System Name: Fleet Connect
Location: Multiple Locations, ON
County: 19 Counties
System Type: DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO)
System Voice: DMR
System ID: HEX: 9e DEC: 158
Last Updated: January 31, 2024, 18:54 pm UTC   [Deleted Site # 009 (Brisbane - Offline)]
System Notes

System informtion & coverage map:

Sites and Frequencies

Red (c) are control channel capable frequencies
Site Name County Freqs
001 (1) Windsor - Downtown Essex 01 420.0875c02 420.1875c03 420.2875c04 420.587505 420.987506 420.487509 420.3875
002 (2) Leamington Essex 01 420.500c02 420.600c03 420.325c04 420.70005 420.80006 420.90008 420.425
003 (3) Chatham Chatham-Kent 01 420.775c02 420.875c03 420.975c    
004 (4) Sarnia Lambton 01 420.0625c02 420.1625c03 420.2625c    
005 (5) London Middlesex 01 420.200c02 420.575c03 420.8625c    
006 (6) Dutton Elgin 03 420.300c      
007 (7) Ilderton Middlesex 01 420.400c02 420.1125c     
008 (8) Stratford Perth 01 420.275c02 420.175c03 420.375    
010 (A) Milton Halton 01 420.500c01 420.8125c02 420.9125c    
011 (B) Hamilton Hamilton 01 420.075c02 420.2625c03 420.475c    
012 (C) Toronto Toronto 01 451.5125c02 454.1625c03 462.7375c04 411.5875   
013 (D) King City York 01 460.1125c02 461.7875c03 463.6625c    
014 (E) Blackstock Durham 02 453.4125c03 462.9875c04 463.0125    
015 (F) Wilmot Waterloo 01 420.550c02 420.65003 420.950    
016 (10) Kitchener Waterloo 01 453.7125c02 452.0375c03 452.662504 462.9375   
018 (12) Conn Grey 02 420.2375c03 420.4375     
020 (14) Palmerston Wellington 01 420.6875c02 420.3875c03 420.487504 420.2875   
021 (15) Woodstock Oxford 01 423.05002 422.575     
022 (16) Cambridge Waterloo 01 422.325c02 420.600c     
023 (17) Brantford Brant 01 422.250c02 422.650c     
027 (1B) Union Gas Parkway Ops. - Milton Halton 01 420.475c02 420.2625c     
028 (1C) Minto Wellington 01 420.8625c02 420.0875c     
029 (1D) LaSalle Essex 01 420.925c02 420.825c     
030 (1E) Windsor - St. Clair College Essex 01 420.200c02 420.512503 420.20004 420.5125c   
031 (1F) Amherstburg Essex 01 420.475c02 420.375c03 420.27504 420.575c   
032 (20) Harrow Essex 01 420.950c02 420.850c03 420.750c    
033 (21) Town of Essex Essex 01 420.450c02 420.350c03 420.150c    
034 (22) Tecumseh Essex 01 420.9375c02 420.8375c03 420.7375c    
035 (23) Belle River Essex 01 420.9125c02 420.8125c03 420.7125c    
040 (28) Fonthill Niagara 06 454.4875c07 452.82508 452.375    


