Nellis/Creech Air Force Base

System Name: Nellis/Creech Air Force Base
Location: Las Vegas, NV
County: 2 Counties
System Type: Project 25 Phase I
System Voice: APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive
System ID: Sysid: 00F WACN: 58544
Last Updated: October 21, 2020, 12:27 pm CDT   [Changed Site # 028 (Site 28) to 028 (Frenchman Flat)]

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
RFSS Site Name County Freqs
1 (1) 001 (1) Nellis South Clark 406.500c406.7875c407.1875407.300407.500407.8625c408.150
2 (2) 002 (2) Creech AFB Clark 406.3625c407.075c407.3875407.5875c408.175408.3875408.700
7 (7) 007 (7) Nellis North Clark 406.1375409.325c409.925c410.3125410.875  
10 (A) 010 (A) Angel Peak Clark 407.425407.8125409.300c409.600c409.9125c410.550c 
14 (E) 014 (E) Nellis Area 2 Clark 407.350c407.7875c408.1875409.125409.550c  
21 (15) 021 (15) Mercury Nye 406.500406.7875c407.1875c407.500407.8625c408.150409.1125
22 (16) 022 (16) Checkpoint Pass Nye 406.9875407.350c408.3625409.3125409.525c409.7875c410.1625c
23 (17) 023 (17) Skull Mountain Nye 406.975c407.550c407.9625c408.100c408.7625c409.125c409.350c
24 (18) 024 (18) Rainier Mesa Nye 407.300c407.400407.8625408.3875c410.650c  
25 (19) 025 (19) Yucca Pass Nye 406.7875407.1875c407.500c408.150c409.1125409.325409.5625
26 (1A) 026 (1A) Shoshone Mountain Nye 406.1375406.400c407.1625c407.3625408.1875408.425408.9625
27 (1B) 027 (1B) Las Vegas DOE Clark 406.9875c407.3625c407.9625c408.3625c408.7625c  
28 (1C) 028 (1C) Frenchman Flat Nye 407.7875409.550c409.925c410.175   


Nellis Air Force Base
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
4004DRed Flag MOCRed Flag MOCC 1Military
1000aDNellis FD PrevNellis FD Prevention TacMilitary
2601aDNellis EmergNellis EmergencyMilitary
50032DNellis FDNellis FireMilitary
51033DNellis FD T1Nellis Fire Tac 1Military
55037DNellis FD 22Nellis Fire Station 22Military
5803aDNellis E.O.DNellis E.O.D.Military
5903bDENellis PD EnNellis Police EncryptedLaw Dispatch
6003cDNellis PDPolice Security (Dispatch - Main Gate)Law Dispatch
67043DNellis MedicNellis MedicsMilitary
71047DTrfcMgmtAir Show Traffic ManagementMilitary
72048DHazMat TeamHazMat TeamMilitary
80050DNellis PD BPolice (Dispatch - Building Security)Law Dispatch
84054DBldg MaintBuilding MaintenanceMilitary
88058DEMSEmergency Medical ServicesMilitary
9005aD99MG MedCtr99 MG Medical CenterMilitary
11006eDVA Hospital VA Hospital TechsMilitary
11106fDID 111ID 111Military
113071DID 113ID 113Military
2000c8DRadio MX NAFRadio MX NAFBMilitary
2010c9DNAFB RAD MXNAFB RAD MX 201Military
2070cfDEquip/CE NAFEquip/CE NAFBMilitary
2120d4DNellis FuelNellis FuelingMilitary
2130d5DID 213ID 213Military
2140d6DShuttle BusShuttle BusTransportation
2160d8DID 216ID 216Military
2170d9DTrans SQDRNTrans SQDRNMilitary
2220deDID 222ID 222Military
2340eaDRaymond 22Raymond 22Military
2360ecDID 236ID 236Military
2370edDAirShowCtrlAir Show ControlMilitary
2380eeDID 238ID 238Military
29912bDF-35 AMUAircraft Maintenance Unit-LightningMilitary
30112dDNellis TowerNellis TowerMilitary
30212eDID 302ID 302Military
30312fDAir MaintAircraft MaintenanceMilitary
304130DF-16 AMU-VipF-16 Aircraft Maintenance Unit - ViperMilitary
305131DF-16 AMU-TomF-16 Aircraft Maintenance Unit - TomahawkMilitary
306132DF-15 AMUF-15 Aircraft Maintenance Unit - EagleMilitary
307133DA-10 AMUA-10 Aircraft Maintenance Unit - ThunderMilitary
308134DF-15E AMUF-15E Aircraft Maintenance Unit - StrikeMilitary
309135DNellis RampNellis RampMilitary
311137DNellis MiscNellis MiscMilitary
313139D57MUNS AMMO57 MUNS Ammo ScorpionMilitary
31413aDGround 1Ground 1Military
31513bDF-22 AMUF-22 Aircraft Maintenance Unit - RaptorMilitary
31713dDGreen FlagGreen FlagMilitary
31813eDID 318ID 318Military
31913fDRed Flag 1Red Flag 1Military
320140DID 320ID 320Military
323143DRed Flag 2Red Flag 2Military
324144DRed Flag 3Red Flag 3Military
325145DRed Flag MOCRed Flag MOCC 2Military
326146DID 326ID 326Military
328148DID 328ID 328Military
33214cDRed Flag VisitorRed Flag Visitor Maintenantce/ OpsMilitary
33314dDRed Flag WxRed Flag MOCC Weather Warning AnnouncementsMilitary
33514fDFlight OpsFlight OpsMilitary
338152DT BirdT BirdMilitary
339153DF-15 AMUF-15 Aircraft Maintenance Unit - FlankerMilitary
342156DRed Flag 1Red Flag Visitor 1Military
343157DRed Flag 2Red Flag Visitor 2Military
344158DID 344ID 344Military
34615aDTowWashRackTow Tug & Wash RackMilitary
35115fDRed Flag MOCCRed Flag Visitor MOCC Maintenance ControlMilitary
407197DElectrical 2Electrical 2Public Works
592250DID 592ID 592Military
7042c0DFD DispatchFire DispatchMilitary
10043ecDRadio MX 12Radio MX CH-12Military
20147deDRADIO MX2014Radio MX 2014Military
Creech Air Force Base
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
8008DCreech CrashFireCrash RecoveryFire-Tac
57039DCreech FDispFire DispatchFire Dispatch
41519fDCreechFlightFlight LineMilitary
4161a0DCreech FuelFuel TrucksMilitary
4231a7DCreech TowerCreech TowerMilitary
Nevada National Security
DEC HEX Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
3500088b8DNNS All CallNevada National Security AnnouncementsFederal
3500688beDNNS SOC NetNevada National Security SOC NetFederal
361048d08DNNS FD 2Nevada National Security Fire Station 2Federal
3811594e3DNNS FD 1Nevada National Security Fire Station 1Federal