c773.15125773.18125c
2 (2) 001 (1) Irving Dallas 851.5875853.0875853.5375853.5875853.6375853.7375853.8375c
3 (3) 001 (1) Dallas Layer 1 Dallas 769.19375769.40625769.44375769.65625769.69375769.90625769.94375
3 (3) 002 (2) Dallas Layer 2 Dallas 851.4375851.9125852.4125852.9125853.1625856.7375856.9875
3 (3) 050 (32) Terrell Kaufman 769.61875c      
3 (3) 051 (33) Lake Tawakoni Hunt 771.00625c      
3 (3) 052 (34) Lake Fork Wood 770.09375c      


DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54951577DLaw IO CallLaw Interop CallingInterop
54971579DLaw IC 1Law Incident Command 1Interop
5499157bDLaw IC 2Law Incident Command 2Interop
5501157dDLaw IO 1Law Interop 1Interop
5503157fDLaw IO 2Law Interop 2Interop
55051581DLaw IO 3Law Interop 3Interop
55071583DLaw IO 4Law Interop 4Interop
55091585DLaw IO 5Law Interop 5Interop
55111587DLaw IO 6Law Interop 6Interop
55131589DLaw IO 7Law Interop 7Interop
5515158bDLaw IO 8Law Interop 8Interop
5517158dDLaw IO 9Law Interop 9Interop
5519158fDLaw IO 10Law Interop 10Interop
75691d91DLaw IO 11Law Interop 11Interop
75711d93DLaw IO 12Law Interop 12Interop
75731d95DLaw IO 13Law Interop 13Interop
54961578DFire IO CallFire Interop CallingInterop
5498157aDFire IC 1Fire Incident Command 1Interop
5500157cDFire IC 2Fire Incident Command 2Interop
5502157eDFire IO 1Fire Interop 1Interop
55041580DFire IO 2Fire Interop 2Interop
55061582DFire IO 3Fire Interop 3Interop
55081584DFire IO 4Fire Interop 4Interop
55101586DFire IO 5Fire Interop 5Interop
55121588DFire IO 6Fire Interop 6Interop
5514158aDFire IO 7Fire Interop 7Interop
5516158cDFire IO 8Fire Interop 8Interop
5518158eDFire IO 9Fire Interop 9Interop
55201590DFire IO 10Fire Interop 10Interop
75701d92DFire IO 11Fire Interop 11Interop
75721d94DFire IO 12Fire Interop 12Interop
75741d96DFire IO 13Fire Interop 13Interop
55211591DEMS IO CallEMS Interop CallingInterop
55231593DEMS IC 1EMS Incident Command 1Interop
55251595DEMS IC 2EMS Incident Command 2Interop
55271597DEMS IO 1EMS Interop 1Interop
55291599DEMS IO 2EMS Interop 2Interop
5531159bDEMS IO 3EMS Interop 3Interop
5533159dDEMS IO 4EMS Interop 4Interop
5535159fDEMS IO 5EMS Interop 5Interop
553715a1DEMS IO 6EMS Interop 6Interop
553915a3DEMS IO 7EMS Interop 7Interop
554115a5DEMS IO 8EMS Interop 8Interop
554315a7DEMS IO 9EMS Interop 9Interop
554415a8DEMS IO 10EMS Interop 10Interop
75751d97DEMS IO 11EMS Interop 11Interop
75771d99DEMS IO 12EMS Interop 12Interop
75791d9bDEMS IO 13EMS Interop 13Interop
656119a1DHosp IO CallHospital Interop CallInterop
656219a2DHosp IC-1Hospital Interop Incident Command 1Interop
656319a3DHosp IC-2Hospital Interop Incident Command 2Interop
656419a4DHosp IO 1 NEHospital Interop 1 NE Area HospitalsInterop
656519a5DHosp IO 2 NWHospital Interop 2 NW Area HospitalsInterop
656619a6DHosp IO 3 SEHospital Interop 3 SE Area HospitalsInterop
656719a7DHosp IO 4 SWHospital Interop 4 SW Area HospitalsInterop
656819a8DHosp IO 5 TrHospital Interop 5 TriageInterop
656919a9DHosp IO 6 StHospital Interop 6 StagingInterop
657019aaDHosp IO 7 HaHospital Interop 7 HarrisInterop
657119abDHosp IO 8 JPHospital Interop 8 JPSInterop
657219acDHosp IO 9 CkHospital Interop 9 Cook Children'sInterop
657319adDHosp IO10 ASHospital Interop 10 Baylor All SaintsInterop
55221592DPW IO CallPublic Works Interop CallingInterop
55241594DPW IO IC 1Public Works Incident Cmd 1Interop
55261596DPW IO IC 2Public Works Incident Cmd 2Interop
55281598DPW IO 1Public Works Interop 1Interop
5530159aDPW IO 2Public Works Interop 2Interop
5532159cDPW IO 3Public Works Interop 3Interop
5534159eDPW IO 4Public Works Interop 4Interop
553615a0DPW IO 5Public Works Interop 5Interop
553815a2DPW IO 6Public Works Interop 6Interop
554015a4DPW IO 7Public Works Interop 7Interop
554215a6DPW IO 8Public Works Interop 8Interop
75761d98DPW IO 9Public Works Interop 9Interop
75781d9aDPW IO 10Public Works Interop 10Interop
75801d9cDPW IO 11Public Works Interop 11Interop
75811d9dDPW IO 12Public Works Interop 12Interop
75821d9eDPW IO 13Public Works Interop 13Interop
72211c35TEvent PD ICEvent PD ICInterop
72221c36TEvent FD ICEvent FD ICInterop
72231c37TEvent EMS ICEvent EMS ICInterop
72241c38TEvent IO 1Event InterOp 1Interop
72251c39TEvent IO 2Event InterOp 2Interop
72261c3aTEvent IO 3Event InterOp 3Interop
72271c3bTEvent IO 4Event InterOp 4Interop
72281c3cTEvent IO 5Event InterOp 5Interop
72291c3dTEvent IO 6Event InterOp 6Interop
72301c3eTEvent IO 7Event InterOp 7Interop
72311c3fTEvent IO 8Event InterOp 8Interop
72321c40TEvent IO 9Event InterOp 9Interop
72331c41TEvent IO 10Event InterOp 10Interop
72341c42TEvent IO 11Event InterOp 11Interop
72351c43TEvent IO 12Event InterOp 12Interop
72361c44TEvent IO 13Event InterOp 13Interop
78761ec4DTIRIS 1Texas Interoperable Radio Interconnect System 1Interop
78771ec5DTIRIS 2Texas Interoperable Radio Interconnect System 2Interop
78781ec6DTIRIS 3Texas Interoperable Radio Interconnect System 3Interop
78791ec7DTIRIS 4Texas Interoperable Radio Interconnect System 4Interop
78801ec8DTIRIS 5Texas Interoperable Radio Interconnect System 5Interop
78811ec9DTIRIS 6Texas Interoperable Radio Interconnect System 6Interop
554515a9DD-FW ISSI 1Dallas to Fort Worth ISSI Channel 1Interop
554615aaDD-FW ISSI 2Dallas to Fort Worth ISSI Channel 2Interop
554715abDD-FW ISSI 3Dallas to Fort Worth ISSI Channel 3Interop
554815acDD-FW ISSI 4Dallas to Fort Worth ISSI Channel 4Interop
582316bfDD-FW ISSI 5Dallas to Fort Worth ISSI Channel 5Interop
TMS Interop (Site 1-6)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
510113edDTMS IO CALLTMS Interop CallLaw Talk
510213eeDTMS IO 1TMS Interop 1Law Talk
510313efDTMS IO 2TMS Interop 2Law Talk
510413f0DTMS IO 3TMS Interop 3Law Talk
510513f1DTMS IO 4TMS Interop 4Law Talk
510613f2DTMS IO 5TMS Interop 5Law Talk
510713f3DTMS IO 6TMS Interop 6Law Talk
510813f4DTMS IO 7TMS Interop 7Law Talk
5759167fDTMS IO 8TMS Interop 8Multi-Talk
57601680DTMS IO 9TMS Interop 9Multi-Talk
57611681DTMS IO 10TMS Interop 10Multi-Talk
57621682DTMS IO 11TMS Interop 11Multi-Talk
57631683DTMS IO 12TMS Interop 12Multi-Talk
57641684DTMS IO 13TMS Interop 13Multi-Talk
57651685DTMS IO 14TMS Interop 14Multi-Talk
57661686DTMS IO 15TMS Interop 15Multi-Talk
Fort Worth Police Central (Layer 1)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5007138fDEFWPD-CENTRALCentral PatrolLaw Dispatch
50091391DEFWPD-C-TALKCentral TalkLaw Talk
50111393DEFWPD-C-TALK2Central Talk 2Law Talk
50131395DEFWPD-C-CIDCentral CIDLaw Talk
50151397DFWPD C-SE 1Central Special Event 1Law Talk
50171399DFWPD C-SE 2Central Special Event 2Law Talk
5019139bDFWPD C-SE 3Central Special Event 3Law Talk
5021139dDEFWPD C-DRU 1Central Directed Resp Unit Team 1Law Tac
5023139fDFWPD C-COPSCentral Code BlueLaw Talk
502513a1DFWPD C-COPS2Central Code Blue 2Law Talk
502713a3DFWPD C-COPS3Central Code Blue 3Law Talk
502913a5DFWPD C-COPS4Central Code Blue 4Law Talk
503113a7DEFWPD C-SUPVCentral SupervisorLaw Talk
503913afDFWPD C-DET1Central Detail 1Law Tac
504113b1DFWPD C-DET2Central Detail 2Law Tac
504513b5DFWPD C-MGCentral Multi-GroupLaw Talk
Fort Worth Police Central (Layer 2)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
503413aaDFWPD FWCC BPolice Convention Center BLaw Tac
503613acDFWPD WRMC BPolice Will Rogers Memorial Center BLaw Tac
503813aeDFWPD ZOO BPolice Zoo Operations BLaw Tac
Fort Worth Police East (Layer 1)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
511913ffDEFWPD E-PTRLEast PatrolLaw Dispatch
51211401DEFWPD E-TLK1East Talk 1Law Talk
51231403DEFWPD E-TLK2East Talk 2Law Talk
51251405DEFWPD E-CIDEast CIDLaw Talk
51271407DFWPD E-SE 1East Special Event 1Law Talk
51291409DFWPD E-SE 2East Special Event 2Law Talk
5131140bDEFWPD E-DRU 3East Directed Resp Unit Team 3Law Talk
5133140dDFWPD E-COPSEast Code BlueLaw Talk
5135140fDFWPD E-COPS2East Code Blue 2Law Talk
51371411DFWPD E-COPS3East Code Blue 3Law Talk
51391413DFWPD E-COPS4East Code Blue 4Law Talk
51411415DEFWPD E-SUPVEast SupervisorLaw Talk
51431417DFWPD E-Spa1East Spare 1Law Talk
51451419DFWPD E-Spa2East Spare 2Law Talk
5149141dDFWPD E-MGEast Multi-GroupLaw Talk
Fort Worth Police South (Layer 1)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5151141fDEFWPD S-PTRLSouth PatrolLaw Dispatch
51531421DEFWPD S-TLK1South Talk 1Law Talk
51551423DEFWPD S-TLK2South Talk 2Law Talk
51571425DEFWPD S-CIDSouth CIDLaw Talk
51591427DFWPD S-SE 1South Special Event 1Law Talk
51611429DFWPD S-SE 2South Special Event 2Law Talk
5163142bDEFWPD S-DRU 5South Directed Resp Unit Team 5Law Talk
5165142dDFWPD S-COPSSouth Code BlueLaw Talk
5167142fDFWPD S-COPS2South Code Blue 2Law Talk
51691431DFWPD S-COPS3South Code Blue 3Law Talk
51711433DFWPD S-COPS4South Code Blue 4Law Talk
51731435DEFWPD S-SUPVSouth SupervisorLaw Talk
51751437DFWPD S-Spa1South Spare 1Law Talk
5181143dDFWPD S-MGSouth Multi-GroupLaw Talk
Fort Worth Police West (Layer 1)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
504713b7DEFWPD W-PTRLlWest PatrolLaw Dispatch
504913b9DEFWPD W-TLK1West Talk 1Law Talk
505113bbDEFWPD W-TLK2West Talk 2Law Talk
505313bdDEFWPD W-CIDWest CIDLaw Talk
505513bfDFWPD W-SE 1West Special Event 1Law Talk
505713c1DFWPD W-SE 2West Special Event 2Law Talk
505913c3DEFWPD W-DRU 4West Directed Resp Unit Team 4Law Talk
506113c5DFWPD W-COPSWest Code BlueLaw Talk
506313c7DFWPD W-COPS2West Code Blue 2Law Talk
506513c9DFWPD W-COPS3West Code Blue 3Law Talk
506713cbDFWPD W-COPS4West Code Blue 4Law Talk
506913cdDEFWPD W-SUPVWest SupervisorLaw Talk
507113cfDFWPD W-Spa1West Spare 1Law Talk
507713d5DFWPD W-MGWest Multi-GroupLaw Talk
Fort Worth Police North (Layer 1)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
507913d7DEFW N-PTRLNorth PatrolLaw Dispatch
508113d9DEFW N-TLK1North Talk 1Law Talk
508313dbDEFW N-TLK2North Talk 2Law Talk
508513ddDEFW N-CIDNorth CIDLaw Talk
508713dfDFW N-SE 1North Special Event 1Law Talk
508913e1DFW N-SE 2North Special Event 2Law Talk
509113e3DEFW N-DRU 2North Directed Resp Unit Team 2Law Talk
510913f5DEFW N-SUPVNorth SupervisorLaw Talk
511313f9DFWPD N-Spa1North Spare 1Law Talk
511713fdDFW N-MGNorth Multi-GroupLaw Talk
75851da1DFW N-COPSNorth Code BlueLaw Talk
75871da3DFW N-COPS2North Code Blue 2Law Talk
75891da5DFW N-COPS3North Code Blue 3Law Talk
75911da7DFW N-COPS4North Code Blue 4Law Talk
Fort Worth Police Northwest (Layer 1)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5183143fDEFW NW-PTRLNorthwest PatrolLaw Dispatch
51851441DEFW NW-TLK1Northwest Talk 1Law Talk
51871443DEFW NW-TLK2Northwest Talk 2Law Talk
51891445DEFW NW-CIDNorthwest CIDLaw Talk
51911447DFW NW-SE 1Northwest Special Event 1Law Talk
51931449DFW NW-SE 2Northwest Special Event 2Law Talk
5195144bDEFW NW-DRU 6Northwest Directed Resp Unit Team 6Law Talk
5197144dDFWPD NW-COPSNorthwest Code BlueLaw Tac
5199144fDFW NW-COPS2Northwest Code Blue 2Law Talk
52011451DFW NW-COPS3Northwest Code Blue 3Law Talk
52031453DFW NW-COPS4Northwest Code Blue 4Law Talk
52051455DEFW NW-SUPVNorthwest SupervisorLaw Talk
52071457DFW NW-MGNorthwest Multi-GroupLaw Talk
52091459DFW NW-SPARENorthwest SpareLaw Talk
Fort Worth Police Citywide (Layer 1)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5003138bDEFWPD-PICPICLaw Talk
5005138dDEFWPD-PIC2PIC 2Law Talk
503313a9DFWPD FWCC Police Convention Center OpsLaw Tac
503513abDFWPD WRMCPolice Will Rogers Memorial CenterLaw Talk
503713adDFWPD ZOOPolice Zoo OperationsLaw Tac
5211145bDEFWPD DRU COMM-ADirected Resp Unit Common ALaw Talk
5212145cDEFWPD DRU COMM-BDirected Resp Unit Common BLaw Talk
5215145fDEFW TrafficTraffic CommonLaw Talk
52171461DEFW Traf-InvTraffic InvestigationsLaw Talk
52191463DEFW Traf-TlkTraffic TalkLaw Talk
52211465DEFW Traf-SETraffic Special EventLaw Talk
52231467DEFW ReservesFWPD Reserve UnitsLaw Talk
52251469DEFW K9 UnitK9 UnitLaw Talk
5227146bDEFW CSSUCrime Scene Search UnitLaw Talk
5229146dDEFW JailFort Worth JailCorrections
5231146fDEFW CTUCriminal Tracking UnitLaw Talk
52331471DEFW SIUSpecial Investigative UnitLaw Talk
52351473DEFW SSISchool LiaisonLaw Talk
52371475DEFW SSI-TlkSchool Liaison TalkLaw Talk
52391477DEFW PD GangGangLaw Talk
52411479DEFW Spec SurSpecial Enforcement SurvLaw Talk
5243147bDEFW ViceVice CommonLaw Talk
5245147dDEFW Vice-SurVice SurvLaw Talk
5247147fDEFW Vice-TlkVice TalkLaw Talk
52491481DEFW NarcNarcotic CommonLaw Talk
52511483DEFW Narc-SurNarcotics SurvLaw Talk
52531485DEFW CIDCID CommonLaw Talk
52551487DEFW CID-SurCID SurvLaw Talk
52571489DEFW CID-TlkCID TalkLaw Talk
5259148bDEFW Major-CrmMajor Crime CommonLaw Talk
5261148dDEFW Major-SurMajor Crimes SurvLaw Talk
5263148fDEFW AutoTheftAuto Theft CommonLaw Talk
52651491DEFW AutoTSurvAuto Theft SurvLaw Talk
52671493DeFW AutoPoundAuto PoundLaw Talk
52691495DEFW IntelIntel CommonLaw Talk
52711497DEFW Intel-SurIntel SurvLaw Talk
52731499DEFW SOD Tac1Special OP Division Tactical 1Law Tac
5275149bDEFW SOD Tac2Special OP Division Tactical 2Law Tac
5277149dDEFW SOD Tac3Special OP Division Tactical 3Law Tac
5279149fDEFW SWATSWAT CommonLaw Tac
528114a1DEFW SWAT-SurvSWAT SurvLaw Tac
528314a3DEFW SWAT-HosSWAT Hostage NegotiationLaw Tac
528514a5DEFW VPCViolent Crimes CommonLaw Talk
528714a7DEFW VPC-SurViolent Crimes SurvLaw Talk
528914a9DEFW AIR-OneAir Support CommonLaw Talk
529314adDEFW MAC-TalkMinisters Against Crime TalkLaw Talk
532714cfDEFW Marshal-1City Marshals CommonLaw Talk
532914d1DEFW Marshal-2City Marshals 2Law Talk
533114d3DEFW Marshal-3City Marshals 3Law Talk
533314d5DEFWPD-AGFWPD Agency GroupLaw Talk
65331985DFWPD Code BlueFWPD Code Blue All CallLaw Dispatch
73251c9dDFW PD All CallAll Call (priority call broadcasts)Law Dispatch
Fort Worth Police Citywide Backup (Layer 2)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
52161460DEFW Traffic BTraffic CommonLaw Talk
52181462DEFW Traf-InvBTraffic InvestigationsLaw Talk
52201464DEFW Traf-TlkBTraffic TalkLaw Talk
52221466DEFW Traf-SE BTraffic Special EventLaw Talk
52241468DEFW ReservesBFWPD Reserve UnitsLaw Talk
5226146aDEFW K9 Unit BK9 UnitLaw Talk
5228146cDEFW CSSU BCrime Scene Search UnitLaw Talk
5230146eDEFW Jail BFort Worth JailCorrections
52321470DEFW CTU BCriminal Tracking UnitLaw Talk
52341472DEFW SIU BSpecial Investigative UnitLaw Talk
52361474DEFW SSI BSchool LiaisonLaw Talk
52381476DEFW SSI-Tlk BSchool Liaison TalkLaw Talk
52401478DEFW Spec-EnfBSpecial EnforcementLaw Talk
5242147aDEFW Spec-SurBSpecial Enforcement SurvLaw Talk
5244147cDEFW Vice BVice CommonLaw Talk
5246147eDEFW Vice-SurBVice SurvLaw Talk
52481480DEFW Vice-TlkBVice TalkLaw Talk
52501482DEFW Narc BNarcotic CommonLaw Talk
52521484DEFW Narc-SurBNarcotic SurvLaw Talk
52541486DEFW CID BCID CommonLaw Talk
52561488DEFW CID-Sur BCID SurvLaw Talk
5258148aDEFW CID-Tlk BCID TalkLaw Talk
5260148cDEFW MajorCrmBMajor Crime CommonLaw Talk
5262148eDEFW MajorSurBMajor Crimes SurvLaw Talk
52641490DEFW AutoThftBAuto Theft CommonLaw Talk
52661492DEFW Auto-SurBAuto Theft SurvLaw Talk
52681494DEFW Auto PndBAuto PoundLaw Talk
52701496DEFW Intel BIntel CommonLaw Talk
52721498DEFW IntelSurBIntel SurvLaw Talk
5274149aDEFW SODTac1 BSpecial OP Division Tactical 1Law Tac
5276149cDEFW SODTac2 BSpecial OP Division Tactical 2Law Tac
5278149eDEFW SODTac3 BSpecial OP Division Tactical 3Law Tac
528014a0DEFW SWAT BSWAT CommonLaw Tac
528214a2DEFW SWAT-SurBSWAT SurvLaw Tac
528414a4DEFW SWAT-HosBSWAT Hostage NegotiationLaw Tac
528614a6DEFW VPC BViolent Crimes CommonLaw Talk
528814a8DEFW VPC-Sur BViolent Crimes SurvLaw Talk
529014aaDEFW AIR-One BAir Support CommonLaw Talk
529414aeDEFW MAC-TalkBMinisters Against Crime TalkLaw Talk
532814d0DEFW Marshal1BCity Marshals CommonLaw Talk
533014d2DEFW Marshal2BCity Marshals 2Law Talk
533214d4DEFW Marshal3BCity Marshals 3Law Talk
533414d6DEFWPD-AG BFWPD Agency GroupLaw Talk
65341986DFWPD CdBlueBFWPD Code Blue Volunteers BackupLaw Talk
Fort Worth Police Training (Layer 1)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
529514afDEFW Train1Training 1Law Talk
529714b1DEFW Train2Training 2Law Talk
529914b3DEFW Train3Training 3Law Talk
530114b5DEFW Train4Training 4Law Talk
530314b7DEFW Train5Training 5Law Talk
530514b9DEFW Train6Training 6Law Talk
530714bbDEFW Drive1Driving Training 1Law Talk
530914bdDEFW Drive2Driving Training 2Law Talk
531114bfDEFW OSS1Officer Survival School 1Law Talk
531314c1DEFW OSS2Officer Survival School 2Law Talk
531514c3DEFW OSS3Officer Survival School 3Law Talk
531714c5DEFW PT1Physical Training 1Law Talk
531914c7DEFW PT2Physical Training 2Law Talk
532114c9DEFW Range1Range 1Law Talk
532314cbDEFW Range2Range 2Law Talk
532514cdDEFW Range3Range 3Law Talk
Fort Worth Police Training Backup (Layer 2)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
529614b0DEFW Train1 BTraining 1Law Talk
529814b2DEFW Train2 BTraining 2Law Talk
530014b4DEFW Train3 BTraining 3Law Talk
530214b6DEFW Train4 BTraining 4Law Talk
530414b8DEFW Train5 BTraining 5Law Talk
530614baDEFW Train6 BTraining 6Law Talk
530814bcDEFW Drive1 BDriving Training 1Law Talk
531014beDEFW Drive2 BDriving Training 2Law Talk
531214c0DEFW OSS1 BOfficer Survival School 1Law Talk
531414c2DEFW OSS2 BOfficer Survival School 2Law Talk
531614c4DEFW OSS3 BOfficer Survival School 3Law Talk
531814c6DEFW PT1 BPhysical Training 1Law Talk
532014c8DEFW PT2 BPhysical Training 2Law Talk
532214caDEFW Range1 BRange 1Law Talk
532414ccDEFW Range2 BRange 2Law Talk
532614ceDEFW Range3 BRange 3Law Talk
Fort Worth Fire (Layer 2)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53981516DFW FD LocutFire LocutionFire Dispatch
533614d8DFW FD 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
533814daDFW FD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
534014dcDFW FD 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
534214deDFW FD 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
534414e0DFW FD 5Fire 5Fire-Tac
534614e2DFW FD 6Fire 6Fire-Tac
534814e4DFW FD 7Fire 7Fire-Tac
535014e6DFW FD 8Fire 8Fire-Tac
535214e8DFW FD 9Fire 9Fire-Tac
535414eaDFW FD 10Fire 10Fire-Tac
535614ecDFW FD 11Fire 11Fire-Tac
535814eeDFW FD 12Fire 12Fire-Tac
536014f0DFW FD 13Fire 13Fire-Tac
536214f2DFWFD Evnt 2Fire Event 2Fire-Talk
536414f4DFWFD Evnt 3Fire Event 3Fire-Talk
536614f6DFWFD Evnt 4Fire Event 4Fire-Talk
536814f8DFWFD Evnt 5Fire Event 5Fire-Talk
537014faDFWFD Evnt 6Fire Event 6Fire-Talk
537214fcDFWFD Evnt 7Fire Event 7Fire-Talk
537414feDFWFD Evnt 8Fire Event 8Fire-Talk
53761500DFWFD Evnt 9Fire Event 9Fire-Talk
53781502DFWFD Evnt 10Fire Event 10Fire-Talk
53801504DFWFD Evnt 11Fire Event 11Fire-Talk
53821506DFWFD Evnt 12Fire Event 12Fire-Talk
53841508DFWFD Evnt 13Fire Event 13Fire-Talk
5386150aDFWFD Evnt 14Fire Event 14Fire-Talk
5388150cDFWFD Evnt 15Fire Event 15Fire-Talk
5390150eDFWFD Evnt 16Fire Event 16Fire-Talk
53921510DEFWFD InvFire InvestigationFire-Talk
53941512DFWFD PrevFire PreventionFire-Talk
53961514DFWFD SEFire Special EventsFire-Talk
54001518DFWFD ACA1Fire Academy 1Fire-Talk
5402151aDFWFD ACA2Fire Academy 2Fire-Talk
5404151cDFWFD ACA3Fire Academy 3Fire-Talk
54101522DFWFD-MGFire Multi-GroupFire-Talk
54261532DFWFD-AGFire Agency GroupFire-Talk
Fort Worth Fire Backup (Layer 1)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
53971515DFW FD LocutBFire LocutionFire Dispatch
533514d7DFW FD Sec 1Fire 1Fire Dispatch
533714d9DFW FD Sec 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
533914dbDFW FD Sec 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
534114ddDFW FD Sec 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
534314dfDFW FD Sec 5Fire 5Fire-Tac
534514e1DFW FD Sec 6Fire 6Fire-Tac
534714e3DFW FD Sec 7Fire 7Fire-Tac
534914e5DFW FD Sec 8Fire 8Fire-Tac
535114e7DFW FD Sec 9Fire 9Fire-Tac
535314e9DFW FD Sec 10Fire 10Fire-Tac
535514ebDFW FD Sec 11Fire 11Fire-Tac
535714edDFW FD Sec 12Fire 12Fire-Tac
535914efDFW FD Sec 13Fire 13Fire-Tac
536114f1DFWFD Evt 2BFire Event 2Fire-Talk
536314f3DFWFD Evt 3BFire Event 3Fire-Talk
536514f5DFWFD Evt 4BFire Event 4Fire-Talk
536714f7DFWFD Evt 5BFire Event 5Fire-Talk
536914f9DFWFD Evt 6BFire Event 6Fire-Talk
537114fbDFWFD Evt 7BFire Event 7Fire-Talk
537314fdDFWFD Evt 8BFire Event 8Fire-Talk
537514ffDFWFD Evt 9BFire Event 9Fire-Talk
53771501DFWFD Evt 10BFire Event 10Fire-Talk
53791503DFWFD Evt 11BFire Event 11Fire-Talk
53811505DFWFD Evt 12BFire Event 12Fire-Talk
53831507DFWFD Evt 13BFire Event 13Fire-Talk
53851509DFWFD Evt 14BFire Event 14Fire-Talk
5387150bDFWFD Evt 15BFire Event 15Fire-Talk
5389150dDFWFD Evt 16BFire Event 16Fire-Talk
5391150fDFWFD Inv BFire InvestigationFire-Talk
53931511DFWFD Prev BFire PreventionFire-Talk
53951513DFWFD SE BFire Special EventsFire-Talk
53991517DFWFD ACA1 BFire Academy 1Fire-Talk
54011519DFWFD ACA2 BFire Academy 2Fire-Talk
5403151bDFWFD ACA3 BFire Academy 3Fire-Talk
5405151dDFWFD ACA4 BFire Academy 4Fire-Talk
54091521DFWFD-MG BFire Multi-GroupFire-Talk
54251531DFWFD-AG BFire Agency GroupFire-Talk
Fort Worth MedStar (Layer 2)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67161a3cDMed Dis1MedStar Primary DispatchEMS Dispatch
67181a3eDMed Dis2MedStar Secondary DispatchEMS Dispatch
67201a40DMed Dis3Comm Assigned 1EMS-Tac
67221a42DMed Dis4Comm Assigned 2EMS-Tac
67241a44DMed Dis5Comm Assigned 3EMS-Tac
67261a46DMed Dis6Comm Assigned 4EMS-Tac
67281a48DMed Dis7Comm Assigned 5EMS-Tac
67301a4aDMed Dis8Comm Assigned 6EMS-Tac
67321a4cDMed Dis9Comm Assigned 7EMS-Tac
67341a4eDMed Dis10Comm Assigned 8EMS-Tac
67361a50DMed MCI1MCI 1 Assigned by CommEMS-Tac
67381a52DMed MCI2MCI 2 Assigned by CommEMS-Tac
67401a54DMed MCI3MCI 3 Assigned by CommEMS-Tac
67421a56DMed MCI4MCI 4 Assigned by CommEMS-Tac
67801a7cDMed SE1EMS Special EventEMS-Talk
67821a7eDMed SE2EMS Special EventEMS-Talk
67841a80DMed SE3EMS Special EventEMS-Talk
67861a82DMed SE4EMS Special EventEMS-Talk
67881a84DMed SE5EMS Special EventEMS-Talk
67901a86DMed M95Logistics Calling ChannelEMS-Talk
67921a88DMed M90Fleet Calling ChannelEMS-Talk
67941a8aDMed ClinClinical Calling ChannelEMS-Talk
67961a8cDMed EPABEPAB Calling ChannelEMS-Talk
67981a8eDMed CCPCCP Calling ChannelEMS-Talk
68001a90DMed MHPMHP Calling ChannelEMS-Talk
68021a92DMed M80Supervisor Calling ChannelEMS-Talk
68041a94DMed CommComm Calling ChannelEMS-Talk
68061a96DMed PD TMPD TacticalEMS-Talk
68081a98DMed AirFWFD, FWPD, MedStarEMS-Talk
68101a9aDMed MCMember CityEMS-Talk
Fort Worth MedStar Backup (Layer 1)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67171a3dDMed Dis1 BMedStar Primary Dispatch BACKUPEMS Dispatch
67191a3fDMed Dis2 BMedStar Secondary Dispatch BACKUPEMS Dispatch
67211a41DMed Dis3 BComm Assigned 1 BACKUPEMS-Tac
67231a43DMed Dis4 BComm Assigned 2 BACKUPEMS-Tac
67251a45DMed Dis5 BComm Assigned 3 BACKUPEMS-Tac
67271a47DMed Dis6 BComm Assigned 4 BACKUPEMS-Tac
67291a49DMed Dis7 BComm Assigned 5 BACKUPEMS-Tac
67311a4bDMed Dis8 BComm Assigned 6 BACKUPEMS-Tac
67331a4dDMed Dis9 BComm Assigned 7 BACKUPEMS-Tac
67351a4fDMed Dis10 BComm Assigned 8 BACKUPEMS-Tac
67371a51DMed MCI1 BMCI 1 Assigned by Comm BACKUPEMS-Tac
67391a53DMed MCI2 BMCI 2 Assigned by Comm BACKUPEMS-Tac
67411a55DMed MCI3 BMCI 3 Assigned by Comm BACKUPEMS-Tac
67431a57DMed MCI4 BMCI 4 Assigned by Comm BACKUPEMS-Tac
67811a7dDMed SE1 BEMS Special Event BACKUPEMS-Talk
67831a7fDMed SE2 BEMS Special Event BACKUPEMS-Talk
67851a81DMed SE3 BEMS Special Event BACKUPEMS-Talk
67871a83DMed SE4 BEMS Special Event BACKUPEMS-Talk
67891a85DMed SE5 BEMS Special Event BACKUPEMS-Talk
67911a87DMed M95BLogistics Calling BACKUPEMS-Talk
67931a89DMed M90 BFleet Calling BACKUPEMS-Talk
67951a8bDMed Clin BClinical Calling BACKUPEMS-Talk
67971a8dDMed EPAB BEPAB Calling BACKUPEMS-Talk
67991a8fDMed CCP BCCP Calling BACKUPEMS-Talk
68011a91DMed MHP BMHP Calling BACKUPEMS-Talk
68031a93DMed M80 BSupervisor Calling BACKUPEMS-Talk
68051a95DMed Comm BComm Calling BACKUPEMS-Talk
68071a97DMed PD TM BPD Tactical BACKUPEMS-Talk
68091a99DMed Air BFWFD, FWPD, MedStar BACKUPEMS-Talk
68111a9bDMed MC BMember City BACKUPEMS-Talk
Fort Worth Area Hospital
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
67481a5cDBay All SaintsBaylor All SaintsHospital
67641a6cDBay GrapevineBaylor GrapevineHospital
67521a60DCook ChildrensCook ChildrensHospital
67441a58DJPS Em DeptJohn Peter Smith Hospital Emergency DepartmentHospital
67661a6eDMed City NHMedical City North HillsHospital
67681a70DMed Ctr AllianceMedical Center Alliance HospitalHospital
67721a74DMed Ctr ArlingtoMedical Center of ArlingtonHospital
67501a5eDMed PlazaMedical PlazaHospital
67701a72DMem ArlingtonArlington Memorial HospitalHospital
67741a76DMeth MansfieldMethodist Mansfield HospitalHospital
67561a64DTH AllianceTexas Health AllianceHospital
67461a5aDTH HarrisTexas Health Harris Methodist HospitalHospital
67621a6aDTH HEBTexas Health HEBHospital
67581a66DTH HuguleyTexas Health HuguleyHospital
78371e9dDTH MansfieldTexas Health MansfieldHospital
67541a62DTH SouthwestTexas Health SouthwestHospital
Fort Worth Emergency Operations
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
54081520DFW OEMHELPEOC HelpEmergency Ops
54121524DFW EOC-1EOC 1Emergency Ops
54141526DFW EOC-2EOC 2Emergency Ops
54161528DFW EOC-3EOC 3Emergency Ops
5418152aDFW EOCHSP4EOC Hospital 4Emergency Ops
5420152cDFW EOCHSP5EOC Hospital 5Emergency Ops
5422152eDFW EOCHSP6EOC Hospital 6Emergency Ops
54241530DFW EOC-MGEOC Multi-GroupEmergency Ops
5407151fDFW OEMHelp BEOC Help BackupEmergency Ops
54111523DFW EOC-1 BEOC 1 BackupEmergency Ops
54131525DFW EOC-2 BEOC 2 BackupEmergency Ops
54151527DFW EOC-3 BEOC 3 BackupEmergency Ops
54171529DFW EOCHSP4BEOC Hospital 4 BackupEmergency Ops
5419152bDFW EOCHSP5BEOC Hospital 5 BackupEmergency Ops
5421152dDFW EOCHSP6BEOC Hospital 6 BackupEmergency Ops
5423152fDFW EOC-MG BEOC Multi-Group BackupEmergency Ops
75531d81DFW CERTCommunity Emergency Response TeamEmergency Ops
Fort Worth Services (Layer 1)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
529114abDFW Meacham AirptMeacham Airport OpsPublic Works
54271533DFW ENF 1Code Comp Enforce 1Public Works
54291535DFW ENF 2Code Comp Enforce 2Public Works
54311537DFW AnimalCode Comp AnimalPublic Works
54331539DFW Animal 1Code Comp Animal 1Public Works
5435153bDFW Animal 2Code Comp Animal 2Public Works
5437153dDFW Animal 3Code Comp Animal 3Public Works
5439153fDFW HealthCode Comp HealthPublic Works
54411541DFW EM-DACode Comp Dead AnimalPublic Works
54431543DFW EM-IDCCode Comp CollectionPublic Works
54451545DFWCE-MGCode Comp Multi-GroupPublic Works
54471547DFW ES 1Eqpt Srvcs 1Public Works
54491549DFW ES 2Eqpt Srvcs 2Public Works
5451154bDFW ES 3Eqpt Srvcs 3Public Works
5453154dDFW ES-MGEqpt Srvcs Multi-GroupPublic Works
5455154fDFW TPW-1T&PW - Division HeadsPublic Works
54571551DFW TPW-2T&PW - CommonPublic Works
54591553DFW BLDGMAT&PW - Building MaintenancePublic Works
54611555DFW LS-CH1T&PW - Light/Signal 1Public Works
54631557DFW LS-CH2T&PW - Light/Signal 2Public Works
54651559DFW SIGN-MT&PW - Signs/Markings - GEN SVCSPublic Works
5467155bDFW LS-SUPVT&PW - Light/Signal - SupervisorsPublic Works
5469155dDFW GS-SUPVT&PW - General Service - SupvPublic Works
5471155fDFW TSCH2T&PW - Traffic Signal 2Public Works
54731561DFW EN-SUPVT&PW - Engineering SupervisorPublic Works
54751563DFW TPWINT&PW - Construction InspectionPublic Works
54771565DFW SWM-1T&PW - Storm Water Mgt 1Public Works
54791567DFW SWM-2T&PW - Storm Water Mgt 2Public Works
54811569DFW TPW-MGT&PW - Multi-GroupPublic Works
5483156bDFW STAdminStreet - Maint&AdminPublic Works
5485156dDFW STGEMNAStreet - General MaintPublic Works
5487156fDFW ST-SUPVStreet - SupervisorPublic Works
54891571DFW STEMOPStreet - Emergency OpsPublic Works
54911573DFW STS-MGStreet - Multi-GroupPublic Works
54931575DFWPW-AGPublic Works Agency GroupPublic Works
554915adDFW CC-OpsConvention Center OperationsPublic Works
555315b1DFW CC-Pwr/MnConvention Center Power Public Works
555515b3DFW CC-StgConvention Center ArenaPublic Works
556315bbDFW WR-OpsWill Rogers Memorial Center OperationsPublic Works
556915c1DFW WR-Ops2Will Rogers Memorial Center OperationsPublic Works
5709164dDFW ForestryParks ForestryPublic Works
57151653DFW Parks SpEvt 3Parks Special Events 3Public Works
57191657DFW Parks FLDParks FLDPublic Works
77991e77DFWDRC HS OpsFort Worth Day Resource Center - Homeless Shelter OpsPublic Works
Fort Worth Services (Layer 2)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
558015ccDFW Wtr Dsp 1Water Dispatch 1Utilities
558215ceDFW Wtr Dsp 2Water Dispatch 2Utilities
558415d0DFW Wtr Dsp 3Water Dispatch 3Utilities
558615d2DFW Wtr Dsp 4Water Dispatch 4Utilities
558815d4DFW Wtr Dsp 5Water Dispatch 5Utilities
563015feDFW Wtr CstSvWater Water Customer ServiceUtilities
5692163cDFW Wtr VlCr1Water Treatment - Village Creek 1Utilities
56961640DFW Wtr ScrtyWater SecuritySecurity
79661f1eDFW Wtr Pipe ShopWater Pipe ShopUtilities
529214acDFW Spinks AirptSpinks Airport OpsPublic Works
54281534DFW ENF 1 BCode Comp Enforce 1Public Works
54301536DFW ENF 2 BCode Comp Enforce 2Public Works
54321538DFW Animal BCode Comp AnimalPublic Works
5434153aDFW Animal 1BCode Comp Animal 1Public Works
5436153cDFW Animal 2BCode Comp Animal 2Public Works
5438153eDFW Animal 3BCode Comp Animal 3Public Works
54401540DFW Health BCode Comp HealthPublic Works
54421542DFW EM-DA BCode Comp Dead AnimalPublic Works
54441544DFW EM-IDC BCode Comp CollectionPublic Works
54461546DFWCE-MG BCode Comp Multi-GroupPublic Works
54481548DFW ES 1 BEquipment Servcies 1Public Works
5450154aDFW ES 2 BEquipment Servcies 2Public Works
5452154cDFW ES 3 BEquipment Servcies 3Public Works
5454154eDFW ES-MG BEquipment Servcies Multi-GroupPublic Works
54561550DFW TPW-1 BT/PW - Division HeadsPublic Works
54581552DFW TPW-2 BT/PW- CommonPublic Works
54601554DFW BLDGMA BT/PW - Building MaintenancePublic Works
54621556DFW LS-CH1 BT/PW - Light/Signal 1Public Works
54641558DFW LS-CH2 BT/PW - Light/Signal 2Public Works
5466155aDFW SIGN-M BT/PW - Signs/Markings - GEN SVCSPublic Works
5468155cDFW LS-SUPV BT/PW - Light/Signal - SupervisorsPublic Works
5470155eDFW GS-SUPV BT/PW - General Service - SupervisorsPublic Works
54721560DFW TSCH2 BT/PW - Traffic Signal 2Public Works
54741562DFW EN-SUPV BT/PW - Engineering SupervisorPublic Works
54761564DFW TWPIN BT/PW - Construction InspectionPublic Works
54781566DFW SWM-1 BT/PW - Storm Water Management 1Public Works
54801568DFW SWM-2 BT/PW - Storm Water Management 2Public Works
5482156aDFW TPW-MG BT/PW - Multi-GroupPublic Works
5484156cDFW STAdmin BStreet - Maint&AdminPublic Works
5486156eDFW STGEMNA BStreet - General MaintPublic Works
54881570DFW ST-SUPV BStreet - SupervisorPublic Works
54901572DFW STEMOP BStreet - Emergency OpsPublic Works
54921574DFW STS-MG BStreet - Multi-GroupPublic Works
54941576DFWPW-AG BPublic Works Agency GroupPublic Works
556415bcDFW WR OPS BWill Rogers Memorial Center OpsPublic Works
562215f6DFW PMCLNWastewaterPublic Works
56561618DFW E WSTWTR 1East WastewaterPublic Works
72421c4aDFW PW District 3Public Works - District 3Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
658419b8DTM-Bus_OpBus OperationsTransportation
658619baDTM-Bus SupBus SupervisorsTransportation
658819bcDTM-MITS OpMITS OperationsTransportation
659019beDTM-MITS SupMITS SupervisorsTransportation
659619c4DTM-BackupBackup CommunicationsTransportation
73381caaDTM-All CallAll CallTransportation
658319b7DTM-Bus_OP BBus Operations BackupTransportation
658519b9DTM-Bus Sup BBus Supervisors BackupTransportation
658719bbDTM-MITS Op BMITS Operations BackupTransportation
658919bdDTM-MITS SupBMITS Supervisors BackupTransportation
659119bfDTM-Maint BMaintenance BackupTransportation
659319c1DTM-SecurityBSecurity BackupTransportation
659519c3DTM-Backup BBackup Communications BackupTransportation
659719c5DTM-Events BEvents BackupTransportation
Tarrant County Sheriff (Layer 2)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
583416caDTCSO PatrolPatrol DispatchLaw Dispatch
583616ccDTCSO N TalkNorth Car to CarLaw Talk
583816ceDTCSO S TalkSouth Car to CarLaw Talk
584016d0DTCSO InfoInformation Channel Law Talk
5930172aDTCSO TX DOTEmergency Road PatrolLaw Dispatch
5916171cDTCSO JusticeCourthouse SecurityLaw Tac
5918171eDTCSO JusticeCourthouse SecurityLaw Tac
585016daDTCSO Jail 5850Jail OpsCorrections
586016e4DTCSO Jail 5860Jail OpsCorrections
586416e8DTCSO Jail TransJail TransportationCorrections
586816ecDTCSO Jail 5868Jail OpsCorrections
587016eeDTCSO Jail 5870Jail OpsCorrections
587816f6DTCSO Jail 5878Jail OpsCorrections
Tarrant County Constables (Layer 2)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58921704DPrecinct 1Precinct 1Law Dispatch
58941706DPrecinct 2Precinct 2Law Dispatch
58961708DPrecinct 3Precinct 3Law Dispatch
5898170aDPrecinct 4Precinct 4Law Dispatch
5900170cDPrecinct 5Precinct 5Law Dispatch
5902170eDPrecinct 6Precinct 6Law Dispatch
59041710DPrecinct 7Precinct 7Law Dispatch
59061712DPrecinct 8Precinct 8Law Dispatch
59081714DConstablesConstablesLaw Talk
59101716DConst Talk 1Const Talk 1Law Talk
59121718DConst Talk 2Const Talk 2Law Talk
Tarrant County Constables Backup (Layer 1)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
58931705DPrecinct 1 BPrecinct 1 BLaw Dispatch
58951707DPrecinct 2 BPrecinct 2 BLaw Dispatch
58971709DPrecinct 3 BPrecinct 3 BLaw Dispatch
5899170bDPrecinct 4 BPrecinct 4 BLaw Dispatch
5901170dDPrecinct 5 BPrecinct 5 BLaw Dispatch
5903170fDPrecinct 6 BPrecinct 6 BLaw Dispatch
59051711DPrecinct 7 BPrecinct 7 BLaw Dispatch
59071713DPrecinct 8 BPrecinct 8 BLaw Dispatch
59091715DConstables BConstables BLaw Talk
59111717DConst Talk1BConst Talk 1BLaw Talk
59131719DConst Talk2BConst Talk 2BLaw Talk
Tarrant County Fire Alarm