North Dumfries, Paris, Waterloo

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
24177TWildlifeTrackersWildlife TrackersBusiness
24190TEnergy+ Energy+ Utilities
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43001TAHFDAmherstburg DispatchFire Dispatch
43021TEFD DispatchEssex (Town) DispatchFire Dispatch
43031TLakeshore FDLakeshore DispatchFire Dispatch
43141TLaSalle FDLaSalle DispatchFire Dispatch
43011TTFDTecumseh Fire Dispatch
43211TCounty TAC 1County TAC 1Fire-Tac
43212TCounty TAC 2County TAC 2Fire-Tac
Essex County Public Works
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
43070TCounty Roads RoadsPublic Works
Essex County Commercial
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
21002TDunn PavingDunn PavingBusiness
21022TKelComKelCom Radio ServiceBusiness
21243TNader's TaxiNader's TaxiTransportation
21067TProg Waste Progressive Waste SolutionsBusiness
21079TProg WasteProgressive Waste SolutionsBusiness
20025TRapid DrainageRapid DrainageSecurity
20026TRapid DrainageRapid DrainageSecurity
20027TRapid DrainageRapid DrainageSecurity
20028TRapid DrainageRapid DrainageSecurity
20029TRoadside SignageRoadside SignageSecurity
21301TSCC TradesSt. Clair College - Windsor -Trades SouthSchools
21302TSCC Custodial SSt. Clair College - Windsor - Custodial SouthSchools
21305TSCC GroundsSt. Clair College - Windsor - Grounds/RecSchools
21303TSCC Parking SecSt. Clair College - Windsor - Parking SecuritySchools
21313TSCC S EmergSt. Clair College - Windsor South - EmergencyEmergency Ops
21228TTreeRemovalTree RemovalBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
20001TRadio TechsSystem Radio TechsBusiness
20041TTerraform Power1Terraform Power - Wind Turbine Crew Ch.1Utilities
20042TTerraform Power2Terraform Power - Wind Turbine Crew Ch.2Utilities
20043TTerraform Power3Terraform Power - Wind Turbine Crew Ch.3Utilities
21068TProg Waste Progressive Waste Solutions - Waste Disposal Service Business
21069TProg WasteProgressive Waste Solutions Service TrucksBusiness
21074TProg WasteProgressive Waste Solutions - Waste Disposal ServiceBusiness
21312TSt.Clair SecSt. Clair College - Chatham SecuritySecurity
21398TB&M Express Del B&M Express Delivery - PrimaryBusiness
21399TB&M Express DelB&M Express Delivery - SecondaryBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
21071TBFI CanadaBFI CanadaBusiness
21417TUnionGas NCRUnion Gas NCR PlantUtilities
21418TUnionGas 1Union Gas 1Utilities
21419TUnionGas 2Union Gas 2Utilities
21420TUnion GlobalUnion Gas Global OperationsUtilities
21421TUnionBright1Union Gas Bright Ops 1Utilities
21422TUnionBright2Union Gas Bright Ops 2Utilities
21423TUnionParkwy1Union Gas Parkway Ops 1Utilities
21424TUnionParkwy2Union Gas Parkway Ops 2Utilities
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
27000TPerth EMOEmergency ManagementEmergency Ops
27003TPerth Roads SPerth Roads - SouthPublic Works
27005TPerth RoadsPerth RoadsPublic Works
26115THandiTransHandiTrans - StratfordTransportation
26116TStratTransitStratford TransitTransportation
26100TFestivalTaxiFestival City Taxi - StratfordTransportation
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
24010TEssroc BrantEssroc Ready Mix - Brant DispatchBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
11050068T2021 Grey Cup2021 Grey Cup ShuttlesTransportation
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
24168TEAble TowingAble TowingBusiness
24054TActive TowingActive TowingBusiness
24087TFarming 1Agriculture 1 - WoolwichBusiness
24092TFarming 2Agriculture 2 - WoolwichBusiness
24006TB&D DeliveryB&D DeliveriesBusiness
24201TCambridge - RoadCambridge - RoadsPublic Works
24104TConestoga Conestoga ContractingBusiness
24009TEssrocCambrgEssroc Ready Mix - Cambridge DispatchBusiness
24170TMW WaterlooMiller WastePublic Works
24008TSnow RemovalSnow RemovalBusiness
24011TSnow RemovalSnow RemovalBusiness
24064TSnow RemovalSnow RemovalBusiness
24088TSnow RemovalSnow RemovalBusiness
24100TSnow RemovalSnow RemovalBusiness
24134TSnow RemovalSnow RemovalBusiness
24136TSnow RemovalSnow RemovalBusiness
24174TSnow RemovalSnow RemovalBusiness
Wellington County Public Works
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
24147TErin PWPublic Works - ErinPublic Works
24120TG/E PWPublic Works - Guelph/EramosaPublic Works
24063TMinto PWPublic Works - MintoPublic Works
24066TRoadsRoadsPublic Works
24072TRoadsRoads - Central DispatchPublic Works
24110TCW RoadsRoads - Centre Wellington Public Works
24083TGuelph RoadsRoads - GuelphPublic Works
24082TSWS CollectionSolid Waste Services - Garbage CollectionPublic Works
Wellington County Commercial
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
24053TBecker TowingBecker Bros. TowingBusiness
24057TCAA John's TowCAA - John's Towing Business
24651TCAA John's TowCAA - John's Towing Business
24043TSchool BusDenny's School BusTransportation
24176TEFE/GreenTaxiFE/Green Taxi Transportation
24189TEFE/GreenTaxiFE/Green Taxi MFTransportation
24132TFET MainFergus Elora Taxi - Main Transportation
24133TFET 2ndFergus Elora Taxi - Mount Forest Transportation
24093TSnow ClearingSnow Clearing Contractor - Guelph areaBusiness
498000TWoodrillWoodrill Limited - GuelphBusiness
DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
11050001TFC RadioTechFleetConnect Radio TechsBusiness
11050004TNF OHSNiagara Falls Ontario Humane SocietyBusiness
11050006TRecycle TruckRecycle Bin TruckBusiness
11050007TAggregate DelAggregate DeliveryBusiness
11050008TCar Parts DelCar Parts DeliveryBusiness
11050028TAggregate DelAggregate DeliveryBusiness
11050037TAggregate DelAggregate DeliveryBusiness
11050038TAggregate DelAggregate DeliveryBusiness
11050039TRisk ProtectionRisk Protection Security Security
11050041TWater DeliveryCistern Water DeliveryBusiness
IMOS/Miller Highway Maintenance (GTA)