The City of Everman Police Department now houses Tarrant County Regional Communications (formerly Tarrant County Fire Alarm Office). TCRC now dispatches Everman and Forest Hill Police Departments, as well as Azle, Briar-Reno, Eagle Mountain, Edgecliff Village, Everman, Forest Hill, Rendon, and White Settlement Fire Departments. Initial dispatch is toned out on TC Alarm with the respective departments' primary channel multi-selected for station alerting. TC Fire 1 is open for Fort Worth FD monitoring.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
74441d14DTCFA AlarmFire AlarmFire Dispatch
74451d15DTCFA 1BFire 1BFire-Tac
74461d16DTCFA Fire 1Fire 1Fire-Tac
74481d18DTCFA Fire 2Fire 2 - Structure FiresFire-Tac
74501d1aDTCFA Fire 3Fire 3- Structure FiresFire-Tac
74521d1cDTCFA Fire 4Fire 4 - EMSFire-Tac
74541d1eDTCFA Fire 5Fire 5 - MVAsFire-Tac
74561d20DTCFA Fire 6Fire 6 - Other fire types, investigationsFire-Tac
74581d22DTCFA Fire 8Fire 8Fire-Tac
74601d24DTCFA Fire 9Fire 9Fire-Tac
74621d26DTCFA Fire 7Fire 7Fire-Tac
Tarrant County Higher Education
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
68241aa8DTCU PD 1Texas Christian University Police 1Law Dispatch
68261aaaDTCU PD 2Texas Christian University Police 2Law Talk
69021af6DUNT HSC PD1University of North Texas Health Science CenterLaw Dispatch
69121b00DTCC PD 1Tarrant County College PoliceLaw Dispatch
69141b02DTCC PD 2Tarrant County College Police 2Law Talk
69161b04DTCC PD 3Tarrant County College Police 3Law Talk
69181b06DTCC PD 4Tarrant County College Police 3Law Talk
69261b0eDTCC HadleyTarrant County College-Hadley Center of Excellence (Alliance)Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
70631b97TEArl PD CIC 1CIC-1Law Tac
70671b9bTEArl PD E DispEastLaw Dispatch
70681b9cTEArl PD E Talk East TalkLaw Talk
70701b9eTEArl PD N DispNorthLaw Dispatch
70711b9fTEArl PD N TalkNorth TalkLaw Talk
70721ba0TEArl PD S DispSouthLaw Dispatch
70731ba1TEArl PD S TalkSouth TalkLaw Talk
70751ba3TEArl PD Tac 1Tac 1Law Tac
70811ba9TEArl PD W DispWestLaw Dispatch
70821baaTEArl PD W TalkWest TalkLaw Talk
70841bacTEArl PD JailJailCorrections
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
70171b69TArl FD 1Fire Channel 1Fire Dispatch
70181b6aTArl FD 2Fire Channel 2Fire-Tac
70191b6bTArl FD 3 Fire Channel 3Fire-Tac
70201b6cTArl FD 4Fire Channel 4Fire-Tac
70211b6dTArl FD 5Fire Channel 5Fire-Tac
70221b6eTArl FD 6Fire Channel 6Fire-Tac
70231b6fTArl FD 7Fire Channel 7Fire-Tac
70241b70TArl FD 8Fire Channel 8Fire-Tac
70271b73TArl FD TrngFire TrainingFire-Talk
71141bcaTEArl FD Tac 1Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
Arlington Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
70491b89TArl BldgMntBuilding MaintenancePublic Works
70851badTArl Pub WorksPublic WorksPublic Works
70861baeTArl SignalsTraffic SignalsPublic Works
72531c55TArl Ani CtrlAnimal ControlPublic Works
72571c59TArl HandiTrnHandi-TransTransportation

All operations are on the Arlington Site. F groups are typically used at Globe Life Field, G groups at AT&T Stadium.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
69981b56TArlington F 1Arlington F 1Interop
69991b57TArlington F 2Arlington F 2Interop
70001b58TArlington F 3Arlington F 3Interop
70011b59TArlington F 4Arlington F 4Interop
70021b5aTArlington F 5Arlington F 5Interop
70031b5bTArlington F 6Arlington F 6Interop
70041b5cTArlington F 7Arlington F 7Interop
70051b5dTArlington F 8Arlington F 8Interop
70061b5eTArlington F 9Arlington F 9Interop
70071b5fTArlington F10Arlington F10Interop
70081b60TEArlington F11Arlington F11Interop
70091b61TEArlington F12Arlington F12Interop
70101b62TEArlington F13Arlington F13Interop
70111b63TEArlington F14Arlington F14Interop
70121b64TEArlington F15Arlington F15Interop
70131b65TEArlington F16Arlington F16Interop
70311b77TArlington G 1Arlington G 1 (ATT Stadium Dispatch)Interop
70391b7fTArlington G 2Arlington G 2Interop
70401b80TArlington G 3Arlington G 3 (ATT Stadium Ops)Interop
70411b81TArlington G 4Arlington G 4Interop
70421b82TArlington G 5Arlington G 5 (ATT Stadium Ops)Interop
70431b83TArlington G 6Arlington G 6Interop
70441b84TArlington G 7Arlington G 7 (ATT Stadium PIC)Interop
70451b85TArlington G 8Arlington G 8Interop
70461b86TArlington G 9Arlington G 9Interop
70321b78TArlington G10Arlington G10Interop
70331b79TEArlington G11Arlington G11Interop
70341b7aTEArlington G12Arlington G12Interop
70351b7bTEArlington G13Arlington G13 (ATT Stadium Ops)Interop
70361b7cTEArlington G14Arlington G14Interop
70371b7dTEArlington G15Arlington G15Interop
70381b7eTEArlington G16Arlington G16Interop
University of Texas, Arlington
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
70981bbaTUTA PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
71021bbeTUTA PD TalkPolice TalkLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
77101e1eDAzle PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
77121e20DAzle PD TacPolice TacticalLaw Tac
77201e28DAzle Fire 1Fire Ch. 1 (Layer 2)Fire Dispatch
77221e2aDAzle Fire 2Fire Ch. 2 (Layer 2)Fire-Tac
79061ee2DAzle ISD PDAzle ISD Police Department Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
76301dceDBenbrook FD AlrtFire Alerts (460.350 MHz) (Layer 2)Fire Dispatch
76321dd0DBenbrook FD DispFire Dispatch (Layer 2)Fire Dispatch
76421ddaDBenbrook PD DispPolice Dispatch (Layer 2)Law Dispatch

Dispatched by Lake Worth`

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
78981edaDBlue Mound PD 1Police 1Law Dispatch
79001edcDBlue Mound PD 2Police 2Law Tac
75901da6DBlue Mound FDFire Department (Layer 2)Fire Dispatch
Briar-Reno Fire Department

Covers portions of Tarrant, Parker and Wise Counties

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
77001e14DBrian-Reno FireBriar-Reno Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
66641a08DEBur PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
66651a09DEBur PD Disp2Police Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
66661a0aDEBur PD TacPolice TacticalLaw Tac
66671a0bDEBur PD SWAT1SWAT 1Law Tac
66681a0cDEBur PD SWAT2SWAT 2Law Tac
66691a0dDEBur PD Spec Police Special EventLaw Talk
66701a0eDEBur PD TraffPolice TrafficLaw Talk
66711a0fDEBur PD MarshPolice MarshalLaw Talk
665519ffDBur FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
66561a00DBur FD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
66571a01DBur FD 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
66581a02DBur FD 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
66591a03DBur FD 5Fire 5Fire-Tac
66601a04DBur FD FMOFire MarshalFire-Talk
66611a05DBur FD SpcEvFire Special Event 1Fire-Talk
66741a12DBur EOC 1EOC 1Emergency Ops
66751a13DBur EOC 2EOC 2Emergency Ops
66761a14DBur CWPS 1City Wide Public Safety 1Multi-Tac
66771a15DBur CWPS 2City Wide Public Safety 2Multi-Tac
66781a16DBur PW1Public Works 1Public Works
66791a17DBur PW2Public Works 2Public Works
66811a19DBur PW UtilPublic Works UtilityPublic Works
66821a1aDBur ACOAnimal ControlPublic Works

Crowley uses Site 4 Johnson County Simulcast Layer for operations, PD is fully encrypted.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5978175aDECR PD Pat1Police Patrol 1Law Dispatch
5980175cDECR PD TrafPolice TrafficLaw Talk
5982175eDECR PD CIDPolice CIDLaw Talk
59841760DECR PD SROPolice SROLaw Talk
59861762DECR PD AdminPolice AdminLaw Talk
59881764DECR PD SpcOpsPolice Special OpsLaw Talk
59901766DECR PD Pat2Police Patrol 2Law Talk
59921768DECR PD CourtPolice CourtLaw Talk
5994176aDECR PD CrmScnPolice Crime SceneLaw Talk
5996176cDECR PD SpEvntPolice Special EventsLaw Talk
5998176eDECR PD TrainPolice TrainingLaw Talk
60001770DECR PD Tac1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
60021772DECR PD Tac2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
60041774DECR PD Tac3Police Tactical 3Law Tac
60061776DCR FD AlarmFire AlarmFire Dispatch
60081778DCR FD 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
6010177aDCR FD 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
6012177cDCR FD 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
6014177eDCR FD 5Fire 5Fire-Tac
60161780DCR FD StageFire StagingFire-Tac
60181782DCR FD EMS1Fire EMS 1EMS-Tac
60201784DCR FD EMS2Fire EMS 2EMS-Tac
60221786DCR FD SpcOpsFire Special OpsFire-Talk
60241788DCR FD SpEvt1Fire Special Events 1Fire-Talk
6026178aDCR FD SpEvt2Fire Special Events 2Fire-Talk
6028178cDCR FD TrainFire Training 1Fire-Talk
6030178eDCR FD Train2Fire Training 2Fire-Talk
60321790DCR FD AdminFire AdminFire-Talk
605217a4DCR EOC 1EOC 1Emergency Ops
605417a6DCR EOC 2EOC 2Emergency Ops
6044179cDCR CityWid1City Wide 1Multi-Talk
6046179eDCR CiteWid2City Wide 2Multi-Talk
604817a0DCR SpEvnt1Special Events 1Multi-Talk
60341792DCR PW AnConPW Animal ControlPublic Works
60361794DCR PW StreetPW Street DeptPublic Works
60381796DCR PW WaterPW Water DeptPublic Works
60401798DCR PW ParksPW Parks DeptPublic Works
6042179aDCR PW AdminPW AdminPublic Works
607617bcDCR ATGAgency GroupMulti-Talk
5979175bDECR PD Pat1BPolice Patrol 1 BackupLaw Dispatch
5981175dDECR PD TrafBPolice Traffic BackupLaw Talk
5983175fDECR PD CID BPolice CID BackupLaw Talk
59851761DECR PD SRO BPolice SRO BackupLaw Talk
59871763DECR PD AdminBPolice Admin BackupLaw Talk
59891765DECR PD SpcOpBPolice Special Ops BackupLaw Talk
59911767DECR PD Pat2BPolice Patrol 2 BackupLaw Talk
59931769DECR PD CourtBPolice Court BackupLaw Talk
5995176bDECR PD CrmScBPolice Crime Scene BackupLaw Talk
5997176dDECR PD SpEvntPolice Special Events BackupLaw Talk
5999176fDECR PD TrainBPolice Training BackupLaw Talk
60011771DECR PD Tac1 BPolice Tactical 1 BackupLaw Tac
60031773DECR PD Tac2 BPolice Tactical 2 BackupLaw Tac
60051775DECR PD Tac3 BPolice Tactical 3 BackupLaw Tac
60091779DCR FD 2BFire 2 BackupFire-Tac
6011177bDCR FD 3BFire 3 BackupFire-Tac
6013177dDCR FD 4BFire 4 BackupFire-Tac
6015177fDCR FD 5BFire 5 BackupFire-Tac
60171781DCR FD StageBFire Staging BackupFire-Tac
60191783DCR FD EMS1 BFire EMS 1 BackupEMS-Tac
60211785DCR FD EMS2 BFire EMS 2 BackupEMS-Tac
60231787DCR FD SpcOpBFire Special Ops BackupFire-Talk
60251789DCR FD SpEv1BFire Special Events 1 BackupFire-Talk
6027178bDCR FD SoEv2BFire Special Events 2 BackupFire-Talk
6029178dDCR FD TrainBFire Training 1 BackupFire-Talk
6031178fDCR FD Trai2BFire Training 2 BackupFire-Talk
60331791DCR FD AdminBFire Admin BackupFire-Talk
605317a5DCR EOC 1 BEOC 1 BackupEmergency Ops
605517a7DCR EOC 2 BEOC 2 BackupEmergency Ops
6045179dDCR CityWi1BCity Wide 1 BackupMulti-Talk
6047179fDCR CityWi2BCity Wide 2 BackupMulti-Talk
60351793DCR PW AnConBPW Animal Control BackupPublic Works
60371795DCR PW StreeBPW Street Dept BackupPublic Works
60391797DCR PW WaterBPW Water Dept BackupPublic Works
60411799DCR PW ParksBPW Parks Dept BackupPublic Works
6043179bDCR PW AdminBPW Admin BackupPublic Works
607717bdDCR ATG BAgency Group BackupMulti-Talk
79231ef3DCRISD PD 1 BCrowley ISD Police 1 BLaw Tac
79241ef4DCRISD PD 1 Crowley ISD Police 1 Law Tac
79251ef5DCRISD PD 2 BCrowley ISD Police 2 B Law Tac
79261ef6DCRISD PD 2Crowley ISD Police 2 Law Tac
79271ef7DCRISD PD 3 BCrowley ISD Police 3 BLaw Tac
79281ef8DCRISD PD 3Crowley ISD Police 3 Law Tac
Dalworthington Gardens
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
72611c5dDEDG PolicePoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
77541e4aDEagle Mtn Fire 1Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
75941daaDEverman PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
75961dacDEverman PD 2Police 2Law Tac
76001db0DEverman Fire 1Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
Forest Hill (Primary Layer 2)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
611817e6DeFHPD Disp 1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
612017e8DFHPD 1Police PD 1Law Tac
612217eaDFHPD 2Police PD 2Law Tac
612417ecDFHPD AdminPolice AdminLaw Talk
612617eeDFHPD CIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
613017f2DFHPD TactPolice TacticalLaw Tac
613217f4DFHPD Talk 1Police Talk 1Law Talk
613417f6DFHPD Talk 2Police Talk 2Law Talk
613617f8DFHPD Talk 3Police Talk 3Law Talk
613817faDFHPD Talk 4Police Talk 4Law Talk
614017fcDFHPD Talk 5Police Talk 5Law Talk
614217feDFHPD Talk 6Police Talk 6Law Talk
61441800DFHPD Talk 7Police Talk 7Law Talk
61461802DFHPD Talk 8Police Talk 8Law Talk
608417c4DFH AnncGrpAnnouncement GroupMulti-Talk
608617c6DFHFR DispFire Rescue DispatchFire Dispatch
608817c8DFHFR FG 1Fire Rescue Fire/Ground 1Fire-Tac
609017caDFHFR FG 2Fire Rescue Fire/Ground 2Fire-Tac
609217ccDFHFR CmdFire Rescue CommandFire-Talk
609417ceDFHFR TrngFire Rescue TrainingFire-Talk
609617d0DFHFR TG6Fire RescueFire-Talk
609817d2DFHFR TG7Fire RescueFire-Talk
610417d8DFHFR TG10Fire RescueFire-Talk
610617daDFHFR TG11Fire RescueFire-Talk
610817dcDFHFR TG12Fire RescueFire-Talk
611017deDFHFR TG13Fire RescueFire-Talk
611217e0DFHFR TG14Fire RescueFire-Talk
611417e2DFHFR TG15Fire RescueFire-Talk
611617e4DFHFR TG16Fire RescueFire-Talk
610017d4DFHFR TG8Fire RescueFire-Talk
610217d6DFHFR TG9Fire RescueFire-Talk
Forest Hill (Backup Layer 1)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
611917e7DFHPD Disp 1BPolice Dispatch BackupLaw Dispatch
612117e9DFHPD 1 BPolice PD 1Law Tac
612317ebDFHPD 2 BPolice PD 2Law Tac
612517edDFHPD AdminBPolice AdminLaw Talk
612717efDFHPD CID BPolice CIDLaw Tac
612917f1DFHPD Traff BPolice TrafficLaw Tac
613117f3DFHPD Tact BPolice TacticalLaw Tac
613317f5DFHPD Talk 1BPolice Talk 1Law Talk
613517f7DFHPD Talk 2BPolice Talk 2Law Talk
613717f9DFHPD Talk 3BPolice Talk 3Law Talk
613917fbDFHPD Talk 4BPolice Talk 4Law Talk
614117fdDFHPD Talk 5BPolice Talk 5Law Talk
614317ffDFHPD Talk 6BPolice Talk 6Law Talk
61451801DFHPD Talk 7BPolice Talk 7Law Talk
61471803DFHPD Talk 8BPolice Talk 8Law Talk
608517c5DFH AnncGrp BAnnouncement Group BackupMulti-Talk
608717c7DFHFR Disp BFire Rescue Dispatch BackupFire Dispatch
608917c9DFHFR FG 1 BFire Rescue Fire/Ground 1Fire-Tac
609117cbDFHFR FG 2 BFire Rescue Fire/Ground 2Fire-Tac
609317cdDFHFR Cmd BFire Rescue CommandFire-Talk
609517cfDFHFR Trng BFire Rescue TrainingFire-Talk
609717d1DFHFR TG6 BFire RescueFire-Talk
609917d3DFHFR TG7 BFire RescueFire-Talk
610117d5DFHFR TG8 BFire RescueFire-Talk
610317d7DFHFR TG9 BFire RescueFire-Talk
610517d9DFHFR TG10 BFire RescueFire-Talk
610717dbDFHFR TG11 BFire RescueFire-Talk
610917ddDFHFR TG12 BFire RescueFire-Talk
611117dfDFHFR TG13 BFire RescueFire-Talk
611317e1DFHFR TG14 BFire RescueFire-Talk
611517e3DFHFR TG15 BFire RescueFire-Talk
611717e5DFHFR TG16 BFire RescueFire-Talk

Haslet Fire is dispatched by FWFD Locution on Haslet Fire 1, and responds on FWFD talkgroups.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
76901e0aDHaslet Fire 1Fire 1 Locution DispatchFire Dispatch
76921e0cDHaslet Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
76941e0eDHaslet Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
76961e10DHaslet Fire 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
76981e12DHaslet Fire 5Fire 5Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
661819daDKen PD Pat 1Police Patrol 1Law Dispatch
662019dcDKen PD Pat 2Police Patrol 2Law Dispatch
662219deDKen PD Talk1Police Talk 1Law Talk
662419e0DKen PD Tac-1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
662619e2DKen PD Tac-2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
662819e4DKen PD Dtl 1Police Detail 1Law Talk
661919dbDKen PD Pat1BPolice Patrol 1 BackupLaw Dispatch
662119ddDKen PD Pat2BPolice Patrol 2 BackupLaw Dispatch
662319dfDKen PD Tlk1BPolice Talk 1 BackupLaw Talk
662519e1DKen PD Tac1BPolice Tactical 1 BackupLaw Tac
662719e3DKen PD Tac2BPolice Tactical 2 BackupLaw Tac
662919e5DKen PD Det1BPolice Detail 1 BackupLaw Talk
663419eaDKen FD AlarmFire AlarmFire Dispatch
663619ecDKen FD Fire1Fire 1Fire-Tac
663819eeDKen FD Fire2Fire 2Fire-Tac
664019f0DKen FD Fire2Fire 3Fire-Tac
664219f2DKen FD EOCFire Emergency Operations CenterEmergency Ops
663519ebDKen FD AlrmBFire Alarm BackupFire Dispatch
663719edDKen FD Fir1BFire 1 BackupFire-Tac
663919efDKen FD Fir2BFire 2 BackupFire-Tac
664119f1DKen FD Fir3BFire 3 BackupFire-Tac
664319f3DKen FD EOC BFire EOC BackupEmergency Ops

Fire is dispatched by Fort Worth Fire Alarm.  Police use Layer 2.