IMOS, a sub-division of Miller Maintenance Limited - Miller Systems, provides a variety of road and highway maintenance services under varying climatic and traffic conditions.  Services are provided on Area Maintenance Contracts in such areas as north-eastern Ontario (Temagami-New Liskeard-Cochrane-Hearst); and south-central Ontario from Fort Erie through Toronto to Newtonville.  Included are significant sections of Highways 401, 404 and 400 as well as the QEW.

IMOS/Miller 401 Toronto Winter Maintenance, Highway Emergency Response and MTO Durham have moved to the OnQue Network.

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
23113TIMOS DispatchIMOS Operations CentrePublic Works
23112TIMOS TorontoYorkIMOS MTO Highway Toronto/York OpsPublic Works
23114TIMOS Peel OpsIMOS MTO Highway Peel OpsPublic Works
23115TIMOS East 407IMOS East 407Public Works
Greater Toronto Area Commercial

Pride talkgroups in WIKI, see Unconfirmed Talkgroups link  @

DEC Mode Alpha TagDescriptionTag
22209TDeliveryDelivery ServiceBusiness
22208TDurham StudentDurham Student Transportation ServicesSchools
22108TFour SeasonsFour Seasons Hotel TransportationBusiness
22239TFSI LandscapingFSI Landscaping Supply - BramptonBusiness
24051TJim's TowingJim's Towing (Durham) - DAA Business
22216TLakesideLakeside ContractingBusiness
20121TLocksmith DRLocksmith - Durham RegionBusiness
22151TPeregrinePeregrine ProtectionSecurity
201851TProductionProduction Transportation Team (Rental)Business
22242TPropMaintYorkProperty Maintenance - York Region (Richmond Hill)Business
22131TRogersCupShuttleRogers Cup Shuttle FleetBusiness
22031TSnow ClearingSnow ClearingBusiness
24017TSnow ClearingSnow ClearingBusiness
24123TSnow ClearingSnow ClearingBusiness
24140TSnow Miss SprvsrSnow Clearing - Mississauga Supervisors Business
22220TSnowTorontoSnow Clearing - TorontoBusiness
6550TWildwood Wildwood Tree Service (Oakville) Business
6551TWildwood Wildwood Tree Service (Oakville) Business