Northwest Emergency Communications Center (NWECC) dispatches Lake Worth PD, Lakeside PD, Bluemound PD, and Saginaw PD.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
74121cf4DLake Worth FDFireFire Dispatch
74241d00DNWECC PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
74261d02DNWECC PD 2Police 2Law Tac
74301d06DNWECC PD Tac 3Police Tactical 3Law Tac
74361d0cDLW Pub WorksPublic WorksPublic Works
74381d0eDLW Pub Works 2Public Works 2Public Works
78041e7cDLWISD LCMSLake Worth ISD Lucyle Collins Middle SchoolSchools
78061e7eDLWISD LWHSLake Worth ISD Lake Worth High SchoolSchools
78141e86DLWISD EMESLake Worth ISD Effie Morris ElementarySchools
78221e8eDLWISD TransLake Worth ISD TransportationSchools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
61481804DMans PD MGPolice MultiGroupLaw Talk
61491805DMans PD Pat1Police Patrol 1 (Dispatch)Law Dispatch
61501806DMans PD Pat2Police Patrol 2Law Talk
61511807DMans PD Pat3Police Patrol 3Law Talk
61521808DMans PD TA1Police Talk 1Law Talk
61531809DMans PD TA2Police Talk 2Law Talk
6154180aDMans PD SupvPolice SupervisorLaw Talk
6155180bDMans PD Tac1Police Tac 1Law Tac
6156180cDMans PD Tac2Police Tac 2Law Tac
6157180dDMans PD Tac3Police Tac 3Law Tac
6158180eDMans PD TaskPolice Task-ForceLaw Tac
6159180fDMans PD CID1Police CID 1Law Talk
61601810DMans PD Evt1Police Event 1Law Talk
61611811DMans PD Evt2Police Event 2Law Talk
660619ceDMans PD Evt3Police Event 3Law Talk
660719cfDMans PD Evt4Police Event 4Law Talk
6171181bDMans PD LEC1Police LEC Jail 1Corrections
6172181cDMans PD LEC2Police LEC Jail 2Corrections
6173181dDMans PD LECSPolice LEC SupervisorCorrections
660519cdDMans PD LEC3Police LEC Jail 3Corrections
79611f19DMans ISD PD SROISD SROLaw Tac
61621812DMans FD MGFire MultiGroupFire-Talk
61631813DMans FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
61641814DMans FD FG 1Fire Fireground 1Fire-Tac
61651815DMans FD FG 2Fire Fireground 2Fire-Tac
61661816DMans FD FG 3Fire Fireground 3Fire-Tac
61671817DMans FD FG 4Fire Fireground 4Fire-Tac
61681818DMans FD FG 5Fire Fireground 5Fire-Tac
61691819DMans FD FG 6Fire Fireground 6Fire-Tac
6170181aDMans AirMedAirmedEMS-Tac
665019faDMans FD TrngFire TrainingFire-Talk
665419feDMans FD MMCMansfield Methodist Medical CenterHospital
6174181eDMans AnimalCAnimal ControlPublic Works
73211c99DMans Water 1Water 1Utilities
73221c9aDMans Water 2Water 2Utilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
68841ae4DRich Hills PW 1Public Works 1Public Works

Fire is dispatched by Fort Worth Fire Alarm.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
74641d28DRiver Oaks PDPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
75181d5eDCastleberry ISDCastleberry ISD PoliceLaw Talk

Saginaw operates on Layer 2.  Fire is dispatched by Fort Worth Fire Alarm.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
75321d6cDSaginaw Fire AlmFire AlarmFire Dispatch
75341d6eDSaginaw Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
75361d70DSaginaw Fire 3Fire 3Fire-Tac
75381d72DSaginaw Fire 4Fire 4Fire-Tac
75421d76DSaginaw PD 1PD Patrol 1Law Dispatch
75441d78DSaginaw PD 2PD 2Law Tac
75561d84DSaginaw EventsEvents (PD and FD)Multi-Talk
79131ee9DEMSID PDEagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD PDLaw Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
74781d36DSansom Pk PDPolice Dispatch (also dispatches Pelican Bay PD)Law Dispatch
74821d3aDSansom Pk PD 2PoliceLaw Tac
74881d40DSansom Pk FDFireFire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
579916a7DWestoverHill PD1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
580116a9DWestoverHill PD2Police Patrol 2Law Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
73431cafDWWPD PatrolWestworth/Lakeside Police Patrol (Layer 1)Law Dispatch
73441cb0DWWPD Patrol Westworth/Lakeside Police Patrol (Layer 2)Law Dispatch
73451cb1DWWV Police 2Police 2Law Tac
73471cb3DWWV Police 3Police 3Law Tac
73491cb5DWWV Police 4Police 4Law Tac

White Settlement Dispatch is now dispatching for White Settlement and Westworth PDs as a combined dispatch on TGID 7285.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
72851c75DWhite Setlmt PDPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
72871c77DWhite Stelmt FDFire DispatchFire Dispatch
Combined Dispatch (Layer 2)

N Richland Hills, Richland Hills, Haltom City, and Watauga urilize Combined Dispatch on Layer 2

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
62301856DNRHW PD Pat1NRHW Police Patrol 1Law Dispatch
62141846DNRHW PD PICNRHW Police PICLaw Talk
62321858DNRHW PD Pat2NRHW Police Patrol 2Law Dispatch
62241850DNRHW PD Tlk1NRHW Police Talk 1Law Talk
62261852DNRHW PD Tlk2NRHW Police Talk 2Law Talk
62281854DNRHW PD TrafNRHW Police TrafficLaw Tac
6218184aDNRHW PD SRONRHW Police SROLaw Talk
6202183aDNRHW PD CIDNRHW Police CIDLaw Talk
62161848DNRHW PD SpecNRHW Police Special EnforcementLaw Tac
6204183cDNRHW PD Dtl1NRHW Police Detail 1Law Tac
6206183eDNRHW PD Dtl2NRHW Police Detail 2Law Tac
62081840DNRHW PD Dtl3NRHW Police Detail 3Law Tac
62101842DNRHW PD Dtl4NRHW Police Detail 4Law Tac
6222184eDNRHW PD TacPNRHW Police Tactical PerimeterLaw Tac
6220184cDNRHW PD TacNRHW Police TacticalLaw Tac
61841828DNRHW FD AlrmNRHW Fire AlarmFire Dispatch
6186182aDNRHW FD 2NRHW Fire 2Fire-Tac
6188182cDNRHW FD 3NRHW Fire 3Fire-Tac
6190182eDNRHW FD 4NRHW Fire 4Fire-Tac
61921830DNRHW FD 5NRHW Fire 5Fire-Tac
61941832DNRHW FD 6NRHW Fire 6Fire-Tac
61961834DNRHW FD 7NRHW Fire 7Fire-Tac
62121844DNRHW FD PFNRHW Fire PFFire-Talk
61981836DNRHW OEM 1NRHW OEM 1Emergency Ops
62001838DNRHW OEM 2NRHW OEM 2Emergency Ops
61821826DNRHW ACONRHW Animal ControlPublic Works
Northeast Tarrant (Site 3)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6414190eDNET PD Pat 1Combined Patrol 1 (Colleyville, Southlake, Keller, Westlake)Law Dispatch
6415190fDNET PD TCICCombined Dispatch TCICLaw Talk
64161910DNET PD TrafCombined Dispatch TrafficLaw Talk
64171911DNET FD AlarmCombined Fire 1 Alarm (Colleyville, Southlake, Keller, Westlake)Fire Dispatch
64181912DNET FD2 RespCombined Fire 2 ResponseFire-Tac
64211915DNET FD 5Northeast Tarrant Fire 5Fire-Tac
64221916DNET FD 6Northeast Tarrant Fire 6Fire-Tac
64231917DNET FD 7Northeast Tarrant Fire 7Fire-Tac
6458193aDNE-Police 5Police 5Law Tac
6459193bDNE-Police 6Police 6Law Tac
6460193cDNE-Police 7Police 7Law Tac
6461193dDNE PD Tact 2Tactical 2Law Tac
6462193eDNE PD Tact 3Tactical 3Law Tac
6463193fDNE PD Tact 4Tactical 4Law Tac
64571939DNE-OEMNE Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
64641940DNE Fire 5Fire 5Fire-Tac
64651941DNE Fire 6Fire 6Fire-Tac
64661942DNE Fire 7Fire 7Fire-Tac
64721948DNE-ArsonNE Arson Task ForceFire-Talk
64691945DNE-Airport 1DFW Airport Mutual Aid 1Interop
64701946DNE Airport 2DFW Airport Mutual Aid 2Multi-Tac
64711947DNE-Airport 3DFW Airport Mutual Aid 3Interop
6443192bDNE-System 1System Wide 1Interop
6444192cDNE-System 2System Wide 2Interop
6445192dDNE-System 3System Wide 3Interop
6446192eDNE-System 4System Wide 4Interop
6447192fDNE-System 5System Wide 5Interop
64481930DNE-System 6System Wide 6Interop
64491931DNE-System 7ESystem Wide 7Interop
64501932DNE-System 8ESystem Wide 8Interop
64511933DNE-System 9ESystem Wide 9Interop
64521934DNE-M-HEBHarris Methodist HEBHospital
64541936DNE-M-BAYGPVBaylor GrapevineHospital
64551937DNE-M-NHILLSNorth Hills Medical CenterHospital
64671943DNE-PW-1Public Works All 1Public Works
64681944DNE-PW-2Public Works All 2Public Works
64561938DNE-BACKDOORSystem AdministratorsBusiness
64731949DNE-Moto-1Motorola 1Business
6474194aDNE-Moto-2Motorola 2Business
6475194bDNE-Moto-3Motorola 3Business
6476194cDNE-Moto-4Motorola 4Business
6477194dDNE-Moto-5Motorola 5Business
6234185aDBed PD Pat 1Bedford Police Patrol 1Law Dispatch
6235185bDBed PD ComSrBedford Police Community ServicesLaw Tac
6236185cDBed PD TrafBedford Police TrafficLaw Tac
6237185dDBed PD TactBedford Police TacticalLaw Tac
6238185eDBed PD CIDBedford Police CIDLaw Talk
6239185fDBed PD AdminBedford Police AdminLaw Talk
62401860DBed PD JailBedford Police JailCorrections
62411861DBed PD TCICBedford Police TCICLaw Talk
62421862DBed Event 1Bedford Events 1Multi-Talk
62441864DBed FD AlarmBedford Fire AlarmFire Dispatch
62451865DBed FD 2Bedford Fire 2Fire-Tac
62461866DBed FD 3Bedford Fire 3Fire-Tac
62471867DBed FD 4Bedford Fire 4Fire-Tac
62481868DBed FD ArsonBedford ArsonFire-Talk
62491869DBed EmgtBedford Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
62331859DBed AllBedford City Wide AnnouncementMulti-Dispatch
62431863DBed Ani CtrlBedford Animal ControlPublic Works
6250186aDBed StreetBedford StreetsPublic Works
6251186bDBed CodeBedford Code EnforcementPublic Works
6252186cDBed ParkBedford ParksPublic Works
6253186dDBed PW WaterBedford WaterPublic Works
62631877DCol PD Pat 2Colleyville Police Patrol 2Law Tac
62641878DCol PD Pat 3Colleyville Police Patrol 3Law Tac
62651879DCol PD CIDColleyville Police CIDLaw Talk
6266187aDCol PD AdminColleyville Police AdminLaw Talk
6267187bDCol Event 1Colleyville Events 1Multi-Talk
6268187cDCol Event 2Colleyville Events 2Multi-Talk
6269187dDCol AnimalColleyville Animal ControlPublic Works
6270187eDCol FD 3Colleyville Fire 3Fire-Tac
6271187fDCol FD 4Colleyville Fire 4Fire-Tac
62721880DCol FD AdminColleyville Fire AdminFire-Talk
62731881DCol EmgMgtColleyville Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
62741882DCol PW DispColleyville Public WorksPublic Works
62751883DCol UtilityColleyville Utility BillingPublic Works
62761884DCol StreetColleyville StreetsPublic Works
62771885DCol ParksColleyville ParksPublic Works
62781886DCol EngrColleyville EngineeringPublic Works
632418b4DEul PD Pat 1Euless Police Patrol 1Law Dispatch
632518b5DEul PD Pat 2Euless Police Patrol 2Law Tac
632618b6DEul PD Pat 3Euless Police Patrol 3Law Tac
632718b7DEul PD Pat 4Euless Police Patrol 4Law Tac
632818b8DEul PD CIDEuless Police CIDLaw Talk
632918b9DEul PD ServiEuless Police ServicesLaw Talk
633018baDEul PD TactEuless Police TacticalLaw Tac
633118bbDEul AmlCtlEuless Animal ControlPublic Works
633218bcDEul FD DispEuless Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
633318bdDEul FD 2Euless Fire 2Fire Dispatch
633418beDEul FD 3Euless Fire 3Fire-Tac
633518bfDEul FD 4Euless Fire 4 Automated Voice DispatchFire Dispatch
633618c0DEul FMOEuless Fire Marshall's OfficeFire-Talk
633718c1DEul EmgtEuless Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
632318b3DEul AllEuless City Wide AnnouncementMulti-Dispatch
633818c2DEul City-1Euless City Wide 1Multi-Tac
633918c3DEul City-2Euless City Wide 2Multi-Tac
634018c4DEul ParksEuless ParksPublic Works
634118c5DEul PWEuless Public WorksPublic Works
634218c6DEul CodeEuless Code EnforcementPublic Works
635318d1DGrp AllGrapevine City Wide AnnouncementMulti-Dispatch
635418d2DGrp PD DispGrapevine Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
635518d3DGrp PD 2Grapevine Police 2Law Talk
635618d4DGrp PD CIDGrapevine Police CIDLaw Talk
635718d5DGrp PD TactGrapevine Police TacticalLaw Tac
635818d6DGrp PD AdminGrapevine Police AdminLaw Talk
635918d7DGrp PD SpOpGrapevine Police Special OpsLaw Tac
636218daDGrp Event 2Grapevine Events 2Multi-Talk
636318dbDGrp Event 3Grapevine Events 3Multi-Talk
636418dcDGrp Event 4Grapevine Events 4Multi-Talk
636518ddDGrp FD AlarmGrapevine Fire AlarmFire Dispatch
636618deDGrp FD 2Grapevine Fire 2Fire-Tac
636718dfDGrp FD 3Grapevine Fire 3Fire-Tac
636818e0DGrp FD 4Grapevine Fire 4Fire-Tac
636918e1DGrp FD AdmGrapevine Fire AdminFire-Talk
637018e2DGrp FD TrngGrapevine Fire TrainingFire-Talk
637118e3DGrp EMGTGrapevine Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
636018d8DGrp Ani CtrlGrapevine Animal ControlPublic Works
636118d9DGrp Event 1Grapevine Event 1Multi-Talk
637218e4DGrp StreetGrapevine StreetsPublic Works
637318e5DGrp WaterGrapevine WaterPublic Works
637418e6DGrp ParksGrapevine ParksPublic Works
637518e7DGrp CodeGrapevine Code EnforcementPublic Works
637618e8DGrp CVBGrapevine Convention & Visitors BureauBusiness
62931895DKel PD Pat 2Keller Police Patrol 2Law Tac
62941896DKel PD Pat 3Keller Police Patrol 3Law Tac
62951897DKel PD TactKeller Police TacticalLaw Tac
62961898DKel PD CID 1Keller Police CID 1Law Talk
62971899DKel PD CID 2Keller Police CID 2Law Talk
6298189aDKel Event 1Keller Events 1Multi-Talk
6299189bDKel Event 2Keller Events 2Multi-Talk
6300189cDKel FD 3Keller Fire 3Fire-Tac
6301189dDKel FD 4Keller Fire 4Fire-Tac
6302189eDKel EOC-1Keller Emergency Management 1Emergency Ops
6303189fDKel EOC-2Keller Emergency Management 2Emergency Ops
630418a0DKel StreetsKeller StreetsPublic Works
630518a1DKel WtrSwrKeller Water & SewerPublic Works
630618a2DKel Park 1Keller Parks 1Public Works
630718a3DKel Park 2Keller Parks 2Public Works
630818a4DKel InspctKeller Building InspectorsPublic Works
630918a5DKel UTBillKeller Utility BillingPublic Works
638318efDSLk PD Pat 2Southlake Police Patrol 2Law Tac
638418f0DSLk PD Pat 3Southlake Police Patrol 3Law Tac
638518f1DSLk PD CID 1Southlake Police CID 1Law Talk
638618f2DSLk PD TactSouthlake Police TacticalLaw Tac
64001900DSLk PD CID 2Southlake Police CID 2Law Talk
638718f3DSLk Event 1Southlake Events 1Multi-Talk
638818f4DSLk Event 2Southlake Events 2Multi-Talk
638918f5DSLk Event 3Southlake Events 3Multi-Talk
639018f6DSLk Event 4Southlake Events 4Multi-Talk
639118f7DSLk SL-1Southlake CitywideMulti-Dispatch
639218f8DSLk AdminSouthlake AdministrationMulti-Tac
639318f9DSLk FD 3Southlake Fire 3Fire-Tac
639418faDSLk FD 4Southlake Fire 4Fire-Tac
639518fbDSLk EOCSouthlake Emergency ManagementEmergency Ops
639618fcDSLk WaterSouthlake WaterPublic Works
639718fdDSLk SewerSouthlake SewerPublic Works
639818feDSLk StreetsSouthlake StreetsPublic Works
639918ffDSLk ParksSouthlake ParksPublic Works
64191913DWLk FD 3Westlake Fire 3Fire-Tac
64201914DWLk FD 4Westlake Fire 4Fire-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
70571b91TPantego FireFire DispatchFire Dispatch
70591b93DePantego PDPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
77851e69DSWBTS PolicePoliceLaw Dispatch
Dallas County Sheriff/Constables (Dallas Layer 2)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3504988e9TDSO Jail HospJail Hospital Corrections
3505088eaTDSO 2 InfoWarrants/InformationLaw Tac
3505188ebTDSO 5 DispPatrol DispatchLaw Dispatch
3505288ecTDSO 11 TrafTrafficLaw Tac
3505688f0TDSO Bailiffs Courthouse/Bailiffs Law Talk
3506788fbTDSO TF1Task Force 1 (Sally Port)Law Tac
3506888fcTDSO TF2Task Force 2Law Tac
3506988fdTDSO TF3Task Force 3Law Tac
3507088feTDSO TF4Task Force 4Law Tac
3507188ffTDSO TF5Task Force 5Law Tac
350728900TDSO TF6Task Force 6Law Tac
350738901TDSO TF7Task Force 7Law Tac
350748902TDSO TF8Task Force 8Law Tac
350758903TDSO Trning 11Training 1Law Talk
350768904TDSO Trning 12Training 2Law Talk
350778905TDSO Trning 13Training 3Law Talk
350788906TDSO Con All 1Constables All 1Law Tac
350798907TDSO Con All 2Constables All 2Law Tac
350808908TDSO Con All 3Constables All 3Law Tac
350818909TDSO Con Pct 1Constables Precinct 1Law Dispatch
35082890aTDSO Con Pct 2Constables Precinct 2 Law Dispatch
35083890bTDSO Con Pct 3Constables Precinct 3Law Dispatch
35084890cTDSO Con Pct 4Constables Precinct 4Law Dispatch
35085890dTDSO Con Pct 5Constables Precinct 5Law Dispatch
351058921TDSO JJC ControlJuvenile Justice Center Inmate Control Corrections
351068922TDSO JJC OpsJuvenile Justice Center OperationsCorrections
351128928TDSO JJC AEPJuvenile Justice Alternative Education ProgramCorrections
351428946TDSO Event 1Event 1Law Tac
351438947TDSO Event 2Event 2Law Tac
351448948TDSO Event 3Event 3Law Tac
351458949TDSO Event 4Event 4Law Tac
35146894aTDSO Event 5Event 5Law Tac
Dallas County Fire Rescue
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
35150894eTDCFR 1 FireFire 1 Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
35151894fTDCFR 2 EMSFire 2 EMS Dispatch (Medical Jets)EMS Dispatch
Dallas County Services
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3501088c2TDal Co R&B 35010Road & Bridge 35010Public Works
3501188c3TDal Co R&B 35011Road & Bridge 35011Public Works
3501288c4TDal Co R&B 35012Road & Bridge 35012Public Works
3501388c5TDal Co R&B 35013Road & Bridge 35013Public Works
3501488c6TDal Co R&B 35014Road & Bridge 35014Public Works
3501588c7TDal Co R&B 35015Road & Bridge 35015Public Works
3501688c8TDal Co R&B 35016Road & Bridge 35016Public Works
3501788c9TDal Co R&B 35017Road & Bridge 35017Public Works
3501888caTDal Co R&B 35018Road & Bridge 35018Public Works
3506188f5TDal Co Bld SecBuilding SecuritySecurity
Dallas Police Central
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
310117923TDPD Cent DispCentral DispatchLaw Dispatch
310127924TEDPD Cent Sec ACentral Secure ALaw Tac
310137925TEDPD Cent Sec BCentral Secure BLaw Tac
310147926TDPD Cent TalkCentral TalkLaw Talk
310157927TDPD Cent SpecEvtCentral Special EventLaw Tac
3120179e1TEDPD Cent Depl ACentral Deployment ALaw Tac
3120279e2TEDPD Cent Depl BCentral Deployment BLaw Tac
3122179f5TEDPD Cent CRT ACentral CRT ALaw Tac
3122279f6TEDPD Cent CRT BCentral CRT BLaw Tac
Dallas Police North East
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
31021792dTDPD NE DispNortheast DispatchLaw Dispatch
31022792eTEDPD NE Sec ANortheast Secure ALaw Tac
31023792fTEDPD NE Sec BNortheast Secure BLaw Tac
310247930TDPD NE TalkNortheast TalkLaw Talk
310257931TDPD NE SpecEvtNortheast Special EventLaw Tac
3120379e3TEDPD NE Depl ANortheast Deployment ALaw Tac
3120479e4TEDPD NE Depl BNortheast Deployment BLaw Tac
3122379f7TEDPD NE CRT ANortheast CRT ALaw Tac
3122479f8TEDPD NE CRT BNortheast CRT BLaw Tac
340518503TGMRS Law CallGMRS Law I/O Calling PatchInterop
Dallas Police South East
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
310317937TDPD SE DispSoutheast DispatchLaw Dispatch
310327938TEDPD SE Sec ASoutheast Secure ALaw Tac
310337939TEDPD SE Sec BSoutheast Secure BLaw Tac
31034793aTDPD SE TalkSoutheast TalkLaw Talk
31035793bTDPD SE SpecEvtSoutheast Special EventLaw Tac
3120579e5TEDPD SE Depl ASoutheast Deployment ALaw Tac
3120679e6TEDPD SE Depl BSoutheast Deployment BLaw Tac
3122579f9TEDPD SE CRT ASoutheast CRT ALaw Tac
3122679faTEDPD SE CRT BSoutheast CRT BLaw Tac
Dallas Police South West
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
310417941TDPD SW DispSouthwest DispatchLaw Dispatch
310427942TEDPD SW Sec ASouthwest Secure ALaw Tac
310437943TEDPD SW Sec BSouthwest Secure BLaw Tac
310447944TDPD SW TalkSouthwest TalkLaw Talk
310457945TDPD SW SpecEvtSouthwest Special EventLaw Tac
3120779e7TEDPD SW Depl ASouthwest Deployment ALaw Tac
3120879e8TEDPD SW Depl BSouthwest Deployment BLaw Tac
3122779fbTEDPD SW CRT ASouthwest CRT ALaw Tac
3122879fcTEDPD SW CRT BSouthwest CRT BLaw Tac
Dallas Police North West
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
31051794bTDPD NW DispNorthwest DispatchLaw Dispatch
31052794cTEDPD NW Sec ANorthwest Secure ALaw Tac
31053794dTEDPD NW Sec BNorthwest Secure BLaw Tac
31054794eTDPD NW TalkNorthwest TalkLaw Talk
31055794fTDPD NW SpecEvtNorthwest Special EventLaw Tac
3120979e9TEDPD NW Depl ANorthwest Deployment ALaw Tac
3121079eaTEDPD NW Depl BNorthwest Deployment BLaw Tac
3122979fdTEDPD NW CRT ANorthwest CRT ALaw Tac
3123079feTEDPD NW CRT BNorthwest CRT BLaw Tac
Dallas Police North Central
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
310617955TDPD NC DispNorth Central DispatchLaw Dispatch
310627956TEDPD NC Sec ANorth Central Secure ALaw Tac
310637957TEDPD NC Sec BNorth Central Secure BLaw Tac
310647958TDPD NC TalkNorth Central TalkLaw Talk
310657959TDPD NC SpecEvtNorth Central Special EventLaw Tac
3121179ebTEDPD NC Depl ANorth Central Deployment ALaw Tac
3121279ecTEDPD NC Depl BNorth Central Deployment BLaw Tac
3123179ffTEDPD NC CRT ANorth Central CRT ALaw Tac
312327a00TEDPD NC CRT BNorth Central CRT BLaw Tac
Dallas Police South Central
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
31071795fTDPD SC DispSouth Central DispatchLaw Dispatch
310727960TEDPD SC Sec ASouth Central Secure ALaw Tac
310737961TEDPD SC Sec BSouth Central Secure BLaw Tac
310747962TDPD SC TalkSouth Central TalkLaw Talk
310757963TDPD SC SpecEvtSouth Central Special EventLaw Tac
3121379edTEDPD SC Depl ASouth Central Deployment ALaw Tac
3121479eeTEDPD SC Depl BSouth Central Deployment BLaw Tac
312337a01TEDPD SC CRT ASouth Central CRT ALaw Tac
312347a02TEDPD SC CRT BSouth Central CRT BLaw Tac
Dallas Police Citywide
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3115179afTDPD Traf DispTraffic DispatchLaw Dispatch
3115279b0TEDPD Traf SecTraffic SecureLaw Tac
3115379b1TDPD Traf A&ITraffic Accident InvestigationLaw Tac
3115479b2TDPD Traf EscortsTraffic EscortsLaw Talk
3115579b3TDPD Traf V CrimeTraffic Violent CrimeLaw Tac
3115679b4TDPD Traf DWITraffic DWILaw Tac
3115779b5TDPD Traf TalkTraffic TalkLaw Talk
3115879b6TDPD Traf GrantsTraffic GrantsLaw Tac
313107a4eTEDPD LFU ALove Field Unit ALaw Dispatch
313117a4fTEDPD LFU BLove Field Unit BLaw Tac
313127a50TEDPD LFU CLove Field Unit CLaw Tac
31101797dTEDPD SWAT MAINSWAT MainLaw Tac
31102797eTEDPD SWAT ASWAT ALaw Tac
31103797fTEDPD SWAT BSWAT BLaw Tac
311057981TEDPD SWAT CSWAT CLaw Tac
311067982TEDPD SWAT DSWAT DLaw Tac
311077983TEDPD SWAT ESWAT ELaw Tac
311087984TEDPD EOD-1EOD 1Law Tac
311097985TEDPD K9CanineLaw Tac
311107986TEDPD MOUNTEDMounted Law Tac
311117987TEDPD AIR ONEAir OneLaw Tac
3121579efTEDPD CW-DeploymenCitywide Deployment 1Law Tac
3121679f0TEDPD CW-DeploymenCitywide Deployment 2Law Tac
312357a03TEDPD CW-CRT-1Citywide Crisis Response Team 1Law Tac
312367a04TEDPD CW-CRT-2Citywide Crisis Response Team 2Law Tac
312517a13TEDPD INVES MAINInvestigation MainLaw Tac
312527a14TEDPD SEXASSAULTSex AssaultLaw Tac
312537a15TEDPD NFSTEAMNFS TeamLaw Tac
312547a16TEDPD ASSAULTSAssaultsLaw Tac
312557a17TEDPD ROBBERYRobberyLaw Tac
312567a18TEDPD SIUSpecial Investigations UnitLaw Tac
312577a19TEDPD HOMICIDEHomicideLaw Tac
312587a1aTEDPD COSTCOSTLaw Tac
312597a1bTEDPD YOUTHYouthLaw Tac
312607a1cTEDPD NARC MAINNarcotics MainLaw Tac
312617a1dTEDPD NARC OPS 1Narcotics Ops 1Law Tac
312627a1eTEDPD NARC OPS 2Narcotics Ops 2Law Tac
312637a1fTEDPD NARC OPS 3Narcotics Ops 3Law Tac
312647a20TEDPD NARC OPS 4Narcotics Ops 4Law Tac
312657a21TEDPD VICE AVice ALaw Tac
312667a22TEDPD VICE BVice BLaw Tac
312677a23TEDPD VICE CVice CLaw Tac
312687a24TEDPD VICE DVice DLaw Tac
312697a25TEDPD VICE EVice ELaw Tac
312707a26TEDPD Fugtv ComnFugitive CommonLaw Tac
312717a27TEDPD Fugtv OpsFugitive OpsLaw Tac
312727a28TEDPD Fugtv SurFugitive SurveillanceLaw Tac
313017a45TEDPD INTEL MAINIntelligence MainLaw Tac
313027a46TEDPD INTEL OPS1Intelligence Ops 1Law Tac
313037a47TEDPD INTEL OPS2Intelligence Ops 2Law Tac
313047a48TEDPD DIGNITRYDignitary DetailLaw Tac
313057a49TEDPD MAYORSMayors DetailLaw Tac
313067a4aTEDPD NTFTF AN Tx Fugitive Task Force ALaw Tac
313077a4bTEDPD NTFTF BN Tx Fugitive Task Force BLaw Tac
313087a4cTEDPD GANG OPSGang OpsLaw Tac
313097a4dTEDPD GANG SURVGang SurveillanceLaw Tac
313137a51TEDPD JTTFJoint Terrorism Task forceLaw Tac
313517a77TEDPD ACADEMY AAcademy ALaw Tac
313527a78TEDPD ACADEMY BAcademy BLaw Tac
313537a79TEDPD ACADEMY CAcademy CLaw Tac
313557a7bTEDPD RANGE ARange ALaw Tac
313567a7cTEDPD RANGE BRange BLaw Tac
313577a7dTEDPD INSERV AIn Service Academy ALaw Tac
313587a7eTEDPD INSERV BIn Service Academy BLaw Tac
314017aa9TEDPD PDCOMMON1Common 1Law Tac
314027aaaTEDPD PDCOMMON2Common 2Law Tac
314037aabTEDPD PD ADMIN 1Admin 1Law Tac
314047aacTEDPD PD ADMIN 2Admin 2Law Tac
314057aadTEDPD COMMS 1Communications 1Law Tac
314067aaeTEDPD COMMS 2Communications 2Law Tac
314077aafTEDPD DETENTIONDetentionLaw Tac
314087ab0TEDPD AUTOPOUNDAuto PoundLaw Tac
314097ab1TEDPD PROP ROOMProperty RoomLaw Tac
314107ab2TEDPD IADInternal AffairsLaw Tac
314117ab3TEDPD IAD SURVInternal Affairs SurveillanceLaw Tac
314127ab4TEDPD IAD TALKInternal Affairs TalkLaw Tac
314137ab5TEDPD PIUPublic Integrity UnitLaw Tac
314147ab6TEDPD PIU SURVPublic Integrity Unit SurveillanceLaw Tac
314157ab7TEDPD PIU TALKPublic Integrity Unit TalkLaw Tac
326017f59TEDal Marshl 1Marshal 1Law Talk
326027f5aTEDal Marshl 2Marshal 2Law Talk
326037f5bTEDal Marshl TalkMarshal TalkLaw Talk
326047f5cTEDal Marsh SurvMarshal SurveillanceLaw Tac
326057f5dTEDal Bailiffs 1Bailiffs 1Law Talk
326067f5eTEDal Bailiffs 2Bailiffs 2Law Talk
326077f5fTEDal Bailiffs TlkBailiffs TalkLaw Talk
Dallas Fire Rescue
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
320017d01TDFD Fire 1Fire Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
320027d02TDFD Fire 2Fire Dispatch 2Fire Dispatch
320037d03TDFD EMS 1EMS Dispatch 1EMS Dispatch
320047d04TDFD EMS 2EMS Dispatch 2EMS Dispatch
320057d05TDFD Comm 1Command 1Fire-Tac
320067d06TDFD Comm 2Command 2Fire-Tac
320077d07TDFD Comm 3Command 3Fire-Tac
320087d08TDFD Comm 4Command 4Fire-Tac
320097d09TDFD Tac ATac AFire-Tac
320107d0aTDFD Tac BTac BFire-Tac
320117d0bTDFD Tac CTac CFire-Tac
320127d0cTDFD Tac DTac DFire-Tac
320217d15TDFD StationStation RadioFire Dispatch
320227d16TDFD ARFFAircraft Rescue and Fire FightingFire-Tac
320267d1aTEDFD Secr 6Secure 6Fire-Tac
320277d1bTEDFD Secr 7Secure 7Fire-Tac
320287d1cTDFD SpEv 1Special Event 1Multi-Talk
320297d1dTDFD SpEv 2Special Event 2Multi-Talk
320307d1eTDFD SpEv 3Special Event 3Multi-Talk
320317d1fTDFD SpEv 4Special Event 4Multi-Talk
320327d20TDFD Trng 1Training 1Fire-Talk
320337d21TDFD Trng 2Traning 2Fire-Talk
Dallas Office of Emergency Management
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
325017ef5TDal OEM PRIMPrimaryEmergency Ops
325027ef6TDal OEM SECNDSecondaryEmergency Ops
325037ef7TDal OEM TALKTalkEmergency Ops
325047ef8TDal OEM OPS 1Ops 1Emergency Ops
325057ef9TDal OEM OPS 2Ops 2Emergency Ops
325067efaTDal OEM OPS 3Ops 3Emergency Ops
325077efbTEDal OEM SEC 4Ops 4Emergency Ops
325087efcTEDal OEM SEC 5Ops 5Emergency Ops
325097efdTEDal OEM SEC 6Ops 6Emergency Ops
325107efeTDal OEM PDPoliceEmergency Ops
325117effTDal OEM FDFireEmergency Ops
325127f00TDal OEM PWPublic WorksEmergency Ops
325157f03TDal OEM SirensSirensData
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
305017725TDallas A-1Events A-1Multi-Tac
305027726TDallas A-2Events A-2Multi-Tac
305037727TDallas A-3Events A-3Multi-Tac
305047728TDallas A-4Events A-4Multi-Tac
305057729TDallas A-5Events A-5Multi-Tac
30506772aTDallas A-6Events A-6Multi-Tac
30507772bTDallas A-7Events A-7Multi-Tac
30508772cTDallas A-8Events A-8Multi-Tac
30509772dTDallas A-9Events A-9Multi-Tac
30510772eTDallas A-10Events A-10Multi-Tac
30511772fTDallas A-11Events A-11Multi-Tac
305127730TDallas A-12Events A-12Multi-Tac
305137731TDallas A-13Events A-13Multi-Tac
305147732TDallas A-14Events A-14Multi-Tac
305157733TDallas A-15Events A-15Multi-Tac
305167734TDallas A-16Events A-16Multi-Tac
305177735TDallas B-1Events B-1Multi-Tac
305187736TDallas B-2Events B-2Multi-Tac
305197737TDallas B-3Events B-3Multi-Tac
305207738TDallas B-4Events B-4Multi-Tac
305217739TDallas B-5Events B-5Multi-Tac
30522773aTDallas B-6Events B-6Multi-Tac
30523773bTDallas B-7Events B-7Multi-Tac
30524773cTDallas B-8Events B-8Multi-Tac
30525773dTDallas B-9Events B-9Multi-Tac
30526773eTDallas B-10Events B-10Multi-Tac
30527773fTDallas B-11Events B-11Multi-Tac
305287740TDallas B-12Events B-12Multi-Tac
305297741TDallas B-13Events B-13Multi-Tac
305307742TDallas B-14Events B-14Multi-Tac
305317743TDallas B-15Events B-15Multi-Tac
305327744TDallas B-16Events B-16Multi-Tac
305337745TDallas C-1Events C-1 Police & FireMulti-Tac
305347746TDallas C-2Events C-2 Police & FireMulti-Tac
305357747TDallas C-3Events C-3 Police & FireMulti-Tac
305367748TDallas C-4Events C-4 Police & FireMulti-Tac
305377749TDallas C-5Events C-5 Police & FireMulti-Tac
30538774aTDallas C-6Events C-6 Police & FireMulti-Tac
30539774bTDallas C-7Events C-7 Police & FireMulti-Tac
30540774cTDallas C-8Events C-8 Police & FireMulti-Tac
30541774dTDallas C-9Events C-9 Police & FireMulti-Tac
30542774eTDallas C-10Events C-10 Police & FireMulti-Tac
30543774fTDallas C-11Events C-11 Police & FireMulti-Tac
305447750TDallas C-12Events C-12 Police & FireMulti-Tac
305457751TDallas C-13Events C-13 Police & FireMulti-Tac
305467752TDallas C-14Events C-14 Police & FireMulti-Tac
305477753TDallas C-15Events C-15 Police & FireMulti-Tac
305487754TDallas C-16Events C-16 Police & FireMulti-Tac
305497755TEDallas D-1 SecEvents D-1 PD SecureMulti-Tac
305507756TEDallas D-2 SecEvents D-2 PD SecureMulti-Tac
305517757TEDallas D-3 SecEvents D-3 PD SecureMulti-Tac
305527758TEDallas D-4 SecEvents D-4 PD SecureMulti-Tac
305537759TEDallas D-5 SecEvents D-5 PD SecureMulti-Tac
30554775aTEDallas D-6 SecEvents D-6 PD SecureMulti-Tac
30555775bTEDallas D-7 SecEvents D-7 PD SecureMulti-Tac
30556775cTEDallas D-8 SecEvents D-8 PD SecureMulti-Tac
30557775dTEDallas D-9 SecEvents D-9 PD SecureMulti-Tac
30558775eTEDallas D-10 SecEvents D-10 PD SecureMulti-Tac
30559775fTEDallas D-11 SecEvents D-11 PD SecureMulti-Tac
305607760TEDallas D-12 SecEvents D-12 PD SecureMulti-Tac
305617761TEDallas D-13 SecEvents D-13 PD SecureMulti-Tac
305627762TEDallas D-14 SecEvents D-14 PD SecureMulti-Tac
305637763TEDallas D-15 SecEvents D-15 PD SecureMulti-Tac
305647764TEDallas D-16 SecEvents D-16 PD SecureMulti-Tac
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
326517f8bTDal Security 1Dallas City Security 1Security
326527f8cTDal Security 1Dallas City Security 2Security
326537f8dTDal Security 3Dallas City Security 3 Security
326547f8eTDal Security 4Dallas City Security 4Security
326557f8fTDal Security 5Dallas City Security 5Security
3300080e8TDWU Dist 1Water Distribution 1Public Works
3300180e9TDWU Dist 2Water Distribution 2Public Works
3300280eaTDWU Pump 1Water Pumping 1Public Works
3300380ebTDWU Pump 2Water Pumping 2Public Works
3300480ecTDWU ElmFrk 1Water Elm Fork 1Public Works
3300580edTDWU ElmFrk 2Water Elm Fork 2Public Works
3300680eeTDWU Bachman 1Water Bachman 1Public Works
3300780efTDWU Bachman 2Water Bachman 2Public Works
3300880f0TDWU EastSide 1Water East Side 1Public Works
3300980f1TDWU EastSide 2Water East Side 2Public Works
3301080f2TDWU MtrRdr 1Water Meter Reader 1Public Works
3301180f3TDWU MtrRdr 2Water Meter Reader 2Public Works
3301280f4TDWU MtrRpr 1Water Meter Repair 1Public Works
3301380f5TDWU MtrRpr 2Water Meter Repair 2Public Works
3301480f6TDWU WWC 1Waste Water Collection 1Public Works
3301580f7TDWU WWC 2Waste Water Collection 2Public Works
3301680f8TDWU Central 1Water Central 1Public Works
3301780f9TDWU Central 2Water Central 2Public Works
3301880faTDWU South 1Water South Side 1Public Works
3301980fbTDWU South 2Water South Side 2Public Works
3302180fdTDWU CityWide 1Water City Wide 1Public Works
3302280feTDWU CityWide 2Water City Wide 2Public Works
3302380ffTDWU CityWide 3Water City Wide 3Public Works
330248100TDWU CityWide 4Water City Wide 4Public Works
330258101TDWU Matl SvcsWater Material ServicesPublic Works
330268102TDWU Security 1Water Security 1Public Works
330278103TDWU Neighb Ops 1Water Neighborhood Ops 1Public Works
330288104TDWU Neighb Ops 2Water Neighborhood Ops 2Public Works
330298105TDWU Neighb Ops 3Water Neighborhood Ops 3Public Works
330308106TDWU Neighb Mnt 1Water Neighborhood Maintenance 1Public Works
330318107TDWU Neighb Mnt 2Water Neighborhood Maintenance 2Public Works
330328108TDWU Floodway 1Water Floodway 1Public Works
330338109TDWU Floodway 2Water Floodway 2Public Works
33034810aTDWU Floodway 3Water Floodway 3Public Works
33035810bTDWU Floodplane 1Water Floodplane 1Public Works
33036810cTDWU Floodplane 2Water Floodplane 2Public Works
33101814dTDal Trn DispTransportation DispatchPublic Works
33102814eTDal Trn EngnrTransportation EngineerPublic Works
33103814fTDal Trn BikeTransportation BikewaysPublic Works
331048150TDal Trn OpsTransportation OpsPublic Works
331058151TDal Trans TalkTransportation TalkPublic Works
331068152TDal Trn TMCTransportation Traffic ManagementPublic Works
331078153TDal Trn SignalsTransportation SignalsPublic Works
331088154TDal Trn WarehousTransportation WarehousePublic Works
331098155TDal Trn LightingTransportation LightingPublic Works
331108156TDal Trn SignsTransportation SignsPublic Works
331118157TDal Trn MarkingsTransportation MarkingsPublic Works
331128158TDal Trn MgrTransportation ManagerPublic Works
331138159TDal Trn Parking1Transportation Parking 1Public Works
33114815aTDal Trn Parking2Transportation Parking 2Public Works
33115815bTDal Trn Parking3Transportation Parking 3Public Works
33116815cTDal Trn Parking4Transportation Parking 4Public Works
33151817fTDal DAS DispAnimal Services DispatchPublic Works
331528180TDal DAS OpsAnimal Services OpsPublic Works
331538181TDal DAS BitesAnimal Services BitesPublic Works
331548182TDal DAS ArrAnimal Services ArrPublic Works
331558183TDal DAS OutRchAnimal Services OutreachPublic Works
331568184TDal DAS MMAnimal Services MMPublic Works
3320181b1TDal PBW DispPublic Works DispatchPublic Works
3320281b2TDal PBW TalkPublic Works TalkPublic Works
3320381b3TDal PBW Ops APublic Works Ops APublic Works
3320481b4TDal PBW Ops BPublic Works Ops BPublic Works
3320581b5TDal PBW MgrPublic Works ManagerPublic Works
3320681b6TDal PBW Survey 1Public Works Survey 1Public Works
3320781b7TDal PBW Survey 2Public Works Survey 2Public Works
3320881b8TDal PBW IceOps 1Public Works Ice Ops 1Public Works
3320981b9TDal PBW IceOps 2Public Works Ice Ops 2Public Works
3321081baTDal PW Preserve1Public Works Preserve 1Public Works
3321181bbTDal PW Preserve2Public Works Preserve 2Public Works
333018215TDal Code NA1Code Enforcement Nuisance Abatement 1Public Works
333028216TDal Code NA2Code Enforcement Nuisance Abatement 2Public Works
333038217TDal Code Nebrhd1Neighborhood Code Enforcement 1Public Works
333048218TDal Code Nebrhd2Neighborhood Code Enforcement 2Public Works
333058219TDal Code Nebrhd3Neighborhood Code Enforcement 3Public Works
33306821aTDal Code Nebrhd4Neighborhood Code Enforcement 4Public Works
33307821bTDal Code Nebrhd5Neighborhood Code Enforcement 5Public Works
33308821cTDal Code Nebrhd6Neighborhood Code Enforcement 6Public Works
33309821dTDal Code Nebrhd7Neighborhood Code Enforcement 7Public Works
33310821eTDal Code ConHlthCode Consumer HealthPublic Works
33311821fTDal Code CCSDeptCode Compliance ServicesPublic Works
333128220TDal Code SpcOpsACode Special Ops APublic Works
333138221TDal Code SpcOpsBCode Special Ops BPublic Works
333148222TDal Code SpcOpsCCode Special Ops CPublic Works
333158223TDal Code ManagerCode ManagerPublic Works
333168224TDal Code ExecCode ExecutivePublic Works
333518247TDal CC EventsConvention Center EventsPublic Works
333528248TDal CC OpsConvention Center OperationsPublic Works
333538249TDal CC StgMngrConvention Center Stage ManagerPublic Works
33354824aTDal CC SecConvention Center SecurityPublic Works
33355824bTDal CC Maint 1Convention Center Maintenance 1Public Works
33356824cTDal CC Elect 1Convention Center Electrical 1Public Works
33357824dTDal CC Maint 2Convention Center Maintenance 2Public Works
33358824eTDal CC MedicConvention Center MedicalPublic Works
33359824fTDal CC CCTConvention Center CCTPublic Works
333608250TDal CC HousekpConvention Center HousekeepingPublic Works
333618251TDal CC TelecomConvention Center TelecomPublic Works
333628252TDal CC Ev SecConvention Center Ev SecPublic Works
333638253TDal CC All CallConvention Center All CallPublic Works
3350182ddTDal Sanitation 1Sanitation 1Public Works
3350282deTDal Sanitation 2Sanitation 2Public Works
3350382dfTDal San McCom 1McComas Bluff 1Public Works
3350482e0TDal San McCom 2McComas Bluff 2Public Works
3350582e1TDal San McCom 3McComas Bluff 3Public Works
3350682e2TDal San MgrSanitation ManagerPublic Works
3350782e3TDal San Env TeamSanitation Environmental TeamPublic Works
3350882e4TDal San TS DriveSanitation Transfer Station DrivePublic Works
3350982e5TDal San BachmanSanitation Bachman Transfer StationPublic Works
3351082e6TDal San FairOaksSanitation Fair Oaks Transfer StationPublic Works
3351182e7TDal San S WestSanitation Westmoreland Transfer StationPublic Works
3351282e8TDal San Hvy ShopSanitation Heavy ShopPublic Works
3351382e9TDal San SafetySanitation Transportation SafetyPublic Works
3351482eaTDal San Storm 1Sanitation Stormwater Management 1Public Works
3351582ebTDal San Storm 2Sanitation Stormwater Management 2Public Works
3351682ecTDal San Storm 3Sanitation Stormwater Management 3Public Works
Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3325181e3TDal Maj FOHMajestic Front of HouseOther
3325281e4TDal Maj StageMajestic StageOther
3325381e5TDal Maj SecurityMajestic SecurityOther
3325481e6TDal Moody FOHMoody Performance Hall Front of HouseOther
3325581e7TDal Moody StageMoody Performance Hall StageOther
3325681e8TDal Moody SecuriMoody Performance Hall SecurityOther
3325781e9TDal Lat Cult OpsLatin Cultural Center OpsOther
3325881eaTDal Lat Cult StgLatin Cultural Center StageOther
3325981ebTDal S Dallas CCSouth Dallas Cultural CenterOther
3326081ecTDal BathHouse CCBath House Cultural CenterOther
3326181edTDal Oak Cliff CCOak Cliff Cultural CenterOther
3326281eeTDal OCA MaintMaintenanceOther
3326381efTDal OCA Pub ArtPublic ArtOther
3326481f0TDal OCA Ev AEvent AOther
3326581f1TDal OCA Ev 2Event 2Other
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
365018e95TDISD PD 1Dallas ISD Police 1Law Tac
365028e96TDISD PD 2Dallas ISD Police 2Law Tac
365038e97TDISD PD 3Dallas ISD Police 3Law Tac
365048e98TDISD SE 1Dallas ISD Special Event 1Schools
365058e99TDISD SE 2 Dallas ISD Special Event 2Schools
365068e9aTEDISD ENC 1Dallas ISD Encrypted 1Schools
365078e9bTEDISD ENC 2 Dallas ISD Encrypted 2 Schools
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
365178ea5TECockHill PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
365188ea6TCockHill PD 2Police 2Law Tac
365198ea7TCockHill FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
365208ea8TCockHill FD 2Fire 2Fire Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
200014e21TEIrvPD S PatPolice South PatrolLaw Dispatch
200024e22TEIrvPD S CarPolice South CarLaw Talk
200034e23TEIrvPD S NCICPolice NCICLaw Talk
200044e24TEIrvPD N PatPolice North PatrolLaw Dispatch
200054e25TEIrvPD N CarPolice North CarLaw Talk
200064e26TEIrvPD N NCICPolice North NCICLaw Tac
200074e27TEIrvPD Traf 1Police Traffic 1Law Tac
200084e28TEIrvPD Traf 2Police Traffic 2Law Tac
200094e29TEIrvPD CID 1Police CID 1Law Tac
200104e2aTEIrvPD CID 2Police CID 2Law Tac
200114e2bTEIrvPD VN 1Police VN 1Law Tac
200124e2cTEIrvPD VN 2Police VN 2Law Tac
200134e2dTEIrvPD SRO 1Police SRO 1Law Tac
200144e2eTEIrvPD SRO 2Police SRO 2Law Tac
200154e2fTEIrvPD JailPolice JailCorrections
200164e30TEIrvPD 20016Police UnknownLaw Tac
200174e31TEIrvPD Tac 1Police Tac 1Law Tac
200184e32TEIrvPD Tac 2Police Tac 2Law Tac
200194e33TEIrvPD Spec 1Police Special 1Law Tac
200204e34TEIrvPD Spec 2Police Special 2Law Tac
200214e35TEIrvPD Spec 3Police Special 3Law Tac
200224e36TEIrvPD Spec 4Police Special 4Law Tac
200234e37TEIrvPD 20023Police UnknownLaw Tac
200244e38TEIrvPD ICOPPolice I COPLaw Tac
200254e39TEIrvPD 20025Police UnknownLaw Tac
200264e3aTEIrvPD PS 1Police PS 1Law Tac
203044f50TIrvPD PS ATGPolice Public Safety ATGMulti-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
201034e87TIrvFD Disp1Fire Dispatch 1Fire Dispatch
201044e88TIrvFD FG 2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
201054e89TIrvFD FG 3Fireground 3Fire-Tac
201064e8aTIrvFD FG 4Fireground 4Fire-Tac
201094e8dTIrvFD EMS 1EMS 5Fire-Tac
201084e8cTIrvFD EMS 2EMS 6Fire-Tac
201074e8bTIrvFD BIOTELBIOTEL 7Fire-Tac
201104e8eTIrvFD AlertFire Station AlertingFire Dispatch
201114e8fTIrvFD AdminFire AdminFire-Talk
201124e90TIrvFD TrainFire 8 TrainingFire-Talk
201134e91TIrvFD DFWAIRDFW AIRFire-Tac
201144e92TIrvFD EOCEOC 1Fire-Tac
201024e86TIrvFD CarFltCAREFLITEFire-Tac
203054f51TIrvFD Patch1Fire Patch 1Multi-Talk
203074f53TIrvFD Patch2Fire Patch 2Multi-Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
202044eecTIrv ACOAnimal ControlPublic Works
202114ef3TIrv Code EnforceCode EnforcementPublic Works
202084ef0TIrv CourtsCourtsPublic Works
202074eefTIrv LandfillLandfill OperationsPublic Works
202054eedTIrv ParksParksPublic Works
202184efaTIrv Pub WorkPublic WorksPublic Works
202134ef5TIrv RadioShpRadio ShopMulti-Talk
202034eebTIrv TrashSanitationPublic Works
202154ef7TIrv StreetsStreetsPublic Works
202124ef4TIrv TrafficTrafficPublic Works
202104ef2TIrv Sirens DataWarning Sirens DataData
202224efeTIrv WaterWater DepartmentUtilities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
71531bf1DEGP PD 1Police 1 NorthLaw Dispatch
71541bf2DEGP PD 2Police 2 SouthLaw Dispatch
71591bf7DGP PD Talk 1Police Talk 1Law Tac
71601bf8DGP PD Talk 2Police Talk 2Law Tac
71611bf9DEGP PD TrafPolice TrafficLaw Tac
71421be6DEGP PD NCICPolice NCIC/InfoLaw Tac
71461beaDEGP PD JailPolice JailCorrections
72791c6fDGP FD Auto DispFire Automated DispatchFire Dispatch
71661bfeTEGP FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
71671bffTEGP FD FG-1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
71681c00TEGP FD FG 2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
71401be4TEGP Event 2Event 2Interop
71801c0cTGP Animal 2Animal 2Public Works
71811c0dTGP FacilitiesFacilitiesPublic Works
71941c1aTGP Solid WasteSolid WastePublic Works
71961c1cDGP TransitTransitTransportation
71981c1eDGP UtilitiesUtilitiesUtilities
71991c1fDGP WaterWaterUtilities
72951c7fDGP Facilities 2Facilities 2Public Works
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
360988d02TLanc PD DispLancaster Police PrimaryLaw Dispatch
360998d03TLanc PD Bldg SrcLancaster Police Building SearchLaw Tac
361008d04TLanc PD MarshalLancaster MarshalLaw Dispatch
361018d05TLanc PD TrafficLancaster Police TrafficLaw Tac
361028d06TLanc PD Ops 2Lancaster Police Ops 2Law Tac
361048d08TLanc PD SpecEvntLancaster Police Special EventsLaw Talk
360858cf5TLanc FD DispLancaster Fire PrimaryFire Dispatch
360868cf6TLanc FD Ops 1Lancaster Fire Ops 1Fire-Tac
360878cf7TLanc FD Ops 2Lancaster Fire Ops 2Fire-Tac
360888cf8TLanc FD Ops 3Lancaster Fire Ops 3Fire-Tac
360898cf9TLanc FD EMS 1Lancaster EMS Ops 1EMS-Tac
360908cfaTLanc FD EMS 2Lancaster EMS Ops 2EMS-Tac
360918cfbTLanc FD Spec OpsLancaster Spec OpsFire-Tac
360928cfcTLanc FD StadiumLancaster Fire StadiumFire-Tac
360938cfdTLanc FD TrainingLancaster Fire TrainingFire-Tac
360948cfeTLanc FD AdminLancaster Fire AdminFire-Tac
360958cffTLanc FD EOCLancaster EOCFire-Tac
360968d00TLanc FD AlertLancaster Fire AlertingFire Dispatch
361068d0aTLanc ISD PDLancaster ISD PDLaw Tac
South West Regional Comm Center

Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
360038ca3TSWR PD Disp 1SWR Police Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
360048ca4TSWR PD Disp 2SWR Police Dispatch 2Law Dispatch
360058ca5TESWR PD SecureSWR Police SecureLaw Tac
360018ca1TSWR FD DispSWR Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
360088ca8TSWR Ops 1SWR Ops 1Multi-Tac
360098ca9TSWR Ops 2SWR Ops 2Multi-Tac
360108caaTSWR Ops 3SWR Ops 3Multi-Tac
360118cabTSWR Ops 4SWR Ops 4Multi-Tac
360128cacTSWR Ops 5SWR Ops 5Multi-Tac
360138cadTSWR Ops 6SWR Ops 6Multi-Tac
360148caeTSWR Ops 7SWR Ops 7Multi-Tac
360158cafTSWR Ops 8SWR Ops 8Multi-Tac
360028ca2TSWR EOCSWR EOCEmergency Ops
360238cb7TESWR Enc 36023encryptedMulti-Tac
360278cbbTESWR Enc 36027encryptedMulti-Tac
360298cbdTESWR Enc 36029encryptedMulti-Tac
360318cbfTSWR Event 1SWR Event 1Multi-Talk
360818cf1TSWR Event 2SWR Event 2 Multi-Talk
360168cb0TCH Library Cedar Hill Library Public Works
360408cc8TCH Public WorksCedar Hill Public Works Public Works
360438ccbTCH Parks 1Cedar Hill Parks Ops 1 Public Works
360448cccTCH Parks 2Cedar Hill Parks Ops 2 Public Works
361128d10TDuncanvil ISD PDDuncanville ISD PoliceLaw Tac
361208d18TCedarHill ISD PDCedar Hill ISD PoliceLaw Tac
Dallas County Higher Education
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
360798cefTUNT Dallas PDUniv of North Texas - Dallas PoliceLaw Dispatch
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
77711e5bTEllis SO Disp 1Sheriff Dispatch 1 Local PoliceLaw Dispatch
77721e5cTeEllis SO Disp 2Sheriff Dispatch 2 County DeputiesLaw Dispatch
77731e5dTEllis Co ACOAnimal ControlLaw Tac
77791e63TEllis Fire DispFire Dispatch (ESD6 WaxaRural)Fire Dispatch
77801e64TEllis Fire 1Fire 1Fire-Talk
77811e65TEllis Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Talk
77821e66TEllis Road/BrdgeRoad and BridgePublic Works
77831e67TEllis CourtBailiffs, CourthouseLaw Talk
78521eacTEllis Co LZ 1Landing Zone 1Interop
78531eadTEllis Co LZ 2Landing Zone 2Interop
Ellis County - Ennis
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
78381e9eTEnnis PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
78421ea2TEnnis PD NCICPolice InformationLaw Talk
78431ea3TEnnis PD EventPolice EventsLaw Tac
78461ea6TEnnis Fire DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
78471ea7TEnnis Fire GrndFire GroundFire-Tac
78501eaaTEnnis ISD PDISD PoliceLaw Tac
Ellis County - Ferris
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
79021edeTFerris DPS 1Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
79031edfTFerris DPS 2Ferris DPS 2Law Tac
79041ee0TFerris DPS 3Ferris DPS 3Law Tac
79051ee1TFerris DPS 4Ferris DPS 4Law Tac
79121ee8TFerris ISD PDISD Police Law Tac
Ellis County - Glenn Heights
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
78861eceTGlnHgts PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
78901ed2TGlnHgts FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
Ellis County - Midlothian

Midlothian Fire dispatches for Ovilla and Red Oak as well.  Their talkgroups can be found here.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
73611cc1TMidl PD 1Police Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
73621cc2TMidl PD 2Police Patrol 2Law Talk
73791cd3TMidl FDFire DispatchFire Dispatch
73801cd4TMidl FD Tac 1Fire Tactical 1Fire-Tac
73811cd5TMidl FD Tac 2Fire Tactical 2Fire-Tac
73821cd6TMidl FD Tac 3Fire Tactical 3Fire-Tac
73831cd7TMidl FD Tac 4Fire Tactical 4/FiregroundFire-Tac
Ellis County - Red Oak
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
73641cc4TRed Oak PDPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
73651cc5TRed Oak PD 2Police 2Law Tac
73741cceTRed Oak ISD PDROISD PoliceLaw Tac
73761cd0TRed Oak EventEventsInterop
Ellis County - Waxahachie
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
77361e38TWaxa PD DispPolice DispatchLaw Dispatch
77371e39TWaxa PD 2Police 2Law Tac
77381e3aTWaxa PD 3Police 3Law Tac
77391e3bTWaxa PD Ops 1Police Ops 1Law Tac
77421e3eTWaxa PD TrainPolice TrainingLaw Tac
77441e40TWaxa Animal CtrAnimal ControlLaw Talk
77451e41TWaxa PD EventsEventsLaw Tac
77481e44TWaxa Fire DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
77491e45TWaxa Fire 2Fire 2Fire-Tac
Johnson County Sheriff
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
57681688DEJCSO Disp 1Sheriff Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
57691689DEJC PD DispCounty Area Police DispatchLaw Dispatch
5770168aDEJCSO CarSheriff Car-to-CarLaw Talk
5771168bDEJCSO Car 2Sheriff Car-to-Car 2Law Talk
57841698DEJCSO JailCounty JailCorrections
57831697DJC Court 1County Court 1Law Talk
5788169cDJC ConstableConstableLaw Talk
5789169dDJC Constable 1Constable 1Law Talk
579616a4DJC Cnst Pct1Constable Precinct 1Law Talk
579716a5DJC Cnst Pct2Constable Precinct 2Law Talk
582416c0DJC Cnst Pct3Constable Precinct 3Law Talk
582616c2DJC Cnst Pct4Constable Precinct 4Law Talk
579416a2DJC Pub WorksCounty Public WorksPublic Works
Johnson County Law Common
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5774168eDJC Tac 1Johnson County Tac 1Law Tac
5775168fDJC Tac 2Johnson County Tac 2Law Tac
57761690DJC Tac 3Johnson County Tac 3Law Tac
57771691DJC Tac 4Johnson County Tac 4Law Tac
57781692DJC Tac 5Johnson County Tac 5Law Tac
57791693DJC Tac 6Johnson County Tac 6Law Tac
57801694DJC Tac 7Johnson County Tac 7Law Tac
57811695DJC Tac 8Johnson County Tac 8Law Tac
582716c3DJC Tac 9Johnson County Tac 9Law Tac
582816c4DJC Tac 10Johnson County Tac 10Law Tac
Johnson County Fire
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
6539198bDJC Fire AlarmFire AlarmFire Dispatch
6543198fDJC AMR EMSAMR DispatchEMS Dispatch
6540198cDJC Fire 2AFire 2AFire-Tac
6557199dDJC Fire 2BFire 2BFire-Tac
6541198dDJC Fire 3AFire 3AFire-Tac
6558199eDJC Fire 3BFire 3BFire-Tac
65521998DJC Fire 4AFire 4AFire-Tac
75071d53DJC Fire 4BFire 4BFire-Tac
6559199fDJC Fire 5AFire 5AFire-Tac
65461992DJC Fire 5BFire 5BFire-Tac
65441990DJC Fire 6AFire 6AFire-Tac
65471993DJC FIre 6BFire 6BFire-Tac
65451991DJC Fire 7AFire 7AFire-Tac
65481994DJC Fire 7BFire 7BFire-Tac
6542198eDJC Air to GroundAir to GroundFire-Tac
Johnson County - Cleburne
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
580316abDECle PD Disp1Police Dispatch 1Law Dispatch
580416acDECle PD InfoPolice PIC / InfoLaw Dispatch
580516adDECle PD Patrol 3Police Patrol 3Law Talk
580616aeDECle PD Patrol 4Police Patrol 4Law Talk
580716afDECle PD Patrol 5Police Patrol 5Law Talk
580816b0DECle PD Tac 1Police Tactical 1Law Tac
580916b1DECle PD Tac 2Police Tactical 2Law Tac
581016b2DECle PD CIDPolice CIDLaw Tac
581116b3DCle PD SE1Police Special Events 1Law Talk
581216b4DCle PD SE2Police Special Events 2Law Talk
65351987DCle FD DispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
581316b5DCle Animal CtrlAnimal ControlPublic Works
Johnson County - Cities
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
5791169fDAlvarado PDAlvarado PoliceLaw Talk
579216a0DGodley PDGodley PoliceLaw Talk
582916c5DGrandview PDGrandview PoliceLaw Talk
579316a1DJoshua PDJoshua PoliceLaw Talk
579516a3DKeene PDKeene PoliceLaw Talk
583016c6DVenus PDVenus PoliceLaw Talk
Cletran - City/County Transportation (CCT)
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
Texas Department of Public Safety
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
75141d5aDDPS Mineral WellMineral WellsLaw Dispatch
329018085TDPS Tollway DispNTTA Tollways DispatchLaw Dispatch
329028086TDPS Tollway TalkNTTA Tollways TalkLaw Talk
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
75301d6aDSystem HeartbeatWAVE heartbeat tone generated to monitor system healthData